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From the series “Famous Sunken Towns”
Alexandria is one of the oldest cities on the planet; amazing stories and legends about Cleopatra are associated with it. The important underwater attraction has been recently discovered by scientists off the coast of Alexandria. As it was found out after a large-scale study, Cleopatra's palace is hidden under water. According to scientists, it could be the location of the tombs of Cleopatra and Mark Antony; their exact location is still unknown.
Not far from fragments of the once magnificent palace there are ancient ruins of the Temple of Isis. The reason for these beautiful buildings to end up under the water is very simple - a few thousand years ago, Alexandria suffered a series of severe earthquakes, because of which part of its coastal area was flooded with water. Ruins of ancient Alexandria, which today can be seen under water, resemble luxurious exposition of the historical museum. #Columns of ancient buildings and beautiful sculptures, millennial bas-reliefs and works of art that once adorned the palace of Cleopatra rest on sea bottom. Experienced divers prefer to visit these places in summer, when water temperature is the most comfortable for diving and there is nothing to disturb from admiring underwater sights. It’s also worth noting that scientists have discovered and raised to the surface a lot of interesting artifacts, which are now represented in major museums of Egypt. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “Famous Sunken Towns”
The ancient city of Heraklion lost in the sea depth is a historic treasure of global significance. It was founded more than 2,000 years ago, at the mouth of the Nile. The former has remained the most important strategic point of Egypt for many years. Currently, surviving buildings of the ancient city lie at the bottom of the Gulf of Aboukir, about 6 meters under the surface of the sea. The discovery of this unique historic site is accredited to the research group guided by Franck Goddio.
Scientists were looking for wrecks of Napoleonic fleet, so the discovery of the ancient city was a big surprise for them. The sunken city has its interesting sights, among which the Temple of Hercules deserves special attention. Nearby there are the ruins of the temples dedicated to Anubis and Isis; huge statues of ancient gods resting at the bottom are of particular interest.
Reasons for this once thriving town to be flooded remain unclear. Only one thing is doubtless - the ancient city was stroked by a sudden and overpowering element. Precious artifacts, which scientists have discovered at the archaeological area, prove that. Local residents left their homes very quickly, but that’s possible that the disaster has killed thousands of people. No historical evidence of strong earthquakes and floods in the period of interest is known today. There are hundreds of priceless artifacts raised from the bottom of the Gulf of Aboukir; you can admire them in local museums. ... Complete sights collection

Suez Canal

From the series “Greatest Man-Made Waterways and Channels”
The most famous and recognizable one on the planet is the Suez Canal that connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. The unique geographical location between Africa and Eurasia gives the canal the priority of being an important transport junction and one of the outstanding global sights. The canal is 163 km long and 60 metres wide, its depth is approximately 20 metres.
The passing vessels spend at least 14 hours to bridge the distance. About 50 units of water transport transit the waterway. The Suez Canal was opened for navigation in 1869. It has no shipping locks. The Canal is an important link between two major harbour cities of Suez and Said, which are also trading and travel centres of great importance. The idea of ​​establishing a grand canal dates back to the oldest times, to the reign of Senausret III, Pharaoh of Egypt. The main reason for building was to ensure free movement of ships between the trading centres.
Ancient canals discovered by archaeologists that connect the Nile River with the Red Sea were built more than 3500 years ago, so it is not surprising that in the 19th century BC it was in Egypt that one of the greatest canals on the planet was built. Completion of the unique waterway took 10 years of 60 000 Egyptian workers labour. The most sublime creation ever has seen a great deal in its time from destructive wars to natural disasters. The Suez Canal keeps on captivating contemporaries with its size and perfect operational characteristics to this very day. ... Complete sights collection

6th October Bridge

From the series “The Longest Bridges in the World”
In Cairo is the bridge of 6 October with the length of 20.5 km. This bridge crosses the Nile twice and connects the western part of the city to the international airport, which is located in the eastern part of Cairo. The bridge was named to honor the important historical event. On 6 October 1973, the Ramadan war between Egypt and Israel began. The bridge building started in Cairo in 1969 and lasted a little over 30 years. In 1996 the bridge was put into operation.
Since the opening, the bridge of 6 October has been the most important street of the capital, but also of the whole state. Every day driving more than 500,000 people cross the bridge, which is also the number of guests from other countries. With care that traffic on the bridge is very dense at any time of the day, the trip takes about 45 minutes. From the bridge, the wonderful panoramas open onto the sights of Cairo. The tourists have a unique opportunity to see the beautiful mosques and churches from the new viewpoint and to observe the busy streets of Cairo from the height. ... Complete sights collection

Pyramid Of Djoser

From the series “The Oldest Surviving Monuments on Earth”
The Djoser Pyramid, located in Sakkara, is the oldest in the world. It is almost 200 years older than the world-famous Cheops pyramid. The crypt for Djoser Pharaoh was built about 6 700 years ago, it consists of six steps and has the height of 62 meters. The building has been preserved for several thousand years. However, since the pyramid was heavily sanded, it was not easy to evaluate its exact parameters. The length of the sides from the rectangular base of the pyramid is about 121 and 109 meters.
The first step pyramid in the world was built by Imhotep, the High Priest, and has a unique peculiarity. In contrast to the other pyramids, their construction contains a deep vertical pit with the dome-shaped covering, the exact purpose of which still remains unknown. In the research of the pyramid the body of Djoser was not found. Most likely he was burnt by the robbers. It is remarkable that the pyramid was intended not only for the deceased of the Pharaoh, but also for the burial of his relatives. In the pyramid, the corpses of his wives and children were discovered.
How the Egyptians managed to build such a majestic and secure building more than six millennia ago can hardly be explained today. With a view to the fact that Djoser pyramid was the first building experience of this kind in the world, the result seems even more astonishing. The modern scientists have quite simply solved the mystery of building security: the lime blocks were placed at the 'right' angle in a special way during construction. It is simply amazing that the people of the ancient civilizations knew these important architectural subtleties. ... Complete sights collection

Great Sphinx

From the series “The Oldest Surviving Monuments on Earth”
The Great Sphinx of Giza is probably one of the most famous and recognizable ancient monuments in the world. The ones in Giza. The huge statue, which is not far from the Cheops pyramid, attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists and is considered one of the most mysterious buildings in the world. One of Sphinx's main castles is the history of its origins. According to one of the versions, Sphinx was built in honor of Chephren Pharaoh. However, there is no official confirmation of this theory.
The exact time of the statue building remains unknown. The scientists believe that it was built 4 000 years ago. With respect to the impressive size of the statue and the complexity of some of its elements, the construction of such an unusual seems more than 4,000 years just incredible. The length of the Sphinx forms about 72 meters, and the height - about 20 meters.
The remarkable statue with the body of the lion and the head of man was severely damaged by the element and the destructive activity of man. In the 14th century, an Arabian Sheikh had examined the power of his guns. It is true that the face part of the sculpture in this period was deliberately partially destroyed. In the 14th century it was forbidden in the Arab countries to portray human faces. The purposeful and full research of the most ancient monument was begun only after 1925, when it was completely freed from thousand-year-old sand deposits. During the excavations, the ruins of the ancient sanctuary were discovered between the fore-paws of the statue, which, unlike the statue, was unfortunately completely destroyed. ... Complete sights collection

Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut

From the series “The Oldest Surviving Monuments on Earth”
The unique temple of Hatshepsut Queen, located in the district of Deir el-Bahari, is one of the oldest architectural monuments in the world. According to the historical data, construction work was completed in 1473 BC. The author of the project remains unknown, but his strange talent is simply amazing. The huge temple is supported by the numerous columns, the complex looks incredibly harmonious.
The temple structure contains three huge terraces, which are connected to each other by stairs and ramps. In particular, one must also mention the drawings carved on the walls - an illustration of ancient myths and legends. On the walls of the temple there is also a drawing illustrating the myths about the divine birth of the Queen of Hatshepsut. Remarkable that even after the death of Queen Czarina, the temple was considered to be one of the most important religious centers of ancient Egypt.
Thousands of people came here hoping to be healed of the diseases. And the numerous legends claim that they have succeeded. The upper terrace was used for carrying out the main rituals. Despite the impressive age, the temple of Hatshepsut has been preserved. At present, thousands of architects and restorers from around the world are working on the restoration of their destroyed elements. The tourists can look into one of the oldest temples of the earth, see the unique sculptures and the murals, and feel the special mysterious atmosphere prevailing in the temple. ... Complete sights collection

Qattara Depression

From the series “Amazing Land Areas Below the Sea Level”
One of the deepest lowlands of the earth can be found in Egypt, among the desolate landscapes of the Libyan desert. Here is the Qattara Valley, which is one of the deepest lowlands of the African continent. After a series of researches, the scientists have found that the sink was never populated. Today only the nomadic cattle breeders can be found in this remarkable place. Qattara is one of the few waterless valleys on Earth. The north and west edges of the valley are framed by the beautiful limestone mountains, whose height reaches 100 meters.
The extreme drought on the bottom of the valley prevents the formation of the water basins. In the year, precipitation does not exceed 55 mm. In the summer, the average daily temperature on the sinker criterion is about 36 degrees. Still a distinct feature of the valley is quite strong wind, which does not stop for any day.
The discoverer of the unique geographic area was Dr. Ball, who visited these sites in 1917 and gave the sink its present name. In the first half of the 20th century he proposed the dilution project, which should improve the climate of the region. Although the valley is still filled with the water, the project of Dr. Ball is considered as promising. Perhaps the Qattara Valley will soon become a unique water basin. Today, the tourists can enjoy the desert landscapes, which consist of the unique black dunes, salt flats and limestone mountains ... Complete sights collection

Great Pyramid of Giza

From the series “Top Survived Pyramids from Previous Civilizations”
Cheops pyramid is the majestic Pyramid of Giza and the most famous, most recognizable and most visited object of this kind in the world. The giant Egyptian pyramid is a real world-wide - the only one of seven pyramids that has survived until the present. The pyramid has both the impressive size and the impressive age. The modern scientists believe that it was erected not later than the 26th century BC. Thus, the building's age is at least 5,000 years.
The length of the pyramid baseline is 230 meters, and its height today reaches 138.7 meters. Unfortunately, the pyramid did not retain its original shape after several thousand years. It is partially destroyed. Originally, the height of the grandiose building was more than 146 meters. The most famous Egyptian pyramid was built for Pharaoh Hufu, whose name in Greek is called Cheops. After the main presumption, it was built as a burial ritual complex and served as a prototype for the construction of all subsequent pyramids of Egypt.
The fact that Cheops Pyramid remained the tallest building on Earth until the beginning of the 14th century seems simply unbelievable. It is also today one of the highest pyramids in the world. The stone blocks, whose average weight is 2.5 tons, and the maximum weight - about 10 tons, were used as the main building block in the construction of the pyramid. In what ways have people built more than 4,000 years ago from an architectural point of view ideal building without any special equipment, remains still one of the main rulers of the world. Cheops pyramid is a real world-wide. ... Complete sights collection

Pink Pyramid

From the series “Top Survived Pyramids from Previous Civilizations”
In Egypt, there are the unique sightseeing pyramids also outside of Giza. One of them, known to the general public under the romantic name of the Pink Pyramid, is located in Dahshūr. The third-largest pyramid of Egypt has the height of 140 meters and was built in the 27th century BC for Pharaoh Snefer. The main particularity of the pyramid is the use of stone blocks that are colored by the sun's rays in light pink color.
Some scientists believe that the pyramidal walls were originally covered with the limestone. Later, when the limestone began to crumble, the pyramid has gained the present appearance and the unique peculiarity. Within the pyramid are three huge rooms, the height of which is about 17 meters. Today they are open to visitors. Exploring the interior of the pyramid becomes an exciting and memorable adventure. The entrance to the pyramid is located at the height of 28 meters.
The corridor leading to the rooms is rather narrow and wide. Before the entrance into the pyramid, all visitors should definitely wear the Gazbinden. The latter protect the high ammonia concentration. From the standpoint of stereometry, the pink pyramid is the most regular ancient pyramids of the earth preserved from the present. Their sides have the form of almost ideal equilateral triangles. The geometrical error is even less than in the pyramids of Giza. ... Complete sights collection
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