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You can scale (zoom in, zoom out) the map of Lefkada using the buttons '+' and '-'. Also use the directional arrows for interactive navigation through the map. The satellite map is available via the button 'Satellite'.

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Map of Lefkada
Map of Lefkada

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Travel guide to Lefkada
Tourists may also enjoy attending Museum of Archeology, Museum of Phonographs, Museum of Ethnography, Post-Byzantine Art Picture Gallery, Faneromeni Monastery and more. Finally, Kalligoni village...
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Lefkada lifestyle and traditions
According to the tradition, the festival begins with a colorful parade, which is attended by all teams that came to the event. Parade of peace and friendship, as well as relevant opening of the...
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Best restaurants and cuisine of Lefkada
Travelers who managed to visit Nikiana have to look into the Taverna Minas restaurant. There you can taste interesting seafood dishes and popular local wines and enjoy fruit desserts. In the resort...
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'Must visit' sights in Lefkada
Latter is next to an old cemetery where prominent artists and noble people were buried. Among other notable places, Phaneromeni monastery located on top of the mountain is worth to mention. Near the...
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Lefkada attractions and nightlife
Excursions to the islands of Madhuri are organized on the local beach. Those wilderness areas will appeal to travelers who want to stay in a quiet and secluded place. In the heart of the island is...
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