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Preacher’s Pulpit

From the series “The World's Highest Observation Decks”
An observation deck with an unusual name 'Preacher's Pulpit' is a unique structure created by nature, absolutely no effort was made by man. The point is a natural cliff 604 meters in height located above the Lysefjord. The huge stone platform has an almost perfect square shape with a side of 25 meters; in appearance resembles a really huge pulpit. This natural observation deck offers a gorgeous panoramic view of the fjord, the nearby Kjerag plateau and other amazing attractions of Forsann.
It should be noted that to get to the observation deck you can only walk along the path running around incredibly beautiful and quite challenging places. The length of path from the last car parking to the site is no more than 4 kilometers; it'll take about two hours to overcome it. Rock-chair certainly appeals to fans of thrills; it isn't fenced at all and is covered with quite large cracks, because of which it seems that the rock could collapse at any minute. ... Complete sights collection

Aurland Lookout

From the series “The World's Highest Observation Decks”
Aurland Lookout is situated in Norway, over Aurlandsfjord. World-famous architects, Tommy Wilhelmsen and Todd Saunders from Saunders Architecture, were developers of the project. The primary task of architects was to create the most reliable and harmonious design that wouldn't violate the natural harmony. For this reason, it was decided to build the observation deck of natural light wood. Aurland Lookout can safely be called a true masterpiece of modern Scandinavian architecture.
The bridge is 30 meters long and 9 meters wide; it resembles a diving board with its appearance. Approaching the edge of the platform, everyone can feel close to jump; the high glass platform is set there for the safety of visitors. Centuries-old pine trees grow close to the bridge, the walk there will give a lot of unforgettable experiences. The platform is 640 meters higher than fjord. From its opening in 2006, Aurland Lookout has been one of the most visited tourist sites throughout the country; it is one of the most unusual local landmarks. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “Most Spectacular Mountain Roads”
An interesting road landmark exists in Norway. The name of the route Trollstigen can literally be translated as a "Troll Ladder". If you look at a mountain highway from a bird's-eye view, it really looks like a huge staircase with steep steps leading down the mountainside. For many years Troll Ladder remains a major tourist attraction and the best way for local residents to get from town Andalsnes to town Valldal.
The construction of the mountain road has been lasting for 8 years and was completed in 1936. Despite its age, the driveway remains one of the highest quality in the world, however, it has a lot of dangerous features. The road has 11 sharp turns that can turn out extremely difficult for inexperienced drivers to overcome. Considering that in some parts of the way lifting angle is 9 degrees, moving on a serpentine road at a high speed is just impossible.
In the centre of the mountain highway there is a bridge over a waterfall Stigfossen. In order to cross the bridge successfully one will require considerable proficiency. It’s worth mentioning that in some places the width of the road is a little more than 3 meters so travelling on buses and large trucks is prohibited. The road is open for driving from mid-May till October. It is incredibly dangerous in winter and is closed until the snow melts completely. ... Complete sights collection

Laerdal tunnel

From the series “The Greatest Tunnels in the World”
Currently the world’s longest road tunnel is in Norway, Sogn og Fjordane. The length of the Laerdal tunnel is 24600 meters. The tunnel opened in 2000 and immediately became a real sight of the global value. It has a number of significant equipment. Free passage is a great asset when using this world’s most uniquely constructed object. A high quality road is now accessible to drivers. The tunnel is equipped with all the necessary directional and road signs. Nonetheless, is quite an effort to travel such a long distance.The main difficulty for motorists is a monotony of traffic which impairs concentration.
To make the journey through the tunnel more comfortable, special attention has been paid to the lightning. It changes in different parts of the way and imitates natural light, which keeps drivers from being inattentive. Since its opening thousands of tourists drive through the tunnel for the unique experience. Everyone seeks to enjoy the unusual artistic lightning. The Laerdal tunnel is equipped with special rest areas every 5 km, where one can park his or her car and enjoy one’s stay in such a fancy place. ... Complete sights collection

Storseisundet Brug

From the series “The Most Unusual and Strange Bridges on Earth”
The unusual bridge, which is absolutely necessary for the fans of the nerve kitzel, is located in Norway. The unique Storseisundet Bridge is part of the road, which extends along the rocky coast. The main feature of the bridge is complicated bends and gradients. On some stretches of the road, the visible part of the bridge is reminiscent of a real diving board. From every angle of view Storseisundet Bridge looks peculiar.
The locals have given the original names of the bridge that reflect the main particularity. They call Storseisundet 'the drunken bridge'. The bridge is located on the territory of the Møre og Romsdal Gouvernements and connects its mainland with Averøya Island. The Storseisundet Bridge is part of the so-called 'Atlantic Road', which houses 8 bridges. Storseisundet is the longest underneath, the extension of the bridge forms 260 meters. The bridge was opened in July 1989 and since then attracts thousands of curious drivers and tourists who are looking for new impressions.
Although the bridge seems very dangerous, driving over it while keeping the caution and the speed limit is maximally comfortable and safe. From the outside Storseisundet Bridge reminds a bit of the roller coaster. From the other angle, the design looks incredibly beautiful and elegant. The strange bridge is not only very secure but also very solid. For several years, the construction has been spilling the stormy, cold winds and stormy storms. ... Complete sights collection

Leonardo Da Vinci Bridge

From the series “The Most Unusual and Strange Bridges on Earth”
In the surroundings of Oslo, in the town Akershus is the strange bridge, which was named to honor Leonardo da Vinci. It is a unique architectural attraction and has not got the name of the outstanding Italian painter. The history of bridge building is very interesting. According to the historical data, the gifted painter still developed the bridge design for the Sultan Baiaet II in 1502. According to this design, the arch bridge should be built with the extension of 360 meters through the Bay Golden Horn. Such a bold project was considered unfulfillable in the Middle Ages.
Hundreds of years later, the modern painter Vebjorn Sand, who later became the founder of the fund Leonardo Bridge Project, found the records Leonardo da Vinci 1996. Thanks to his support and participation, the remarkable bridge over one of the busy urban motorways was built 500 years later. The arch bridge, the length of which is only 50 meters, is intended only for pedestrians and cyclists. The height of the bridge reaches 10 meters. The bridge stretches over the important road E-18 connecting Stockholm and Oslo. The strange 'historical' bridge also has a different symbolic title - 'the Golden Horn'. ... Complete sights collection

Kvitfjell Resort

From the series “Top 13 Furious Ski Resorts and Pistes”
Norway is mainly known for the quiet family resorts, most of which do not even have the 'red' ski slopes. The exception is the spa town of Kvitfjell, on whose territory the most difficult 'black' course of Norway is situated. The main difficulty for the athletes is the great inclination. On some routes, the slope is almost vertical. Every year a stage of the downhill world cup takes place on the most difficult track in Norway. And if there are no competitions in Kvitfjell, the slopes are also accessible to amateur athletes. However, it is not recommended to ski on this slope without long preparation.
The health resort Kvitfjell is a real sporting attraction in Norway. He was founded in 1994 at the Olympics in Lillehammer. Just a few years later its infrastructure became perfect. Today, more than 20 slopes, including three 'black' are available to spa guests. Kvitfjell has an excellent hotel infrastructure as well as the first class ski school and is therefore not only recommended for the professionals but also for beginners. A few years ago, the sports infrastructure of the health resort was supplemented by the new skicross slope, whose extension is 650 meters. This difficult descent with sharp curves and ski jumping hills is used by the Norwegian downhill course as a training place. ... Complete sights collection

De Syv Sostrene

From the series “Most Fanciful Waterfalls of the Planet”
In Norway you will find the legendary De Syv Sostrene (the Seven Sisters) waterfall. It is legendary in the literal sense of the word - many beautiful legends are associated with this natural attraction. The name of the waterfall is due to the fact that it is divided into seven separate streams. The maximum height of a stream is 250 meters. All local residents know the legend about seven sisters - beautiful girls to whom a viking warrior once came to woo. The sisters told him to get the most beautiful veil and the next day to come to choose a future wife. Despite the courage and strength, the viking could not decide the choice. He approached the sisters with a veil in his hands, and froze in indecision. Nowadays, locals associate the snow-white waterfall with a wedding veil.
It is noteworthy, that opposite the Seven Sisters waterfall there is another single waterfall, Friaren, the name of which can be translated from Norwegian as 'a groom'. Tourists who want to see the waterfall in all its glory should visit it in May or June when glaciers begin to melt in the mountains. Although the waterfall freezes in winter, it doesn’t become less attractive. In winter scenic places are visited by mountain climbers, for whom the frozen waterfall serves as an ideal route for climbing. An excursion to the waterfall will not only allow you to enjoy the beauty of idyllic landscapes, but also significantly expands knowledge related to the national culture of Norway. ... Complete sights collection

Ladder Florli

From the series “Furious Footways Around the World That Make You Dizzy”
The longest wooden stairs in the world can be found in Norway. It is located on the territory of a small town of Florli. The length of the stairway is 1600 meters, it consists of 4444 steps. This amazing staircase is one of the main attractions of the city and leads to the important historical object - the power station, which was built here in the early 20th century. The staircase has no fences and creaks noticeably during the walk. The height difference between the first and the last steps is 740 meters.
Travellers who are not afraid to go a long way along the old wooden staircase will have an opportunity to admire the incredibly beautiful historic Art Nouveau building. During the ascent, it will be possible to notice huge pipes laid along it. It was through them that water was once fed into the operating power station. Those who do not want to or are afraid to go up the stairs will be offered to climb to the historic site on a cable car.
The pipeline and the stairs lie in the incredibly beautiful mountainous area. Many experienced travellers try to visit the town of Florli in late spring or summer. At this time of year, the staircase literally passes through a tunnel of green trees, landscapes surrounding the landmark are simply unrepeatable. Fans of leisurely walks should not believe that climbing the stairs will be simple, in some areas the angle of its rise is very large. ... Complete sights collection

Lier Psykiatriske Sykehus

From the series “Deserted Places Causing the Feeling of Chill”
The mere mention of the mental hospitals can cause uncomfortable feelings. Abandoned mental hospitals feature very special sinister atmosphere. The Norwegian city of Lier has the old psychiatric hospital Lier Sykehus. The latter is known to the whole world, because terrible experiments on patients have being conducted there for many years. This hospital is a historic place. It was opened in 1926 and occupied a complex of more than a dozen huge buildings.
In 1985, the hospital management decided to close four buildings. The reason for this decision is unknown. Today, local youth and curious tourists come to walk along old abandoned hulls. At the first glance it's clearly seen that all buildings were left in hurry. Furniture, medical equipment, and even personal belongings of patients can be found in old buildings. According to official figures, facilities have been closed because of the small number of patients. What was the reason for hospital staff to keep all equipment in buildings - is unclear.
Within a few days all the windows and doors were boarded. All the settings were left untouched. Over time, inquisitive locals found a way to get inside abandoned buildings. Only a few years ago it became known that Lier Sykehus conducted illegal experiments with LSD, as well as lobotomy operations. Just on rough estimates, about 2 500 operations of this kind were carried. Lier government recently decided to demolish the old hospital’s buildings, but so far fans of walking in eerie places still have an opportunity to visit them. ... Complete sights collection
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