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Czech Republic

Cultural sightseeing in Czech Republic. What to visit - museums, temples, castles and palaces

Due to its eventful history, the Czech Republic is filled with picturesque, unique and interesting places attracting crowds of tourists. Charles Bridge crossing the Vltava River in Prague is striking in its beauty. Erected in the 14th century, the bridge is decorated with statues of prominent figures from Czech history. In the heart of Prague is the House of the Black Madonna - a museum of Czech Cubism built in the early 20th century. It is the first cubist architecture building in Europe. Inside you can get acquainted with the Czech Cubism of 1910-1919: paintings, sculptures, architecture, adverts, and so on. On the ground floor is Grand Cafe Orient.
5-star Art Deko Imperial luxury hotel surprises its guests with a ceramic mosaic decoration of the interior. Other luxurious advantages of the hotel …
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Czech Police Museum in the capital tells about the fascinating history of the country's criminology and high-profile criminal cases. It keeps such artifacts as police uniforms and badges, weapons, police motorcycles, cars and helicopters, pieces of evidence, recreated crime scenes, and much more. Near Charles Bridge is the Franz Kafka Museum, which is sure to impress fans of the writer: it contains first editions of his books, letters, diaries, and other documents. The Museum of Communism impartially tells about four decades of Czech life. Its rooms are arranged so that they convey the atmosphere of that period.
A neo-Baroque 18th-century castle in Southeast Moravia with chic interiors, a French baroque garden, and an English park attracts with its beauty. In Hradec Králové, you can explore Hrádek u Nechanic, a gorgeous 19th-century castle surrounded by an English park. Get inside to see furniture of the 16-17th centuries and find out how rich people lived in the 19th century. There are guided tours lasting from 30 minutes to an hour, during which guests walk around a chapel, a library, the Knight's Hall, guest rooms, and other halls. Copyright
A rich historical heritage of the Czech Republic found its expression in many hotels of this country. Hotel Imperial in Karlovy Vary dates as far back …
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In the central part of the Czech Republic, in the Central Bohemian Region, there is 13th-century Český Šternberk Gothic Castle. It is interesting not only for its antiquity, beauty, magnificent views, and collection of copper engravings but also for the fact that its current owners are direct descendants of the castle's first owners. In the 20th century, the castle was equipped with electricity, sanitary facilities, and heating. Guests of the Central Bohemian Region wishing to look at something more contemporary are recommended to visit the interactive Vintage Car Museum where they can see such Soviet cars as Skoda, Volga, Moskvich, and others. Visitors can even drive some vehicles.
Prague In Smržovka, Liberec Region, there is the great Museum of Armoured Machinery open from April to October. It would be a godsend for those interested in military transport. On request and for an extra fee, you can ride a real tank in the museum building. The museum contains one of the broadest collections in Europe - American, Soviet and British tanks. Here you can also look at other military vehicles of the Second World War and more recent times.
The Czech Republic is a country with a rich history and cultural heritage, which are reflected in local holidays and festivals. Czechs love both …
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In Sedlec you will find the famous Kostnice, or “the Bone Church”, a Gothic building tracing its history since the 13th century, the interior of which is made of human bones. Tens of thousands of skeletons of people who died in the 13th-16th centuries were used to create a huge magnificent chandelier, bells, ornaments, and bowls. Another similar blood-chilling structure can be found in Brno - it is an underground ossuary at St. Jacob's Church. Founded in the 17th century, it contains the remains of 50 thousand people, mostly victims of cholera and plague. The 19th-century Schwarzenberg family tomb in Domanin is a chapel and a huge marble sarcophagus containing 26 coffins with embalmed bodies.
In the village of Ruprechtov, South Moravian region, there is an unusual 19th-century mill. Its Dutch architectural style - a rounded building with a rotating roof - sets it apart from other Czech mills. Nowadays, the mill is not functioning, it can only be visited in October or by appointment in other months. In the same region is the Moravian Gallery in Brno - a large art museum whose several buildings provide an opportunity to get acquainted with art from the Middle Ages to the 19th century, as well as contemporary art.
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Fantastic City Tours and Excursions in Czech Republic

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Map of all art museums
Art galleries in Czech Republic
♥   Art museum 'Lobkowicz collection in the Castle (Zamek Nelahozeves)' Nelahozeves. On the map   Photos
♥   Art museum 'Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague' Prague. On the map   Photos
♥   Art museum 'National Gallery' Prague. On the map   Photos
♥   Art museum 'Náprstek Museum' Prague. On the map   Photos
♥   Art museum 'Prague Castle Galleries' Prague. On the map   Photos
Map of all churches
Cathedrals and basilicas in Czech Republic
♥   Bazilika svatého Prokopa, Třebíč. On the map   Photos
♥   Bazilika Nanebevzetí Panny Marie, Hostýn. On the map   Photos
♥   Poutní kostel svatého Jana Nepomuckého, Žďár nad Sázavou. On the map   Photos
♥   Bazilika Nanebevzetí Panny Marie a svatého Mikuláše, Žďár nad Sázavou. On the map   Photos
♥   Katedrála sv. Václava, Olomouc. On the map   Photos
♥   Bazilika Navštívení Panny Marie, Svatý Kopeček. On the map   Photos
♥   Bazilika Nanebevzetí Panny Marie, Příbram. On the map   Photos
Map of all palaces
Palaces in Czech Republic
♥   Palace 'Archbishop’s Palace' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Belvedere' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Clam-Gallas Palace' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Czernin Palace' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Kinsky Palace' . On the map   Photos

Extreme Guinness-type places in Czech Republic

The Historic Centre of Prague

From the series “Top 15 Unesco Sites in Europe”
Travellers visiting Prague will have an opportunity to see one of the greatest historical and cultural monuments in Europe. Prague's historic district is divided into five distinct areas, each of which has its great features and attractions. Old Town is located on the right bank of the river Vltava. The history of its occurrence is worth knowing. In the 10th century, several tiny settlements were founded on the banks of the river. Later, they merged. The historic district reached its prime in the Middle Ages.

The town had remained unchanged until the mid-19th century, when a part of the medieval streets and buildings have been completely destroyed, and new ones were built on that place. At the same time, a part of the medieval and earlier monuments in the old city has been preserved, so … Read all

Sauna for All

From the series “Most Extraordinary Thermaes, Baths and Saunas in the World”
One of the most original attractions of the Czech town of Liberec is "Sauna for All", one of the most famous and original in the world. Its main feature is the location. The sauna has been built on stilts right in the middle of the river. The second and no less important feature is that the sauna is absolutely free, which is fully reflected in its name.

Specialists of the architectural studio Mjolk Architects built the sauna. To book a holiday in the sauna, you just need to call the studio. It is noteworthy that industrial waste has been used for the construction of the sauna such as wooden frames, plywood, spruce boards and aluminum sheets. There is an original complex near the city beach, so there is no lack of attention of locals and tourists.

Visitors to the sauna get there on an … Read all
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Country maps Maps of Czech Republic
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Map of cities Cities map of Czech Republic

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Top cultural sites of Czech Republic: monuments, theaters and churches

Archbishop Palace, Prague

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» Archbishop's Palace is a four-story historic building built at the beginning of 16th century in the Baroque style. The venue is situated in the center of Prague, and serves as the residence of the Archbishop of Prague.
» Today, the palace is one of the most beautiful architectural landmarks of Prague.
» The palace was rebuilt and restored several times. Thus, the Renaissance-style palace was completely redesigned in the Baroque style in the 18th century.
» There is an amazing garden next to the palace, which, unfortunately, is closed to visitors.
» Special attention should be paid to the interior. The Throne Hall features beautiful tapestry work, and the dining room is decorated with portraits of the Archbishop of Prague, as well as other works by famous artists.

Basilica of St Peter and St Paul, Prague

Location on the map:   Interesting facts: » Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul is the Catholic Church in Vysehrad (Prague) designed in the Gothic Revival style.
» The church is a kind of exhibition. History is the dominant element of its themed interior. Here you can see the history of art and the history of Christianity and the Czech lands.
» Bas-reliefs on the main portal are depicting scenes of the Last Judgment.
» The facade of the church has a memorial plaque in memory of the baptism of 14 Czech princes in Regensburg in 845 year.
» The main attraction of the basilica is stored in the third chapel. That’s the Virgin Mary of the Rain panel. The legend tells that the image of Mary was painted by St. Luke himself. In times of drought believers ask the Virgin Mary of rain and an abundant harvest.

National Museum, Prague

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» The National Museum was built in the early 19th century. To the date, the museum is the largest in Prague.
» National Museum is divided into several sections. The building on Wenceslas Square houses only the Museum of Natural Science and History and the Library.
» The historic room is located on the second floor of the building. It exhibits particularly valuable materials from archaeological sites, as well as coins and medals. The science department is situated on the third floor of the building.
» Collections of the Ethnographic Museum, the Museum of Musical Instruments, the Naprstek Museum and the Museum of Physical Culture and Sports are placed in other showrooms.
» Vaclav Hanka, who served as the first librarian of the National Museum of Prague, is famous for faking historical texts, passing them off as originals, thereby distorting Czech history. However, even after disclosure of Hanka’s crimes his works were placed in the museum, though not as historical documents, but as examples of romantic literature emphasizing the increase in consciousness of the Czechs.

St. Nicholas Church, Prague

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» St. Nicholas Church is the temple on Old Town Square built in the first half of the 18th century by architect Dientzenhofer.
» It’s known that the building was reconstructed for several times; it stands on the site of the oldest religious building in Prague.
» St. Nicholas Church is famous for its large crystal crown-shaped chandelier given by Russian Tsar Nicholas II.
» On Orthodox Christmas and Easter a procession around the temple is held in Prague.
» The building is reasonably considered one of the most beautiful places in Prague because of its facade decorated with statues and stucco.

St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» St. Vitus Cathedral was the burial place for Czech kings and archbishops of Prague. The cathedral also houses medieval Czech Crown Jewels.
» The main tower of St. Vitus Cathedral is 96.5 meters high, so it can be seen from anywhere in Prague.
» That’s the largest church in Prague. It is so large that it can accommodate thousands of visitors.
» The largest in the Czech Republic Sigismund bell is kept in the tower of the cathedral.
» The most valuable among chapels of the temple is Vitus Chapel. It was erected on the site, where once stood the rotunda with the relics of St. Vitus, after whom the temple was named.

Tyn Church, Prague

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» Tyn Church is one of the most famous symbols of the Czech capital. It’s called the Church of Our Lady of Tyn.
» Tyn Church can boast the oldest organ in Prague made by master Mundt in 1673.
» The temple is notable, as about 60 remains of great and unknown people lie there.
» Some gravestones in the church are damaged because many residents believe that they can get rid of toothache by stepping on the gravestone.
» At the beginning of the 15th century the main statue Tyn Cathedral lose its golden cup; one legend is associated with that. They say that once storks made a nest in this bowl. Birds need to be fed, so the storks took frogs into the nest; and sometimes amphibias fell out of the beak. Once a frog fell on some important person, and the latter was ridiculed by people. After this incident, the storks were evicted, and the cup was removed.

Culture and monuments in popular cities of Czech Republic

Wenceslas Square is also an important historical object. A hundred years ago all most important meetings and celebrations were conducted here. Nowadays there are many trendy shops and boutiques near the square, as well as several nightclubs and bars. Staroměstské náměstí is, without a doubt, a no less remarkable place of attraction. During medieval times the square was the location of either brutal executions or magnificent coronations. Schwarzenberg Palace is a prominent architectural … Read more
Karlovy Vary
The project was so complicated that the treasury of the city simply had no enough funds to implement it. Therefore, the architect had to change the project quickly. The result of his hard work now can be seen on the embankment of the Tepla River. A visit to Brechov fortress is an obligatory part of any excursion program. The fortress was built in the 13th century and is considered one of the oldest buildings of the city. The castle is located on a rocky promontory above the Tepla River. … Read more
Church of St. Peter and Paul is one more interesting destination of excursions. The first temple on the site of the modern church was built in the 12th century. Right after the opening a crypt was transported to the church. Nowadays the crypt is known as the main religious artifact of the church. The tower of the church is the location of an old clock. There is also an interesting story connected with this clock. Every day the clock alarms the noon exactly one hour earlier. This custom is the … Read more
This the Middle Ages unique monument is one of the most important in the country’s dimensions; the cathedral’s tower has been the highest building in the Czech Republic for many years. In the Plzen’s historical district it is possible to find monuments of different styles and epochs. The veritable pattern of Renaissance style is the town council, it is located in 2 minutes of walking from the cathedral, and it was built in the middle of 16 century. The town council has remained perfectly … Read more
In medieval times, there were wooden residential houses on the site of the present main square. In the 19th century, it was decided to demolish them and build new stone and brick mansions instead. During that period, the area was significantly expanded and became one of the first in the city where street lamps were installed. The latter have survived hundreds years and are now a kind of city attraction themselves. Near Masarykove Square is one of Ostrava's most beautiful architectural … Read more
In the vicinity of the city, you can find the ancient Bezděz Castle, which is a vivid example of Gothic architecture. The castle's construction was carried out in the second half of the 13th century. It became one of the most important defensive centers for the region. By the 17th century, it has survived many battles but remained intact. The building suffered the most during the Thirty Years War when the Swedish troops have managed to capture the castle for the first time in its history. … Read more

Czech Republic map of cultural and historical sites

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