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Travelling through Poland - roads, airports, railway, bus transportation

Krakow Cathedral The transportation infrastructure in Poland has been developed to a fairly high level. It is intriguing to know that both the state and residents approach the issue of transportation with extreme thoroughness. Therefore, tourists often do not have any sort of problems with moving around the country. All means of transportation here always operate strictly by schedule. Even if an unforeseen situation occurred with the vehicle during the trip, for example a breakdown, the passengers are transferred to an analog transport as quickly as possible. You can travel within the country by plane, by train, using a bus, metro or tram. The option of car rental is also very popular among tourists.
Since the formation of the Republic, the ethnic composition of Poland has been influenced by many factors particularly the Second World War and the …
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There are ten air harbors on the territory of Poland. The largest airport is located near the capital city. It should be noted that after the country’s accession to the European Union, the quality of service at airports as well as the appearance of terminals has improved. All of them have been modernized in accordance with contemporary international requirements. The infrastructure within the territory of the terminals makes available everything necessary for a traveler during the trip. Domestic flights are also very popular. You can reach the opposite ends of the country in just eighty minutes. Generally, the price policy of companies is quite affordable. Nonetheless, the price of tickets can increase on holidays.
The railway is stretched across the largest cities of Poland, connecting small provinces. Thus, you can easily travel between the most remote regions of the country by train. It is worth noting that Poland has a fairly extensive grouping of trains depending on their class and speed of movement. This ultimately determines the cost of the ticket. Please note that “Express” trains leave from the initial to the final point without stops, allowing you to arrive at the necessary city quickly. All international trains that run the rail network are mostly in fairly decent condition. They regularly undergo maintenance, so cases of breakages are rare. The insides of the wagons (even the sedentary type) are maintained to the maximum cleanliness and neatness. All information on the movement of trains in Poland can be obtained from the dispatcher by calling the railway station.
Poland’s economic situation is recognized as a true world phenomenon. Within the global crisis and incredibly complex financial problems, Poland …
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The public transport fleet is also in very good condition. The Government regularly allocates generous subsidies for repair work and full renovation of buses and other vehicles. By the way, buses are the most popular form of transportation if it is a question of moving within one city. It is also possible to travel by bus between neighboring cities. Long-distance trips on the other hand are rare as locals prefer to travel long distances by trains. You will also find tramways in the major cities of Poland. Mainly contemporary modernized means of transportation equipped with comfortable seats and air conditioning make trips. You can buy tickets either in kiosks or directly from the driver. There is a subway in Warsaw. Underground traffic interchange is completely understandable, and there are information stands in English language for the benefit of tourists.
If the traveler wants to be independent of buses’ and electric trains’ schedule, it is possible to rent a car. Moreover, the relevant agencies are located not only in all major and popular tourist cities but even in the territory of many terminals. The road traffic rules comply with that of West European standard. You will need a valid international driver’s license to drive a car. Within the city, you can travel at speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour during the day. At night, the speed limit increases to 80 kilometers per hour. On the outskirt of cities, you can travel at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour. Poland has upscale modern highways. It is possible to move on these high-speed sections at a speed of 130 kilometers per hour. It is worth remembering that the country has rather stringent traffic laws and the minimum penalty for breaking any is 25 dollars.
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An alternative to renting a car would be to take a taxi. It should be noted that there is only one taxi service operating all over the country, and it can be reached on the number “919”. The dispatchers can speak Polish or English. The call for a taxi will be free of charge. There are also various city and regional taxi companies in the country. As a rule, a meter is installed in cars or the cost of a trip is calculated by the service operator. There is a rule for taxi services which is universal for all of them – that within the city limits everyone should follow the tariffs established by the companies. A trip outside the city at night (after 10 pm and before 6 am) or on holidays, will be calculated at an increased rate. Most of the time, the cost of pick-up is the same in all taxi services, and is a minimum of six zlotys.
Due to the fact that the whole western part of the country is bordered by the Baltic Sea and channels and rivers are flowing all over the country, water transportation is available, but only in the warm season. There are no regular trips on the main rivers of Poland. This service is available only to cruise boats. You can also go on a ship, liner, yacht or on a boat to cruise along the seacoast. Recently, cycling has been actively developing in the country. The flat terrain of the country contributes to this. You can rent a bicycle in any city. However, only big cities have a modern large network of bicycle paths. Therefore, many tourists along with the bicycle rental are offered to acquire the map of the city. Bicycles can be left in parking lots near hostels and hotels. You can also take them with you when traveling by train.

Main airports and avia transportation

There are ten airports situated on the territory of modern Poland. One of the largest air harbors is Bydgoszcz Airport. It is located just three kilometers from the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. This makes it very easy to reach the airport by public transportation. Intervals between buses are no more than half an hour. There is a large parking lot in front of the terminal for private cars, transfers and taxis. On the territory of the airports, you will find everything you will need for comfortable rest before or after a flight including various shops, cafes, souvenir shops, and snack bars. Copyright
Poland is an amazing country full of different places of interest and landmarks. This country of rich history and magnificent nature simply cannot …
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The main airport in the country is Okęcie, located in Warsaw. Officially, the air harbor bears the name of the greatest composer of the classics, F. Chopin. The airport is only eight kilometers away from the center of the capital city. Therefore, it will be easy to get from the air harbor with the help of public transportation. Taxis should not cost more than 50 zlotys. There are two parking spaces near the terminals: one for leaving personal cars, and another for transfers and taxis. Within the airport you will find various shops, lounges, cafes and restaurants, small eateries, a nursery room, specially equipped places for the disabled, offices of international and local banks, currency exchange offices and other useful structures.
The next airport that is near Warsaw is Modlin. It was built specifically to relieve the main Polish airport. From the terminal to Warsaw is not more than forty kilometers. Regular public transportation plies this route. The airport is very comfortable and convenient. A full-fledged European service is available for every passenger. At the same time, the air harbor serves about 7,000 passengers daily. The next major international airport is Krakow Balice, named after John Paul II. It also has a maximally developed and thoughtful infrastructure. There is a Wi-Fi network which is available in the free mode only for the first 15 minutes. You can eat here in small cafes, and in colorful local restaurants. Also on the territory are ATMs, currency exchange points, duty-free shops, and souvenir shops.

Railway, bus, water and other transport

Poland has an excellent transportation infrastructure. Therefore, tourists will find traveling through its territories to be comfortable and convenient. It is most convenient to move within the city by buses. Please note that every half hour buses in any city leave their respective bus station in different directions. It should also be noted that the trips go in strict accordance with the schedule. Bus tickets can be purchased at roadside kiosks or vending machines. If you choose to buy a ticket from the driver, it can cost a little more. The entire fleet of urban transportation consists of modern serviceable buses that are regularly serviced. The salons in the vehicles are clean and tidy. You can also move between neighboring regions by buses. However, the use of buses for long-distance routes is quite rare because in this case, the locals give preference to the railway.
A huge number of monuments of history and architecture wait for tourists in Poland. You could learn about the difficult life of the Polish people. The …
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In large cities you will also find a tram service. There is a metro in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Please be aware that the metro stations are quite large, and the underground interchange itself is convenient. It leads to the sleeping areas, and to the hysterical and administrative center of the city; that is why the metro is very popular among tourists and locals. It is also possible to connect these areas with the help of a bicycle. However, it is worth mentioning that cycling in Poland is just beginning to develop, and comfortable and extensive network of bicycle lanes are absent so far, even in large cities. In view of their absence, you will have to move around the pedestrian precincts, which do not always go down well with locals. Also, it should be taken into account that it is prohibited for cyclists to move in two rows. Non observance of this law can attract a solid fine.
Estatua de Neptuno Thanks to the flat relief, the railway network covers all regions of the country. The traffic interchange passes through the largest cities, connecting them to remote areas. Please note that trains also vary depending on their class and the speed of movement. There are slow trains that do not go beyond a single region and there are also fast trains that run only in the daytime or round-the-clock. Day trips by express trains are also available. There are also express trains with increased comfort, where even food is included in the cost of ticket. Tickets for trains that run on international routes are sold separately. There are also special midnight expresses. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they move from the initial to the final point without a single stop. This allows you to reach the necessary city in the shortest possible time.
1.Poland is a part of the European Union, but the country has its own currency - the Polish zloty. A small coin is a Polish grosz. 2. You can exchange …
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Please note that tickets for fast or slow trains are bought not based on a specific train but on the route itself and it is valid only within a day. Tickets on the other types of trains are purchased in accordance with their class. If trains offer a reservation service, then you can buy a ticket for them only at the ticket offices. Almost all trains have comfortable classy dining wagon (wagon restaurant) where you can buy not only small snacks but also have a full lunch. Passengers under the age of 26 are entitled to a discount of twenty percent. The others can buy train tickets without presenting a means of identification. Please note that if it happens that during the ride the passenger loses his tickets before the moment of inspection, he or she will be written a fairly large fine. To economize on trips, you can buy a weekend ticket and make unlimited trips with it. Please be informed that commuter trains run in many cities.
Wzgorze Partyzantow There are ten airports in Poland, the largest one being in Warsaw. In general, only those who need fast traffic between large cities use the domestic transportation services. It is best to travel within provinces with the help of another means of transportation. The maximum duration of a domestic flight on an airplane does not exceed eighty minutes. The ticket will cost about 80 dollars. On holidays however, airlines can raise prices. Taxi services are also common in the country. As a rule, you can calculate the cost of the ride directly from the dispatcher. The minimum cost of pick-up will be around six zlotys. The cost of a kilometer ride within the confines of the city is from three to four zlotys. The out-of-town tariff is at least six zlotys per kilometer. Tariffs can also increase at night, starting at ten in the evening and until six in the morning. It will cost you at least 45 zlotys for every hour that you keep the taxi waiting.
Shoppers will be able to find both shops of world-famous brands and an abundance of local products that have no analogues in the world. The largest …
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The roads in Poland are simply great. Hence, many tourists choose to rent cars. You can do this either at the city agency or at the airport terminal. You will need to show an international driver’s license for this. However, it will not be convenient to move around a large city in a rented car. Firstly, there are strict restrictions in the country. The maximum speed limit in the city in the afternoon is 50 kilometers per hour and at night, 80 kilometers per hour. Please note that there are often big traffic jams in tourist cities. In such a situation, it is faster and cheaper to move on foot or by public transport. Between cities however, you can travel on a rented car. It is worth stating that it is permissible to drive at a speed of up to 130 kilometers per hour on modern highways. Many rivers and waterways flow in the country, and you may find boats running through them. However, this is not a means of transportation but rather, tourist entertainment. Tourist liners, cruise ships and boats, as well as small yachts run on the coast of the Baltic Sea also in the warm season.
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