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Cultural sightseeing in Ukraine. What to visit - museums, temples, castles and palaces

Ukraine can be proud not only of the fertile soils and expanses of its steppe, but also of its cultural wealth that can be seen by visiting museums, cathedrals, squares and other places that eloquently portray the country’s complicated history and demonstrate its culture in all its glory. The National Art Museum of Ukraine which is located in Kiev is the largest art museum in the country. Here guests will see works of Ukrainian artists and masters of several eras: icons, paintings, sculptures and other works of art. The museum organizes guided tours in several languages. There is a souvenir shop and a workshop here, where adults and children are taught to paint pictures.
Ukraine is known for the natural beauty of the steppes, the mysticism of the Carpathian Mountains, the endless blue sky and the gold cereals that …
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The National Museum of the History of Ukraine in Kiev is a large, majestic building that holds within its walls historical documents and artifacts from ancient times to the present day. The collection continues to grow still. Here you can see the past of the country, and look at the present through the eyes of modern Ukrainians through photos, weapons, tools, clothing and much more. The unique museum “Pysanka” is located in the city of Kolomyia. Several thousands of beautiful Easter eggs are housed in the building, part of which is a painted egg. The museum is dedicated to the Ukrainian art of decorating Easter eggs, but there are exhibits from all over the world among its collection.
At the border of the Kirovograd region is sited the Strategic Missile Forces Museum. The museum consists of the formerly secret land and underground buildings of the Soviet era that had to do with nuclear weapons. Inside, everything is as it was in those tense times when the officers who were working here were ready to put the weapon into use at any moment. Visitors will be able to control the launch of missiles independently using equipment that simulates a military situation. There is a pharmacy of the 18th century in Lviv, which became a museum in the 1960s. The institution continues to operate simultaneously as a pharmacy and a museum. The large collection of the museum contains ancient medicines and devices, a rare herbarium and other interesting exhibits. You can also buy here “Iron Wine”, medicine with iron, useful for blood. Copyright
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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The Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, Uzhhorod Zakarpattia, is not a museum in the usual sense of the word. Here, the guests of Uzhhorod will see not a building with a large collection of exhibits, but many buildings that are themselves exhibits. These are ancient buildings, among which there is a church, residential buildings and a mill. The museum tells about the life of several ethnic groups of Zakarpattia. There are icons of the 17th century, dishes and other exhibits in the museum. Space enthusiasts should visit the Museum of Cosmonautics named after S. P. Korolev in Zhytomyr. The house-museum of Sergei Pavlovich Korolev, the chief engineer of the Soviet space program, tells about his life. In the main building of the museum there is a huge number of exhibits related to space, among which is lunar soil.
The Jesuit Church in Lviv was built in the 17th century by Catholic monks. Its construction took two decades. Inside the church is decorated with frescoes and sculptures. According to legend, here, in the dungeon, wanders the restless ghost of a monk, who was imprisoned to pray for his transgressions, but instead sold his soul to the Devil. There is the magnificent Holy Annunciation Cathedral in Kharkiv, with beautiful frescoes and icons. It was opened at the very beginning of the last century and still impresses the guests of the city.
Monuments and architectural objects, notable for the history and culture of the country. …
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The Olesko Castle is located in the Lviv region. In this 14th-century building that stands on a hill, once lived the great polish king John III Sobieski. In the 19th century, it was damaged by an earthquake, after which it was restored. At the moment there is an art museum in the castle with hundreds of wonderful exhibits from the 10th to 18th centuries: paintings, decorations and sculptures. Visitors can find ancient statues in the garden. In Poltava there is a snow-white monument-colonnade called the Rotunda of Peoples Friendship or the White Gazebo. It was opened in 1909, built in memory of the Battle of Poltava in 1709. The columns look like a horseshoe shape. This is a kind of tribute to the legend, according to which a local resident shod Peter the Great’s horse, which decided the outcome of the battle.
The Khotyn Fortress, originally of the 10th century, stands on the bank of the Dniester. It was rebuilt several times till the 16th century. The fortress is interesting not only for its history, but also for a non-drying wet spot on one of the walls. According to one legend, during the siege of the fortress, a girl decided to collect water for the soldiers from the river. As the girl climbed on the wall, the enemies saw her and hit her with arrows, and as a result she splashed some of the water on the wall. According to another version, the prince’s daughter was bricked in the wall, as she did not want to marry the man she did not love. It is believed that this stain from her tears would not dry out until the poor prisoner is reunited with her lover.
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Fantastic City Tours and Excursions in Ukraine

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Map of all art museums
Art galleries in Ukraine
♥   Art museum 'Lviv National Art Gallery' Lviv. On the map   Photos
♥   Art museum 'Museum of Western and Oriental Art' Kiev. On the map   Photos
♥   Art museum 'Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art' Odessa. On the map   Photos
Map of all churches
Cathedrals and basilicas in Ukraine
♥   St. George Ukrainian Cathedral, Lviv (Львів). On the map   Photos
♥   Armenian Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary, Lviv (Львів). On the map   Photos
♥   Cathedral of St. Nicholas, Kharkiv (Харків). On the map   Photos
♥   Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Kharkiv (Харків). On the map   Photos
♥   Church of the Holy Trinity, Zhovkva (Жовква). On the map   Photos
♥   Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit, Potelych (Потелич). On the map   Photos
♥   Church of St. Nicholas, Kyiv (Київ). On the map   Photos
Map of all palaces
Palaces in Ukraine
♥   Palace 'Alupka Palace' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Bakhchisaray Palace' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Kachanovka Palace' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Klovsky Palace' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Livadia Palace' . On the map   Photos

Extreme Guinness-type places in Ukraine

Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater

From the series “The Most Elegant Buildings of Baroque Architecture”
Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater is the oldest building in the city. The first building has appeared there in 1810. Unfortunately, in 1873 it was fully destroyed by the fire. The building that we see today belongs to the end of the 19th century. The theatre’s building is built a complex and rare neo-baroque style. The floor of the house and other rooms is decorated in the late French rococo style.

The unique acoustics of the horseshoe-designed hall allows performers to deliver even a whisper-low tone of voice from the stage to any part of the hall. If the actor whispers something on the stage, everybody will hear it. In 2007 Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater was renovated. The historical building saw a lot of important events. It is a real miracle that it wasn’t destroy during the … Read all

St Michael Golden-Domed Cathedral

From the series “The Most Astonishing Orthodox Churches”
St. Michael Golden-Domed Cathedral that is situated in Ukraine was built in the 12th century. Its founder was Sviatopolk II Iziaslavych the grandson of Yaroslav the Wise. The marvellous cathedral and monastery named after Michael the Archangel was decided to build in honour of victory over Polovtzy. In 1113 the cathedral was consecrated. It has saved its original place at the edge of the cliff of Old Kiev mountain. As for cathedral itself, it has a lot of differences from the original one.

The first church had only one cupola, in the 17-18th centuries there became seven cupolas. Near the St. Michael Golden-Domed Cathedral has grown several buildings. The main interest was taken to the church’s façade, it is delightfully decorated with stuccos. The main secret of the cathedral is its … Read all
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Country maps Maps of Ukraine
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Map of cities Cities map of Ukraine
Map of sights Map of sights in Ukraine

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Top cultural sites of Ukraine: monuments, theaters and churches

Armenian Cathedral, Lviv

Location on the map:   Interesting facts: » The Armenian Cathedral is over six hundred years old.
»  The hall is still being decorated.
»  Once the Lviv settlement was formed, Armenian craftsmen and merchants started to come here at the invitation of the city founder. The members of the Armenian diaspora soon became an influential community. As a result, they built the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
»  In 1676, the building was seriously damaged by fire. It took almost a century to recover it. A statue of St. Christopher meant to protect the shrine was also installed then.
»  After the house of God was closed in the Soviet era, the building was used for different purposes: there used to be an art gallery and a museum. Only in 2000, the building was returned to its real owners.
»  The church itself is located in the middle of interconnected courtyards.
»  The inside part of the dome represents the wonders of mosaic art. Some mosaic tiles form portraits of famous citizens, while others create a national ornament.
»  The walls of the cathedral are made of stone blocks. They are 1.4 m thick. There are gravestones built into the brickwork. Stained glass windows depict scenes from the apostles’ lives.

Bernardine Church and Monastery, Lviv

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» In 1460, having the town headman’s consent, members of the monastic order built the monastery. It was located outside the defensive fortifications, so there arose a need to surround it with a defensive barrier.
»  Over time, the shrine became an independent fortress with stone walls, loopholes, and a tower with an entrance. The additionally fortified point was surrounded by moats with water.
»  In 1630, the ashlar church, outbuildings, a room with cells, and a stable were constructed.
»  The church was named for Andreas Bemer, the architect who worked on the facade decoration.
»  In front of the house of worship, there’s a decorative pillar where a statue of Lviv’s patron saint used to stand. The cylindrical gazebo with a dome was also built to commemorate him. John of Dukla is buried in the monastery. It is believed that soon there appeared a spring with healing water from the grave.
»  A bell dating from 1588 used to hang on the belfry. To save the item from remelting in 1917, it was brought to the historical museum.
»  In 1784, an archive of ancient documents was created in the church.
»  During the Second World War, Jews used to hide from the Nazis in the underground tunnels. They left the dungeon only when Soviet troops arrived.

Church of Transfiguration, Lviv

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» The Church of the Transfiguration grew from a cathedral where worshipers of the Holy Trinity held their services.
»  When Catholic monasteries were banned, the building was taken over by a university. The church was turned into a library.
»  During the rebellion of 1848, the church was destroyed. The only thing that managed to survive was its foundation.
»  30 years after, the construction of a Greek Catholic church began here, which dragged on for decades.
»  It took eight years to decorate the church outside and inside.
»  While being strict and having just a bit of stuccowork on the outside, the church is truly impressive inside. The interior is rich and has lots of thoroughly decorated elements.
»  12 huge windows under the dome let sunlight into the room illuminating the stucco on the walls and reflecting off the gilded details.
»  There are 12 statues of the followers of Jesus installed in the wall niches.
»  The Church of the Transfiguration stands on the foundation of a destroyed church.
»  The basement has underground passages and galleries. There used to be tombs in the crypt, which were reburied later.
»  The memorial plaque by the entrance says the church is named for the Transfiguration of Christ.

Church of the Saviour at Berestove, Kiev

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» In the heyday of Kievan Rus, there was a village where the Kiev nobility used to stay. The settlement was surrounded by a birch forest. Hence the name – the village of Berestovo (‘береста’ (beresta) means ‘birch bark’).
»  The villagers had their own church. It’s mentioned in the chronicles of 1051.
»  In 1157, Yuri Dolgorukiy, the founder of Moscow, found the last shelter here. A sarcophagus-like tombstone was put on the place where the prince was buried.
»  Many centuries later, a bell tower was built near the main building.
»  The original brickwork – the stripes of pink mortar and slabs – was partially preserved in the church.
»  The interior has a 12th-century fresco called Miraculous Fishing. The painting pictures the apostles catching fish from a lake.
»  The walls were painted by the masters invited from Athos.
»  Today, the house of God looks like a five-headed building. The last renovation transformed the Church of the Savior at Berestovo. The roofing was repaired, and the domes were gilded. The temple that went through many alterations during the history is still functioning.
»  In 1900, during archaeological excavations, the slate tombs, presumably from the time of Ancient Rus, were found here.

Dormition Church, Lviv

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» The complex consisting of a church, a bell tower, a chapel, and a tower is a representative of Renaissance architecture.
»  There used to be buildings on this place, but they were either destroyed by fire or fell into disrepair.
»  The Dormition Church dates back to 1591. It took about 40 years to build it.
»  The Church of the Assumption consists of three white stone structures: the main area, an altar, and an annex in front of the entrance. All parts are situated at the same level.
»  The temple is crowned with three domes with lamps.
»  The central base is supported by four columns.
»  The interior decoration is full of frescoes.
»  There are several rows of icons on the altar partition. They are over three hundred years old.
»  The ceiling has socket-shaped recesses. The eaves of the vault are decorated with stone carving.
»  The chapel is named for the Three Hierarchs. It was built in 1590. The bell tower (1578) is named after Konstantin Korniakt, the Greek industrialist who donated money for its construction. The 66-metre tower has four tiers.
»  In 1779, the bell was struck by lightning, which caused its deformation. The molten item was removed. A new one appeared four years later. Its ringing can still be heard.

Latin Cathedral, Lviv

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» The stone structure with an elongated ledge belongs to the Latin Cathedral.
»  The interior is spacious – 67x23 metres. The building resembles a cube from the outside. Several chapels were later built around the architectural figure.
»  Until the middle of the 18th century, family vaults were located in the crypt. Memorial inscriptions have the information about the people buried here. Some tombs have sculptures as a token of sorrow.
»  Inside, the openings are supported by numerous columns. The vault and wall panels are rich in frescoes with scenes from church life and the formation of the urban settlement, which lasted for over 700 years. The altar is framed by marble sculptures of saints.
»  In 1360, the house of God started to be built on the site of the former Orthodox Church. The work lasted for over a hundred years.
»  In 1672, the Turkish attack on the city was repulsed. The cores of cannons hung on the cathedral walls serve as a reminder of those times.
»  When Austria occupied Galicia in 1772, indignant citizens barricaded the main entrance. The mured arched passageways can still be seen.
»  The spire on the tower ends with a cross that was covered with gold leaf in 1844.

Livadia Palace, Yalta

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» The royal family often visited the summer residence at the Crimean coast.
»  On the second floor, there is a permanent exhibition in the room where the nobles stayed. The interior of the rooms has been restored according to preserved pictures.
»  Five rooms are open for visitors. The spacious but not luxurious room with a lot of light belonged to Nicholas II. He did not love pretentiousness. The room of the hostess was served as a living room where relatives got together. There is preserved original finish, pieces of furniture, flowerpots, picturesque canvasses, and the piano. The Empress played it.
»  The luxurious spouses’ bedroom impresses with its luxurious interior. The furniture here is maple. The bed is covered with an ornate silk canopy.
»  There is a small dining room finished with yew. In the princesses’ classroom, there is a blackboard with inscriptions made by one of the girls.
»  The other exhibition is dedicated to the Yalta Conference. The Livadia Palace met the level of the international meeting. Pictures of world leaders taken on the background of the magnificent landscape appeared in all the media of that period.
»  In 1834, the Polish Count constructed the first building. The Livadia attraction is over 100 years old.

Massandra Palace, Yalta

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» In 1880, the two-storey palace started to be built for the son of statesman M. Vorontsov.
»  Later, the building came to Alexander III. Then, the third level was completed. The exterior was more luxurious. The Massandra building served as a hunting lodge more than a place of permanent residence.
»  When the monarch’s power was overthrown, the palace was nationalized and used as a hospital for TB patients. Then, there was a winery served as a summer cottage for party officials. The palace turned into a museum about 30 years ago.
»  The interior of the house dates back to the 19th century. When viewing two levels, visitors can see offices, audience halls, and private rooms of former landlords. The furniture was carefully selected. It serves all its intended purposes.
»  Each room is designed in its own style. There are a lot of famous Russian artists’ paintings. You can also see portraits of the imperial family. Porcelain items (vases, tools, and other dishes) were created over 200 years ago.
»  At the third level, there is an art exhibition with paintings and sculptures of masters of the 40s-50s of the 20th century.

Culture and monuments in popular cities of Ukraine

No less interesting excursion facility is the "church of St. Nicholas", erected in the early 19th century. In the middle of the 17th century the first wooden church appeared on its place, and a hundred years later it was decided to destroy it and erect a stone building in the classical style. A beautiful stone building in the style of classicism has survived to this day in its pristine condition. Immediately after the completion of construction, its walls were adorned with skilful paintings, … Read more
Another interesting historical site is the Kiev Pechersk Lavra. This monastery was founded in 1051; it is one of the oldest monasteries in the world. Kiev Pechersk Lavra is a world-class attraction; in the territory there is the tomb of Peter Stolypin and a lot of religious artifacts. One of the most unusual and famous monuments is the House with Chimeras. Its construction began in 1901 and lasted for just over a year. The author of the Art Nouveau original is Vladislav Gorodetsky. Another … Read more
House-Museum of A.P. Chekhov also deserves the attention of travelers interested in history and Russian literature. The place of its location was a small white cottage, which the locals call "Belaya Dacha". Chekhov was sent to Gurzuf in 1898 on the advice of doctors. The writer spent the last years of his life here. The museum was converted into a historical building in 1921. Thanks to the efforts of locals during the war, it was possible to preserve the priceless collection, so contemporaries … Read more
The museum itself is located in the "St. Nicholas church of Myra", which is also one of the important sights. The tower of the church performs the function of a lighthouse - the highest on the territory of Crimea. The design of the museum is interesting, and everything here is devoted to the marine theme. There is also a remarkable exhibition area, made in the form of the famous Flying Dutchman with a real captain's bridge and graceful sails. In the very center of Alushta is located the … Read more
Being the best incarnation of the Neo-Gothic Architecture the church by its form resembles a traditional French construction. Another object of touristic interest is the St. Yura Cathedral being a scaled architectural complex built in the Rococo style. The church is the global scale landmark and is considered to be the most impressive building of the city. The religious building is located in the Ozarkevich street which is famous for its numerous historical constructions. The Lvov Opera … Read more
Another spot of tourist interest in Odessa is the Cathedral. The first religious building on the place of the Cathedral was erected as far back as in 1841. But in a few years the first church was totally ruined and a construction of the scale cathedral was started. The height of the cathedral with a bell tower is 56m. The most attractive and favorable place for hiking in Odessa is still Deribasovskaya Street. It hosts several significant samples of architecture and known statuary groups. The … Read more
Kharkov was severely damaged during World War II, but a significant portion of its architectural monuments remained intact. The beautiful monument, the Mirror Stream fountain designed in the Empire style, reminds people about victory of Soviets. Its grand opening was held in 1947. The Governor's Palace is considered to be the most outstanding architectural monument of the 18th century. Construction of the palace was completed in 1777; it is notable because of harmonious combination of … Read more
Of the tourist sites, the Gliding Museum on Mount Klementyev is noteworthy, where Korolev himself, the famous creator of spaceships, once lifted gliders into the sky. One of the most loved and visited places are the winery, on the territory of which there are daily interesting excursions. The main winery is on a hill in which tunnels for wine storage have been dug at two levels. The total length of the tunnels is more than one and a half kilometers. This is where the largest wine-growing area … Read more

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