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Wieliczka Salt Mine

From the series “The Scariest Mines in the World”
The Polish town of Velichek can boast one of the most mysterious and interesting mines in the world; local residents have managed to turn it into a work of art. This abandoned salt mine has been converted into a museum dedicated to history and culture of the town. The venue was opened in 1978. Currently, this unique cultural center is a landmark of world importance. The museum traces the history of Velichek and the history of mining.
Despite the fact that empty corridors of the mines have been arranged and became places of storage of priceless historical artifacts, a walk through the tunnels doesn’t cease to be a frightening and exciting event. Even silence seems frightening there; the atmosphere is complemented by dim lighting and an abundance of shadows casted by antique furniture, huge chandeliers and sculptures represented in some of the halls.
The total length of the tunnel is little less than 300 kilometers, so it’s prohibited to walk there unaccompanied. Thrill seekers can stroll through the corridors of old mines that weren’t spiffed up. Beams supporting ceilings became dilapidated and sometimes completely destroyed over the years, so a walk through the narrow corridors in darkness attracts tourists not less than exploring of amazing exhibits. ... Complete sights collection

Augustow Canal

From the series “Greatest Man-Made Waterways and Channels”
The Augustow Canal links the Vistula River with the Neman River. It is located in the territory of two republics - Poland and Belarus. The first vessels passed through the canal in 1839, which reflects its historic importance. The canal acquired its name after the Polish town of Augustow since the initiative of its construction was originally introduced by Poland. The purpose of building of about 101-km waterway has been very clear. The Augustow Canal has been planned to operate for timber floating.
The new waterway has also actively been used by trading ships. In the first half of the 20th century the canal became a tourist waterway and an attraction of the region. The canal provides a direct link between 7 lakes and 11 rivers and is surrounded by fabulously beautiful landscaping. For active leisure time the canal offers enthralling cruises, kayaking and rafting down the canal in canoes. Fishing is one of the main entertainment attractions that people enjoy near this place.
Notably, during the recent reconstruction the unique archaeological artefacts were found. Stone Age settlements have been located in the floodgate zone as well as in the surrounding areas. Archaeologists have managed to recover hundreds of priceless artefacts. Nowadays, these territories are under UNESCO protection. Every year the canal attracts more and more travellers thanks to its unrivalled beauty. ... Complete sights collection

Morske Oko

From the series “The Highest Mountain Lakes of the Planet”
The Morskoe Oko Lake, located in the Polish Tatra Mountains, is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The lake is located at the height of 1 395 meters above sea level, its maximum depth is more than 50 meters. The pine forests surrounding the lake are so wonderful that they approach the people of rank since ancient times. On the shores of the lake, Pope John Paul II liked to recover. Especially for him was an asphalt path to the lake with the length of more than 10 km.
Currently, the small hotel is located on the shore of the lake. All guests can spend a few days in this wonderful area. Many tourists strive to visit the picturesque spots in the spring. It is a matter of the fact that the mountain slopes surrounding the lake are covered with the numerous crocuses and fine whites at the spring awakening. In the surroundings of the lake are growing hundreds of species of rare plants, the third part of which is at the edge of extinction.
Since the ancient times the beautiful lake is connected with many legends. Even in the 17th century, the adventurers have visited this area in search of the treasures. Some tried to catch the magical fish in the lake. The outline of the lake is reminiscent of the human eye. Many travelers climb up to one of the mountain peaks to graze by the lake. From the bird's eye view opens the unforgettable panorama. A few years ago the territory around the lake was declared a protected area. The tourists here have a lot of variations for exciting recreation. Some districts of the lake are accessible for fishing. In the summer the hikers can pick the blueberries in the sea environment. ... Complete sights collection

Narrowest House in the World

From the series “The Most Bizarre and Fancy Living Houses”
The closest house in the world can be found in Warsaw. The search for this attraction can take a while. In an unusual construction, which is literally pushed into 'between two high-houses', one can not immediately recognize the dwelling-house. The author of the unusual project was the Polish architect Jakub Schesny, who has succeeded in constructing the modern, comfortable house on the smallest surface.
The maximum width of the house is 122 cm, and the minimum - 72 cm. Despite the modest width, the house was equipped with all necessities. The depth of his rooms reaches 7.5 meters, so one could place the modern furniture, the household technology and even the decor elements in the house. The narrowest house in the world is three storey and has the bathroom, the living room, the rather original bedroom and the cozy kitchen.
The Israeli writer Edgar Keret was the first person to spend a few days in one of the most unusual houses in the world. The original house is highly demanded by the artists, so its owner offers all interested parties a possibility to live in the unusual atmosphere some time. The architect thinks that one can compare life in the narrow house with life in the space ship. There is absolutely everything you need for comfortable living, but the guests of the house need some time to get used to the unusual conditions. ... Complete sights collection

Christ The King

From the series “The Most Grandiose Statues and Monuments”
Monuments that can be considered as sites of world significance can be found in Poland too. One of these landmarks is located in Swiebodzin, where travelers will have an opportunity to see the world's largest statue of Jesus Christ. The Christ the King or Pomnik Chrystusa Krola is located to the south-eastern part of the city. The height of the sculpture is 33 meters. Construction of the statue was initiated by one of the local priest named Sylvester Zawadzki. He made a proposal to build a unique monument in 2001. Only ten years later, the new iconic landmark appeared in Swiebodzin. The statue is made of reinforced concrete; its weight is about 440 tons.
One of the main features of the sculpture is a gilded crown on the head of Christ. During construction, the project was repeatedly changing. One of the most difficult stages was an installation of the head. Initially, it was planned to make it of reinforced concrete like other parts of the monument, but in this case the head due to its enormous weight could cause a collapse of the structure. It was decided to make the head of the statue of durable plastic. This nuance has in no way affected the appearance of the monument, but has reduced the weight of the head threefold. ... Complete sights collection

Church of the Holiest Saviour

From the series “The Most Elegant Buildings of Baroque Architecture”
Church of the Holiest Saviour is a Roman Catholic parish church in Warsaw, Poland. It has begun to build in 1901 but the dedication service was made only within 26 years. The church is a good example of the unique combination of two bright styles – the Baroque and the Renaissance. It is located on the Saviour Square, that until the 20th century wasn’t attractive for tourists and locals. This area was fully built with houses to the second half of the 19th century because the population of Warsaw has drastically increased. As the population in this area became bigger, it was decided to build there a church.
The main element of the architect monuments is two high slim towers with traditional Latin crosses. During the Second World War, the church was fully destroyed and was rebuilt only within 8 years. Now we see the church as it was a century ago. Its façade is decorated with the sculptures of Saint Paul and Peter.
The inside decoration is also quite rich. There were saved the stained-glass windows, wooden elements and a great wall painting. Today the church is situated in a picturesque historic district. It is surrounded by buildings of the second half of the 19th century. It is easy to see the high towers form many streets. That’s why it is quite hard to lose in this area for tourists who came to Warsaw for the first time. ... Complete sights collection

Branicki Palace

From the series “Rococo Architecture – Famous Monuments”
Branicki Palace is the most important architectural monument in Poland. It is located in Warsaw. Local wealthy magnate Stefan Mikolaj Branicki purchased a plot of land in the early 18th century. This is where the palace was located. Construction of the new family residence began in 1740. It was completed in 1753. Initially, the building was distinguished by a luxurious facade design. The adjacent territory of the palace and its premises were decorated with unique sculptures. Unusual dormer windows were one of the main features of the palace.
The palace has changed several owners over the years. Famous politicians and cultural figures of the Polish capital were among them. Each of the new owners sought to bring something new to the appearance of the palace. It was partially destroyed during the Second World War. It was fully restored only by 1953. It belonged to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education after restoration. The palace was taken over by the municipality of Warsaw in 2009.
One of the most luxurious palaces in Poland belonged to František Potocki before the war. Its property was nationalized during the war years. The heirs of the last owner of the palace claimed the family estate in 2008. They managed to win the trial. The Branicki Palace is privately owned today. Its owners provide the premises of the historic building for rent. The historic building is a tourist attraction open to the public. Interesting landscape compositions always adorn the adjacent territory of the palace and its charming courtyard in the summer. ... Complete sights collection

St. Martins Church

From the series “Rococo Architecture – Famous Monuments”
St. Martin's Church is located in the heart of the Old Town in Warsaw. It was founded in the 18th century. The old church is a grand building with three chapels. The very first church was founded on this site in 1353. The first large-scale reconstruction of the church began in 1744. It was held under the direction of the famous Italian architect Giovanni Spinola. It was during this period that the church acquired its unique Rococo features.
Karol Antoni Bay was directly involved in the design of the new church. It is believed that the bold idea to make the church an unusual wavy facade belonged to him. Many elements of the church's altar were also designed by Bay. Almost every element of the interior decoration of the church is a unique art exhibit today. Unfortunately, many unique elements of the church's design and works of art were completely lost during the Second World War. Many works of art have been replaced with exact copies today.
The ancient figure of the Virgin Mary with the Child is the main decoration of the church today as many years ago. The old church much owes its present impressive appearance to Sister Alma Skrzydlewska. She drew up a detailed draft of it in the pre-war years. It was this project that managed to restore not only the appearance of the historic building but also elements of its interior decoration. In addition to the sculpture of the Virgin Mary, a fragment of an ancient crucifix that survived the fire is also kept in the church. It is included in the new crucifixion today. ... Complete sights collection

Curve Tower

From the series “Falling towers and buildings”
The Polish town of Ząbkowice Śląskie also has a very interesting historical symbol. This is the Curve Tower. Its construction began in the 13th century. It lasted more than a century. It was completed only in 1413. The height of the old tower is 34 meters. As modern research has shown, it began to deviate from the vertical axis at the construction stage. The deviation rate is currently 2.14 meters.
According to one of the assumptions, it was because of the strong deviation that the construction of the tower stretched for almost 150 years. Its shape began to be corrected during the construction process. But it still didn't help to completely fix the situation. The tower was part of the city's fortress wall once. Only a few fragments remain of the fortress wall today. The tower itself remains intact.
The city was badly damaged by a fire in 1858. Almost all of its historic buildings were destroyed. The Curve Tower is one of the few structures that managed to survive as much as possible even during a fire. Only its upper part was damaged. It was restored in the shortest possible time. The city was at the center of German occupation during World War II. But the historical monument also managed to survive this difficult period. The tower is located in the center of a beautiful historic district today. It is surrounded by low buildings of the 19th century. Various cultural institutions and art centers are located next to it. There are also souvenir shops and restaurants here. ... Complete sights collection

Andels Hotel

From the series “Best industrial-style loft hotels”
You can see the building of the Poznań Textile Manufacture in the Polish city of Lodz. It was the largest in Europe at the time of its foundation and during its operation. The majestic building of the manufacture has been preserved to this day. The historic building is built of red brick. The legendary Andel's Hotel is located in it today. The architects managed to preserve several original design elements during the reconstruction. High ceilings and huge windows, wrought-iron spiral staircases, and old brickwork are among them.
A chic relaxation area with a swimming pool and terraces is equipped on the roof of the hotel. A magnificent view of the historic quarter opens from there. Old brickwork has been preserved in many rooms and public spaces. Its age is more than a hundred years. It is the most important element of the interior in the industrial style today. Colorful designer furniture perfectly harmonizes with the rough finish of the walls. A rich collection of paintings of industrial style are also available in the hotel.
Andel's Hotel is considered one of the best in Poland today. It has received many prestigious awards over the years. In addition to the unique interior, it has a lot of advantages. The famous skySPAce Spa is located in this hotel. There is also the famous Delight restaurant here. It specializes in fusion cuisine. The convenient location in the city center makes the hotel attractive for fans of excursions. The City Hall, the Balucka Gallery, the Music Academy, and other interesting sights are within walking distance. ... Complete sights collection
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