Travel guide over Seattle sights

Lovers of modern art and picturesque nature will be interested in visiting the garden of Dale Chihuly. Its founder was a famous glassblower. He spent more than 40 years on the formation of this beautiful garden. Today, visitors can enjoy not only extraordinary living plants but chic glass flowers and trees. Some sculptures look so natural, that it is difficult to distinguish living plants from the glass ones at first glance. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Seattle

Its brand treat is the clam chowder served in an edible plate of freshly baked bread. A large selection of sandwiches is available for visitors; regulars recommend ordering ice cream for the dessert. The Paseo Caribbean restaurant specializes in the Carribean cuisine. It is located on a busy street, so there is always a cozy, noisy and cheerful atmosphere. … Further

Guide on cultural sights

There is an observation deck on the 73rd floor of skyscraper; it is twice higher than the deck of Space Needle. The second largest skyscraper in the city is the Washington Mutual Tower completed in 1988. One of the oldest buildings of the city is the Smith Tower skyscraper. Erected in 1914, it is home to the famous Chinese room, a visit to is also recommended to be included in an excursion. … Further

Attractions and nightlife of Seattle

To get acquainted with inhabitants of sea visit the Seattle Aquarium. Visitors especially appreciate the seals show, which is held in the aquarium every day. Travelers who visit the city in summer should definitely relax in the Green Lake Park. On its territory there is a small lake; in the hot weather it attracts to the park both local residents and tourists. … Further

Traditions and mentality of locals

One of them is The Gum Wall. The history of this attraction is quite unusual. A few decades ago, at a local theater there appeared a new rule - all visitors had to leave chewing gum before entering the cultural venue. First visitors outraged by innovation have stuck a gum directly to the wall of the building. Their example was followed by other citizens. As a result one of the walls of the theater was completely glued by colored chewing gum. … Further
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