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Mongolia is a country of boundless Steppes and deserts, amongst which small towns, lakes and rivers can occasionally be found. Locals still lead a nomadic way of life. If you climb deep into the Steppe, you can encounter the yurts of nomads. Mongolia can become a place for an incredible adventure. Recreation in this country is fundamentally different from what is found in other tourist destinations. Mongolia is an ideal country for unification with nature and looking at vast Steppe open spaces on which the leaders of the legendary Genghis Khan’s army made their first conquests. You can hunt here with the help of eagles, wander through the ruins of ancient cities which are the last remains of the Mongolian Empire, swim in the lakes, go fishing, and join the nomads in going to the desert.
Mongolia is considered an agrarian-industrial country. Despite the fact that several decades ago Mongolia did not have stable international relations, …
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Walk tours in Mongolia require endurance on the part of travelers, but at the same time, they offer discovery of fundamentally new sensations and emotions. It is practically impossible to travel directly on foot across the country. You will have to travel on off-road vehicles between different destinations. Among the most popular destinations is; the expedition to Western Mongolia, and traveling through the Gobi Desert. Another topical tour is the route along which Genghis Khan moved west. The Mongolian Altai Mountains also attracts thousands of tourists. Several four-thousanders which are very popular among fans of mountaineering are located in the mountains.
The most popular destinations for mountaineering are the Khantei, Altai and Khangai Mountains. The main peak of Khangai is the Khan Tengri Mountain which is about 4,000 meters above sea level. Utmost care is required when climbing to the top. Every year climbers die on the slopes of the summit, which the Mongols themselves identified with as the Heavenly Deity. In the Northwestern part of Mongolia is located the Khubsugul ridges which are also popular among fans of mountain hikes. The highest point of the mountain chain is 3,189 meters. The ridges have cone-shaped peaks and resemble alpine landscapes. The Altai Mountains are located in the Southeast. The highest point of these mountains is the Khuiten peak which is about 4,350 meters. Copyright
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Another very popular area of ​​active recreation is Equestrian tourism. Horses play an important role in the life of the Mongols. They move through the desert on them, and it was thanks to their horse army that Genghis Khan was able to conquer half the world. Horse tours allow you to get acquainted with the pristine nature of the Mongolian Steppes, see herds of antelopes and wild horses, and get acquainted with the life and traditions of Nomads. You can get to the most remote places of Mongolia on horseback where you will find the rarest monuments of her history such as the excavation sites of ancient burial mounds of the ancient Hunnu. The depth of the mounds is more than 18 meters. In total, about 200 mounds of different sizes were found in the Complex. Among the artifacts are; the remains of the ancient Hunnu (their chariots, jewelry, and household items).
Mongolia offers those who like hunting to go on a hunting tour. This entertainment is quite rare and therefore is able to give guests a lot of bright and exciting experiences. It is quite expensive to hunt for wild animals yet it does deter tourists, many of which come from the most remote Countries of the World. On the boundless Steppes of Mongolia, there are plenty of bears, lynx, red deer, wild boars, sheep, wild goats, and black-tailed antelopes. Hunting for wolves is a necessity because Cattles die due to the high population of these wild animals. The highest population of wolves is in the area of ​​Baganuur. Tourists are also invited to hunt for partridges in this area.
Wonderful nature remains the biggest attraction of this beautiful Asian country – horizon-less desserts, green steeps, emerald lakes and picturesque …
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Fishing and recreation on the lakes in Mongolia are very popular among tourists and locals. One of the most popular places for fishing is Lake Ogii Nuur. It is home to a freshwater pike that reaches impressive sizes and is an excellent trophy for the angler. In addition to it, you can also catch a perch, carp, and humpback in the lake. In the Chuluut River, there are taimen, lenok, and grayling. The largest lake in Mongolia is Ubsu-Nur. There are a lot of ancient burial mounds, and runic inscriptions of nomad tribes of the Hunnu. The second largest lake in the country is the Khubsugul located at the border with Russia. The lake is surrounded by a National Park which houses a variety of endangered animals.
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From the series “Wildest Tribes Avoiding Civilization”
The Tsaatan nomads from Mongolia live like no one else. They inhabit Darkhad Valley, their number was 282 people in 2010. Over the past 50 years it has reduced by half. Even in 1965, the tribe consisted of 455 people. Tsaatan people are experienced reindeer herders. They live in their traditional tents named ‘yurts’. Contacts with tourists give them an opportunity to earn extra money from the sale of handicrafts.

The Tsaatan tribe is extremely friendly to foreigners. They are happy to dedicate people from other countries to their culture. Riding reindeers is a major attraction for many tourists. The Tsaatan nomads confess shamanism. They passed the sacred texts verbally on from generation to generation. In 1981 a real tragedy occured in the tribe, Shaman was arrested for the promotion … Read all
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