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Sharks, which swim increasingly close to the shore, skillfully masked crocodiles and miniature poisonous jellyfish, which are virtually indistinguishable in clean water - that's just an incomplete list of dangers that can be met by tourists during a holiday on the coast. Some incredibly beautiful beaches were contaminated with radiation decades ago, others have been turned into dumps by actively developing civilizations. Wild animals choose ecologically safe beaches as a habitat, so they also can not be called an ideal place for a relaxing holiday. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a place for a vacation, be sure to review the rating provided, it marks the most dangerous places of the planet for beach rest.

Zipolite Beach, Mexico

One of the most dangerous beaches on earth can be found in Mexico. Literally the name of the beach Zipolite from Mexican is translated as 'Coast of the Dead'. The strong undercurrents, which can not even be mastered by the experienced swimmers, make this at first sight attractive beach incredibly dangerous. As a rule, the currents are strongest during the summer period. Notwithstanding the danger, the beach Zipolite does not stay humid even in summer. Nudists and hippies, as well as the holidaymakers, who prefer recreation in the quiet and informal atmosphere, have chosen Zipolite for a long time.

Zipolite Beach, Mexico The Zipolite beach is located on the territory of the town of the same name. Its length is about 1 500 meters. Next to the beach were some restaurant and even mini-hotels for the tourists, where you can book the cheap rooms for a few days or hours. For several years, the people have been annually on this beach. Even the experienced saviors can not prevent accidents. Everywhere on the Strandterritorium you can see the signs with bathing ban. Many, however, do not pay attention to it.

If you can not go into the water, Zipolite can be a safe and pleasant resort. On this coastal stretch live many pelicans, which can be watched for hours. The beach is also excellent for hiking. During the quiet street rest you should not be surprised if the local traders will offer several drugs to choose from. If you do not need something like that, you should simply refuse the proposal politely. For several years, Zipolite has had the reputation of 'a place where everything is allowed'. Next - Bikini Atoll

Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands

Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands The Marshall Islands, located in the boundless Pacific, have long been popular with the followers of the recreation in the exotic places. The archipelago of the Bikini Atoll is considered an incredibly dangerous recreation site. Atoll has not gained this reputation because of the strong undercurrents or dangerous sea-dwellers. In 1946, the United States chose this magical island as a nuclear test site. For 12 years the hydrogen and atomic bombs on the island have been tested. Complete article

Repulse Bay, China

Repulse Bay, China In Hong Kong is the infamous beach Repulse Bay - one of the most polluted and dangerous beaches on earth. At the beginning of the 20th century active construction was carried out on the territory close to the coast. All waste from construction sites was thrown into the sea. Only a decade later, a once incredibly beautiful and quiet coastal stretch became a terrible garbage heap. Bathing on the Repulse Bay is also very dangerous nowadays. Complete article

Island Tiwi Beaches, Australia

Island Tiwi Beaches, Australia The Australian beaches have been the most dangerous in the world for many years. And among them one must mention the coast of the island of Tiwi. The main danger on the picturesque and quiet beaches are the dice jellyfish, which lead to burns of which often lead to a deadly exit. The cube jellyfish have a very specific and rare, paralyzing poison. When you hit the tiny jellyfish at the great depth, the survival chances are as good as minimal. Complete article

Cable Beach, Australia

Cable Beach, Australia Another Australian beach cable - has the reputation of being one of the most dangerous due to the numerous crocodiles. The Beach Cable is considered a striking natural sight and is known for its unique futuristic landscapes. On some coastal stretches you can only walk in the company of the guide. Cable is located in the surroundings of the city of Broome. Its extent is about 22 km. Most of the coast is covered with snow-white sand. It seems that the ideal atmosphere for quiet rest reigns on the coast. Complete article

Virginia Beach, United States

Virginia Beach, United States In the state of Virginia in the USA, there is a nice the small town of Virginia Beach, whose main attraction is the beach of the same name. The coastal stretch is very nice and attractive, but you can see the sunbathers very rarely. The reason for this are the wild foxes, which have already bitten many people. Complete article

Copacabana Beach, Brazil

Copacabana Beach, Brazil The legendary Brazilian Copacabana Beach, located in Rio de Janeiro, is one of the most dangerous beaches in the world. Not the poisonous medusae and the wild animals, but the ordinary robbers, whose doomsday sacrifices are daily dozens of people, are the main danger of the beach. For a trip to the popular beach you should not take any valuable things with you. Anyone who is recovering on the beach alone should not leave the garments and the towels unattended. The robbers will steal them instantly. Complete article

Fish Hoek Beach, South Africa

Fish Hoek Beach, South Africa In the Republic of South Africa you should rather avoid the beach of Fish Hoek, which is one of the most dangerous beaches in the world due to frequent shark attacks. Cape Town's coast has always been the habitat of white sharks. On the Fish Hoek beach, you can encounter these dangerous predators even in the shallows, near the coast. The number of attacks that had fatal outcome is not only the highest in the country but throughout the world. Complete article

Sao Paulo Beaches, Brazil

Sao Paulo Beaches, Brazil On the beaches of São Paulo, you have to be extremely careful and take all the safety precautions, which depend on the prohibited signs on the beach. The main danger to the recreation seekers are the piranhas. The at first glance quiet small fish are incredibly dangerous. Complete article

Chowpatty Beach, India

Chowpatty Beach, India In Mumbai, there is a beach, which is probably no tourist as attractive. The once beautiful and clean Chowpatty beach looks today rather than a giant trash heap, which serves as the seagull. Although the beach is regularly cleared, the garbage piles are not smaller. This is because Chowpatty has been the place where many national holidays have taken place for many years. And on the weekend the parties or festivals are held here. Complete article

Fraser Island Beaches, Australia

Fraser Island Beaches, Australia Despite the numerous wonderfully beautiful beaches with snow-white sand, the Australian island Fraser is extremely dangerous for the recreation. The tourist infrastructure of the island is poorly developed, most of the local beaches are uninhabited. The deserted beaches are the home of the wild dingo dogs, which often attack people and are particularly dangerous for children. Despite the huge danger, the island attracts the numerous tourists every year and is considered a place of interest to the world. Complete article

Oahu Beaches, Hawaii

Oahu Beaches, Hawaii Hawaii island Oahu is very much required by the followers of the beach recreation and the surfing fans. The coast of the island is considered very dangerous and treacherous. Every year the experienced athletes as well as the Amateursurfers are seriously injured. The main danger to the recreation seekers are the strong undercurrents and the high waves, whose direction one can hardly foresee. Complete article

Volusia County Beaches, United States

Volusia County Beaches, United States Located in the US state of Florida, Volusia County is also famous for a series of sad events. The accidents are connected with the Haiangriffen. Volusia County is one of the beaches where unprovoked attacks of predators are the most common. Particularly dangerous are the sharks for surfers and for divers, who often dive into the dangerous depth where one can encounter the predators. Complete article

Gansbaai Beach, South Africa

Gansbaai Beach, South Africa In South Africa there are as many beaches that are dangerous because of the sharks. One must definitely mention the beach, which is located on the territory of the town of Gansbaai. This coastal stretch is also known as the Great White Shark Capital, which can be translated as the World Capital of the Great White Haie. And that's true. For many years, the coast has remained as a habitat for the most dangerous marine mammals. Several inexperienced tourists were injured by the sharks. Many recreational seekers notice the caution signs on the coast as well as not at all. Complete article
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