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Complexo do Alemao

From the series “The Longest Ski-Lifts and Cable Trams in the World”
In search of exciting cable cars many travelers go to Rio de Janeiro. Its aerial tramway Complexo do Alemao became a landmark of national importance. The project was developed by POMA Company. Opening of the transport system took place in 2011. The cable car is 3456 meters long, it connects six suburban areas of Rio located in a remote mountainous area.
Complexo do Alemao is one of the longest urban cable cars with 152 cabins, each of which is designed for 10 passengers. Average speed is 18 km/h. Construction of this unique aerial tramway took a little less than two years and more than 200 million reais invested in it.
Hourly the cable car can carry up to 3,000 passengers. That’s the unique in all respects and environmentally friendly transport system. The starting point of the tramway is Bonsucesso station and it takes about 17 minutes to get from there to the terminal station. It’s also worth noting that Complexo do Alemao is the cheapest cable car in the world, the cost of one trip is only 1 real. Local residents are eligible to receive two free tickets every day. ... Complete sights collection

Cascata do Caracol

From the series “Greatest Waterfalls on Earth”
Caracol is a very interesting and attractive waterfall which is located amidst the scenic rainforests of Brazil. One of the main advantages of this waterfall is its easy accessibility. Even those travellers who do not have special physical training may explore the tropical forests. The height of the waterfall is 131 meters and it is a part of the river flow of the same name.
The huge popularity of these places among tourists has led to the improvement of infrastructure in the area. A number of interesting leisure attractions and viewing platforms are available to visitors. There is a nearby observation tower that offers an elevator and a panoramic view, as well as a cable car that gives tourists an aerial view of the waterfall.
Those who wish to go down to the base of the waterfall have to overcome a difficult path – go down the 927 steps. Hikers can climb to the top of a nearby hill which is also equipped with excellent observation platforms. Moreover, many lovely restaurants and cafes are open for tourists on the territory of the nature reserve. Waterfall Caracol will be an interesting and pleasant place to visit even for those who do not have a strong craving for traveling in tropical forests. ... Complete sights collection

Rio carnaval

From the series “Most Enchanting and Vibrant Festivals”
The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is a world famous and the most recognizable carnival in the world. The main city event begins on Friday before Ash Wednesday. Best samba schools in Brazil are involved in the preparation for the holiday. The exact origin of a fabulous holiday is unknown, according to some, the carnival was originally a Greek spring festival. The Romans adopted the same tradition.
In the Middle Ages the carnival was considered a holiday of the poor. Over and over again it was banned, but each time the locals managed to defend their right to a holiday. For hundreds of years the carnival has become a large-scale celebration. Preparations for the Rio Carnival go on for months before the event and hundreds of thousands of people are involved in the preparation. Despite the fact that the modern holiday has lost its identity and historic charm, it remains an event of huge proportions.
The holiday program is varied and saturated enough. The King and the Queen of the Carnival are elected every year. Samba schools parade remains the most important event. Splendid dancers in handmade costumes with sparkling rhinestones, thundering music and hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic people. The most popular Carnival of the planet has a mass of original traditions. Making costumes that have to be unique and the construction of huge carts takes a lot of time. Each samba school prepares interesting performances for the party. Lots of interesting entertainment, open air concerts and firework displays as well as different gastronomic events the guests can expect from the Rio Carnival, one of the world’s wildest parties. ... Complete sights collection

Rodovia da Morte

From the series “Most Dangerous and Lethal Roads”
The President Dutra Highway (BR-116) is one of the most dangerous and mortal roads in Brazil. To be more exact it is its section Curitiba-Sao Paolo that makes it so dangerous. BR-116 is the largest highway in the country, linking Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro and passing through a number of major cities as well as Curitiba and Sao Paulo. The area between these major cities is called Rodovia da Morte (Highway of Death), due to its many accidents.
The sad statistics no longer surprises the locals. They've already got accustomed to the daily accidents on the road. This section is really difficult so road fatalities are distressingly common.
A part of the route runs along the cliffs and the drivers have to pass through the numerous tunnels and narrow areas that lack any fences. However, the traffic on the country's main highway is always very intense. Foreign visitors are urged to be cautious on the BR-116 and the dangerous area Rodovia da Morte is recommended to be deleted from the tourist route. ... Complete sights collection

Congonhas Airport

From the series “The Most Dangerous Runways in the World”
Congonhas Airport, located in the center of São Paulo, is probably the airport with the most slippery runways in the world. The bad drainage system in this case is the main danger for the experienced pilots. At present, the airport has two runways, the length of which is 1 435 and 1 940 meters. The general public is familiar with the large airport of São Paulo due to a series of terrible aircraft crashes.
One of the first aircraft crashes near the airport happened in 1941. The plane, which was approaching the Congonha airport, could not overcome the mountain massif and crashed. The number of victims was 13 people. Three years later, the fog surrounding the city became the cause of the accident, which cost 16 lives.
Most aircraft crashes of the past 70 years have happened at night. Not all experienced pilots manage to land on the slippery runway at the bad visibility. The last major accident in the airport happened in July 2007. The crew of the Airbus TAM Airlines lost the force of the aircraft, which flew out of the runway and pushed to the storage area. All 187 passengers of the airbus and the crew have perished. The accident also cost the 12 employees of the airport, which were in the warehouse building. ... Complete sights collection

Casa de Pedra

From the series “The Most Bizarre and Fancy Living Houses”
The original dwellings can be found not only in the elite districts of the big metropolises. A really unique house is located in the Elander district of São Paulo. The house called Casa-de-Pedra was built by the ordinary local gardener. Just a few years ago, the poor gardener had no money to build the smallest house. He found the simple exit from the complicated situation and built the house from the various materials that have come to pass.
The wooden beams, the pebbles and the ceramic cuttings, the old dishes and the cement - the simple gardener built the unique house from these simple and free building materials. And the 'modest' dwelling is one of the most beautiful in São Paulo and is often compared to the masterpieces of Antonio Gaudi. The housekeeper has nothing to say about the work of the outstanding architect and has set up his masterpiece for the sole purpose - to provide the family with a comfortable and comfortable home.
Today the gardener lives with the young wife and the small son in the unusual house. Literally every day the friendly family welcomes the guests. Hundreds of tourists strive to visit the original house. The visit of his rooms is as interesting as an excursion in a museum. Visitors will be able to see the beautiful old crockery, the interesting souvenirs and the little craftwork, the ancient carnival masks and the fine mosaics, which literally cover all the walls of the house. The housekeeper personally tessellated the walls. For mosaics, he used the shards of old crockery and ceramics, as well as colored pebbles. ... Complete sights collection

Octavio Frias de Oliveira

From the series “Unbelievable and Magnificent Bridges and Viaducts”
The bridge with the complicated name Octavio Frias de Oliveira is located in Sao Paulo and is a construction unique from the architectural point of view. This is the only bridge on the earth whose supporting structure is X-shaped. In many respects, this unique feature of the bridge makes it one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. The cruciform prop supports two crossing roads, the height one of which is 12 meters, and the second - 24 meters form.
The general length of the bridge is 290 meters. Their construction lasted about two years and ended in May 2008. In a few months after the opening of the bridge, its construction was completed with the illumination system. The multi-colored LED lamps were installed in the exhausts. It was the gift for the city on the occasion of the New Year. Now the city guests and the locals can graze on the brightly lit bridge every day. To the holidays it is always adorned. For the inhabitants of Sao Paulo, the bridge became an important national landmark.
The bridge was named in honor of Octavio Frias de Oliveira - one of the most influential Brazilian statesmen and the founder of the Fola de Sao Paulo newspaper. It is remarkable that the locals rarely name the bridge with the official name and prefer the shorter and more audible title 'Ponte Estaida', which can be translated as 'Hängebrücke'. The bridge on the Pineiros River is a major traffic intersection. In traffic, about 5,000 cars cross the bridge every 60 minutes. ... Complete sights collection

Ariau Jungle Tower

From the series “Hotels Harmoniously Built into the Natural Landscape”
The Brazilian Hotel Ariau Jungle Tower is recommended to travelers who like the impenetrable jungle and the lush scrub. It is located in Manaus, on the banks of the river Riu-Negro. From all sides, the Amazon rainforest surrounds the unique hotel. The hotel is a complex of seven wooden towers, which are connected to each other by narrow narrow bridges. One of the main elements of the hotel infrastructure is two observation towers, the height of which is 40 meters. From its peaks opens the wonderful panorama to the extensive forests and the river.
The hotel offers its customers 271 rooms, including the comfortable suites. Some rooms are decorated in tree tops and are enjoyed by those who like to build the tree huts in childhood. Hotel Ariau Jungle Tower is environmentally friendly. It is completely built of wood. For the furnishing of the rooms, most beautiful trees were used. For the convenience of the tenants all windows were equipped with mosquito nets, so all guests of the hotel in the middle of the rainforest can relax comfortably and safely.
The original hotel has its own souvenir shop and beauty salon. At guests' disposal 6 different restaurants and bars. The hotel can also offer quite unusual entertainments. Guests can go to the alligators or piranha hunt, get to know the exotic animals in the local zoo, or make an unforgettable canoe trip. The hotel will definitely please the naturefriends. It looks so harmonious with the surrounding area that even the animals of the local fauna feel at home on their territory. ... Complete sights collection

Lacerda Elevator

From the series “Top 16 Most Exotic Elevators and Lifts in the World”
Elevador Lacerda is one of the main tourist attractions of the city of Salvador. It connects the business center with the old town. From engineering point of view, the elevator is a tower with the elevator shafts and the complicated counterbalancing system. The height of the tower is 72 meters. The elevator construction has 4 large cabins, each of which can accommodate up to 32 people. Because Lacerda Elevator belongs to the system of urban public transport, one has to pay for the trip with it.
About 28,000 people use the lift daily. It carries almost a million people every month. The unique lift was built on the spot, where the Jesuits' hands were once used. The construction work began in 1869 and was managed by the famous engineer Augusto Frederico de Lacerda, whose honor the lift was later called. The elevator was opened in 1873. The modern official name he got much later, only 1896.
In 1906 the hydraulic elevator was electrified. The last major reconstruction was carried out in the 80s of the last century. A few years ago, the unique historical lift was recognized as a landmark by the state's importance. Curious tourists visit the lift not only during the day, but also at night. At dawn, the old elevator is adorned with the beautiful lighting system. At the time of day you can enjoy the wonderful panorama of Fort Santu-Antoniu-da-Barra and the All Saints' Hill during the ascent. ... Complete sights collection

Copacabana Beach

From the series “Dangerous and Treacherous Beaches That Can Be Lethal”
The legendary Brazilian Copacabana Beach, located in Rio de Janeiro, is one of the most dangerous beaches in the world. Not the poisonous medusae and the wild animals, but the ordinary robbers, whose doomsday sacrifices are daily dozens of people, are the main danger of the beach. For a trip to the popular beach you should not take any valuable things with you. Anyone who is recovering on the beach alone should not leave the garments and the towels unattended. The robbers will steal them instantly.
The beach length is quite large and forms about 4 000 meters. Along the beach there is an incredibly beautiful Avenida Atlantica, with countless cozy restaurants and shops. Today one can hardly imagine that a small fishing village Copacabana was located just a few decades ago on the site of today's giant beach resort. In recent decades, this district has been known not only for its active infrastructure, but also for its crime.
Drugs, prostitution, numerous crooks and bags - so are the distinctive features of the popular Brazilian beach. If some precautions are taken, the rest on the coast can be quite safe. Resting on the beach, you should not talk with unknown people and do not close business with them. On the beach you should take as little valuable things as possible and never leave them unattended. ... Complete sights collection
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