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Travelling through Mongolia - roads, airports, railway, bus transportation

To date, the transport infrastructure in Mongolia remains at an underdeveloped level. The total length of roads is only about 50,000 km, and less than 3,000 km of the roads are coated with asphalt. Roads with hard coating are usually found only around major cities, between which buses run. The most popular form of public transport in Mongolia is considered to be the bus. In general, the roads between cities are quite well developed. In several large cities, including the capital of Mongolia, there are also trolleybuses. It is worth noting that the state of the vehicle fleet is in a rather poor condition, although work is currently being done, aimed at gradually trying to update the transport infrastructure.
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In the cities that are most popular among tourists, you will find the so-called minibuses. They convey people to the most popular tourist attractions. In these buses, you can hope to get minimal comfort. It is worth noting that the minibuses run between small and remote provinces. They are characterized by constant congestion of routes. For example, a standard minibus designed to seat 12 people is packed with at least 25 passengers. Also, a common occurrence is that the fixed-route taxi set out for their final destination only after they have been fully occupied. Therefore, there is no exact timetable and you often have to wait for coaches for days. 30% of the total number of passengers is absorbed by the railway service. Today, it is one of the most leading sectors of the economy and is engaged in significant cargo transportation.
Hotel Mongolia Most trains are quite old and uncomfortable. However, passenger trains, issued since 2008, are characterized by cleaner and more comfortable wagons, equipped with air conditioning and other amenities. Water transport in the country has received only little development. It is located on Lake Hubsugul. To date, Mongolia has more than 40 airports. At the same time, only half of them have a high-class modern hard coating. The flight schedule is very often changed because of the unstable weather in the country and the presence of strong winds. Today, about 10 registered airlines are currently actively operating in Mongolia. Only four airports however accept international flights.

Main airports and avia transportation

Currently, more than 4 dozen airports operate in Mongolia, 15 of which have paved runways. The length of the runways varies from 2,500 meters up to 3,000 meters. With regards to the take-off and landing of helicopters on the territory of Mongolia, there is only one airfield. The main airport of the country is the air harbor which is located 20 km from Ulaanbaatar. It should be noted that this airport attained international status at the middle of the last century. About 30 years ago, the terminal was rebuilt in accordance with all modern international rules and standards governing air transportation. Copyright
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The infrastructure of this airport is developed at a fairly high level. While waiting for their flight, passengers will be able to walk through duty-free shops and purchase inexpensive perfumes and spirits, as well as souvenir products in colorful shops. Also, you can have a snack in low-cost cafes or enjoy local cuisine in the nearby restaurants. On the territory of the airport there are ATMs, currency exchange offices, branches of some banks and quite comfortable waiting rooms. You can get to the airport from Ulaanbaatar by regular shuttle buses. This will cost you about 20 cents. On the other hand, taxi services will cost five dollars. There is also the possibility to order a transfer. It is worth noting that, despite the fact that the capital of Mongolia is one of the less visited capitals around the world, the airport on its territory will present itself as a pleasant surprise to even experienced travelers.
The next airport, which also has international status, is the air harbor located in the heart of the Gobi Desert. It is about a few kilometers from Dalanzadgad. The last reconstruction of its terminal took place exactly 10 years ago. Airports of the cities of Khovdand Ulgii also accept some international flights. However, it is worth remembering that only the capital airport in Mongolia conduct regular international transportation. The other airports, in particular, those also having international status, are in fact intended for local transportations and rarely conduct foreign flights. In respect of this, the infrastructure of the above-described airports is not well developed, and some of them even lack comfortable lounges.

Railway, bus, water and other transport

Mongolia is currently not considered a tourism-developed country. Perhaps this is why the transport infrastructure on its territory is characterized by rather low ratings. Buses are the main types of public transports in almost all cities. A standard schedule has been designed for them, but due to the lack of quality road surfaces between the cities and surrounding regions, buses are often late. You can buy a ticket from the driver. The fare is quite low. You will find within the capital as well as in several other large cities, the operation of trolleybuses. The quality of their service also leaves much to be desired.
In the western part of Mongolia bordering Russia and China is located the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park. Within the territory of this park you can …
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There are so-called minibuses that move between the remote provinces. More often flights are crowded and there is no specific timetable for this means of transport. The driver makes his own decision when he should go. The quality of the road surface is also very low. Good roads can be found only near the capital and the surrounding regions, as well as in the regions of large cities. You can rent a car if you so desire. Rental offices are near some airports and can also be found in major cities. At the same time, it is worth noting that only 5% of motorways have the corresponding standard hard roadway covering. It is therefore best to rent modern SUVs. You should as well take proper care while driving, as roads often times have no signs and markings. Another reason for the need to watch out is that the culture of driving among the local population has nothing to do with the road traffic regulations.
Stalin Express You can move quickly and comfortably between different regions of Mongolia with the help of air transport. The country’s main airport has communication with all the air harbors within the country on a regular basis. Rail transport is also very popular. The quality of service on the rail tracks are however rather low. The country is therefore as a result trying to make some improvement. If we talk about water transport, you can move around with the help of ferries, boats and motorboats only on Lake Khubsugul. Some of the shipping facilities are also available at Lake Selenga and Lake Orkhon. Alternative ways to move are camels and horses. They can also be rented, just like a car.
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