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Royal Gorge Bridge

From the series “The Most Dangerous Bridges in the World”
The bridge passing over the Royal Gorge in Colorado is considered the most dangerous and spectacular constructions in the United States. It is one of the few bridges in the world, which was originally built for tourist purposes. Opening of the bridge took place in 1929; almost a hundred years curious tourists come there to admire the panoramic view of the Royal Gorge and Arkansas River flowing below. Fans of extreme entertainment are attracted mainly by height of the bridge and its relative resistance to gusts of wind.
Magnitude of the construction is quite serious, since it is 291 meters higher than the top of the gorge, while the length of the bridge is more than 380 meters. In 1989, this unusual attraction was seriously improved; now the bridge is not so much swinging in the wind and it became much more comfortable to walk along the construction. Travelers who won’t be enough of admiring surroundings from the bridge are offered to try another sure way to cause the adrenaline rush, bungee jumping. Wooden planks served as a main building material for the construction; annually over 200 dilapidated planks are replaced during repairs. Repairs repay themselves at full; the present value of the bridge is estimated to be over US$15 million. ... Complete sights collection

Grand Canyon

From the series “The Deepest Canyons on the Planet”
You can say without a doubt that the most famous canyon in the world is the Grand Canyon. It is situated in the unique national park of the same name. The length of the canyon is 446 kilometers and the depth is about 1,800 meters. Despite the fact that these parameters don't allow to qualify for the world championship, it’s a landmark of world importance and the center of attraction for millions of tourists. Age of the canyon is about 10 million years. It has been carefully studied by scientists who have discovered a lot of amazing features.
One of the most ancient canyons on the planet is home to 355 species of rare birds and 150 species of animals. The Colorado River is home to over 15 rare species of fish. In addition to the natural values, archaeological artifacts, petroglyphs, whose age is about 3000 years, were found there. Grand Canyon is annually visited by more than 5 million tourists. There are excellent viewing platforms and amazing walking routes there. The most popular viewing platforms are Royal Cape Point, Bright Angel Point and Point Imperial. Walking along the canyon without companions is very dangerous, especially along in the bottom. The local desert hot climate is good for cacti and many dangerous creatures, including poisonous spiders and scorpions. ... Complete sights collection

Antelope Canyon

From the series “The Deepest Canyons on the Planet”
For about 240 kilometers from the Grand Canyon there is another prominent landmark, Antelope Canyon. It is located on the territory of the Navajo Reservation, so travelers can get to the canyon only after paying a fee and being accompanied by a guide. Conditionally the canyon is divided into two - the top and bottom parts; they both feature incredibly beautiful rocky formations appealing to photographers from around the world. Visitors to these sites will have a great opportunity to stroll along the fabulously beautiful sandstone cliffs and through narrow slits, between which light barely comes, giving these places certain atmosphere of mystery.
Among other highlights of Antelope Canyon, history formations have to be mentioned. Bizarre sandy rocks, which you can enjoy today, are the result of rainwaters. Every year, during the rainy season, the canyon undergoes a lot of changes, and when the rains come to an end, the canyon becomes available to the public. During heavy rains, some areas are heavily flooded, so going for a walk in the rainy season is extremely dangerous. The bottom of the canyon is a complex maze of sandstone rocks. Rainwater forms narrow passages barely lighten by sun. Color of the rocks forming the canyon is orange-red resembling the color of antelopes’ skin. This remarkable coincidence has given name to the canyon. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “The Most Thrilling Roller Coasters in the World”
Kingda-Ka has to be mentioned among the most impressive high-speed roller coasters of the world. Until recently this attraction held the world championship in many ways. It is situated in Six Flags amusement park, in Jackson, USA. Opening of the roller coaster took place in 2005, 21 May. The maximum speed that can be reached by the trolley is 206 km/h. It needs only 3.5 seconds to accelerate to that speed.
Huge speed allows the small train to climb on top of the tower of 139 meters height; after that it is rapidly slipping down under the influence of gravity. It's worth noting that the tower has a 90-degree rise, so thrill is guaranteed to fans of roller coasters. A few years after opening, Kingda-Ka remained the highest in the world, but recently it yielded to another unique ride. An opportunity to enjoy the great speed and feel the freshness of the air, being at a great height, attracts a huge number of people. In season Kingda-Ka rides about 1,400 people hourly. In 2009, the ride had to close, because a high metal tower was struck by lightning during a storm. However, it was quickly repaired. The ride has been tried by millions of people from all corners of the planet. ... Complete sights collection

Top Thrill Dragster

From the series “The Most Thrilling Roller Coasters in the World”
Thousands of travelers flock to the small American town of Sandusky in search of adrenalin. Here, at Cedar Point amusement park, there is one of the tallest roller coasters of the planet - Top Thrill Dragster, which was open in 2003. The height of 90-degree ride’s tower is 128 meters. The trip to its top in a miniature train is a real test of courage. Those who are able to overcome their fear are offered to take one of the 16 seats in a small train, consisting of five wagons. The trip is made alike authentic street racing, so it is unlikely to enjoy a breath of fresh air on the top of the tower. During the trip, passengers will be accompanied by sounds of car engines and the smell of exhaust fumes imitation - they make the ride even more unique and realistic.
The maximum speed of the train is 190 km/h and the length of its path is 850 meters. One of the most dangerous elements of Top Thrill Dragster is spinning fall located at 90 degrees, with a length of 120 meters. These parameters have allowed the ride to become a world leader among thrill places. Despite the fact that some of the more modern roller coasters have replaced as leaders, the thrill of an exciting trip still remains fantastic. Top Thrill Dragster is still one of the most expensive amusements on the planet; $25 million were spent on its construction. ... Complete sights collection

Stratosphere Thrill Rides

From the series “The Most Thrilling Roller Coasters in the World”
The amusement complex called Stratosphere Thrill Rides is located on the top of the eponymous tower in Las Vegas. The complex includes three unique rides ideal for testing your courage. Before their description, it's worth noting that the Stratosphere Tower is the tallest building in the city; the height of rides is 350 meters. Those daredevils who are courageous enough to test Big Shot catapult can get even higher. The cart designed to ride 16 passengers at one time. It literally shoots at the height of 48 meters and, after reaching the top, the catapult falls down under the force of its own gravity. Big Shot ride is the highest in the world. The catapult is situated at the height of 329 meters.
At a height of 274 meters no less exciting outrigger roundabout, Insanity the Ride, can be found. Its shape resembles a huge star. The carousel brings passengers beyond the tower and begins to rotate at a speed of 65 km/h. Given that inclination of booths is more than 70 degrees, passengers rotate face down and can enjoy the views from a great height, but only if they have courage to open their eyes. The third incredible attraction of Stratosphere - X-Scream Swing - is located at an altitude of 264 meters. The swing construction is extremely simple; it is a small rail balanced in center and its edges are movable carriages. When the attraction comes into action and starts swinging, carriages go beyond the roof, giving passengers a pleasant and, at the same time, frightening feeling of weightlessness. ... Complete sights collection

Giant Canyon Swing

From the series “The Most Thrilling Roller Coasters in the World”
A sure way to get your adrenaline boost is a ride on Giant Canyon Swing located in Glenwood Springs, in the Glenwood Caverns Adventure amusement park. This event is sure to be remembered for a lifetime, because the huge metal swing is set on the slopes of the cliff; it is 396 meters over the canyon's bottom. Steve Buckley is the author of this unusual ride; he decided to test his creation only once, after which he prefers to watch people riding on a swing sidewise.
According to visitors of this ride, in 60 seconds, until the swing swings, the whole life flashes behind their eyes - so scary riding over a deep canyon is. Only adult visitors of the park can fly freely over the abyss; each of them must sign a special document and exonerate park owners from responsibility for his life and health before boarding the swing. The ride is also available for children, whose parents or guardians have signed necessary documents. The inclination angle of swing is 112 degrees; during action it develops speed of 80 km/h. Flying over the precipice at high speed is very popular among teenagers and elderly people. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “The World's Highest Observation Decks”
The highest observation deck of the United States can be found at Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas. It is 264 meters above earth. The viewing point is open. Besides classical telescopes and comfortable benches for rest, it features three unique rides. Stratosphere observation platform is a unique entertainment complex designed for various activities.
Its visitors can sit on benches and explore the area or detailed sights of Las Vegas using the telescope. Fans of extreme activities visit the site for the sole purpose - to gain access to rides and enjoy the rush of adrenaline. Another form of entertainment available to visitors of the viewing platform is SkyJump bungee. The ride on the viewing platform is the highest in the world, which makes it unique and compelling in eyes of curious tourists. ... Complete sights collection

Grand Canyon Skywalk

From the series “The World's Highest Observation Decks”
Grand Canyon Skywalk is in the U.S., within the National Park Grand Canyon. It has a horseshoe shape and hangs over a precipice giving visitors an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the Grand Canyon in full. Wall and floor pads are made of durable laminated glass, so nothing can disturb from admiring natural sights. The observation deck is located at an altitude of 1450 meters above sea level; it is about 200 meters above the bottom of the canyon.
It's worth noting that the construction of a viewing platform was carried with prior consent of local residents, Hualapai Indian tribe. About $30 million was spent to construct Grand Canyon Skywalk. Today, this small panoramic bridge is among the major tourist sites of the country. Bridge construction has lasted for more than three years; its grand opening was held on March 20, 2007.
Visit to the observation deck requires compliance with certain formalities. Thus, visitors are allowed stepping on the glass floor of the bridge only in special shoes to avoid scratching the glass. Walking through the surveillance bridge that stretches for 20 meters over the canyon gives a pleasant sensation of weightlessness, as glass coating is transparent and perfectly felt underfoot. It's certainly worth noting high structural strength; it can withstand weight up to 32 tons and is resistant to wind gusts of 160 km/h, which ensures safety of visitors. ... Complete sights collection

Devils Tower

From the series “The Most Mysterious Geological Formations on the Planet”
Wyoming, U.S., can boast a unique rock with scary name Devils Tower. It’s an outstanding landmark of world importance. The main distinguishing feature of the rock is its amazing correct form that seems even more incredible because of its impressive proportions. The cliff is 390 meters high. A long time it was considered a mystical and mysterious place.
Indians living in the nearby woods believed that a terrible deity, who can cause a storm, lives on top of a cliff. Modern scholars have found great explanation of this beautiful legend. The matter is that the rock is located in flat terrain, and during thunderstorms it’s very often stroked by lightning.
The rock was formed about 200 million years ago by volcanic activity. It’s a huge hardened lava pillar rising from earth. It has a very beautiful and symmetrical form. During the reign of Theodore Roosevelt, Devils Tower received the status of the oldest national monument of the United States. That’s a prominent landmark not only of state, but also of global importance. Like many years ago, locals of Lakota tribe still call the structure Bear House, in memory of one of the most beautiful ancient legends. In 2005, a question was raised about the official renaming of the sight, but the request of Indian tribes was rejected. ... Complete sights collection
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Las Vegas
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San Antonio
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Los Angeles
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San Diego
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