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National traditions of Norway. Habits, mentality and the way of living

This ancient country of Vikings, Norway, is rich not only with natural beauties but also with numerous traditions, customs and beliefs. The Norwegian society as a whole is composed of a group of quiet and hard-working domestic folks. Therefore, mass festivities are rare even in the capital of the country. As an alternative, the inhabitants of the country harmoniously and with pleasure are engaged in all kinds of winter sports. Specialized stores are full of buyers. Another passion of the Norwegians is frequent travel. Regardless of the harsh climatic conditions and the considerable amount of stress it brings, families organize themselves and embark on regular hiking with children and domestic animals.
Norway is a world of pristine Rocky Mountains, coniferous forests and transparent ponds. The cold northern climate does not treat the residents well: …
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Reserved and quiet, Norwegians are not crazy about trendy beautiful clothes or delicious food. Traditional Christmas dishes are cooked according to family recipes which have been transmitted through different generations mostly from the great-grandmother. The range of clothes and accessories are quite meager. The only exception in the self-denying lifestyle of the northern people is ice cream. The passion for this dairy delicacy spreads from the capital to the tiniest most remote village beyond the Arctic Circle.
In the home life, Norwegians adhere to the superiority of women in all matters. Therefore, women are self-confident blue-eyed “Valkyries” with a mop of dazzling white hair. Men are often reserved, brooding and absentminded. The American lifestyle is popular in the country, expressed in casual style of clothes, love for fast food and even in their accent. Copyright
Norway is located in the North but thanks to the Gulf Stream, its climate cannot be described as too harsh. This climatic zone here is called …
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Weekends in the small northern country are noisy and fun. Norwegians have regard for quality liquor and free flowing communication. High career ambitions and education – on weekends all this ceases to be a priority for Norwegians who want to have a good time. The descendants of the warlike Vikings are known for their impressive conceit. Norwegians consider themselves to be the most beautiful and effective, and their native language to be sweet music for a pampered hearing. The severe Norwegian nature in their opinion is not just beautiful, but is like eighth Wonder of the world.
The country having not yet entered into the Schengen agreement, still uses the National Kroner instead of the euro. Independent and indifferent to other people’s opinions, these are some of the characteristic traits of the Norwegians. Strong and witty, they express their opinion directly, not minding how it will be perceived by others. Brave and proud, the Scandinavians however do not take criticism lightly. Also known to be indifferent to luxury, Norwegians are tremendously occupied with the improvement of their future and taking care of the prospects for their children. At the point when oil deposits were discovered in the country, the main income from its use was spent on the establishment of a foundation for the advancement of the country for the benefit of the future generations.
The transport infrastructure in Norway is developed at a high level due to a good standard of living in the country. There are almost all types of …
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Christmas holidays in Norway last from Christmas, December 24 to January 13. The festivities end on the day of Saint Kanata, when “Christmas is being swept away” literally. All Christmas trees and New Year decorations are taken to the coffers until the following year. Christmas Eve is traditionally celebrated in the family circle, near the lighted chimney. According to the ancient tradition, for a merry Christmas, the festive dinner is decorated with “7 rolls” namely: Kransekake – a cake of almond rings, Yulekake – a fluffy pastry with the addition of raisins, Fattigmann – baked wood-like pastry, Krumkake – crispy waffle cookie with whipped cream, Pepperkaker – spicy pastry with the addition of ginger, Mandelkake – a yeast pie with the addition of almond crumbs, and Riskrem – a gentle cream from rice pudding with strawberry jam.
Sotra Bridge Wedding customs in Norway are rooted in the communal system. To get married, the future bride ought to loudly and under witnesses shout to her betrothed “yes”. Personal arrangements alone are not taken into account. Some time ago, all the guests got to the bride’s place where the dowry would be paid, on narrow boats decorated with ribbons and flowers. Present day Norwegians continue this ancient custom with pleasure, supplementing the boat ride with photo sessions. In ancient times, the bride’s hair was adorned with a massive golden crown. Now it has been replaced with a weightless elegant accessory. In any case, the porridge prepared on the day of the wedding from wheat and cream by the bride, still adorns the wedding tables.
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Norwegian people possess a restrained and calm nature; they are not inclined to the cult of fancy, beautiful clothes or exclusive food. Traditional Christmas dishes are cooked according to family recipes, which have got from great-grandmother; the range of clothes and accessories does not shine with variety. The only exception in the ascetic way of life of the northern people is ice cream. The passion for this dairy delicacy spread from the capital to a tiny village beyond the Arctic Circle. … Read more
It's dedicated to the King Olaf II Haraldsson that has being reining Trondheim in the early 11th century. He established Christianity in Norway, but was forced to flee the country under political pressure. In the year 1030 Olaf decided to get back to the homeland, but died in the Battle of Stiklestad near his home city. Citizens still remember their brave and wise king and after thousands of years dedicate this holiday to his memory. King Olaf's remains are enshrined at Nidarosdomen; … Read more
It should be also noted that the locals have great reverence and respect for older people. Even "informal" youth treats elderly people with respect, surprising many foreign visitors. You can talk to absolutely any subject with residents of Bergen. The only thing to remember during a conversation is not to show any disrespect for the royal family. Any awkward or ironic word can seriously offend the local residents. When local people meet each other, they usually greet by shaking hands. However, … Read more
When talking to strangers, they may seem careful and behave quite reserved. As soon as they get to know the interlocutor a little better, the restraint goes away. The townspeople have a great sense of humor, understanding and following many trends of modern culture. Anyone can make sure of it while walking along the streets where you can meet a lot of hipsters and non-mainstream young people. Representatives of youth subcultures have become common for the city, so don't worry about too bright … Read more
In 1961, the Molde Jazz Festival that is the oldest fest in Europe was first held here. Since 1961, the music event has regularly been held in July. Today, the jazz festival is incredibly prestigious. It is visited by performers and music addicts from all over the world. In recent years, the fest program has been extended significantly. It is no longer limited to musical performances. During the opening of the festival, the “jazz parade” is held in the main city streets. There are … Read more
An important part of the regional culture is dozens of various traditional crafts. Walking around the city, one can notice that shops offering yarn and knitting accessories are quite widespread here. Beautiful knitted clothes necessarily made of natural wool is one of the main attributes of the townspeople. Wood carving and various types of artistic craft also remain relevant in spite of the modern rhythm of life. The variety of traditional crafts can be appreciated not only in museums - … Read more

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