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Travel tips for Mexico - what to prepare in advance and what to obey

1. Going to Mexico, one needs to learn some basic phrases ("hello", "please", "thank you", "excuse me", "goodbye" and so on). Even if words are pronounced incorrectly or with difficulty, Mexicans see this as a manifestation of respect for their culture and will be more willing to help a tourist trying to speak Spanish.
2. Crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing, one need to monitor the cars carefully: many drivers have a driver's license but have never attended courses, so there is always a risk of getting under the wheels of a self-taught driver.
3. You should not criticize religion or argue about faith with locals, most of whom are devout Catholics - this can greatly offend a person and make him/her your enemy.
The nature of Mexico is quite diverse: swamps and mountains, deciduous forests and jungles, deserts and reefs, marshes, sea and Ocean coasts — all …
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4. Drinking water other than the one sold in bottles at almost every corner should be avoided - there is a high risk of getting an upset stomach and spoiling your vacation. When ordering an alcoholic drink at a bar, it's better to ask the bartender not to add ice - it may be the same polluted water. Tap water is absolutely undrinkable.
5. Before eating food bought on the street, be sure to wash your hands. This applies to any food in Mexico - often the disease is caused not by bad food but by unwashed hands.
6. In the capital of Mexico, it is not customary to wear flip-flops or sandals - this immediately gives tourists away. This kind of shoes is only good for a beach. Even in extreme heat locals wear more closed shoes.
7. Don't wear jewelry, nor take with you expensive phones and cameras, going for a walk after sunset. Mexico has a high crime rate, and the risk of becoming a victim of a thief or a robber is very high. In the daytime it is also better to try to merge with the crowd, it is important to avoid looking confused - this will surely attract the attention of criminals. If an unknown street looks deserted and suspicious, it's better not to go there if you don't want to become a victim of crime. For the same reason, one should leave all the money and valuables in a safe, which is available in every room in most hotels. Copyright
8. Loss of a visa or passport can lead to a fine, a huge heap of paperwork, loss of time, hassle and spoiled vacations, therefore documents should also be kept in a safe after making copies that can be safely carried outside.
9. It's not recommended to discuss politics, especially if the interlocutor has opposing views. A bitter dispute may arise, especially if the interlocutor supports any political party. If a Mexican himself starts this kind of conversation, it's best to stay neutral.
10. The same can be said about football, which is very popular in Mexico. If possible, one should avoid discussing this sport, especially if the interlocutor is a fan of any club. And if he is, do not criticize his favorite club under any circumstances.
11. In Mexico City, it's better to avoid taking the subway at "Hora Pico" (peak hours) - from 7 to 10 am when people go to work, and from 5 to 9 pm when everyone returns home. In these hours, the subway is really overcrowded, and on hot days it is completely impossible to stay there, which is an ideal time for pickpockets.
Colorful, sunny Mexico boasts excellent cuisine consisting of a variety of dishes popular all over the world. Most of the recipes are a mix of Spanish …
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12. It is important to apply sunscreen not only on the face but also on all exposed parts of the body before leaving the hotel. The sun in Mexico is often very strong, as it is close to the equator, and a sunburn can ruin your vacation. Be sure to wear a hat during the daytime to avoid sunstroke and getting to a hospital.
13. Drinking alcohol on the streets is prohibited by law and can result in a fine.
14. It is considered very rude to ask about somebody's income. Many Mexicans live below the poverty line, there is social inequality, so one should avoid this kind of questions.
15. Women should not respond to loud comments on the streets. This male behavior is considered normal even during the daytime on a busy street.
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Fantastic City Tours and Excursions in Mexico

Colorful and unique places in Mexico


From the series “The Last City-Fortresses Survived to This Day”
On the Mexican coast has placed an old town Campeche. It was always the main aim of pirates. That’s why the fort systems of fortification were built year by year. Some parts of this system were saved until our times. The most interesting touristic district is the Old Town. An architectural landmark of this place is the variety of ridiculous sculptures. They are everywhere, the most unusual sculptures are located next to the Cathedral church.

One more peculiarity of the historical district is the narrow streets with old houses, their facades are painted in different bright colours. A lot of interesting shops and restaurants have placed in these houses. The main tourist street of the historical Campeche district is America. Here you can see many unusual sculptures and bright buildings. … Read all

Alux Restaurant-Bar

From the series “The Most Extraordinary Bars and Café on the Planet”
One more unusual bar you can find in Playa del Carmen, Mexica. It was made in the underground cavern. The name of it is "Alux Restaurant-Bar". Nowadays it is decorated with marvellous art illumination and looks like a fairy underground world. The cave astonishes by a great number of stalactites and stalagmites. Together with the thoroughly made illumination, they look fantastic. The cave is quite large for placing the restaurant and bar here.

A lot of people come here to try the original cocktail Aluxinant. It consists of mezcal, orange and cucumber juice. Moreover, the visitors can order outstanding dishes of Mexican cuisine in the restaurant. One more peculiarity of the restaurant-bar is an equipped stage for musicians. The cave has a special acoustic, that's why life concerts are … Read all

San Juan Parangaricutiro Church

From the series “Deserted Places Causing the Feeling of Chill”
Towns and villages affected by the destructive elements are always a depressing spectacle. The church of San Juan Parangaricutiro is a witness of a devastating natural disaster. The sight is located in the former settlement of the same name in Mexico. In 1944, during an eruption of the Paricutin volcano the town was completely destroyed. The church building is one of the few that managed to survive.

Today, the church is almost completely buried under a layer of lava. Since the disaster, it is abandoned. Surrounded by solidified volcanic cones, the dilapidated building looks very grim. Some travelers say that the church resembles to an ancient building that was restored from ruins. During the disaster mighty lava flows were covering the place; they were several meters thick. Given this, … Read all
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Thailand Relaxes Its COVID-19 Policy

New Year events in Thailand are likely to bring more people this year because everyone is tired of lockdowns and craving normal life. Many tourists, who book hotels in Pattaya, Krabi, or Phuket for the holiday season, also want to participate. As champagne has become an essential drink for New Year celebrations, the question regarding alcohol consumption comes to mind. The government allowed serving alcoholic drinks during the New Year countdown but only open-air cafes and restaurants with good ventilation will be permitted to do this until 1 am on 1 January 2022. This rule is nationwide. Read this


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Advices for popular cities of Mexico

Playa del Carmen
1. The rainiest season o f the year in Playa del Carmen is considered to be autumn. During the fall months a plan of a vacation may be interrupted with severe rainfalls. Tourists looking for a rich exploration tour over the resort should better visit Playa del Carmen in winter which is not that hot. 2. Planning a visit to the Playa del Carmen resort one should be backed up with sun protecting creams and lotions as getting a sun burn as well as sun stroke is possible even during a common tour … Read more
Mexico City
1. Tourists are advised to keep all valuables in special vaults, which are usually installed in each room. Unfortunately, theft in Mexico blooms not only on the streets, but also in hotels. 2. When you plan to make a walk, you should not take many valuable things and large sums of money with you. Always pay close attention to your bags and suitcases, especially in crowded places. 3. In any case do not drink tap water. It is best to buy drinking water in stores. 4. Taxi drivers, who … Read more
1. Tourists, who plan to spend most of their free time in the beach, should definitely not forget to use protection from the sun. In summer it’s very easy to get burned even during an ordinary walk. 2. Don’t forget to take a special guide in one of tourist offices. The guide contains information about all important sights of not only the city but also its suburbs. In addition, such guidebooks usually suggest the most popular entertainment facilities and shopping centers. 3. … Read more
Puerto Vallarta
1. The Puerto Vallarta resort welcomes tourists all the year round. The heat of the tourist season falls within November and April. The period features mild and serene weather with scarce rains. 2. Street call boxes usually offer more profitable rates for intercity and international calls. The call boxes accept special calling cards. The best option to choose is «LADATEL» cards offering the lowest call rates meanwhile hotels will charge the highest rates for calls. 3. Locals shops and … Read more
1. When you plan to make a travel, you should definitely not forget to bring some warm clothes with you. In the daytime this place can be rather hot, and when night falls to the city the temperature drops to +13 ° C even in summer. 2. Travelers, who expect to spend a lot of time walking in fresh air and visiting various excursions, are recommended not to visit the city in July. During this period it always rains a lot. 3. Tequila remains one of the most popular souvenirs among … Read more
1. It’s customary to leave tips in the local restaurants. As a rule, the typical amount of tips is 10 - 15% of the total bill. 2. While selecting a hotel, you should pay attention not only to its rank and number of stars, but also to the range of services offered to tourists. The classification of hotels in the city does not fully coincide with the European standards. 3. You should be extremely careful in public places and should not carry valuables without any particular need. There … Read more
1. Setting off for a city round alone is much better during day time meanwhile in the evening it is better to avoid such alone walks. The only transport available in the evening and during nighttime is taxi. It should be called for by telephone or taken from special parking lots which are placed near each entertaining center. 2. Boutiques and shopping centers start operating not later than at 10 a.m. and continue their work till 7-8 p.m. Large shopping centers may stay open till 10 p.m. Usual … Read more
1. Merida has a mild temperate climate. It is not too hot here even in the midst of summer. Long rains are very rare, so you can travel in comfort at any time of the year. 2. The historic district is distinguished by numbered streets. Even streets stretch from north to south, and odd streets from west to east, respectively, so it is quite easy to navigate the area. 3. Travelers who expect to rent a car for a vacation should take into account that some streets may be blocked for transport … Read more

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