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Travel tips for Turkey - what to prepare in advance and what to obey

Alanya Trip 1. In resort areas, staff usually can speak English and some other European languages. However, many Turkish people living in small towns outside popular tourist destinations can speak only Turkish. A dictionary or simple sign language will help to understand each other in this case.
2. The majority of tourists visit Turkey in summer. Hot and dry weather prevails in the country during this time of the year. The temperature can easily rise to +40 - 50°C. To prevent sunburn, it is better to use sunscreen and not to sunbathe from 11 am to 3 pm. Light and breathable clothing is a must, the same applies to a hat that helps to prevent sunstroke.
3. The American dollar, euro, and Turkish lira are widely used in the country. It is possible to pay with any of these currencies in shops and bazaars. There are also many exchange offices in the country. In case of a need, it is even possible to exchange money at the receptionist’s desk in most hotels, but they usually have unfavorable rates. No documents proving the exchange are issued. Of course, tourists can pay for their purchases with a credit card.
Bays with clear blue water, fabulous 5-star hotels, the coastline of amazing beauty, and thousands of ancient relics – Turkey has all of these. …
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4. Hotel territory is well-guarded in Turkey, so thefts and robberies are rare in the country. In tourist areas, there is no need to take the passport every time you go outside. Tourists are also not recommended to keep large sums of cash. Documents, money, and jewelry are better to be kept is tightly locked bags and pockets. Turkish people adore small children. Because of this fact, they always pay more attention to families with children. Tourists do not need to worry about this. This is nothing but a trait of the national character.
5. Turkish people are positive about tips. It is recommended to leave a tip of 1 to 5 dollars to porters in hotels, maids, guides, and drivers of excursion buses. When using taxi services, simply round up the total to the nearest convenient amount. When visiting a hammam, tips can be as high as 30% of the total. There is no need to give tips to drivers of intercity buses and fixed-route taxis.
6. Turkish people are very cheerful, communicative, and friendly people. For them, it is very important to follow the etiquette rules. When dealing with local people, it is not recommended to express impatience and hastiness. It is better to listen to everything they say until the end and do not interrupt them. Turkish people like tourists wearing clothing with the national symbols of their country.
7. It is better to take pictures with local people only after receiving their permission. This concerns local men. In order to prevent possible misunderstanding and conflicts, it is better to refrain from taking pictures of local women. Copyright
8. Afternoon is the best time to make purchases. As a rule, it is very hot outside, so local shops do not have many visitors. In this case, tourists can expect to get a big discount and more attentive service. Bargaining is traditional in both shops and bazaars, so do not hesitate to ask for a discount because the initial price of all goods is intentionally increased.
9. When visiting a mosque, don’t forget to take off your shoes before the entrance. Tourists are better not to enter mosques during prayer times. Women are better to cover their legs with long skirts and put on a scarf on the head. Speaking loudly in a mosque is considered a sign of bad manners. Locals like respectful approach to their religion, but it is still not recommended to talk about religious themes with them.
10. It is better to refrain from drinking alcohol in public places, but this rule doesn’t apply to smoking. Turkish people are loyal to smoking, so it is possible to smoke virtually everywhere. By the way, smokers are better to stock up on cigarettes in their home country because tobacco is usually very expensive and not very quality in Turkey. It is allowed to import one block of cigarettes per person.
11. Medical services are paid in Turkey, and government hospitals are often not well developed. The majority of clinics and hospitals are private in Turkey. Tourists need to keep in mind that even a visit to the therapist will be paid. Consider getting medical insurance before a vacation to Turkey.
Geographically, the Republic of Turkey is like an ancient bridge between old continents. The Anatolian peninsula is the westernmost protrusion of Asia …
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12. Despite the fact that Turkey is a secular state in the opinion of tourists and local people, there are still some unacceptable aspects. For example, nudism is officially banned even in tourist areas.
13. Turkish cuisine is very rich and diverse. All kinds of sweets occupy a special place in it. It is hard to find dishes with pork in this Muslim country. Chicken, lamb, and beef are the most typically used types of meat. The choice of fish dishes is also fantastic. Turkish people dislike it when tourists in hotels take full plates of food and then do not eat it all. That is why it is better to take some food, eat it, and then return to get more.
14. Tap water is safe for drinking in Turkey. However, in order to prevent intestinal infections and other diseases, it is still recommended to drink bottled water.
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Fantastic City Tours and Excursions in Turkey

Colorful and unique places in Turkey


From the series “Unbelievable Underground Mini-Cities”
Turkey is a country that full of various archaeological items and places. Cappadocia is a city that has several unusual places. There were found several underground cities, one of them is Derinkuyu. This city adores with its area and construction. It is a seven-layer city. In the underground rooms can live several thousand people at once. The researchers have found houses, churches, schools and even several areas which were used for wines concoction.

Derinkuyu building is connected with a great number of insoluble enigmas. On the main version, this city was built by Christians that were looking for a housing, escaping from persecution of Roman Empire. For provisional assessments the city was built in 2-1 century BC, for instance, it was found only in 1963. One of the main peculiarities … Read all

Sirkeci Gari Station

From the series “Top 14 Most Astonishing Railway Stations in the World”
Sirkeci Gari Station – an outstanding landmark building – is an adorable railway station in Turkey. This building was made in Ottoman architectural style in 1890. In the end of the 19th century there came the world-famous Orient Express train from Paris. As it was many years ago, the colourful stained-glass windows still decorate the building. The railway station has become the business centre of the city. The terminal building rises on an area of 1,200 square meters. The terminal restaurant became a meeting point for journalists, writers, artists and cultural figures.

Sirkeci Gari Station has never been rebuilt entirely. In the world, there are only several stations that were saved until our days in their original decoration. Thereby, we see the building as people two centuries ago. … Read all

Bosporus Waterfront

From the series “The Most Beautiful Waterfronts and Embankments”
The most unforgettable walk in Istanbul will be at the embankment of the Bosphorus. Along this embankment you will see the most important religious and historical landmarks. Among them there is a wonderful Dolmabahçe Mosque. It was built by Karabet Balyan in the middle of the 19th century. This mosque is a bright example of the baroque style. It is also known as the most decorated mosque in the world.

Two more outstanding landmarks are located near the mosque. The Dolmabahçe Palace and Dolmabahçe clock tower were built in the second half of the 19th century. During the excursion tourists can visit various restaurants and cafes and after they are full the sightseeing program could be continued. Every café and restaurant have the open-air terraces. Thanks to that the visitors can eat … Read all
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Advices for popular cities of Turkey

1. Before photographing local people, you should definitely ask them for permission. Remember you cannot make shots of women dressed in black capes. 2. When you enter a home or a mosque, you should definitely take your shoes off. You should be very careful while selecting clothes before visiting religious sites of Istanbul. Short skirts, shorts and open tops are not suitable for observations of the city. 3. You can drink alcohol in specially designated areas only. 4. Tips in local … Read more
1. Fans of beach rest are better to visit Antalya during the period from April to October – during this time of a year prevails a clear sunny weather. Those, who expect spending more time on trips, are better not to travel to the city during summer – hot weather can break your plans. 2. Do not make photos of the local people on the streets, especially women dressed in black shawls – this is forbidden. Before you take a picture of a man, make sure you ask him for permission. 3. … Read more
1. The tourists, who plan to devote much time to trips, are recommended to visit Ankara during the off-season period. It is too hot here in summer. 2. Hand-made items made of copper remain one of the most common gifts. You can find some really exclusive items among numerous pitchers, amulets, cups and other utensils. Some of them can please even experienced collectors. 3. Taking pictures of women is strictly forbidden, especially of the females which heads are covered with black … Read more
1. Make sure you ask for permission before photographing the local people. Don’t forget that you cannot take pictures of women in black capes. 2. Remember you can enter a mosque or a house only after you take off your shoes. If a house owner invites guests to have a cup of tea, guests should not refuse in any case – this will offend hospitable locals. 3. Do not wear too bright or revealing clothes when you go for a walk. The locals have quite strict rules concerning clothes and … Read more
1. The most appropriate time for rest is the period from June to August. At this time, the weather is warm and sunny. The rainy season with strong wind begins in autumn. Travelers who expect to devote a lot of time to excursions are recommended to come to Kusadasi in spring. 2. On some beaches a small payment may be charged for the use of equipment. Sunbeds and parasols usually cost no more than $0.5, some parts of the coast has free equipment. 3. In town’s water parks the season starts at … Read more
1. Before you take a picture of local residents, be sure to ask them for permission. You shouldn’t take pictures or shoot video of women dressed in long-sleeved national costumes. 2. Tourists who expect to visit holy places and religious sites should carefully select their outfit. It is unacceptable to go on an excursion in short skirts, shorts and dresses of bright color. Before entering a mosque it’s necessary to take off your shoes. 3. Alcoholic beverages can be consumed only in … Read more
1. Many local residents cannot be photographed because of their religious beliefs. Therefore, before you make a photo of a local, make sure you ask for permission. 2. Do not forget to take your shoes off at the entrance to a mosque or a private house. Tourists, who plan to visit various religious attractions, should not forget to select their clothes carefully. Shorts, short skirts, sleeveless shirts and bright outfits are not allowed. 3. Despite the fact that simply every restaurant … Read more
1. A large part of beaches of the resort are municipal. Only some of them belong to hotels. Entrance to public beach is free, and the rental of beach equipment will cost you a small amount of money - about US$1-2. 2. Fixed prices on goods can only be in large supermarkets and department stores. Do not forget to bargain in private shops and markets. If the price of a product seems too high and the seller does not want to give in, you just need to say goodbye politely and leave the store. You … Read more

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