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Huvafen Fushi Resort

From the series “Hotels Harmoniously Built into the Natural Landscape”
The couples who are looking for a suitable place for the wedding ceremony or the honey month can choose the magnificent island hotel Huvafen Fushi Resort. A location of this remarkable health resort is one of the islands of the Male Atolles, which the tenants can reach with the cutter or the watercraft. The hotel is located on the whole tiny snow-white island, surrounded by the azurous water of the Indian Ocean.
A part of the cottages and bungalows are built on the island, and the others are located on the piles above the water. One of the last innovations of the spa hotel was the spa salon Per Aquum, which was furnished under the water. It offers a wide selection of cosmetic treatments and different types of massage. All massages are completely transparent. In some magnificent over water rooms, the tenants can also enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. Part of the floor in it is made of the high-strength glass.
The guests of the wonderful hotel, who like the underwater entertainments, can also visit the unique underwater bar 'Blue' or taste the best wines in the chic underwater dining room. A pleasant surprise awaits the Yogafreunde, who can train not only on the own terraces in the open air, but also in the peculiar underwater water. Huvafen Fushi Resort is a unique island hotel, whose marvelous underwater infrastructure has attracted thousands of curious tourists annually. ... Complete sights collection

Cocoa Island

From the series “The Most Beautiful Islands on the Planet”
Among the picturesque Maldives you have to mention the island of Cocoa. The island surrounded by the incredibly beautiful emerald green lagoon has the extension of only 360 meters. The width of the island is about 84 meters. A few years ago, COMO Hotels & Resorts company built the chic hotel on the island. Above the water were the magnificent wooden villas, which are connected to each other and to the island with narrow small bridges.
Cocoa Island is an ideal place for quiet beach retreat. On the coast were the excellent recreation areas equipped with beautiful wooden chairs and nice straw sun screens, which do not hurt the surrounding natural harmony, for the tourists. At the beginning of the 80s of the last century, the tiny island belonged to the famous photographer Eric Klemm, who built four first bungalows. Today the Cocoa Island Hotel is one of the most romantic in the Maldives. Each of the 36 bungalows accessible to the tenants is designed according to the national traditions of the region.
The massive wooden furniture colonial style, the natural fabrics, the small craftsmanship of the local masters and the white walls - such a facility helps to recover from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. The infrastructure of the comfortable island hotels includes the ultramodern spa salon Shambalha, where you can visit the massage and beauty treatment rooms, as well as the special halls for ayurveda treatments and meditation. Near the island is the beautiful coral reef, so the first class diving center is one of the most important elements of the tourist infrastructure Cocoas. ... Complete sights collection

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

From the series “The Most Exotic Restaurants in the World”
The romantic and unusual restaurants can be found not only high in the mountains and in tree tops, but also under the water. In 2005, Ithaa ('Pearl') - the first underwater restaurant in the world - was opened in the Maldives. The restaurant immediately became one of the most famous and chic restaurants on earth. It lies on the depth of about 5 meters and is located in the small transparent capsule. Through the transparent vaulted ceilings and the hall walls one can enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. To enter the underwater restaurant, guests have to descend the spiral staircase from the special deck.
The restaurant specializes in the dishes of Maldivian cuisine. In his menu you can find many exquisite delicacies. The restaurant is located on the picturesque island of Rengali and is part of the luxurious Hilton Worldwide hotel, which is popular among the richest tourists. The technical design of the restaurant is quite simple. Its dome is made of lightweight high-strength acrylic glass, which is commonly used for decorative aquariums.
The high-strength glass holds high pressure, so the underwater restaurant is not only fairy-tale beautiful, but also quite safe. 'Pearl' is one of the most unique and expensive restaurants in the world. The average price of lunch for two people is about 120 US dollars. The dining room can accommodate up to 14 people, so it is recommended to book the table for at least 2 weeks. ... Complete sights collection

Mudhdhoo Beach

From the series “Top 15 Most Romantic Beaches on Earth”
Many travellers associate the Maldives with a high-class romantic getaway, many of whose beaches are among the best on the planet. Charming Mudhdhoo Beach is able to surprise the most experienced and discerning travellers. And we are talking not about the availability of luxury resort hotels. The beach is incredibly beautiful in the daytime, but its main secret can be unraveled only with the onset of twilight.
In the shoal of the beach, millions of shellfish live. In the darkness they emit a blue flicker. They make the beach look like a night sky, strewn with scattered bright stars. You can watch this fantastic mystery until dawn. In many ways, its current fame is due to the Taiwanese photographer Will Ho, who was one of the first to make high-quality pictures of the shining blue lights of the beach and present them on his pages in social networks. In a matter of days, the beach, located next to the upscale Dusit Thani Maldives resort hotel, has become a world-famous attraction
In the coastal waters of Mudhdhoo, there is a special kind of phytoplankton and several rare species of algae that can carry out the process of photosynthesis. Usually they radiate a glow when they encounter an obstacle, similarly, microorganisms signal each other about the approach of a predator. Couples in love who will visit one of the most romantic Maldivian islands will have an opportunity to diversify their vacation by walking along a unique shining coast. ... Complete sights collection

Conrad Maldives Rangali Hotel

From the series “Fancy Houses and Hotels Located on Water or Under Water”
In Maldives, one of the most unusual, chic and romantic hotels of the planet, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island hotel is located. Exclusive villas are available to its guests. Some of them are located on the coast, while others have been built on stilts above the water. The main feature of the hotel is a unique underwater room. It is a double room and enjoys incredible popularity with newlyweds and couples in love. The underwater room is located at a depth of about 5 meters, the ceiling and walls in it replaces a transparent acrylic dome.
The design of the room is very reliable, so its guests can enjoy the underwater world in an atmosphere of complete tranquility and privacy. Especially popular is the amazing number with newlyweds who choose it for the first wedding night. Another interesting feature of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island hotel is the underwater Ithaa restaurant. Its design, as well as the design of the room, is based on the use of a high-strength acrylic dome, which reliably protects the internal space from water pressure.
While sitting at one of the tables, visitors can enjoy specialties and simultaneously admire the colorful fish and sharks passing by. Ithaa restaurant is a landmark of world significance. The most unusual hotel in the Maldives enjoys an incredible popularity with travelers from all over the world. It provides excellent conditions for high-class recreation and familiarity with features of the underwater world of the Maldives. ... Complete sights collection

Sea.Fire.Salt.Sky. Restaurant

From the series “Fancy Houses and Hotels Located on Water or Under Water”
In the Maldives, there is an unusual restaurant Sea.Fire.Salt.Sky. It attracts not only gourmets from around the world, but also lovers of exclusive recreation in unusual places. This four-story restaurant is partially located under the water. Everybody finds here a place for soul. The original name of the restaurant has also been chosen not accidentally. Each floor is decorated in a certain style, corresponding to one of the elements.
So, the bottom floor named "Sea" is under water. Visitors of this hall during the meal will have an opportunity to admire the beauty of the underwater world. Floors "Salt" and "Fire" are intermediate, while the floor "Sky" has been equipped on the roof and is open.
Experienced travelers are moslyt attracted by the underwater floor of the restaurant, where, in addition to the equipped hall with glass walls, there is an underwater wine cellar. It contains a rich collection of wines from all over the world, tasting which, in an unusual atmosphere, promises to be an unforgettable event. The original restaurant is located in the famous Anantara Kihavah Villas Resort hotel. The basis of its menu is the author's dishes of seafood. For lovers of delicacies, it is worth considering that the prices in the restaurant Sea.Fire.Salt.Sky. are rather high. At the same time, the number of its visitors is always very high. ... Complete sights collection

Restaurant Per Aquum

From the series “Fancy Houses and Hotels Located on Water or Under Water”
Gourmets who prefer to visit the most exquisite and unusual restaurants of the world, should not ignore the underwater restaurant Per Aquum. It will also appeal to those who have long dreamed of diversifying their leisure with an incredible entertainment. The unusual restaurant is situated in the Maldives, near the resort of Niyama. The restaurant hall has been equipped at a depth of 6 meters, it has panoramic windows that allow visitors to fully enjoy the beauty of the surrounding underwater world.
The restaurant is distinctive in design, which fully corresponds to the marine theme. The hall has been equipped with a special system of artistic lighting, which is changing during the day. Travelers who wish to visit the Per Aquum restaurant, will need to swim from the coast of Niyama on a boat about 500 meters. After that, they will need to go down a spiral staircase. It is noteworthy, that a nightclub has been located previously in the underwater room.
The location of the restaurant has also a lot of interesting features. The surrounding underwater world is not only a variety of exotic fish, but also a presence of rare corals. In accordance to the concept of the restaurant, its visitors can enjoy a huge choice of specialties from seafood. In an unusual bar, guests are offered a rich choice of elite alcohol and soft drinks. ... Complete sights collection

Vaadhu Beach

From the series “Most Fabulous and Magic Beaches”
Vaadhu can be named the most fabulous beach of the planet. It's found on the same-name island, which is a part of the Maldives archipelago. During the day, the beach with white sand looks quite usual, but it's difficult to call it otherwise than sweet. Amazing time begins with the onset of darkness, when the coastal waters are literally lit with thousands of blue lights. The unique phenomenon that makes the sea look like a starry sky is called bioluminescence.
The main secret of a natural phenomenon is the special form of plankton that lives in coastal waters. This amazing peculiarity has made Vaadhu Island known all over the world. Every year, billions of tourists come from all over the world to admire the shining lights. It's important to note that the exotic beach is quite safe. It's possible to swim there at both day and night time.
The Vaadhu beach has some other attractive features. It is very popular among snorkelers. Divers will have an opportunity to see incredibly beautiful coral reefs and underwater caves, as well as get acquainted with the exotic inhabitants of the deep sea. Vaadhu Island is popular among couples, as it's considered one of the most romantic places on earth. There are several hotels on the island, so tourists can rent one of the comfortable bungalows and stay in this incredible place longer. ... Complete sights collection

Maldive Islands

From the series “Permanently Sinking Cities and Regions”
If the large cities can be saved from the storms, then the Maldives can just go under the water one day. The highest point of the archipelago is about 2,4 meters above the sea level. The average high is just 1,5 meters. Male is the first city that will go under the water if the water level increases.
About 30 000 people live on the islands today. In the nearest time they have to leave these lands and look for the safer territories. Locals earn money only from the tourism industry. There have placed the world-known luxurious hotels, one of the cleanest, wonderful and romantic beaches of the planet. The government have already begun to buy the lands where locals will go before the islands go under the water. They began this program in 2008 and continue to give money for this.
Maldives has a lot of unique nature objects, they will also go under the water in case of the flood. Specialists have been working on the bright future of the islands. According to one source, Maldives will be fully flooded no sooner than in 100 years. However, not all forecasts are so optimistic. Many leading specialists say that in several decades the islands won’t be good for life. Maldives Archipelago has about 1 100 islands. The whole area is 90 000 square kilometres. ... Complete sights collection

Swimming pool at Jumeirah Dhevanafushi

From the series “Most Scary Swiiming Pools”
A great opportunity to enjoy unusual water activities is to go to the famous hotel of the Maldives Jumeirah Dhevanafushi. In addition to luxury rooms and restaurants, it is ready to offer guests a wonderful outdoor pool. It simulates the night sky at night. It is especially interesting to swim in it after dark. Spotlights are turned on in the pool at this time. Miniature light bulbs located on the bottom and walls of the pool against the background of the water surface really resemble stars scattered across the sky.
The edges of the pool merge with the surrounding landscape at night. So it's quite scary to swim in it without seeing or feeling the boundaries. The luxury hotel was opened in 2011. It is surrounded by exotic vegetation on a small private island of Devanafushi. The Talise Spa Wellness complex is worth noting among the outstanding features of the hotel. Unique methods of thalassotherapy are practiced in it.
Many services are available in the hotel for fans of water activities, in addition to the original pool. There is a well-equipped private beach here. It is perfect for snorkeling. The hotel also has its own diving center. Even beginners will be taught the basics of scuba diving there. The unusual pool is part of the Ocean Pearls zone. The terrace of the Johara restaurant is located next to it. You can taste the original seafood dishes there. ... Complete sights collection
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Maldives Island
Experienced divers, plunging to a sufficient depth, will have a chance to observe the nurse sharks, which are often found in deep-sea caves of atolls. There are even underwater attractions – sunken ships. This spectacle is an unforgettable experience. One of the most popular is the Halaveli Atoll. This is a small vessel, you can admire it and look at the rays that come here, attracted by almost daily feeding from instructors. The second ship is not far from the capital. This is «Maldive … Read more
Male Atoll
Underwater caves covered with corals where thousands of fishes swim are extremely breathtaking as well, you can see them on Banana Reef near Hulhule Island. There are perfect conditions for beginners there. First of all, diving schools where you can take courses, rent equipment and dive with an experienced instructor are almost on every island. Secondly, you don’t have to go too deep to enjoy seeing reefs. Water is absolutely clear here, so you can see 40-50 meters down. You’ll be able to … Read more - online travel reservation expert providing reliable car rental and hotel booking services. We feature more than 25.000 destinations with 12.000 rental offices and 200.000 hotels worldwide.
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