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Travel tips for Japan - what to prepare in advance and what to obey

Fukuoka Despite the abundance of common stereotypes, the Japanese are quite friendly and hospitable people. At the same time, they are quite pedantic; they do not forgive liberties in behavior even to themselves. What can we say about foreigners? To look worthy in the eyes of any Japanese, you should follow some rules:
1. In Japan, it is not accepted to eat while walking. This is considered uncultured and unhygienic. It is better to eat in the areas designated for this, or at least in a relaxed manner.
2. Loud telephone conversations in public transport or places with large crowds are considered disrespectful. When leaving the house, the phone should be switched to silent mode. When you need to urgently answer a call, it is recommended to speak as quietly as possible.
Monuments and architectural objects, notable for the history and culture of the country. …
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3. If on the streets of Japan it is allowed to talk quietly on the phone, then in public transport like the metro, trains, and buses, the answering of phone calls is completely prohibited. Violation of this rule will certainly meet with disapproval.
4. It is allowed to eat in public transport, but very carefully, without sprinkling the floor with crumbs from sandwiches and without covering the seats with spots of sauce. After the meal, you should take the garbage (paper bags, wrappings, leftover food) with you.
5. Payment for services in Japan is strictly regulated. So therefore, when you visit a restaurant it is enough to pay for the order. Tipping is considered inappropriate and in some cases, can be perceived as an insult.
6. Trash cans are not common in Japan. Most of the dumpsters are located on the territory of stations. The country has adopted separate mediums for the collection of garbage. Therefore, the garbage cans are intended for specific types of waste disposal. If you do not meet the right one on the way, the best solution is to throw the garbage at the hotel. Copyright
7. Many people are well acquainted with the Japanese tradition of taking off their shoes before entering a room. This rule applies not only to residential buildings, but also to traditional Japanese restaurants, temples, dressing rooms and other places.
8. Anyone who decides to visit a Japanese public bath should bear in mind that this will be an extraordinary experience. Despite the fact that the very essence of going to the bath is bathing the body, you need to wash yourself thoroughly before that for hygienic reasons.
9. In Japan, it is forbidden to photograph people without their permission. This rule also applies to goods on the shelves of stores and museum exhibits. Before you decide to take a picture, you should ask the staff about the appropriateness of photographing.
10. After lunch in a fast food restaurant, you need to carefully clean the tray of leftovers and utensils before leaving it or returning it.
Japan is an amazing country of contrasts, in which traditional Eastern culture is closely intertwined with some elements of Western influences. …
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11. While exiting the elevator, the one who stands in front of the control panel is responsible for pushing the button and he is usually the last to leave the elevator.
12. Smoking is strictly prohibited in most places in Japan. Therefore, before lighting a cigarette, it is always important to ask whether it is possible to smoke there.
13. When you enter a restaurant, you should be in no hurry to take up a free seat but rather wait for the administrator who will show a place where you can occupy. If the lobby is equipped with vending machines, you need to take a ticket and wait on the queue until it reaches your turn.
14. There are two ways to wear a Yukata (bathrobe): right and wrong. To put on a robe correctly, it is necessary to place the left flap on top of the right. The right flap is placed on top of the left only when dressing the deceased.
15. When using the escalator, you should stand on the left side in Tokyo, and on the right side in Osaka.
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Park Hyatt Tokyo Pool

From the series “The Most Amazing Swimming Pools in the World”
Travelers, who want to have a dip in one of the most beautiful swimming pools in the world, need only spend a few days in the hotel Park Hyatt in Tokyo. The hotel itself is situated in one of the most chic skyscrapers of the city, and its pool is located on the 47th floor. It is not remarkable for the record sizes. The main advantage of this pool is the overview from the panoramic windows of the city.

In the afternoon, the premises in which the indoor pool is located, are sun-drenched, and in the evening, vacationers can admire the lights of the night Tokyo. The length of the luxurious pool is 20 meters, it is equipped with the most modern water heating system. The pavilion of the pool is equipped with a very high ceiling, part of which is decorated with panoramic windows. In the … Read all

Shirakawa-Go Town

From the series “Small Flamboyant Towns Painted with Van Gogh Colors”
Shirakawa-go is one of the few Japanese towns, which for hundreds of years has been maintaining its historic charm. This place is home to about 1 600 people; its area is ​​356 square km. The main feature of the town is its unique architecture. You can see small houses of local residents even today. Buildings are exactly the same as 200 years ago.

Shirakawa-go is one of the snowiest places in the country. The town is surrounded by mountains, so it is not easy to get there in the cold season. A significant portion of the local population throughout the history is engaged in agriculture. In summer, you can enjoy the extensive rice fields. In recent years, the old town is visited by many tourists, which has led to the development of tourism infrastructure. In total, the town embraces … Read all

Shirakawa-go Village

From the series “The Most Cozy Towns Full of Zen”
The best place to enjoy a relaxing retreat in Japan is the ancient village of Shirakawa-go. This remote village is situated in the mountainous area. The site is surrounded by soaring mountains that protect it from wind and other vagaries of nature. One of the main features of the ancient village are small houses of local residents with unique gabled roofs. This form of the roof is not accidental. In winter the valley is full of snow, and only the roof of this form can withstand the long-time snowfall.

Over the years, the village has being completely cut off from civilization in winter. Even now it's not easy to reach it in cold months. The old village has its unique national tradition. For hundreds of years, its inhabitants were engaged in cultivation of silkworms and producing fabrics. … Read all
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Advices for popular cities of Japan

1. The best way to move around the city is subway. This will not only help you to save money, but also will help to avoid traffic jams. We suggest purchasing subway map that will you’re your travel around the city even easier. 2. Handshaking and any other physical contact during the greeting are not accepted among the local residents. Nodding replaces all forms of greetings usual for Europeans. 3. Local people appreciate punctuality, so you simply cannot be late for a meeting. When … Read more
1. Major shopping centers are open every day, seven days a week. They begin serving visitors not later than 10:00 am, and the working day ends not earlier than 9:00 pm. If the store is labeled «convinience store», it means that it is working all around the clock. 2. Holiday-makers should be aware that leaving a tip in Kyoto is not accepted. Any waiters or taxi drivers or hotel attendant will not accept monetary rewards. In some upscale restaurants a service charge may be included in the … Read more
1. An electric train network joins the cities of Osaka and Tokyo. An intercity trip takes about four hours. Tourists being not enough local entertainment facilities and landmarks for exploration in Osaka should necessarily pay a visit to Tokyo. 2. The city of Osaka is convenient to cruise by underground. Another poplar means of public transport is a bus. Taxi is available any time of day and night. Even though all taxi cars are equipped with counters, a cost of a trip should be specified in … Read more
1. Smokers should keep in mind that smoking is banned everywhere all over the central districts of the city and in the streets as well. Some public establishments and restaurants feature specially designated smoking areas The current smoking rules in any establishment should be specified in advance. 2. An optimum way to get from an airport to the city center is by Skybus being the cheapest way. A trip to the center of the city will take not more than 40 minutes. The buses are running in 15 … Read more
1. Travelers are advised not to overtaste local delicacies, as they can be quite unusual for guests from European countries. Thrifty travelers would enjoy food at local street stalls, which offer popular national dishes. Food quality in such places remains high and prices are among the lowest in the city. 2. Tipping in restaurants and hotels isn’t accepted. As a rule, service charge in dining places is included in the bill and rarely exceeds 10 % of the total. 3. Travelers aren’t … Read more
1. Holiday-makers should take into account that tipping isn’t accepted at local restaurants and other leisure centers. The service charge is usually included in the total score and rarely exceeds 10 % of the amount of services rendered. Tips to maids in a hotel are also not accepted. 2. Hiring a car is worth only for those who believe that they can adapt to the unusual left-hand traffic. Road signs are written in Japanese only, which also makes orienting very difficult. 3. Mains voltage is … Read more
1. The most favorable period to visit Kobe is spring and autumn when it is always very warm and sunny here. In summer, it often rains and a strong wind blows, which can ruin your vacations. 2. Beach lovers should take into account that the water on the coast warms up to comfortable temperatures as early as in May. Thanks to the warm currents, the beach season in Kobe lasts until mid-October. 3. The most luxurious and expensive hotels are located on the waterfront. Budget travelers should … Read more
1. The easiest way to get to Nagasaki is through Tokyo or Shanghai. From these cities, Nagasaki can be reached by plane or high-speed train. A domestic flight from Tokyo will take less than two hours. 2. If the time for exploring city attractions is limited, it is firstly worth taking a tour of the area adjacent to the port. Directly in the port area, you can sign up for a boat trip. 3. The city has a large selection of hotels at various levels. Some of the most attractive hotels with … Read more

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