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Travel tips for Belgium - what to prepare in advance and what to obey

Chinese Pavilion, Brussels 1. Flemish and Walloons cannot be confused in any case. The Flemish live in the north of Belgium and speak Dutch, or rather, its dialects. The Walloons, on the other hand, inhabit the south, with their languages being French and Walloon. To confuse these groups or their languages ​​is going to be perceived as an insult by your Belgian interlocutors.
2. It should be firmly remembered which languages are spoken in certain parts of Belgium. Those who have decided to go round the whole country will have to learn basic phrases in English, Dutch and French. In the capital, you can speak English and French; in Flanders, it is best to communicate in Dutch, but residents will also understand English; in Wallonia however, tourists will have to switch to French as most of the locals do not speak English or Dutch.
3. Going across the pedestrian crosswalk when the traffic light is green, be sure to carefully look in both directions. There are a lot of reckless drivers pressing everyone’s luck on the road, so taking extra caution will not only preserve your health but also your life.
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4. Those invited to the Belgians usually bring a floral bouquet (but not chrysanthemums, these are mourning flowers), and there must be an odd number of them. However, 13 flowers are the worst idea – this is an unlucky number and can spoil the mood of the receiver. You can bring a set of sweets, and save up a good wine for those Belgians with whom you have already established a friendship.
5. Belgium is one of the most tolerant countries in Europe. Its citizens believe in equal rights for all people. Therefore, even the slightest manifestations of sexism, racism, homophobia and other types of intolerance for most Belgians will be a sign that the interlocutor is a barbarian and a dummy. You should not joke about these topics either. For this reason, guests of Belgium should keep track of their own words so as not to be driven out of decent society in disgrace.
6. Belgians love to complain. Bad weather, noisy public transport, stupid songs on the radio, expensive fruit – almost anything can cause an emotional outburst. Therefore, it is possible and necessary to complain here, and it is likely that the tourist’s indignation will be happily shared by his interlocutors.
7. When visiting Belgium, it is important not to forget to take along an umbrella or a raincoat. The country is known for frequent rains, and the clouds can come quite unexpectedly. Heavy showers are rare, but very few people will be pleased to be soaked in the rain during a walk. Copyright
8. For tourists who want to make friends in Belgium or just chat with strangers, it is better to go to any event or place that creates this opportunity, like a membership club or exhibitions. But trying to start up a conversation with strangers in a vehicle, elevator or store is not appropriate; the Belgians do not like it. Also, it is best not to approach strangers at all in public places – here they respect personal space and expect the same from others.
9. Shopping in another country is always very interesting, only that in Belgium, it is better to avoid shopping on Sundays. Most of the stores on this day of the week are simply closed, and the few that do open are always filled with lots of people.
10. You cannot pay someone a visit without being invited or notify your hosts about your arrival in just an hour. In Belgium, everything is always planned out, so the unexpected appearance of a guest can disrupt the plans of the Belgians. You should not invite your friends for a walk or an event at the last moment. Everything needs to be planned in advance; this can earn you the respect of the locals.
11. The Belgians consider being late even for informal meetings and events, as a sign of disrespect. You can be late for no more than five minutes. Otherwise, you will be tired of trying to prove to Belgian acquaintances that nothing offensive was meant.
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12. It is better not to criticize the Belgians and not to make comments about them, and if this is absolutely necessary, then the remark should be presented in a gentle manner so as not to hurt their ego.
13. In Belgium, residents do not like people who are prone to boasting and laziness, as well as those who do not take good care of themselves and their homes. Guests of Belgium, who want to win the favor of the locals, should not give them a reason to suspect them of these shortcomings. The Belgians themselves are hardworking people who rarely brag about anything and are always sharply dressed, so their dislike for braggers, slackers, and dirty things quite justifies itself.
14. Littering the streets of Belgium is strictly prohibited. For the neat and tidy Belgians, this is one of the clearest manifestations of disrespect.
15. In Belgium, there are many clever and cunning fraudsters who are capable of cheating even the most cautious tourist in the twinkle of an eye. What is even worse is that some of them may contact the family of the unsuspecting foreign guest and complain on his behalf about serious problems and ask for money. Therefore, it will be reasonable to warn your loved ones about such a phenomenon in advance.
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Fantastic City Tours and Excursions in Belgium

Colorful and unique places in Belgium

Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald

From the series “Elegant Architectural Structures for Fans of Skywalks”
Travelers who want to have a look at the amazing natural attractions from a height have to go to Germany, to the Bavarian National Park. This nature reserve is the biggest in Europe. A significant part of its area is covered by forests. Here an unusual wooden tower with a complicated name Baumwipfelpfad was built among impenetrable thickets of trees. That's a complex of wooden bridges and tracks, which ends with a dome with a spiral staircase. At the top of the dome, which is directed upwards by 25 meters, there is an observation deck.

The author of the unusual tower of the project is the architect Josef Shteger. Only environmentally friendly materials, i.e. wood and steel, were used in construction. The tower is designed in such a way that even people with physical disabilities are free … Read all

Chateau Miranda

From the series “Abandoned Places of the Earth with Distinct Marks of Civilization”
In Belgium, travelers will have an opportunity to see one of the most beautiful empty castles in the world, Chateau Miranda. The last owners of this luxury castle were members of the Liedekerke Beaufort family. They were forced to leave their home in the Great French Revolution and moved to a neighboring farm. After the Second World War, the castle became the property of the national railway company, which has converted it into a camp for orphans.

Over the years, the cost of maintenance of the castle has been growing. In 1991, it has been finally abandoned due to lack of funding. Four years later, the historic building was seriously damaged by fire. At present, the Chateau Miranda officially belongs to the descendants of Liedekerke Beaufort family. They have long been taken out all … Read all


From the series “Famous Miniature Museums of Architectural Objects and Cities”
In Brussels, travellers have an opportunity to visit the most interesting "Mini Europe" park. It is located next to one of the most famous landmarks of the city – the "Atomium" sculpture. It is believed, that it is in this park of miniatures that one can see some of the most upscale and expensive models in the world, which represent exact copies of the most important European landmarks at a scale of 1:25. The park has a lot of interactive layouts. Everywhere you can see trains running on miniature railways, windmill mills with rotating blades and even erupting Vesuvius.

The park was opened in 1989. Today its area is about 24000 square meters. On this extensive territory the most important sights of 27 European countries were presented. Here, you can see the Arc de Triomphe, the … Read all
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Advices for popular cities of Belgium

1. Weather is rather rainy in Brussels, so tourists, who plan to make long walks, are recommended to take a raincoat or an umbrella with them. 2. Summer is considered the best time to travel to Brussels. The temperature here rarely exceeds +18°C, and rains are quite rare during this period, so nothing will break your recreation program. 3. If elegant clothing and perfumes are your aim, move your feet to shopping centers located on Waterloo and Louise Streets. These parts of the city … Read more
1. Weather in Bruges is quite changeable and cold. Even in summer the temperature rarely rises above +21°C. Tourists are recommended to take some warm clothes with them and make long walks only with an umbrella, because rain can start here really suddenly. 2. Those, who plan to travel around the city, can buy a special ticket. It can be valid for one day only or a certain number of trips. 3. Guests are not recommended to rent a car to travel using it on narrow streets of the city as … Read more
1. All tourists have an opportunity to get a free city map without any complications. In order to get it simply go to any kiosk located near the train station or Groenplaats Square. 2. Spring or summer are the best time to make a vacation in Antwerp. If you visit this place on other time of the year, frequent rains may violate your recreation program. 3. Smoking is prohibited in public places, so those tourists, who suffer from this addiction, have to search for specially designated … Read more
1. The best season for visiting the resort town of Oostende is considered to be the period from the beginning of June till the beginning of September. This period in Oostende features great tourist traffic. That is why travelers should book a hotel in advance as during summer period a free room in any hotel of the city is a real challenge. 2. A network of high speed trains TGV connects the city of Oostende with Brussels. A trip from one destination to another will take a little bit more than … Read more
1. Those, who expect to travel a lot by public transport, are recommended to buy a special ticket. You can buy it in special Lijnwinkel kiosks, which are located near the Central Station and Korenmarkt Square. 2. Fans of beer should visit Herberg De Dulle Griet Pub, where they can order best Belgian beer. 3. The majority of interesting shops and shopping centers are located on Volderstraat, Koutere and Veldstraat Streets. Trading pavilions of the city are a great place to buy clothing, … Read more
1. The heat of the tourist season in Liege is considered to be the period from the beginning of June till the middles of September. During this period the weather is the most favorable, sunny and warm. Tourists setting off to Liege during this period must make the hotel reservation in advance. 2. The center of the city is recommended for on foot exploration. It is a real challenge to find a parking lot in this city part. Besides, the most attractive city sights are placed in close vicinity to … Read more
1. All important sights of Kortrijk are located near, so it’s recommended to have a walking tour around the city. 2. The most appropriate urban transport is a bus; it runs every day through the streets along more than 10 different routes. It’s better to buy tickets at newsstands - in this case they will cost about 1.2 euros. You can buy tickets from a bus driver, but the cost will be much higher - 2 euros. 3. You can visit Kortrijk at any time of the year, both in winter and in summer … Read more
1. Travelers, who are in Leuven for the first time, are sure to visit the tourist office located next to the Town Hall. There you can purchase a great set of colorful cards and booklets describing all the important sights at a moderate price, and learn about upcoming cultural events. 2. The city is considered to be quite calm and safe, but pickpocketing is still common. Vacationers shouldn’t take valuables with them; they are best kept in the hotel safe. In public places belongings should be … Read more

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