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Sarawak Bridge

From the series “The Most Dangerous Bridges in the World”
The Malaysian island of Borneo features the unique Sarawak Bridge owing its name to the nearby village. Bridge design is truly unique; it is completely built of bamboo, planks of which are attached by thin wires. Railings angled to the base of the bridge make it even more extreme. It’s also worth noting that the structure is quite fragile and can withstand no more than two adults at the same time.
When somebody steps on the bridge, it begins to wobble, but main dangers to people crossing the bridge are huge gaps between bamboo stalks. Holding on the so-called ‘railing’ is very uncomfortable, as it wasn’t meant for this, but to make the structure more balanced. One wrong step and you’ll get familiar with the emerald waters of the river passing under the bridge. It is noteworthy that one of the parks of Borneo has the exact copy of Sarawak Bridge, as it is a real national symbol for locals. ... Complete sights collection

Langkawi Sky Bridge

From the series “The World's Highest Observation Decks”
One of the main attractions of Malaysia and the greatest achievement of engineering is Langkawi Sky Bridge. This footbridge of incredibly beautiful curved shape is located on the island of Langkawi, in the Ganung mountains. It was designed to cross the chasm. Opening of the bridge took place in 2005; it instantly became popular among travelers. For almost 10 years, it has being used only as a lookout.
The bridge offers gorgeous panoramic view of Andaman Sea and lush tropical forests, as well as the secluded gorge. The bridge is located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level; its length is 125 meters. In cloudy weather, this unusual observation deck is literally topped with thick clouds; that's why it has such an unusual name. It's certainly worth noting its unique engineering construction, as the bridge rests on just one pole.
The unique design has a few weaknesses. It is strictly prohibited to stay on the bridge during storm, as it's likely to be stroke by lightning. If the storm begins suddenly, visitors are evacuated through the special exit. Experienced travelers say that they feel incredible sense of being close to clouds, while walking on the bridge. In these places, clouds are very low, so tourists are able to enjoy the marvelous nature of Langkawi, deep sky and seascapes simultaneously. The bridge is considered one of the most attractive lookouts in the world. ... Complete sights collection

Genting Skyway

From the series “The Longest Ski-Lifts and Cable Trams in the World”
The amazing city of Genting in Malaysia is well known to fans of gambling, thrill rides, stylish bars and nightclubs. Genting is located in a mountainous area at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level. The easiest way to get to this unique entertainment complex is to use the fastest gondola lift in the world, Genting Skyway. Its lower station is located in the small village of Kuala Kubu Baru.
The length of the cable is 3,380 meters; passengers can reach the bustling entertainment complex in just 11 minutes. Speed of movement is 6 m/s, which is a real world record. Opening of this gondola lift took place February 21, 1997. The significant portion of the route passes over the spectacular jungle, so trips are incredibly popular among gamblers and guests of Genting hotels, as well as fans of unusual entertainment. A ride on a gondola lift is affordable even for thrifty travelers, as a two-ways trip costs about 3 USD. ... Complete sights collection

Petronas Towers

From the series “The Highest Buildings in the World”
Travelers who are planning to visit Kuala Lumpur should definitely see one of the most spectacular architectural complexes of the city, Petronas Towers. This unusual architectural complex in the Islamic style consists of two skyscrapers 451.9 meters high; each skyscraper has 88 floors. It’s noteworthy that only Malaysian building materials were used during the construction. The opening of this architectural complex took place in 1998.
Towers feature astonishingly harmonious and impressive appearance, their facade is decorated with 16,000 panoramic windows. Skyscrapers are constantly served by 10,000 workers; the only window cleaning takes one month. A significant part of the complex is occupied by office space. Travelers are offered to look into an art gallery. There is also a great concert hall, which became the permanent venue for the most important and special occasions.
Towers are connected with the Sky Bridge made of glass; it’s located at an altitude of 170 meters. Despite the fact that Petronas Towers aren’t the highest buildings in the world, they have no equal in their category. Those are the highest twin towers in the world, which in appearance resemble two identical huge corn cobs. Skyscrapers are daily visited by more than 300 people, so it’s worth noting that it’s necessary to buy tickets to see the architectural attractions in advance. The number of people who can remain within the walls of a skyscraper at the same time is limited. The most favorite pastime among tourists is walking along the glass bridge and visiting viewing platforms. ... Complete sights collection

Gua Air Jernih

From the series “Largest and Most Branched Caves on Earth”
In Malaysia, there are also huge caves, which are worth seeing for all tourists. The longest and most famous of these is Gua Air Jernih Cave. This is the longest cave in Asia. The length of the cave labyrinth is more than 189 km. The cave structure is truly unique: its tunnels are located on five levels, with the lower level taking the great underwater flow. Currently, the cave is located on the territory of the famous Gunung Mulu national park, so it is popular with the tourists. At the disposal of the travelers are several comfortable natural entrances to the cave.
The most famous entrance to the cave is on the banks of the Long Pala River, so you can combine the exciting walk through the underground vault with the interesting boat trip through the jungle. The great researches of the cave system have been conducted since 1978. Some isolated caves, which the local inhabitants had known since ancient times, were later included in the general system. All these caves have symbolic names. The followers of the unusual excursions can visit the cave of the bats, stroll into the cave of the pure water and the wind, walk through the cave of the turtles and look into the most romantic and mysterious cave of the Edens gardens. ... Complete sights collection

Nasional Stadium Bukit Jalil

From the series “Top 14 Sport Stadiums with Impressive Design”
In Kuala Lumpur is Bukit Jalil Stadium, which was built in 1998 at the beginning of the Commonwealth Games. Now the stadium, which can accommodate 110,000 spectators, is used for the main football games, including matches under the Malaysia Cup and Malaysia Supercup. The huge stadium with the round sliding roof looks incredibly impressive. And the surrounding landscape criterion makes Bukit Jalil even more beautiful.
Around the stadium is a wonderful square with exotic plants, pools and fountains. This place is as found for romantic walks and photoshoot. Currently, Bukit Jalil Stadium is the fourth stadium in the world after the possible number of spectators. Bukit Jalil has seating and standing. The ultramodern stadium in Kuala Lumpur with the beautiful design and the excellent equipment is also popular with the world-famous football clubs that play here the training games. Among the most famous guests of the Bukit Jalil Stadium are Manchester United and Chelsea. ... Complete sights collection

George Town Swiftlet Farm

From the series “Top 10 Extraordinary Farms”
One of the most original farms in the world can be found in Georgetown. On this farm is a special kind of swifts is bred - swiftlets. At first glance there is nothing unusual in the breeding of birds. The main characteristic of the farm is the aim of breeding. The main objective of breeders are swiftlets’ nests - a unique delicacy, that is appreciated by gourmets around the world. On the farm in Georgetown, ideal conditions for nesting are created. The nests obtained on the farm are served in world’s best restaurants as an expensive gourmet product and are used for cooking the famous bird’s nest soup.
According to the opinion of experienced gourmets, the so-called 'swallows’ nests' have an incredible flavor. The main building material is bird’s saliva, which is pretty solid in a frozen state. In China, swiftlets’ nests for centuries considered a sacred food. A few centuries ago only favorites could enjoy it. The unique delicacy has been acquired in the natural way for centuries. One had to penetrate the most dangerous mountains and caves, which the birds chose for nesting.
With the advent of modern swiftlets breeding business, it has become one of the most profitable and promising sectors of agriculture. 'Swallows’ nests' are described by gourmets as 'white gold'. At present, one kilo of this delicacy costs about 3000 US dollars. Nests are picked on the farm 3 - 4 times a year. In spring nests are snow-white and in a course of construction are always gray-brown due to blood in the saliva of birds. ... Complete sights collection

Lord Murugan Statue

From the series “The Most Grandiose Statues and Monuments”
In Malaysia, in the immediate vicinity of the city of Kuala Lumpur, there is the statue of the god Murugan. It's located next to another famous tourist attraction in the region, Batu Caves. Opening of the monument took place in 2006. Its height is 42.7 meters. The monument looks very impressive. About 250 tons of steel and about 1 500 cubic meters of concrete were used to construct the statue. It took 300 liters of the gold paint to decorate the monument.
The statue of god Murugan is the highest religious sculpture in Malaysia. That's the personification of the great Hindu god Murugan. Not far from the statue, there is the most famous Hindu temple of the country, so it's not surprising that these places attract not only curious tourists, but pilgrims.
More than 30 prominent local experts were hired to create this sculpture. There were not only builders and sculptors, but artists among them. It took them three years to build the monument. The final stage of construction was painting. Since opening of the sculpture, hundreds of people come here to visit and admire the unique temple every day. Many of them are tourists. In recent years, the record attendance level was reached that is 800 people per day. ... Complete sights collection

Interactive Park i-City

From the series “Top 16 Most Unusual and Original Parks and Gardens”
Malaysia has one of the most beautiful parks in the world. In the interactive i-City, visitors can admire colorful trees that are adorned with millions of glowing lights. The green zone is situated in Shah Alam city. The opening took place in 2010. The park is usually visited in the dark. Besides trees with scattering garlands, the green zone features spectacular figurines of flamingos and peacocks and other noteworthy installations.
Unlike many other LED parks in the world, i-City is open all year round. Every day, it is visited by curious tourists making great pictures. Originally, the park was conceived as a demonstration place of a new LED equipment. After the opening, it became so popular, that managers of the project decided not to dismantle installations after the finish of the advertising campaign. Today, the park is one of the most visited city attractions. Many local residents and tourists even don’t have a question about where to go for a walk in the evening. ... Complete sights collection

Sunway Lagoon Water Park

From the series “The Greatest and Fanciest Water Parks”
The capital of Malaysia also has a water park that is worthy of attention even of the most demanding travelers. Sunway Lagoon is a great place for families. Facilities feature an impressive scale. The place is famous for nice decorations in the traditional style. There are huge pools, beautiful buildings with a decorative stone trim, and the thick foliage surrounding the water park. The rest in such an environment will give an incredible pleasure.
It is important to note that mainly natural materials are used in design and equipment of the water park. The floor is carpeted with a real ocean sand. Sunway Lagoon water park is located near the center of Kuala Lumpur. It is a part of a large resort complex, which includes hotels, shopping malls, and cafes. This water park has its own unique features. Its territory has the world's largest swimming pool with artificial waves that reach a height of three meters. It will be a great place for surfing practice.
It is difficult to imagine that a few years ago there was a big industrial complex of tin production on the territory of the modern water park. After a few years, the industrial area transformed beyond recognition. Today, it is decorated with thousands of living plants, a spectacular artificial river, and a huge swimming pool. Sunway Lagoon has an excellent environment for water sports, so it will be amazing not only to fans of extreme sports, but athletes too. ... Complete sights collection
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