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Cultural sightseeing in Austria. What to visit - museums, temples, castles and palaces

Kirchberg in Tirol by Night The original culture of Austria is of great interest. For many centuries, the Austrians have absorbed many aspects from different European states. A lot of cultural sights are scattered throughout the country. The main cultural center of Austria is its capital, Vienna. It has had a serious impact on the whole Europe. For a long time, Vienna has being considered a kind of center of music. Great composers, such as Schubert, Strauss, Beethoven and, of course, Mozart were living there. Many temples in unique Romanesque style have survived in Austria. There are real masterpieces of Gothic architecture.
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To the date, there are more than 400 museums of different specializations in Austria. One of the most significant is the Museum of Art History in Vienna, founded in 1889. The architect Gottfried Semper created a majestic project, so the building itself is worthy of attention. Many tourists are interested in the museum of Swarovski. The entrance to it is set in a giant's head overgrown with grass, and all the halls are hidden under ground. You can look in the museum of Sigmund Freud to see the expositions that tell about the life and work of the famous doctor. Don't forget about the main art museum in Vienna representing a palace complex with luxury interiors. Now, it also serves as the office of the President and the Chancellor of the Republic.
Not only architectural, but also natural attractions of Austria have a great value. Most of the country is on a hill about 1 000 meters above sea level. The Alpine mountains have become a source of inspiration, both for the Austrians themselves and for many visitors. You can admire the views in summer and in winter from numerous observation platforms. Copyright
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The historical center of Salzburg that is officially protected by UNESCO, deserves attention. Great masters of the past worked on its creation. During walks, you can reach Getreidegasse, where Mozart was born and lived. The historical center is a combination of a variety of styles, including Baroque, Gothic, and early Renaissance. The great composer had a significant influence on the development of Austria. His works were opened at the opening of the Vienna State Opera in 1869. Now, this is a majestic state structure, which many music lovers would like to see. The historical center of Vienna also deserves your attention. The square in front of the Cathedral of St. Stefan is worth visiting.
Eggenberg Palace In Austria, a huge number of different palaces and temples were built in different periods during more than a thousand years. Hohensalzburg Castle belongs to one of the oldest structures of this type. Founded in 1077, it was repeatedly rebuilt and reinforced. Once, it has served as a military fortification; later, it was a prison. Now, it is a large museum, where collections of weapons and torture chambers are represented. Austria has its own Versailles - the Schönbrunn Palace - that was erected in the same style with the Parisian ensemble of palaces. The luxurious complex is surrounded by green gardens; the entrance is decorated with a beautiful arch. Schönbrunn is famous primarily for the fact that Napoleon, as well as other historical figures lived there. Tourists will be able to look at the green labyrinth, as well as the exposition of different sculptures. In Austria, many architectural monuments in various styles, as well as interesting places where a variety of cultural events are held, can be seen.
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Map of all art museums
Art galleries in Austria
♥   Art museum 'Albertina' Vienna. On the map   Photos
♥   Art museum 'Essl Museum' Klosterneuburg. On the map   Photos
♥   Art museum 'Gemäldegalerie der Akademie der bildenden Künste' Vienna. On the map   Photos
♥   Art museum 'Kunsthistorisches Museum' Vienna. On the map   Photos
♥   Art museum 'Lentos Art Museum' Linz. On the map   Photos
Map of all churches
Cathedrals and basilicas in Austria
♥   Basilika Maria Loreto, Sankt Andrä im Lavanttal. On the map   Photos
♥   Dom Maria Himmelfahrt, Gurk. On the map   Photos
♥   Basilika Mariä Heimsuchung, Güssing. On the map   Photos
♥   Dom Sankt Ägydius, Graz. On the map   Photos
♥   Basilika Maria Trost, Graz. On the map   Photos
♥   Dom Sankt Nikolaus, Feldkirch. On the map   Photos
♥   Dom Sankt Jakob, Innsbruck. On the map   Photos
Map of all palaces
Palaces in Austria
♥   Palace 'Alte Residenz' Salzburg. On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Belvedere Palace' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Hofburg Palace' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Schloss Ambras' Innsbruck. On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Schönbrunn Palace' . On the map   Photos

Extreme Guinness-type places in Austria


From the series “The Most Elegant Buildings of Baroque Architecture”
Karlskirche is a baroque church located on the south side of Karlsplatz in Vienna, Austria. The church has a huge turquoise cupola with two high columns. Its high is 72 meters, it was built by order of Karl VI in 1716.

At the beginning of the 18th century, Vienna had a terrible plague epidemic. Thousands of locals died because of it. When the epidemy has finished, the emperor ordered to build a church in honour of his patron Saint Charles Borromeo. The building was finished in 1737. At first, the church was quite complex from the architect point of view. There you can see several styles – the columns are made in ancient Roman style, the portico is an ancient Greek style, pavilions are in a baroque style.

It is important to see not only the rich decorated façade but also the … Read all


From the series “15 Sparsely Populated Places for Solitude with Wildlife”
Hallstatt is a nice Austrian town with popularity about 1 000 people. It has placed in a remote mountain area on the shore of Hallstatt Lake. Today this town with all nearby area is included in a list of UNESCO world heritage. In 1311 the world knew about this place. People were attracted by rich salt mines at this region. Mines, where the salt was getting, are the oldest in Europe. At the end of the 16th century locals built there a unique pipeline.

It was about 40 kilometers long. The pipeline was built for transporting salt to the nearby Ebensee city. Since the foundation of the town, the main local problem is a lack of earth. The area is restricted with a lake on the one part and lofty mountains on the other part. That’s why the town doesn’t have a permanent burial ground, bodies … Read all
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Map of cities Cities map of Austria
Map of sights Map of sights in Austria

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Top cultural sites of Austria: monuments, theaters and churches

Ambras Castle, Innsbruck

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» The 16th-century white-stone castle stands on an alpine hill. It was used by royals as a recreation house.
»  There used to be a medieval fortress on the site. Italian architects had to turn the citadel into a palace.
»  The archduke was keen on collecting unusual artifacts. The bottom level of the building has a collection of old weapons, printed publications, and manuscripts. The sculptural compositions of horsemen and horses are of interest. All riders are dressed in combat gear.
»  One of the halls exhibits 200 portraits of the Habsburg dynasty representatives painted by famous artists.
»  The Chamber of Art and Wonders is sort of an exhibition of images depicting unusual characters, for example, the sketches of Vlad Dracula. The Death figurine is made of real bone.
»  The monarch fulfilled his idea of a specific location of objects. The area dedicated to art has lots of caskets, statuettes, bronze items, and crafts from shrubs with openwork carving. The items of the same structure (wood, metal, silver) are placed side by side. A colour background is chosen for each of them: gold glitters against blue; wooden items are located against red; stones look better against green.

Anbetungskirche, Innsbruck

Location on the map:   Interesting facts: » One of the most significant monasteries in Europe with paintings of angels is located near the city park. The temple belongs to the monastery Order of Eternal Worship.
»  According to the remaining belief, the founder of the community saw a heavenly angel. It was dressed in a snow-white robe when the woman saw it.
»  The exterior is abundantly painted with coloured frescoes picturing God’s messengers in colourful clothes and the elders holding precious bowls and scrolls in their hands. The wall paintings depict the scenes from the biblical life of saints. The composition is crowned with a deep-blue rose.
»  The cathedral is easily recognizable due to its religious facade design.
»  The church has a bell tower.
»  It’s calm and peaceful in the cosy hall. The place is suitable for spiritual purification and confession.
»  The Church of Eternal Worship belongs to Catholicism, the religion with more than 1,000 years of history. It was formed in the monasteries of Europe in the 9th century.
»  The custom of eternal worship is based on the fact that bread and wine are sanctified during the Christian rite and symbolize the body and blood of the Lord. Thanks to communion, the Orthodox reunite with God.

Anif Palace, Salzburg

Location on the map:   Interesting facts: » The Anif Palace is located in the suburbs of Salzburg. The building is surrounded by an artificial pond and linked with the land only by a narrow path. There are no specific data on the palace. However, a castle that was located here in 1520 is mentioned in some documents.
»  Bishops had lived in the castle until 1803. Then, the castle came to Count Stepperg who had rebuilt the building for 10 years until 1848.
»  Then, the palace belonged to the niece of the count, Sophie de Sons. Halls of the palace have a luxurious interior. The walls are decorated with frescoes of Grünwedel. The Bayern sculptor Ludwig Michael von Schwanthaler made the sculpture “Nymph of the Rhine”.
»  During the war, the Wehrmacht units were accommodated here, followed by American ones.
»  Nowadays, the castle still belongs to heirs of the de Sons and is in private ownership. However, you can walk and admire landscapes in the part around the castle. In the territory of the park, several films were shot: “The Great Race”, “The Sound of Music”, “Cinderella”, etc.
»  In 2001, owners of the castle decided to sell some pieces of antique furniture at the Sotheby's auction in Amsterdam. Some pieces were returned to Salzburg and presented in the Museum Carolino-Augusteum.

Capuchin Church, Vienna

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» Kapuzinerkirhe is the church and monastery of the Capuchin Order in Vienna.
» The Capuchin Church is famous for its Imperial Crypt that is the resting place of Habsburg emperors and members of their families.
» Twelve emperors, nineteen empresses and many other members of Habsburgs (137 people) are buried in the crypt.
» Last burial in the tomb was in 2011, when the last crown prince of Habsburg, Otto von Habsburg, lost his life.

Cathedral of Saint James, Innsbruck

Location on the map:   Interesting facts: » The church has unique religious objects preserved. There is a work by a German Renaissance painter – Madonna and Child. The icon is called Maria Hilf and is located in the centre of the altar. The carved frame is gilded.
»  There’s a tomb of Maximilian III, an archduke from the Austrian dynasty (1620). There is an organ in the room. Its shining tubes stand out against a dark blue background. The organ is dressed in a wooden case. Columns rise in the hall. They are made of pink marble. The walls are covered with frescoes.
»  The cathedral was constructed between 1717 and 1724. There is evidence that there used to be a 12th-century church on this site. Pilgrims found shelter in it.
»  The earthquake of 1689 destroyed the building. Thirty years later, it was restored.
»  Another major reconstruction took place in the 1960s. The building was seriously damaged during the Second World War artillery strike.
»  The facade is decorated with arch-shaped window openings.
»  The church has two bell towers. One has a working clockwork. The watch is over 300 years old. The other one has 48 bells. They ring at noon glorifying the world.

Church of St. Leopold, Vienna

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» The Church of St. Leopold is the Roman Catholic church built on the site of the Vienna Psychiatric Hospital.
» The church is dedicated to the patron of Austria, St. Leopold.
» Interior was created keeping in mind that most of parishioners were psychiatric patients. All corners inside the church are rounded, and the altar is separated from the main hall.
» The temple provides separate access for men and women; it has special service outlets for medical evacuations.
» The ceiling under the main dome of the church is adorned with symbols of the four evangelists, and stained-glass windows are decorated with images of saints.

Hellbrunn Palace, Salzburg

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» Hellbrunn Palace was built upon the order of Prince-Archbishop Markus von Hohenems in 1615. Originally, it was a summer residence. The prince had lived in Italy and loved Italian architecture since childhood. So, he invited Italian architects to build the residence.
»  Besides the castle, the Monatsschlössl Hunting House, the stone outdoor theatre carved in a rock cleft, and the Mechanical Theatre, where 265 statues of people of different professions are set in motion by the water, were built.
»  There is also a park with ponds, fountains, statues, and figurines of animals. Its total area is 60 hectares. Water entertainments are available due to the water of natural streams running down from the mountain. There are no such constructions in the world.
»  The palace and the park has survived to this day. Here, festivals, celebrations, international conferences, and seminars are held.
»  In 1961, a zoo was opened in the palace. It is very popular with tourists.

Herz-Jesu-Kirche, Innsbruck

Location on the map:   Interesting facts: » The Church of the Sacred Heart is architecturally similar to the nearby historic buildings. Together with them, the church forms an architectural ensemble of the city.
»  The construction of the monastery had been planned to begin at the end of the 18th century. But the military events of 1812 and difficulties with financing slowed it down.
»  Another hundred years passed, and the construction finally began.
»  The interior is filled with luxury. There are a lot of gilding and velvet finishing. The wall panels and dome are decorated with art paintings. Sparkling lamps in the form of candlesticks create the illusion of antiquity. The stained glass has a painting from the saints’ life.
»  The house of God is daily open for worship, and there’s time reserved for confessions.

Culture and monuments in popular cities of Austria

Museum of Criminology (Kriminalmuseum), which was opened in 1991, is one of the most unusual cultural institutions. The exposition of the museum is devoted to most notorious crimes that have been committed in Vienna during the last hundred years. Here you can see old photographs, documents concerning the crimes and weapons used in murders. Wiener Karlskirche is a prominent architectural landmark. The church now has lost its religious significance and now is used as a museum. The architecture … Read more
Speaking of natural attractions of this place, we should definitely mention beautiful Mirabell Gardens. Visit this place and you will find here cozy shady squares and beautiful marble sculptures and fountains - the garden is always distinguished by wonderful atmosphere of harmony and tranquility. During the daytime tourists are the main guests of this place, and on evenings here come locals, who enjoy having rest in the garden after a long working day. Fans of excursions will be interested in … Read more
The symbolic local landmark is the Piccard Memorial (Monument Auguste Picard) erected in 1989. The monument is dedicated to a significant event that took place on May 27, 1931. On this day, Auguste Piccard's stratosphere balloon landed at the Gurgler Ferner glacier (Gurgl), as is reminded by a plaque installed next to the memorial. One of the most interesting religious sites in the region can be found in the immediate vicinity of Sölden, in the village of Obergurgl. This is the Church of St. … Read more
The main religious landmark is the Church of St. Margaret bearing the name of the patroness of these places. In contrast to the fortress, it dates back to a much later period and is a true embodiment of the Gothic style. Within the walls of the church are many priceless religious artifacts and ancient icons. Every year local residents arrange beautiful celebrations in honor of the patron saint. In Hohenwarter Park you will find Kaprun Historical Museum - the place housing lots of priceless … Read more
Seefeld in Tirol
The shrine got its name from the famous Scottish king. The historic building has managed to preserve many original elements. Currently, its main decoration is considered skillful murals painted on the walls back in the 16 century. A lot of wonderful stories are connected with the church, and all its visitors have a chance learn more about them. It's enough to go to the Chapel of the Holy Blood where an interesting old book is kept. It describes the most incredible stories in different … Read more
The Arch of Triumph is a prominent architectural monument, which was built by the order of Maria Theresa. It was a wedding gift to Kaiser Leopold II. Among the most striking religious attractions of the city is, without a doubt, Cathedral of St. James, which was completed in the first half of the 17th century. The cathedral is made in the Baroque style. Its chief ornament is a beautiful painting of Virgin Mary. Fans of classical music should visit Palace of Congresses, which often hosts … Read more
There are also some unusual and interesting architectural landmarks in the resort, such as Karg-Haus. This building is located in one of the central streets of the town – Scheulingstraße. Karg-Haus is the result of work of Patricia Karg, famous artist and designer. The building has an unusual round shaped façade painted in bright colors and has virtually nothing in similar to classic houses that surround it. Currently, Karg-Haus is home to numerous popular restaurants and bars, as well as … Read more
In the immediate vicinity of the city is the Kaps Castle (Schloss Kaps). Its construction was completed in the 17th century, but an ancient castle has perfectly preserved to this day. Next to it there is an extensive park area, in which a popular golf center is located. Nearby is another important historical site – Lebenberg that is 16th century castle and also one of the striking historical monuments of the late Middle Ages. Recently, the castle was converted into a luxury hotel, but it … Read more

Austria map of cultural and historical sites

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