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Politics, constitution and administrative structure of Japan

Japan is a country with a constitutional monarchy. The head of state is the Emperor, but his functions are more ceremonial than legislative. The Emperor is obliged to attend various official events. He is the guarantor of national unity and integrity of the state. He personifies the unity of the nation, but in legal terms, the Emperor has virtually no rights to solve important state issues. Despite this, without the official signature of the Emperor, any official document that was established by decisions of the cabinet of ministers or other high-ranking officials cannot enter into force. The legislation in Japan is based on the Constitution of the country, which was adopted in May 1947. It has never been amended to this day. The Constitution stipulates that in order to introduce any changes in the parliament, 2/3 of all deputies must vote “in favor”. In addition, any amendment to the Constitution may be made after the approval of the people in a referendum.
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The main legislative body is the Japanese parliament. It has a bicameral structure. The upper house is called the “assembly of advisers”, and the lower chamber is called the “assembly of representatives”. The upper chamber is made up of more than 250 deputies. The service life of each official in parliament is 6 years. The lower house on the other hand, has more than 500 deputies, with about two hundred officials getting into office thanks to the proportional open voting system, which is held in 11 constituencies. Initially, bills are adopted in the so-called parliamentary committee. If the committee approves the bill, then the whole chamber will vote. If the bill was passed in the Lower House, then it is sent to the officials of the upper house to vote on.
The Executive power is in the hands of the Prime Minister, as well as his cabinet of ministers (consisting of 20 ministries). It is the Prime Minister and his team who is responsible for the domestic and foreign policy of the country. It should be noted that it is the deputies who previously passed special exams and confirmed their competence, that get into the Ministry. According to the country’s Constitution, influence is divided between the different parties. One of the oldest parties is the LDP, which was established in the year 1955. At that moment, the liberals and the democrats have decided to act together and their parties merged. Over time, various conflicts flared up within the party, after which the deputies left to create their own separate parties. As a result, for example, the Japan New Party and the Japan Innovation Party appeared. To date, voters have given more authority to the Liberal Democratic Party. Copyright
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Japan is divided into 47 so-called prefectures. Local government in the country has fairly great powers. At the head of each prefecture is an assembly, which includes several dozen deputies, depending on the number of an administrative district. There are similar assemblies in smaller territorial units, in cities, villages and provinces. The head of the prefecture is the governor, the head of the city is the mayor, and in the villages the so-called chiefs are elected. It should be noted that the term of office is 4 years. Officials get to their post by open universal suffrage of a specific territorial unit. Citizens of the country who have already reached the age of 20, and live in the district in question for more than 3 months, have the right to vote. The financial system of territorial units is aimed at centralization, therefore less than 30% of the total annual income remains within each prefecture. On this occasion, the country regularly undergoes unrest, but at the moment there is no question of introducing decentralization. Without a doubt, there are still subsidized regions in Japan, which based on domestic taxes will not be able to survive.
Portal at Okayama station According to the current Constitution of Japan, there must be a judicial authority in the country. It is headed by the Supreme Court. The chief judge is appointed personally by the Emperor. In addition, Japan has regional courts, district and local courts. It should be noted that the Constitution of the country stipulates a ban on the presence of internal armed forces. However, after the American occupation, the country was forced to create national police reserves, which eventually reorganized into the so-called Japan Self-Defense Forces. Today in the country, there are ground forces, airborne troops, and Navy officials. The forces are backed up by military equipment. In the last century, Japan and the United States signed a treaty under which America guarantees the provision of Japanese with defense in the case of a threat. In return, American military structures can be based in Japan.
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Aokigahara Jukai Forest

From the series “Top 11 Dangerous Spots for Adrenaline-Seekers”
One of the most dangerous places to visit in Japan is Aokigahara Jukai. It is also known to locals and tourists under the unofficial name of Suicide Forest. This site is located on the island of Honshu. It is known to the whole world due to the fact that suicides are committed there each year. Walking through the forest, you can see a lot of gallow loops and scraps of rope hanging from trees. This means that hanged were once found in these places.

Locals find Aokigahara Jukai notorious; they consider it to be a black spot. According to local residents, not all people who commit suicide in the forest were preparing for this and had suicidal tendencies before. Some guests of the site decide to take their lives spontaneously. Last years, visits to Aokigahara Jukai were officially banned. … Read all
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In July Gion Festival traditionally takes place; it lasts for all month and includes a variety of cultural and recreational activities. Festive parades and concerts, children's performances and culinary contests, fairs and sporting events are held, as event program is kept by the hour. Interesting events are held in the old part of the city; in the evening some old family houses arrange a kind of open days. Everyone is welcome to visit mansions that have belonged to noble families for many … Read more
At nightfall a major part of entertaining events takes place in city parks. Tourists may witness there bright dance shows. The festival ends with a symbolic and impressive event named Toro Nagashi which is a floating lanterns performance. These lanterns are believed to show the spirits the way back to the world of dead. Another interesting event is held in June. A bright fest in the Shitennoji temple is as well followed with impressive folk music performances. Tourists visiting Osaka in July … Read more
The process of creating of ice and snow figures which are decorating the park for the whole winter engages thousands of people. On the eve of the festival the city of Sapporo attracts masters and artists of snow statuary art literally from all the cities of the country. Foreign sculptors are as well engaged in the process of ice carving. The festival turned known to wide public in 1960. The celebration of its tenth anniversary was turned to a fantastic show. Since that time the festival has … Read more
Celebration begins with a parade taking place on the main avenue of the city. Lots of children are usually involved in the solemn procession that makes the holiday even more touching and sincere. Matsubayashi performances, in which participate about 10,000 people, have become traditional for the holiday. It looks simply mesmerizing; all the performers wear beautiful national costumes and all performances are accompanied with national music. Typically, the parade is held 3 or 4 May; after the … Read more
One of the most striking and recognizable national characteristics is eating food with chopsticks. Locals manage them so cleverly that you would be carried away by the sight of their movement. European cutlery is served in many local restaurants; you will certainly need to ask for it, if you are not sure that you could cope with unusual chopsticks. During the meal, don’t stick chopsticks upright in the rice, as it is considered one of the most common and serious errors. According to local … Read more
The city was decorated with fantastic illumination for more than two weeks. Every evening the lights were lit for several hours. On the festive days, all the central streets are blocked for cars, so that it is more convenient for locals and tourists to admire the light installations. With such a beautiful holiday, it was possible to attract tourists who did not want to go to the ruined city but and raise enough funds to restore it. It was decided to hold the Festival Of Light in Kobe every … Read more
Nagasaki is the venue for one of the largest fireworks festivals in Japan, which is usually held in the last days of July. A pyrotechnic show organized in a seaside park becomes one of the largest on Kyushu Island. The festival program lasts two days, and most of the events take place in the evening. About 10,000 fireworks are launched on the first evening and about 5,000 on the second. Apart from fireworks displays, a lot of interesting entertainments are organized as part of the festival. … Read more

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