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National traditions of Belgium. Habits, mentality and the way of living

Kortrijk Belgium is divided into three parts. Most of the Belgian population is Flemish, who lives in the northern part of the country and speaks Dutch dialects. Walloons on the other hand, live in the southern part and speak Walloon and French. The northeast is inhabited by native German speakers. Dutch and French are the official languages ​​of the country. No matter how evident the tension between the Flemish and the Walloons is in terms of political views, all Belgians are quite tolerant, polite and uncomplicated people and do not like to sort out their differences by taking the law into their hands. Most Belgians call themselves Catholics. Nevertheless, during religious celebrations and rites such as weddings and baptisms, almost everyone in Belgium, including non-religious citizens, come together to participate.
Small but hospitable, Belgium is all year round ready to offer its guests the opportunity to relax actively, cheerfully and with benefits. In the city …
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Belgians love comfort and safety and absolutely do not tolerate it when the quality of goods and services offered to them is poor or substandard. Therefore, it is difficult to find a restaurant, store or hotel in the whole country that would not offer high-quality service. Food and drinks for the Belgian should always be the best. Residents of Belgium love schedules; they often adjust their lives to pre-scheduled dates. The Belgians do not like when something that has been planned goes wrong, and also, deviation from the plan can upset them. They cannot, therefore, be called unpredictable. A Belgian will come to a scheduled meeting a little earlier or, which happens less often, by the designated time. Even a slight delay in Belgium is a sign of disrespect.
Family for the Belgians always comes first. Residents of Belgium do not like to move and often live in one place all their lives. This leads to the fact that often all family members, including distant relatives, live nearby. A Belgian would rather spend several hours on the way to and from work every day rather than move closer to his place of work. Typically, residents of Belgium marry at 18-20 years. Most of the men and women from 30 who are still single are mostly divorced. In recent years, the age of entering into marriage has increased, and the number of divorcees has also increased. On average, two children are born in families. Women rarely change their names upon getting married. Copyright
1. Flemish and Walloons cannot be confused in any case. The Flemish live in the north of Belgium and speak Dutch, or rather, its dialects. The …
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Belgians are not lovers of change; they do not like to change their social circle. They feel most comfortable at home among relatives or friends. Therefore, it is not so easy to start a friendship with the Belgians. Residents of Belgium are usually tolerant towards members of other nationalities, races, religions, and sexual affinities. A rather large percentage of Belgians are dissatisfied with their country. This nation can be called the least nationalistic – the people of Belgium often criticize the government, the weather, as well as the culture of their country. Moreover, each Belgian is proud of his home, constantly keeps it in a clean state, and cares for the garden. Many Belgian citizens sweep the street in front of their houses.
The people of Belgium are very tidy and clean. Their homes, cars, cities, clothes, public places always appear clean and shining. Belgians, in general, attach great importance to their appearance, which must be borne in mind by guests of the country who want to impress new Belgian friends or business partners. The citizens of Belgium pay much attention to their appearance and expect the same from their fellow citizens and tourists. The Belgian will not allow himself to leave the house without making sure that his clothes are perfectly clean and fit well. They do not like negligence, lack of punctuality, carelessness and irresponsibility in themselves and others, and consider good manners and good breeding to be important.
You will find it convenient to relax with the whole family in Belgium because the country offers a variety of leisure options for both adults and …
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Residents of Belgium enjoy chatting with close friends at a dinner table at home or in a restaurant. New acquaintances are not invited into the house immediately as such an important step takes time. Belgians do not discuss their or other people’s personal lives with anyone other than close relatives and friends. In this case, the Belgians can start a romantic relationship abruptly, for example, after the first date. When meeting with strange and unfamiliar people, a handshake is usually expected. People who were well known to one another replace it (the handshake) with three kisses on the cheeks (only a woman with a woman or a man with a woman), while kind of kissing the air next to her, not the cheek.
St. Annakerk, Stene, Oostende, Belgium Belgians may appear cold, unemotional and closed to foreigners. However, in fact, they can be romantic, as well as lovers of being bothered and complaining about something – and this is when the Belgians are extra emotional. Those who want to make friends with the Belgians will have to show patience, but it is worth it because only to close people do they truly express what is in their hearts. In general, the people of Belgium are modest, do not brag about wealth, achievements, appearance, intellect and other things, and do not tolerate it from others. They do not like to waste money and time, and they are hardworking people. It is therefore easy and pleasant to do business with them.
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Map of all churches
Cathedrals and basilicas in Belgium
♥   Basilique abbatiale Notre-Dame d’Orval, Florenville. On the map   Photos
♥   Basilique Saints-Pierre-et-Paul, Saint-Hubert / Sint-Houbert. On the map   Photos
♥   Basilique Notre-Dame au Cœur d’Or, Beauraing. On the map   Photos
♥   Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-de-Foy, Foy-Notre-Dame. On the map   Photos
♥   Basilique Saint-Materne, Walcourt. On the map   Photos
♥   Basilique-Abbatiale Saint-Benoît de Maredsous, Anhée. On the map   Photos
♥   Basilique abbatiale Notre-Dame de Bonne-Espérance, Vellereille-les-Brayeux. On the map   Photos
Map of all castles
Castles of Belgium
♥   Castle 'Beauvoorde Castle' . On the map   Photos
♥   Castle 'Beersel Castle' . On the map   Photos
♥   Castle 'Bouchout Castle' . On the map   Photos
♥   Castle 'Bouillon Castle' . On the map   Photos
♥   Castle 'Castle of Corroy-le-Château' . On the map   Photos
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Unique traditions in cities of Belgium

Brussels natives are very sociable and friendly, you can easily discuss any topic with them. Nevertheless, it is necessary to avoid talking about the government, the royal family and inter-ethnic relations. As in any other country, there are some taboos here. The local population is very intolerant to French culture, so you should never compare the natives with the residents of France. Local people do not like it when visitors start copying their accent. Such behavior is regarded as a mockery … Read more
Accuracy and diligence have remained one of the main traits of local residents. Starting from ancient times, this place has become widely famous for high quality lace and weapons. It’s amazing and surprising that the masters of those time could equally control both thin and fragile materials, and steel. Currently Bruges is a major center for production of electronics, so the local people never cease to amaze visitors with their talents. Travelers can buy beautiful jewelry as a souvenir in … Read more
Many centuries ago local residents were famous as refined gourmets. They have remained very skillful in food until our days. The reason for this is in the fact that this large port city has always had a large choice of different types of food. Ships coming from distant lands brought delicious seafood, rare wines and liqueurs here, as well as unusual spices and seasonings – a true dream of any chef or housekeeper. You can still see and taste this largest choice of food in Antwerp. Just visit … Read more
Such a large-scale event always attracts many foreign guests. Its main part is tastings of various types of craft beers. Street stalls are set up right on the territory of city parks and squares. At each one, visitors can taste the beer of a certain brand. Along with beer tents, they open open-air cafes serving the most popular regional dishes and traditional beer snacks. Within the framework of the Beer Festival, Ostend holds a variety of entertainment programs, open-air concerts, folk group … Read more
Local people are distinguished by love to nature and, in particular, to flowers. Ghent is surrounded by beautiful flower fields and the streets of the city are literally drowning in colorful fragrant flower beds. Flower Show is one of major national holidays of Ghent. This celebration is held only one time in 5 years. During the festival the city hosts colorful parades. Here are opened flower fair trades, and for a few days Ghent simply dives into the atmosphere of triumph and euphoria. Quite a … Read more
Races on the track near Spa were included in Formula 1 in 1950. Juan Manuel Fangio won the first race. The old track is ideal for walking or biking for vacationers today. But the intensity of passion was characteristic of this place in the past. Sometimes tragic cases happened here. It was quite difficult to assist quickly the riders who were in an accident here. This was due to the large length of the circle, which was more than 14 kilometers. One of the race participants died losing control … Read more
In the morning hours the market is always crowded and noisy, one can see as families with kids walking at a leisure pace, so people of respectable age as well as curious tourists. However the visit to the exciting market place is far not the only way of entertaining in Liege as city treats its residents and guests with a variety of national fests and events. Many of them feature religious nature. Thus a colorful and exciting fest is the Virgin Mary day taking place annually on the 15th of … Read more
It should be noted that natives themselves aren’t overly curious and they won’t ask improper questions; such displays are considered a sign of mauvais tone. Many tourists, who visit Kortrijk for the first time, compare this city with the typical French village. Indeed, the course of life of the Belgians and the French has quite a few similarities, but you shouldn’t concentrate on them. Locals also treat their culture with great respect and think that it is unique in every way. One of … Read more

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