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Ciutadella Spain is a modern country with highly developed infrastructure. Here you can find practically all the possible means of transportation that tourists can use to travel within the country. The airplane is one of the fastest ways to travel. Every major city of Spain has an airport in it, but they are located on the outskirts. The airports have domestic flights, which allow you to reach the necessary cities in a short time. This is especially true for traveling to the islands. In addition, the price of a ticket for domestic flights is often cheaper than the cost of other alternative modes of transportation. There is also a railway network in Spain. You can find railway stations in every major city. However, the cost of tickets for this mode of transportation is quite expensive. It is thus recommended to plan routes in advance and purchase travel cards, as this will be economical. You can also save cost if you purchase a return ticket. The train wagons are very comfortable and convenient. Usually, all of them are provided with air conditioning and toilets. However, some not very popular routes are run by old European diesel trains. The cost of tickets for such trains is cheaper, but they are less comfortable.
Spain is a democratic parliamentary state. There is a clear separation of the legislative, executive and judicial arms. The head of state is the King …
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Buses are the best alternative to trains. According to the schedule, it becomes clear that buses run more often than trains and their tickets cost almost twice lower. Bus stations are located practically in every city. You can significantly economize if you make tickets reservation in advance. However, please note that tickets with large discounts are nonrefundable. Trips on the international bus carrier “Alsa” are very popular among tourists. Within a city, you can also easily move around by metro. It is worth considering that the cost of the metro tickets will depend on the number of transport zones crossed. The minimum price is one and a half euro. So, as Spain is bordered by the seas from three sides, transportation by sea is also popular here, particularly by ferries. With their help, you can get from the mainland to any island in the country. This is also an excellent option for those who want to travel by car, because all ferries also have impressive baggage compartments for transporting cars.
Cala Fornells In addition, traveling on a personal or rented car is also possible in Spain. Although the quality of roads here are not the best in Europe, it is quite acceptable for comfortable travel. The price of gasoline in Spain is quite expensive and there are a lot of toll roads. This should be taken into account in advance when planning your budget. There are also systems of strict fines, so it is advisable not to violate the traffic rules. The fine on an average car is about $ 40 per day. It is therefore not advisable to travel by cars in large cities, as it is very easy to get a fine of 85 Euros for incorrect parking. There is also the likelihood of traffic jams ruining your vacation plans. Bicycles which are available for hire are a good option in Madrid and other cities. There are chic bike trails in all regions. You can also rent a motorcycle or a scooter. Taxi in Spain is quite expensive. A ride on a taxi costs a minimum of 2 Euros. A kilometer costs around 1.2 Euros, excluding baggage fee.

Main airports and avia transportation

There are about 40 airports in Spain. The largest air harbor is the airport in Catalonia called “Barcelona”. This airport has a traffic of about 50 million people a year. It operates in areas within the country. There are also a number of international flights. “Barcelona” also accepts cargo shipments. Free buses run between the terminals. A special underground electric train also operates to transport passengers. The airport has a variety of restaurants and cafes, lounges, offices of international and state banks, shops and souvenir shops within its territory. You can get to the capital by using a shuttle bus, taxi or the subway. Copyright
Monuments and architectural objects, notable for the history and culture of the country. …
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The next largest airport is considered to be Madrid-Barajas, which consists of four large terminals. This particular airport is connected with all provinces of the country. There is also a great demand for flights to the island parts of Spain. Free green colored buses run between the terminals. El Prat Airport is considered to be an air harbor of the Mediterranean. You can get to it from the city by electric train, bus or car. One of the largest airports is Palma de Mallorca which is located on the Balearic Islands. In a year, it serves about 16 million people. Flights are popular during the beach season. In addition, this particular airport is one of the main bases of the Spanish Air Force. The airport “Malaga” is ranked fifth among the busiest in Spain. It is considered the main destination for the arrival tourists from Europe. The airport operates with more than 65 countries around the world, and also plans domestic flights. Comfortable recreation areas, cafes and restaurants, and nursing rooms, are located within the territory of the airport. The air harbor Gran Canaria in Las Palmas and the “Bilbao” airport attract tourists for medical, educational and gastronomic holidays. The carrying capacity of these airports is in the range of 20,000 per year.

Railway, bus, water and other transport

Lanzarote Spain has one of the most powerful transport systems in Europe. The country is largely bordered by different water bodies causing the water network to be well developed. Historically, Spain was considered the strongest maritime power, and all the potential built up over the years of development reached the highest level. All major sea ports are designed to transport residents and visitors of the country. With the help of a ferry, you can get to the island part of the country. Depending on the destination and luggage size, the cost of ferry tickets on average ranges from 22 to 49 Euros. Some tourists traveling by car can also use the ferry to transport their cars to the mainland or the island. In the active tourist months, there are additional cruise liners in seaports.
Spain is home to bullfighting and siesta, which very vividly characterize the mentality of the inhabitants of this country. Passionate and emotional …
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Spain has a very long railway network measuring about 18 thousand kilometers. The main routes are laid through the capital, connecting it with the most remote parts of the country. Trains in Spain are divided into several types depending on the speed and level of comfort. Travelling in the old type budget trains is a lot cheaper but it does not offer much comfort. However, all the average trains are usually equipped with soft seats and air conditioning. There are luxury trains with first class wagons and fashionable restaurants inside. One of these is the “Andalus Express”. You can get a discount on a railway trip by purchasing in advance, return tickets. There is also, in Spain, a well-developed network of electric trains. This option is much more economical, compared to usual trains. In the cities, trains run every half hour.
La Gomera In every major city of Spain, there are bus stations which are the departure point for traveling to the most remote provinces and resorts. On average, the intervals of routes around the city are about 15 minutes, while intercity trips run every 40 minutes. Some bus trips take to the line even at night. On the other hand, the number of trips is significantly reduced on holidays and on weekends. You can pay for your fare directly in the bus, but it will be a little more economical to purchase a travel card for 10 trips. This card however must be punched. For tourists, there are special sightseeing buses in the cities that allow you to visit all the most famous and historically important places of the city in one day. If the long-distance journey by bus seems too long and uncomfortable, you can use air transport. The country has an extremely developed internal air communication, and there is an airport on the outskirts of every major city. The cost of tickets for domestic flights is quite cheap.
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Waterfront in Barcelona

From the series “The Most Beautiful Waterfronts and Embankments”
25 years ago, instead of the picturesque embankment in Barcelona, there was a noisy port and tens of warehouses. Thanks to the 1992 Summer Olympic Games this embankment was renovated. At first, it was decided to demolish the loading port. For several months the port district was changed into a luxurious place. There were built a number of 5-star hotels, made landscape gardens, opened restaurants and bars.

Today you can see special roads as for pedestrians, also for cyclists. The Toronto Central Waterfront is the best place for walks. Tourists have a great number of recreations at the embankment. The main sightseeing of these places is the Rambla del Mar Bridge. It opens for yachts. Tourists like this performance, they come at the embankment to see it. Those, who love unusual landmarks, ... Read all

Torre de Hercules

From the series “Top 15 Most Fascinating Lighthouses”
The oldest lighthouse in the world is situated in La Coruña, Spain. Torre de Hercules was built at the time of the Rome Empire. The height of the oldest lighthouse in the world is 55 meters. The name it has received thanks to a fabulous myth about Hercules. After he had made his tenth labour - defeated the giant Gerion - Hercules built the high tower on the seaside. He took a group of people from Gallia and settle them here in a safe and picturesque place.

Nowadays tourists can not only get a breathtaking excursion inside the lighthouse but also walk to the nearby sculptures park. Not far from the lighthouse the researchers have found artefacts of the ancient Roman settlement and a lot of cave drawings. The interior of the lighthouse is adorable. It was built from the huge stone blocks ... Read all
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3. Since dinners are rather late in Barcelona, you should not go to restaurants earlier than 9 pm. Many restaurants and cafes have already adjusted their working hours to the European mode, but some restaurants still offer the evening menu at nightfall. 4. When you visit cafes and restaurants, do not take the … Read more
3. Car rentals located near railway stations are considered the most advantageous ones. 4. Those tourists, who plan to visit museums and cultural events, are advised to purchase Paso del Arte cart. It entitles you to a discount for buying tickets to museums, as well as free admissions to some cultural … Read more
3. You are highly recommended to leave tips in local restaurants and cafes. The usual amount of tips is 5 - 10% of the total bill. It should be also noted that leaving a tip to the waiter is not obligatory, but it has always been considered a sign of good manners. 4. Don’t forget to try wine drink Sangria … Read more
3. In many luxury or famous restaurants high cost of dishes is not always a sign of their special taste. As a rule, travellers pay more for the name of the restaurant and its luxury decoration. While selecting a place to eat, tourists are better to keep an eye on the local residents. The more visitors a restaurant … Read more
3. When you plan to visit a market, you should not forget to take a sufficient amount of cash with you, while in shopping malls and boutiques customers are welcome to pay by a bank transfer. The national currency is a preferred form of payment in local shops and markets. 4. Tourists who plan to visit numerous … Read more
3. When going for an excursion to temples and cathedrals of Valencia, make sure you pick up your clothes carefully. Tops must have sleeves, men should wear long pants, and women shouldn’t put on above knee-length skirts. 4. If you want to rent a car, you will need a driver's license of international standard and … Read more

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