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National cuisine of Mongolia for gourmets. Authentic recipes, delicacies and specialties

Hotel Mongolia Mongols are born nomads. Their cuisine is a combination of the cultural make-up and lifestyle of the population of the country. Mongolian cuisine has bright specific tastes and is altogether different from the typical Asian cuisine. Mongols practically do not eat crisp vegetables and fruits. They heat all products; they are most often fried in animal fat or vegetable oil. Thus, they consume high-calorie meals that can be stored for a long time. Traditional nutritional system is firmly associated with cattle breeding which is the main activity of locals. The most popular meat includes lamb, goat meat, and horse meat. Milk is mainly gotten from Cow, Mare, and Yak. In the southern regions of the country, Camel milk is likewise utilized.
1.Mongolia is a huge country which comprises of mostly Steppes and deserts. Cities are located at a great distance from each other. Therefore, while …
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Dairy products play an important role in the life of Mongolian families. Each morning the Mongols brew “Suutei tsai” (tea with milk), in thermoses. Originally, it was prepared from low-quality green tea brewed and boiled, with salt, animal fat, roasted flour and milk added to it. In present day Mongolia, you can often find another recipe where the tea and a little salt are added to the milk. Water collected from springs, rivers or lakes is used. Another popular milk drink is “Kumis”, a sour-milk drink made from Mare milk. It is usually served in a cold form. Kumis is generally obtained through the process of fermentation with the help of special bacteria. It has a distinctive sour-sweet taste and a mild taste.
Also famous among Mongolian cuisine is the dish “Buuz”, which is prepared from dough stuffed with minced meat (from goat, lamb, or sometimes beef). The Buuz has an opening at the top and is traditionally steamed which allows for the preservation of the juiciness of the stuffing and its taste. A very popular dish in Mongolia and its neighboring countries is the “Tsuivan”, a stew with fried or uncooked noodles, vegetables and meat. Beef or lamb is frequently used as the meat component, and for Vegetables; potatoes, peppers and cabbage. Yet another dish associated with the nomadic way of life is the “Khorkhog”. Since the time of Genghis Khan, it is prepared in a closed container on an open fire. For the preparation of this meal, a lamb is used with vegetables and broth added to it. Copyright
Holidays with children in Mongolia can be quite specific, but the complexities ought not to frighten parents. Excursions along the boundless Mongolian …
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Mongols over the centuries have tried to cook their meals so that they are not kept for long and do not require difficult methods of cooking. That is the reason “Jerky” is so popular in the country. It is usually prepared from beef. Beef jerky is called Borts. It is kept outside to dry all through the entire winter. Cheese are also well dried to preserve their shelf life and to be utilized at any time of the year. The Mongolian dried cheese is called Aaruul. It is produced using sour milk and can have either a sweetish or harsh taste depending on the set of ingredients and spices applied. The Mongols do not consume raw milk without going through heat treatment in their meals.
The meat of the Mongolian Yak is a very uncommon meat. Sometimes the Mongols cook horse meat but the traditional meat is lamb, beef, and goat. Dishes may have a rather odd appearance and taste, but locals may consider refusal to try it as a disrespect to their families. A typical family meal is composed of a whole mutton stewed in a special pot. Tripe and fat is added to this dish. The Head of the family butchers the head of the sheep and includes the contents of the skull to the common pot. Another unusual dish is Groundhog meat cooked in its own skin. It should be eaten with caution because marmot is a carrier of numerous diseases including bubonic plague.
Many tourists are attracted to Mongolia not only for its unusual traditions, but also for the possibility of combining valuable holiday with antique …
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Vegetable dishes in Mongolia are quite few. This is because the Mongols are not used to growing vegetables and this has influenced their cuisine. Be that as it may, food prepared using flour are extremely popular. They likewise have rather peculiar recipes where water is replaced with either milk or fat. One of the most common dishes is “Boortsog”, which is a piece of dough of elongated shape. It is deep-fried and can be served as an extraordinary side dish for meat dishes. Also popular is the fresh biscuit which is dried so that it does not deteriorate for a long time. Such cookies are usually enjoyed by dipping them in milk tea. It is prepared at once for several weeks in advance.
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