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Czech Republic

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Castle Rozmberk

From the series “The Most Mysterious Buildings (Houses, Palaces, Castles) in the World”
The Czech Republic has also a lot of amazing mystical symbols, including the beautiful Castle Rožmberk, which was built in the 13th century. The fortress bears the name of its founders. According to one legend, spirit of Perchta, the daughter of Ulrich Rosenberg, lives there. When the girl was 20 years old, her father decided to marry her to a nobleman Jan Liechtenstein. Perchta many years lived in misery eating the dust from her abusive husband, his mother and sisters.
On his deathbed, the nobleman asked his wife for forgiveness, but she said him nay; that’s why he cursed her. The curse was so strong, that after more than 500 years the spirit of Perchta can’t find a resting place and lives in the ancient castle. Locals call the ghost the White Lady and consider it to be a guardian of an ancient castle. Usually it’s seen in a beautiful white gown, but if the ghost wears black dress, it means that soon will be a trouble and someone will die. Once the keeper of the castle was seen in a scarlet dress; a few days later the castle was caught by strong fire.
During its long history Rožmberk was rebuilt many times, but despite all the changes, the ghost still lives within its walls. The castle is situated in a very picturesque area on banks of the river Vlatva. This amazing attraction has long been chosen by local club of explorers of paranormal activities. Very interesting excursions, including night ones, are arranged there for tourists, as there are always more than enough wishful to see the ghost. ... Complete sights collection

Prazsky Hrad

From the series “Amazing Ancient Fortresses Preserved to This Day”
The Prague Castle is one of those ancient castles, which are not only known outside the city, but also far from the country. The castle is a huge architectural complex, which is located on a part of the long rock and consists of a series of buildings of different purpose. During the walk through the extensive Burgterritorium one can see not only the preserved defense systems but also the old churches, the houses and a lot of the picturesque streets and squares.
The construction of Prague Castle began in the 9th century and lasted for almost 100 years. Originally the castle was built as the residence of the Czech kings. Today is the ancient castle. Which is considered to be one of the oldest and largest castles in the world, a residence of the President of the country. The most important ceremonial and business events take place here. The excursion through the castle, whose area is more than 7 hectares, will be very exciting. It must be noticed that you can only explore the Burgterritorium on foot. Literally every old house has the most valuable historical artifacts.
In some houses the interiors of the previous years were restored. In such houses the collections of antique furniture, works of art, ancient books and documents are preserved. After visiting the old buildings and the church you can walk in the Royal Gardens. The tourists who visit Prague Castle with the young children can go to Golden Street. Here the interesting museum of the toys was opened in one of the colorful houses. The painted galleries, the old fountains, the painted gates and the hundred-year-old statues - all this can be seen behind the walls of the wonderful old castle. ... Complete sights collection

Zamek Berstejn

From the series “Amazing Ancient Fortresses Preserved to This Day”
In Austria there is the wonderful amber castle. This is still a candidate for the status of the oldest castle in Europe. The castle is located in a wonderfully beautiful area, not far from Lake Neusiedl. The first mention of the castle date from the 9th century. Currently, the castle of the Berger Almazi family, which has opened the unique Hotel - Hotel Burg Bernstein in the historic building. The room design of the hotel is simply peculiar. All rooms were decorated with antiques and real art.
In addition to the cozy rooms, there is the excellent library in the castle, where more than 30,000 old volumes and the collection of medieval maps are preserved. This wonderful hotel was opened in 1953 and is therefore considered a historical object in all senses of the word. The owners of the castle have also preserved the centenary surrounding garden, where the excellent swimming pool and a lot of the spacious terraces for the guests were equipped.
The ancient hotel castle still has a secret - the restaurant of national cuisine. The restaurant is not run by a well-known cook, but by the hotel owner, who cooks the dishes in the old-fashioned wood oven. The Burg-Hotel Bernstein is the ideal place for tourists who want to relax in a knight's style and enjoy the picturesque nature. It has to be noticed that the guests have to renounce many common things, like on the phone and the TV during the rest. An excellent alternative is the cozy living room with the old fireplace, the huge library and the garden designed golf course. ... Complete sights collection

Zamek Zbiroh

From the series “Amazing Ancient Fortresses Preserved to This Day”
Among the oldest castles in the Czech Republic, one must definitely mention the 13th-century Zbiroh Castle. Literally his name is translated by the Czech as 'collecting the horns'. The history of the castle is incredibly interesting. A legend tells that its founder was the hunter Zbynek Zaits. In the 13th century he lived in this area with his entourage. After sunset the hunters have climbed up to the top of the hill where they have stayed. In the morning they discovered the huge number of deer horns all around.
The hunter built the castle in this place and kept it secrets for centuries. After the other legend, the secret rituals of the Freemason Lodge were performed here. For the first time, the castle was mentioned in 1230. Among his owners there were many outstanding kings, like Ottokar II Přemysl. In the 17th century the old castle belonged to the imperial court and served as a prison for the mostly elevated prisoners.
The last major reconstruction of the castle ended in 2004. After that, Zbiroh Castle was open to the tourists. It is remarkable that the Freemason Lodge also nowadays uses the castle for the most important rituals. On certain days, access to the locksmith's court is forbidden for unauthorized persons. Another interesting feature is the old fountain, situated on the Schlossterritorium, whose depth is 163 meters. It is the deepest fountain in Europe. Some researchers say that on its ground the amber room is hidden. ... Complete sights collection

Dancing Building

From the series “Top 16 Most Amazing Buildings of the Planet”
The Prague Dancing House is the result of the successful collaboration of two outstanding modern architects - Wlado Milunitsch and Frank Owen Hary. From a distance the building really looks like a dancing couple. The locals have designed several original names for the building and often call it the 'drunken house' or 'Ginger and Fred' - in honor of one of the most famous dance couples. The original six-storey building is the office center and on the last floor of the building is the popular restaurant of the French cuisine La Perle de Prague.
The construction of the unusual house began in 1994. Originally it was decided to dedicate the architecture project to the world-famous dance duo - Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. The building consists of two towers, among which the 'male' and the 'female' figures are easy to recognize. The female figure has a marked waistline of. The site on which the unique building was built was only a ruin after the Second World War.
The initiator of the construction of the new building on the ruins was the President of the Czech Republic Wazlaw Gawel, whose house was not far away. Its idea was realized only in the 90s of the previous century, and one of the central streets was decorated with the new impressive building. Beside the modern building are the unique historical buildings, which were not destroyed by a miracle during the war. The fine towers with the glazed façade contrast with the majestic 19th century buildings. Many tourists prefer to graze at the booth center from the panoramic windows of the La Perle de Prague restaurant. ... Complete sights collection

Hrad Trosky

From the series “The Most Inaccessible Buildings in the World”
In the surroundings of Prague lies the mysterious and beautiful castle Trosky, which was considered one of the most impregnable defense facilities in the Czech Republic. The castle was built in the rock between two craters of the ancient extinct volcano. The construction workers built the castle towers in the craters. Together with the dark inaccessible rocks, the castle looks just unique. The forest surrounding the rocks forms an impressive contrast with the dark shades.
Although the first official references to the castle date from the end of the 14th century, some historians say that it was built much earlier. For centuries, the castle had repulsed the sieges of the Swedish conquerors. Later the castle stood empty for several centuries. The most romantic epoch for the castle began in the 19th century when its owner was Alois. During this period painters and poets from around the world have visited the castle in search of inspiration. From the Frauenturm of the castle opened the magnificent panorama to the surroundings.
It must be mentioned that this tower is the oldest element of the building. After the strong fire in 1428 he was the only surviving building. Despite its uniqueness and charm, Trosky is one of the most mysterious and unexplored castles in the world. All the documents that could lighten their history were burned in the numerous fires. Currently, the historical site is protected by the Institute of Heritage. Despite its impressive age, the castle has been well preserved and is open to visitors. ... Complete sights collection

Sauna for All

From the series “Most Extraordinary Thermaes, Baths and Saunas in the World”
One of the most original attractions of the Czech town of Liberec is "Sauna for All", one of the most famous and original in the world. Its main feature is the location. The sauna has been built on stilts right in the middle of the river. The second and no less important feature is that the sauna is absolutely free, which is fully reflected in its name.
Specialists of the architectural studio Mjolk Architects built the sauna. To book a holiday in the sauna, you just need to call the studio. It is noteworthy that industrial waste has been used for the construction of the sauna such as wooden frames, plywood, spruce boards and aluminum sheets. There is an original complex near the city beach, so there is no lack of attention of locals and tourists.
Visitors to the sauna get there on an ordinary rowing boat, along with taking firewood for the kiln. One of the main attractions for sauna visitors is jumping from the terrace to the river, suitable wooden terraces and sunbathing. One of the side walls of the sauna was completely replaced by a panoramic window, which is perfectly isolated and allows you to admire a peaceful course of the river during the rest. "Sauna for all" is a great opportunity to diversify leisure in Liberec without additional material costs. ... Complete sights collection

The Historic Centre of Prague

From the series “Top 15 Unesco Sites in Europe”
Travellers visiting Prague will have an opportunity to see one of the greatest historical and cultural monuments in Europe. Prague's historic district is divided into five distinct areas, each of which has its great features and attractions. Old Town is located on the right bank of the river Vltava. The history of its occurrence is worth knowing. In the 10th century, several tiny settlements were founded on the banks of the river. Later, they merged. The historic district reached its prime in the Middle Ages.
The town had remained unchanged until the mid-19th century, when a part of the medieval streets and buildings have been completely destroyed, and new ones were built on that place. At the same time, a part of the medieval and earlier monuments in the old city has been preserved, so they can be seen today. The historic district amazes with a variety of architectural styles. Its outstanding attractions include the Charles Bridge and the legendary Prague Castle. The latter has an unbelievably spectacular skyline, embracing the old castle, the cathedral, and many other historic buildings.
Incomparable Gothic monuments can be admired during a walk along Mala Strana. There are numerous religious monuments built in the Baroque style. In Prague, various tour itineraries suit all tastes. Tourists will be able to walk through the Royal Road, admire the old buildings in the Old Town Square, stroll in parks along the banks of Vltava, and enjoy views of old pedestrian bridges, which make the city look really special. ... Complete sights collection

Plzen Underground

From the series “Unbelievable Underground Mini-Cities”
The Czech Republic has an underground city Plzen that is famous for its 19-kilometre length tunnels. Earlier these complicated basements were used for product storages, sometimes locals used them for evacuation during the aggression upon them. This underground city has a great number of interesting legends. One of them says that the underground has treasures. The complex system of underground labyrinths was constructed even in the 14th century. Hundreds of years there were placed craft producers and a small wine factory.
Walking around the undergrounds, you can see a lot of saved technique equipment, the sewerage system, dumb wells and even huge wine pipes. It is quite hard to walk alone in the Plzen undergrounds, tunnels are rather twisted and it is easy to get lost. A walk with an organized excursion is much better. With a group of tourists, you will see outstanding places of the underground city and know about the original purpose of different facilities. ... Complete sights collection

St Vitus Cathedral

From the series “Gothic Architecture – Magnificent Monuments”
St. Vitus Cathedral is located in Prague. It is difficult to describe its Gothic beauty by words. This cathedral is the most important and revered in the country. There is no building equal to it in terms of the scale and beauty of the design. The beautiful cathedral has many unique features. Crypts of famous kings, as well as representatives of the highest clergy, are located in it. A huge 18-ton bell is located in the cathedral. It is one of the largest in the world. Detailed tours are conducted for tourists in the cathedral. They can see its main values during these excursions.
Valuable regalia of many Czech rulers are preserved in the cathedral. For example, it is a golden scepter, as well as the crown and mantle of St. Vojtěch. You can see the watch on the great tower of the cathedral. It was equipped in the 16th century. Watchmakers were not yet able to match the hour and second hands on the same dial at that time. That's why antique watches have two dials.
Entrance doors for ordinary visitors of the cathedral are equipped on its western facade. A special entrance is equipped for high-ranking clergy. It is called the Golden Gate. Elaborate mosaics adorn them. Scenes of the Last Judgment are captured on it. Many mysteries are connected with the Golden Gate. Among them are astrological signs applied to them. Astrology was considered pseudoscience according to the Church canons. Therefore, it remains a mystery of how astrological symbols could appear on the gate. No one was able to determine what they meant, either. The cathedral is located near Prague Castle. A great panoramic view of the Gothic building opens from some areas during a walk through its territory. ... Complete sights collection
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