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Culture of Seattle. Places to visit - old town, temples, theaters, museums and palaces

Seattle from the Space Needle Seattle doesn’t feature an abundance of important historical sites, but an inspection of its outstanding attractions will take more than one day. The main symbol of the city is the Space Needle. It was built in 1962 dedicated to the opening of the international exhibition. The tower is part of a modern exhibition complex named Seattle Center, which regularly hosts a variety of cultural events.
Columbia Center, St. James Cathedral, Seattle Great Wheel, KeyArena, as well as many others, they all become the world's cultural heritage objects and remain as iconic monuments for Seattle … Open
The height of the tower is 183 meters. One of its top floors is equipped with an excellent viewing platform. The same age is the Smith Tower skyscraper; until 1985 it remained the tallest building in the country's west coast. In 1985, the construction of 76-storey skyscraper, Columbia Center, was completed. It remains the tallest building of the western Pacific even these days.
There is an observation deck on the 73rd floor of skyscraper; it is twice higher than the deck of Space Needle. The second largest skyscraper in the city is the Washington Mutual Tower completed in 1988. One of the oldest buildings of the city is the Smith Tower skyscraper. Erected in 1914, it is home to the famous Chinese room, a visit to is also recommended to be included in an excursion. Copyright
Seems, everyone has heard at least once about “the city of rains” located in the United States. This city is Seattle, which is situated on the north-west of the continent. However, the … Open
Boeing plant is also situated in Seattle; now a major part of its territory is available to tourists. Plant tour lasts more than an hour; visitors are invited to assess the scale of production and watch various stages of design. There is also a small museum in the plant dedicated to the history of its development.
Good Morning Seattle As for cultural venues, the choice is really amazing. The fine art gallery Henry-o-Frey, the Museum of Asian art and even the Museum of science fiction operate in Seattle. A perfect place for a family vacation is the Museum of music history, as interesting cultural events are often held in this venue. In the neighborhood there are lots of outstanding natural attractions. Fans of vacations in picturesque places must see the Cascade Range.
In addition to the many fast food and exotic restaurants, Seattle has to offer its guests a lot of attractive cafes and bakeries. The last are very popular among tourists and feature … Open
The North American city is also known to have religious attractions. There is, for example, the Saint James Cathedral, built in a neo-renaissance style which stands out in a special way. The shrine was built in the year 1907. Already in 1916, its dome collapsed due to heavy snowfall. The dome has not been restored yet – instead, in 1917 when the cathedral was reopened, its interior was changed greatly. By the way, the interior decoration is also striking in its magnificence – particularly its stained glass windows and altar. You can also find a lot of beautiful theaters in the city, thanks to which, your journey to Seattle will be complemented by excellent impressions from watching bright theatrical shows. You should definitely follow the billboard of upcoming events in the theaters of Benaroya Hall and Seattle Children’s Theater, so as not to miss out on anything.
The sculpture Fremont Troll is a kind of symbol of the city. You can find it just under the bridge – as befits a troll (George Washington Memorial Bridge). It is notable, that the street where the troll is located was the place where a drug trade once took place. However, the establishment of an important tourist attraction here, as well as the fight against crime, did their job – the place had already ceased to have a bad reputation. Discovering Seattle, on the other hand, is the business of every curious tourist. All you need to do is try out Bill Speidel’s Underground tour. Thanks to the tour, you can walk along the old streets from which the city was developed after the fire of 1889 (as it is known, Seattle is one of those cities that was rebuilt “on top” of another).
Seattle is an interesting city with unique culture and a lot of amazing features. One of the most striking features of the city that is sure to be point out by all travelers is an abundance … Open
Some cities are famous for the beautiful paintings on their walls, but Seattle – for a truly unique Gum Wall. The tradition originated accidentally: in 1993, pending entry to Unexpected Productions’ stand-up club, people attached chewing gum to the wall of the building (the first to set the tradition, by the way, were the club owners themselves). No matter how much the workers tried to clean it, they did not succeed. As a result, in 1999, the authorities recognized the wall of the theater as a landmark. At the end of 2015, the wall was nevertheless cleared of gum in order to erect a monument in honor of the November terrorist attacks in Paris. This attempt to rid the wall of gums lasted for three days, demanding harder measures in the form of steam cleaning. However, this did not save it from further “decorations”. Being next to the wall, you should definitely look through the repertoire of nearby theaters and the Unexpected Productions’ comedy club.
Seattle Washington Cityscape The Safeco Field baseball stadium is another important attraction in Jimi Hendrix’s hometown. Built in 1997, it can accommodate 47,764 spectators who have come to see a large-scale baseball game. If a football competition is to take place, the stadium can provide seats for 30,244 spectators (however, the record for the most large-scale match was 54,097 spectators). The Seattle Public Library is remarkable not only in terms of the collection it contains but also with regards its architecture. It was originally built in the neo-renaissance style in 1890. However, already in 1954, a restoration occurred, thanks to which the magnificent structure gained an international style which tourists can see today. The architect behind the restoration was Paul Tyri.
Seattle is the well maintained and modern city. It is famous for its numerous parks and places of nature. The real attraction is the city's Kerry Park. Here you can relax in shade of huge … Open
The main campus of the University of Washington also deserves to be mentioned. The complex includes more than 500 university buildings (laboratories, libraries, buildings for lectures, office buildings, as well as museums and art galleries). As for the educational institution itself, it is one of the oldest in western USA, being founded in 1861. In addition, it is one of the most prestigious universities – this has been confirmed by the Association of American Universities more than once while ranking the best educational institutions. Several interesting sculptures can be found in Seattle. For example, the statue of Vladimir Lenin saved from the Czech town of Poprad, as well as sculptural compositions with a hidden meaning: Rachel the Piggy Bank and Meeting of Minds: Mirall. Perhaps the most interesting statue is the sculpture of Hammering Man – the idea behind it is that a worker hits the hammer every day, except Labor Day.
Seattle The Pike Place Market is a favorite destination not only for those who want to buy fresh farm products but also for those who want to spend time culturally, watching music or theatrical performances. This is the place where “something is always happening”: from music concerts to circus performances. By the way, this is also the oldest market in the United States that works 24 hours a day. A bright landmark of the city is the Amazon Spheres construction, which is located on the campus of the Amazon company headquarters. Here you will find greenhouses, work offices for employees of the organization, as well as shops. An equally remarkable landmark place of the city is the International Fountain, which was built for the 1962 World’s exhibition in a perfect modernist style.
1. You can travel Seattle at any time of the year, as 12 months of the year there is the weather favorable for excursions and walks. The warmest month of the year is July; the daily … Open
The Chinatown district is one of the most colorful in Seattle, despite its rather small size. Tourists are advised to stroll through the district and appreciate the Chinese shops, squares, and street fashion of the region. It is worth noting that, unlike many similar neighborhoods in other cities, Seattle’s Chinatown is very clean and well maintained. The Lake View Cemetery is another place which is often visited by tourists and locals. The most popular route is that leading to the grave of a martial arts master and actor Bruce Lee and his son, Brandon Lee, who followed in the footsteps of his father (he died during the filming of the renowned gothic film “The Crow”). The cemetery is a stronghold of peace, which is why many people like to have a walk here.
Seattle, Portland Easter Other regions where you can conduct a walk include Capitol Hill, which is the most attractive place after nightfall due to the presence of plenty of nightclubs and bars. The district is also notable for housing many Starbucks coffee houses (which, by the way, first appeared precisely in Seattle). Among other tourist attractions of Capitol Hill are the already mentioned Lake View Cemetery, lovely parks (Volunteer Park, Cal Anderson Park), as well as small but very spacious churches. In March 2006, a tragic event happened here. It included mass shooting after a party at the Capitol Hill Arts Center. This incident has been considered the worst massacre in the city since 1983. The spot is also a place of pilgrimage for fans of grunge culture and, in particular, the works of Kurt Cobain. Today you can listen to the music of different genres in bars and clubs here.
Discovering the architecture of Seattle from bird's eye view! Space Needle, EMP Museum, Museum of Asian Art, Museum of History and Industry, Smith Tower, Safeco Field, all those monuments are defining the image of Seattle … Open
The Pioneer Square district is famous for being the “heart of the city”. It was here that its life began in 1852. There are beautiful small parks, as well as government buildings in the district. The district itself is very well maintained and this is what makes it attractive. Another remarkable district of Seattle – Queen Anne Hill – is considered a center of the cultural elite of the city. This is the most luxurious district of the city. Its attractions include the historical houses of the XIX-XX centuries, built in the style of Queen Anne (from where the name of the district originated). Besides this, there are beautiful museums and spacious parks here, and a promenade along gorgeous streets will present only the most wonderful impressions.
Seattle from Gasworks The name of the legendary rebel Kurt Cobain, as has already been mentioned, is associated with Seattle forever. As a result, there are several iconic places here, where the iconic frontman Nirvana has been to. Linda’s Tavern bar was the last place where he was seen alive. The bars “Central Saloon” and “Crocodile” have had many grunge groups perform repeatedly including the brains behind the creation of the legendary album Nevermind. There is a memorial installed in honor of Cobain in the Viretta Park. The location of the monument is not accidental – it is situated near the place where the renowned musician committed suicide (the house on 171 Lake Washington). By the way, the said house is also accessible for tourists, fans of Cobain. You should know that temporary exhibitions are sometimes held in the city (especially in the Museum of Pop Culture), which are dedicated to the legendary grunge group.
Columbia Center, St. James Cathedral, Seattle Great Wheel, KeyArena, as well as many others, they all become the world's cultural heritage objects and remain as iconic monuments for Seattle … Open
The name Jimi Hendrix is ​​also firmly connected with the North American city. The prominent musician, to whom fame was brought by his unusual technique of playing the guitar, was born here. He later became popular among many other rockers. On one of the main streets of Seattle – Broadway to be precise – you can see a statue dedicated to him (Jimi Hendrix Statue) today. Bill Gates was also born in Seattle. It was here he founded the legendary company Microsoft. In addition, he and his wife Melinda founded the interactive museum Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center, where you can learn “everything about anything”. The main theme of the museum is dedicated, of course, to the company’s innovations.
Seattle By the way, the now deceased Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen established another famous museum in the city – the Museum of Pop Culture – another “luxury” for tourists. One of his expositions – the Experience Music Project and the Museum of Hall of Fame – is dedicated to such outstanding musicians, like the already mentioned Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain. Interactive collections can be found in other halls of the cultural center. The exhibits of the museum are devoted to pop culture, starting from movies and ending with video games. It is worth mentioning that the building was designed by the great architect Frank Gehry and it is one of his most remarkable works in the style of deconstructivism. You will find remarkable a sculpture of about 500 guitars and 30 computers – the masterpiece was created by Neil Potter and Trispen.
Seems, everyone has heard at least once about “the city of rains” located in the United States. This city is Seattle, which is situated on the north-west of the continent. However, the … Open
Among the other cultural centers that you should not fail to visit, there is the fantastic picturesque complex Chihuly Garden and Glass. The museum is famous for its magnificent installation of Owen Richards’s work, notable for being one of the largest hanging sculptures all over the world. The complex also accommodates a garden, a center for thematic exhibitions, as well as wonderful greenhouses. Other interesting museums such as the Museum of Flight stand out with its amazing collection of aircraft which will please not only the lovers of this kind of equipment but also those who wish to pay it a visit. The cultural center Museum of History & Industry (or simply MOHAI), introduces visitors of the city to its interesting history. You can find a huge number of artifacts related to the history of Seattle as part of its collection.
Seattle Another cultural center Seattle Art Museum will be interesting for fans of art. Its extensive collection of impressive art objects will appeal to any visitor. The Living Computers Museum gives you the opportunity to look at old personal computers and feel the atmosphere of the time when the digital era was just being born. The Seattle Glassblowing Studio is a fascinating place to visit. A visit to this studio will grant you the opportunity to learn more about glass production and even try to do it yourself. Other notable museums include those from which you can learn about other cultures. For example, the Wing Luke Museum can get visitors acquainted with Asian culture, while the Nordic Museum allows you to learn more about the Scandinavian culture.
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EMP Museum, Seattle

» The offbeat museum was designed by Frank Gehry. Critics argue the building is too ugly and unconventional to be considered a landmark of the city.
»  The construction of the undulating building cost $250 million.
»  The concrete building with a steel structure contains 3,000 blocks made of 21,000 sheets of aluminum of different colors – golden, silver, red, blue, green, purple. It creates an impression that the palette of the external facade is constantly changing.
»  The unusual building was shaped to resemble a famous guitarist’s guitar. Jimi Hendrix played a prominent role in the development of American pop music.
»  There’s a concert stage inside. Electronic equipment and a huge LCD screen let visitors fully enjoy the show.
»  A huge structure made up of guitars is part of the interior. The sculpture rises in the center of the exhibition hall.
»  Later, the Science Fiction Museum and the Hall of Fame were built. All together they make up the EMP complex.
»  The building was primarily designed to promote the avant-garde movement in the modern music movement.

St. James Cathedral, Seattle

» The Catholic cathedral is located in the center of the urban area. Two towers adjoin the building from both sides. They can be seen from afar.
»  The construction is over a hundred years old (1907). More than 5,000 parishioners attended the ceremony when the first stone was laid. Vancouver’s episcopal see was moved here.
»  Due to the builders’ oversight, after nine years, the roof of the building collapsed under the weight of snow. Outbuildings and a priest’s house were additionally built as part of reconstruction works.
»  The colored-glass window openings are preserved in their original form.
»  The altar with a picture of Madonna created by a Florentine master should be considered a historical heritage. It is over 500 years old.
»  The entrance doors are made of bronze alloy. The scenes from the Bible are painted on them.
»  St. James Cathedral keeps the relics of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini. The nun is considered the patroness of immigrants.
»  There are two active organs in the cathedral. One dates from 1907 and the other one is from 1994. Organ concerts are regularly held here.
»  The cathedral is included in the list of city landmarks. The religious building is maintained on the funds provided by educational organizations.

Mars Hill Church, Seattle

Location on the map:   Facts: » 1996 is not the year when the church was built, but the year when it originated as Christ’s creed.
»  Mark Driscoll became an adept. The founders rented a house to preach their views. At first, the audience consisted of 30 people. New people continued to come, so visitors began to gather in a church.
»  The first official service was attended by 160 parishioners. Evening and weekend services and online sermons started to be held. More than 260,000 people watched them online.
»  However, church leadership controversies began to arise. Pastor Mars Hill claimed in his sermons that many believers used the name of the Most High in the pursuit of self-serving goals.
»  In protest against that, Driscoll once arrived for the evening service in a hearse dressed in funeral robes. This defiant behavior was meant to communicate that religious organizations would either fade into oblivion or be able to be reborn in a new incarnation.
»  The church elders attempted to reorganize the religious dogma. But the pastor chose to resign.
»  The church leadership decided to dissolve the community, and the building located in the western part of the city was sold for $9 million.

Museum of Asian Art, Seattle

» One of the facilities of the Art Museum is situated in a park.
»  The exhibitions in this department are dedicated to Asian countries (China, Korea, Japan, the Himalayas, India, etc). Paintings, sculptures, household textile and pottery articles are on display.
»  The cultural institution has 24,000 unique objects.
»  Exhibitions are held in the old building. The museum shop offers goods of Asian origin, printed publications dedicated to the culture and art of the states in question.
»  The 17-18th-century Chinese and Japanese articles from translucent white porcelain attract a lot of attention. Rich Europeans could afford to buy porcelain of such quality.
»  There’s a separate area showing the royal porcelain room. Aristocrats and wealthy merchants liked such rooms.
»  This kind of ceramics was valued just as expensive as gold. The quality was checked with a wooden stick. The translucent edges of a bowl should make a high and clear sound.
»  The rooms were decorated from ceiling to floor with antique porcelain and valuables in the form of decor.

Museum of History and Industry, Seattle

» You can learn the city chronicle by visiting the Museum of History & Industry.
»  The museum is divided into 10 zones.
»  The Brinkley Hall immerses you in the atmosphere of Seattle, when the intensive industrial development of the region was underway.
»  There’s a gallery dedicated to the fire that engulfed many buildings.
»  Apart from permanent ones, there are temporary themed exhibitions. One of them is about the fishing industry development in the 20th century.
»  Car enthusiasts should definitely take a look at Ford. The car was produced in 1992.
»  The Armory used to stand on stilts on the site of the cultural institution. It rose above the lake surface.
»  A glass hole was cut out in the floor of the hall. You can see water through it.
»  A 20-meter Wawona sculpture is situated above it. It rises from the floor towards the ceiling going a meter above the roof. The sculpture was made from a fragment of an old schooner of the same name. It took two years to create it.
»  The museum halls are filled with photos and interactive exhibits. There’s a screen showing the terrain and the changes associated with the development of the area.
»  The Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) was opened in 2012.
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