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Czech Republic

Travel tips for Czech Republic - what to prepare in advance and what to obey

1. In Czech cities, especially in Prague, tourists are often insistently offered to exchange money on the street. Of course, you should do this only in a bank. Street money changers shamelessly deceive naive tourists who remain with a much smaller amount than they had before the deal.
2. To make a good impression in any Czech city, one needs to remember one rule: never wear socks under sandals so as not to meet mocking glances of Czechs. This is only acceptable for older people. If a younger person dressed like that appears on the city streets, people will immediately perceive him as a villager.
3. It should be borne in mind that food, clothes, books and everything else that can be bought in the very center of Prague are always much more expensive than in the rest of the city. The center of the capital is aimed at serving tourists where there are always many of them. Czechs themselves prefer to visit it for walking and visiting the sights, but rarely for buying something, knowing full well about high prices.
Due to its eventful history, the Czech Republic is filled with picturesque, unique and interesting places attracting crowds of tourists. Charles …
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4. Shouting and raising a voice in public places is considered bad manners and disrespect towards others. The same applies to loud talking on the phone.
5. In areas where there are many tourists, one should avoid taking a taxi. Taxi drivers cash in on tourists who don't know much about local prices, greatly overcharging them. Instead, one should search for existing taxi services in advance and call there, or order a taxi online. You can also catch a passing taxi. It is better to negotiate payment in advance.
6. In the Czech Republic, it is customary to yield seats in public transport to the elderly, pregnant women, and children of preschool age. Ignoring this rule can cause resentment among others.
7. In shops, subway, buses, squares, and other crowded public places, it is important to watch your wallets, bags, and pockets. Pickpockets never sleep here. Important documents are best to be kept in a safe of the hotel room. Copyright
8. Traveling by car, park it only in guarded parking lots - theft from cars parked in the streets is very common in the Czech Republic.
9. Leaving a rented apartment or hotel room, it is important to make sure that the doors are locked, as burglaries are not uncommon here, especially when it comes to rooms of tourists.
10. One should always carry a handkerchief or a pack of paper handkerchiefs: Sniffing in public places is considered rude and annoying while blowing nose is much more acceptable. Before sneezing, turn away from people and cover your mouth.
11. It is important to avoid appearing at events - formal and informal - without an invitation. This is considered a manifestation of arrogance and bad manners.
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12. Being invited to an event, it is much better to be a little late than to come too early. Arriving earlier, there is a risk of catching homeowners not yet ready to receive guests, dressed in home clothes, and at an official event, there will be just nothing to do so early. If for some reason the guest had to come to the Czech house earlier, then, in order to make amends, the hosts should be helped with the preparations - for example, with setting the table.
13. Do not be surprised by young children peeing freely in the grass or bushes. Preschool children are allowed to do this in the Czech Republic, so no one pays attention to such things. But among older children and adolescents, such an immoral behavior is considered unacceptable, while an adult can even be arrested for this.
14. In the Czech Republic, one shouldn't be afraid to drink tap water - it does not contain any chemical impurities and is absolutely safe.
15. In the Czech Republic, a handshake often makes the first impression of a person. It must be firm because a person with a weak handshake can immediately be labeled as weak-willed.
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Fantastic City Tours and Excursions in Czech Republic

Colorful and unique places in Czech Republic

Zamek Zbiroh

From the series “Amazing Ancient Fortresses Preserved to This Day”
Among the oldest castles in the Czech Republic, one must definitely mention the 13th-century Zbiroh Castle. Literally his name is translated by the Czech as 'collecting the horns'. The history of the castle is incredibly interesting. A legend tells that its founder was the hunter Zbynek Zaits. In the 13th century he lived in this area with his entourage. After sunset the hunters have climbed up to the top of the hill where they have stayed. In the morning they discovered the huge number of deer horns all around.

The hunter built the castle in this place and kept it secrets for centuries. After the other legend, the secret rituals of the Freemason Lodge were performed here. For the first time, the castle was mentioned in 1230. Among his owners there were many outstanding kings, like … Read all

Zamek Berstejn

From the series “Amazing Ancient Fortresses Preserved to This Day”
In Austria there is the wonderful amber castle. This is still a candidate for the status of the oldest castle in Europe. The castle is located in a wonderfully beautiful area, not far from Lake Neusiedl. The first mention of the castle date from the 9th century. Currently, the castle of the Berger Almazi family, which has opened the unique Hotel - Hotel Burg Bernstein in the historic building. The room design of the hotel is simply peculiar. All rooms were decorated with antiques and real art.

In addition to the cozy rooms, there is the excellent library in the castle, where more than 30,000 old volumes and the collection of medieval maps are preserved. This wonderful hotel was opened in 1953 and is therefore considered a historical object in all senses of the word. The owners of the … Read all

Prazsky Hrad

From the series “Amazing Ancient Fortresses Preserved to This Day”
The Prague Castle is one of those ancient castles, which are not only known outside the city, but also far from the country. The castle is a huge architectural complex, which is located on a part of the long rock and consists of a series of buildings of different purpose. During the walk through the extensive Burgterritorium one can see not only the preserved defense systems but also the old churches, the houses and a lot of the picturesque streets and squares.

The construction of Prague Castle began in the 9th century and lasted for almost 100 years. Originally the castle was built as the residence of the Czech kings. Today is the ancient castle. Which is considered to be one of the oldest and largest castles in the world, a residence of the President of the country. The most important … Read all
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Advices for popular cities of Czech Republic

1. Those, who expect to devote much time to walks around the city, are recommended to bring comfortable shoes with them. The reason for this is in the fact that the majority of streets are lined with stone blocks, so only comfortable shoes are suitable for long walks. 2. Fans of cultural events are advised to purchase ISIC card. It entitles you to a discount when you visit various museums, theaters and cultural institutions. 3. Drivers should be especially careful in Prague, because … Read more
Karlovy Vary
1. Karlovy Vary is distinguished by a great public transport system. It’s very simple to navigate through the city by bus. If you need to go to suburban areas, high-speed trains will be the best solution. Train tickets should be purchased in advance at special kiosks or directly at railway station. 2. Tourists who expect to use public transport a lot are recommended to purchase the universal ticket pass. It can be valid from three to fifteen days. These passes can be found in all … Read more
1. leaving tips in restaurants and bars is not obligatory, but you can thank an obliging waiter by leaving a cash reward of $ 5 - 10% of the total bill. Do not forget to leave tips to taxi drivers. In this case it’s enough to round the due sum up to the nearest convenient amount. 2. Exchanging currency is recommended in large state-owned banks, such as Komercni banka, Zivnostenska banka and Ceska sporitelna. They offer the most favorable exchange rate. Travelers are recommended to use the … Read more
1. Plzen is connected with big neighbored cities by bus and train systems. So, a travel to Prague will occupy a little more than one and a half hours, the same time is needed to get to Karlovy Vary. As for Munich, it is better to go there by train, it will help to save time. 2. It is recommended to go through the historical district of the city on foot, because all the important trip sights are located not far away from each other. Also there is two-wheeled transport which is the excellent … Read more
1. Ostrava has a small international airport that regularly takes flights from Milan, London, and Dubai. The city can be reached by high-speed trains from Prague, Brno, Vienna, Bratislava, Moscow, and Krakow. 2. A temperate climate prevails in Ostrava, so even it is never too hot here even in summer. Regardless of the season, fans of outdoor recreation and night walks should take some warm clothes with them on a trip. 3. In Ostrava, you can visit some of the most famous breweries in the … Read more
1. Liberec offers very comfortable weather conditions. It is never too hot here even in the height of summer, and in winter, severe frosts and winds are quite rare. 2. The city has a well-developed bus service, while trams remain the most comfortable and optimal form of urban transport. By tram, one can get not only to all areas of interest but also to some neighboring towns. 3. Travelers who're planning to rent a car for their holidays should take into account that parking zones are … Read more

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