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City break in Sicily. Active leisure ideas for Sicily - attractions, recreation and nightlife

SICILIA 2009 Beautiful beaches, fabulous nature reserves, modern entertainment centers, and numerous shopping centers don’t cease to attract many travelers to Sicily. Beaches of Catania are considered to be the most exotic; a picturesque coastline with black volcanic sand will appeal to fans of secluded vacations. The best beaches for families with children are situated in suburbs of Syracuse and Palermo. The picturesque coastline with white sand is perfectly equipped for your comfort. There are also recreation grounds and comfortable seating areas.
1. Going on a trip don’t forget to bring an Italian phrasebook with you, as not all of locals speak foreign languages. It's worth noting that much of the indigenous population speaks … Open
Those looking for rest at the pebble beach can be recommended to go to a suburban district of Palermo named Castellammare. The main feature of local beaches is their untouched natural splendor. On the island there is the largest amusement park in Europe, Etnalend. It offers a great water park with dozens of colorful slides and pools, as well as a cute zoo with a collection of exotic animals and birds.
The youngest visitors will enjoy Dinosaur Park with an abundance of huge pieces of prehistoric animals. Every day there is an unforgettable laser show and music performances for guests at the theme park. Fans of hiking would be offered to try a lot of interesting routes on the foothills of Mount Etna. Active volcano has about four hundred craters and it is very interesting to watch them. Local landscapes resemble movies about the Martian chronicles. In the foothills there is a large observation deck for tourists, so you can enjoy volcano with comfort. Copyright
Many travelers associate beach vacations in Sicily with the picturesque coastline of Palermo. Palermo's most popular beach is Mondello covered with amazing white sand making water to look … Open
Local Butterfly House (Casa delle farfalle) will appeal to fans of natural landmarks. Small in size, it resembles a real paradise with an abundance of exotic plants and colorful insects. The Butterfly House is located in a large-scale natural reserve, which also features a picturesque cyclamen garden and a special area for recreation. The most popular souvenirs among tourists are interesting artifacts from the lava, pottery and national Pupi dolls. You can buy them at any local market; the most beautiful and large marketplaces are situated in Palermo and Syracuse.
Teatro Massimo - Palermo Italy The paradise island of Sicily is wonderful not only for a relaxing holiday on the beaches but for an extreme pastime as well. All the necessary conditions for this type of entertainment are in place. For example, you can book a tour with a balloon flight in Petralia Sottana. It is also worth noting that almost all beaches (except for “wild” and solitary ones) are fitted out with rental points for sports equipment (for diving, surfing, and flyboarding). You can book a cruise on a posh ship here too and enjoy the views, or actively spend your leisure time by ordering a tour with a Jet Ski ride. Eco-excursions with hiking or trekking are especially popular not only among tourists but also among locals. The picturesque open spaces of the island make it possible to enjoy all the beauties of nature while actively spending your leisure time.
Sicily has more than 3,000 accommodation places and each of them is unique. Many local hotels are real historical attractions, the lovely hotel Villa Athena is among them. This luxurious … Open
The capital of the island, Palermo, can offer its guests a lot of interesting things: for example, they can watch traditional Sicilian theatrical performances in Teatro dell'Opera dei Pupi or Teatro dei Pupi Siciliani (Famiglia Argento), as well as in Teatro Pupi Enzo Mancuso. The theatrical shows performed here are considered the best on the whole island, although other cities can boast of equally interesting theatrical performances of this kind. Remarkable tours with gastronomic and cultural components are organized by the company Peppe Tour in Palermo – such excursions are best suited for exploring the local culture. The unique cinema Cinematocasa will allow you the opportunity to enjoy not only the watch movies but also the amazing family-friendly atmosphere.
Fontana Pretoria Palermo is famous for its incredibly beautiful gardens. A walk through any of them will be like a dream come true for anyone who wants to experience some aesthetic pleasure. Stunning ficuses can hide from the heat in the garden Giardino Garibaldi, just as visitors will find the picturesque ponds and beautiful man-made sculptures of the Giardino Inglese Park incredibly astounding. There is also another park located on Piazza Marina Square. It is a stronghold of peace in the noisy city. When you happen to be there, it is hard to even believe that outside the green zone there is constant commotion and noise. However, chilling-out in a spa will bring no less satisfaction – and Bell'essere Point is considered one of the best in Palermo. This is a place where visitors can expect to see beautiful relaxation rooms with thermal zones and massage rooms.
The island of Sicily is practically the only place in Italy that has managed to preserve and save the imprints of many ages and epochs. Many years ago Sicily attracted a large number of … Open
Golf is not particularly popular in any city of Sicily – unlike its “younger brother”. Palermo has one of the best mini-golf clubs, talking about Minigolf Sicilia. The D20 and Antro dei Draghi clubs will be appreciated by gamers, just as the Ippodromo La Favorita racecourse will be by horse racing fans and those who would like to place a bet on a certain horse winning a race. There is also the pleasure which the event will bring and the beautiful show put up by horses to be considered. Karting is also popular in the Sicilian capital and has a beautiful auto track created for it in the city. Bowling fans are not left behind, they will be able to choose between two excellent clubs of the capital of Palermo – “Bowling and Games” and “Bowling La Favorita”. You should not miss the Bioparco di Sicilia zoo located in the vicinity of the city. It has among its inhabitants, muskrats, lizards, parrots, lemurs, and crocodiles.
acireale There is another big city in Sicily that also offers a ton of fun activities. We are talking about Catania. For example, there is the opportunity to embark on a trip to Macalube Slang Lasermaxx or Q-Fun Laser Game clubs, where, as the name suggests, laser tag is available to visitors. Fans of another team game – paintball – will be interested to visit the center of activity “Infinity”. Those wishing to engage in sports and watch their figure are welcome to visit the Torre Del Grifo sports complex (located in the outskirts of the city). For bowling enthusiasts, the place to visit is the bowling club “La Plaja”. You should definitely attend master classes on pottery making, and one of the best workshops for this is located in Catania. This is the studio Ceramiche I Decori del Sole.
The main feature of Sicilian cuisine is its versatility. Culinary connoisseurs can easily recognize typical Greek, Spanish and Arabic features; their harmonious combination determines the … Open
You can diversify your leisure in Catania by visiting theaters, where traditional shows are organized with the participation of Sicilian dolls. The best place of this kind is Museo e Teatro dei Pupi Fratelli Napoli. Here, you can also learn a lot of interesting and informative facts about this custom. Those who wish to watch a film in the open air – and even in a landmark place known from antiquity – should go to the theater Anfiteatro Falcone e Borsellino. In addition to film screenings, music concerts and interesting festivals are also held here. All you have to do is follow the billboard in order not to miss an important event. Another interesting place in Catania is the art cafe, Sala De Curtis. Not far from Caltagirone, there is the beautiful complex Ben&fit Spa & Fitness, which will delight visitors with its beautiful thermal zones, saunas, and relaxation rooms.
Aci Castello Sicily Those who want to spend quality time will be happy to go to the rope-town Monti Rossi Adventure Park, where every visitor will be able to find entertainment that suits them. The fact is that every level of training has a certain track allocated to it. Such leisure will be appreciated by both adults and children. It should also be noted that it is as safe as possible. Another interesting Park of this kind is located near Giarre, at the foot of the volcano Etna. We are talking about the rope town of Parco Avventura Etna. Feel the magical atmosphere, hold the moths in your hands, see the birds of prey, feel the incomparable sensation of complete immersion in a mystical tale – all this can be done if you visit the beautiful and unique Parco delle Fate.
Cultural traditions of Sicily represent a unique phenomenon, which has found expression in the most interesting folk festivals and customs. During the year, the island celebrates a variety … Open
Taormina is another great place to visit for the purpose of outdoor activities. Gamblers will appreciate the Red Royale Casino, where slot machines for any theme are presented to them. The main attraction of the city – Teatro Antico – is the venue for several interesting festivals. Musical concerts, open-air film screenings, and theatrical performances are also held here. In Taormina (precisely in the clubs “Villa Britannia Cooking Classes” and “Cooking Class in Taormina With Chef Massimo”) are held the best cooking classes, thanks to which tourists can learn how to cook as is so excellently done on the island. The family-friendly atmosphere contributes to the popularity studios. Among the mini-golf courses, Il Picciolo Golf Club which is located not far from the city is in high demand.
Etna Messina is no less interesting for active pastime. Here, for example, is located the Karting Club Messina, where you can go karting, or the rope town Parco Avventura Dei Peloritani, thanks to which you can climb a cable car. It is worth talking about the city of Syracuse, where the possibilities for active leisure activities also exists. Among them is trekking to the wonderful cave Cavagrande del Cassibile, where tourists have a great opportunity to “refresh” themselves in the natural pool, as well as admire the incredible views. Here also in Syracuse, you can have a great time learning how to draw in the studio L'Arte per Inciso, or go bowling in the club Bowling Manhattan. In addition, traditional performances with Sicilian dolls are conducted here – to enjoy this, you just have to visit the Teatro dei Pupi.
The trip around cities of Sicily will be an unforgettable experience, because each of them has its amazing sights. The most important historical monument in Palermo is the Palace of the … Open
The ancient grotto Necropoli di Pantalica is also located in Syracuse. In ancient times (precisely from the 13th century BC), it was where the ancestors of Sicilians lived. It is worth noting that another cave of this kind is located in the vicinity of Trapani (Grotta Mangiapane) and is employed as a museum of ancient life. Visiting such places will be interesting not only for history buffs but also for those who want to spend time actively. Syracuse can also offer its guests a walk to the grotto Orecchio di Dionisio, which is incredibly fascinating for its magnificent views. Those who wish to have a good time in a pastoral atmosphere are recommended to visit the farm L'Angolo del Papiro, where in addition to this type of leisure, you can learn a lot of interesting information about the traditional crafts of local residents.
Sacrario di Cristo Re There are many water parks sited on the island, most of which are located not in large cities, but in their vicinity. An exception is the swimming complex Acqua Verde, which can be found in Cefalu. It is mainly suitable for family amusement, as there are no extreme amusement rides. The Aquapark Conte (located in Sommatino) on the other hand has extreme rides. AcquaPark Monreale (located in Montreal, not far from Palermo) and Aretusa Park (located in the neighborhood of Syracuse) are also suitable for family leisure. It should be pointed out that all water parks are great for relaxing, thanks to their beautiful sunbathing areas.
1. Going on a trip don’t forget to bring an Italian phrasebook with you, as not all of locals speak foreign languages. It's worth noting that much of the indigenous population speaks … Open
There are a few more Sicilian theme parks to choose from: for example, Parcallario Adventure Park (located in the Palazzolo Acreide area) or Nebrodi Adventure Park (located in Longi). Both parks can boast of a wide choice of entertainment: zipline, rope town, as well as other attractions. And all this, in the midst of incredible picturesque panoramic views, makes it worthwhile to visit the green areas. It is also a great place for those who wish to hide in the shades, away from the summer heat. Those who wish to learn how to ride horses are recommended to visit the Eldorado Club. It is located in the city of Vittoria and is considered the best center of this kind in the entire island. Almost every major city also has riding schools by the way. The island has two “parks in miniature”: Sicilia in Miniatura (located at the foot of Etna) and Kontiland (can be found in the vicinity of Taormina).
"O Cannuni" - Mazzarino In Trapani, an interesting place to visit is the Minigolf Scopello Green Garden. There is also to be found here (in Trapani), one of the most popular bowling clubs, Eryx Bowling. Agrigento can boast of the fact that it houses the most popular Seta Spa and Wellness Spa — many of these pastimes are truly blissful. This is made possible by gorgeous thermal zones, massage rooms, sunbathing areas, among other things. The city also has a casino for fans of game slots. We are talking about the casino Lucky House Videolottery. Many tourists make a tour to other islands of the archipelago. For example, to Island Vulcano, which is famous for its magnificent swimming complex Oasi della Salute, or to the island of Marrettimo, where there is a beautiful natural landmark, the Grotta del Cammello cave.
Many travelers associate beach vacations in Sicily with the picturesque coastline of Palermo. Palermo's most popular beach is Mondello covered with amazing white sand making water to look … Open
Escape quests are deservedly popular on the island, and the best entertainment club of this kind is considered to be eXcape, with branches sited in major cities of Sicily. Such centers are in Ragusa, Trapani and, of course, the capital of the island. Every visitor will be able to find a room to their liking, as they are offered a wide range of options: here you can unravel the mystery of Dr. Victor Frankenstein, or try to escape from the “grasping hands” of a gangster, or choose a room with a Victorian theme. These are only but a few of the rooms that the company has on offer – there are many more. It should be noted that such leisure is especially popular among people that travel as a team, so everyone will be able to “make a contribution” (or “fare un po '”, as they would say here) to the general game, and thus collectively find a solution to the task.
Palermo cattedrale The nightlife of the island is no less interesting and diverse than the daytime life. Almost every beach boasts of excellent beach bars. When it comes to dance clubs, the most popular ones are Bancher Club and Empire Risto-Lounge in Catania, as well as the Country DiscoClub in Palermo. Some bars popular among music lovers as well as those who want to spend time in a spacious setting, we should highlight the bars Re di Bastoni (located in Taormina) and Bohème Mixology Bar (located in Catania). Those who wish to drink should visit the capital of the island – Pop 2.0 bar situated here is well suited for them. As for the best lounge bars that serve excellent cocktails, there is Daiquiri Lounge and BamBar Taormina in Taormina, as well as the First Lounge Bar in Catania. You can try the best wine in Avola Winery, which is located in Avola, or in Nelson Sicily situated in Catania.
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