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French Polynesia

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From the series “The Most Beautiful Islands on the Planet”
The island of Bora-Bora, whose area is no more than 38 square kilometers, has long been associated with elite recreation in the romantic atmosphere. The length of the island is about 9 km, and the width reaches 5 km. The island is surrounded by fairytale beautiful coral reefs. Not far from the coast are some tiny villages. Around 9,000 people live on Bora-Bora Island. The central part of the island has remained unchanged for thousands of years and is covered by impenetrable tropical forests.
The most remarkable natural attraction of the island is the picturesque lagoon that the divers from all over the world can see. The lagoon is quite deep so you can see in it besides thousands of colorful fish also quite large underwater inhabitants, including the rare shark species and barracudas. A part of the lagoon is called the 'ray trail'. Here live more than ten rare species of these strange fish.
The most popular hiking trails start next to the capital of the island, the town of Vaytape. The natural sights can be explored on foot, accompanied by the guide. The followers of the comfortable recreation can drive through the picturesque places of the island with the off-road vehicle. One of the most visited places is the Pahia Hill, the highest place on the island. The hillsides are covered with extensive orchards, and from its summit opens the beautiful panorama of the island and the lagoon. The height of the hill is 727 meters. It is the preserved part of the ancient volcano whose eruption has caused thousands of years back the formation of the island. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “The Most Beautiful Islands on the Planet”
Among the islands of French Polynesia you must mention the romantic island of Moorea. When you look at this wonderful island from the height, their outlines remind of the heart. The exotic island is as found for the romantic recreation. Many couples choose it for honeymoon and wedding ceremony. For the couples, the incredibly beautiful ceremonial ceremonies are carried out on the island, and even the documents on the palm cortex are given. Although these papers do not have legal force, they are very popular among the romantic people.
The island of Moorea is an excellent place to relax and enjoy the water sports. Temae Beach is one of the most comfortable and popular beaches. The picturesque island is more than 133 square kilometers, so every holidaymaker can find a place where he can relax. Recently, few first class hotels were opened on the island, where most of the locals work today.
There are about 16,000 people living on Moorea Island. Although there are no historical sites on the island, the local natural attractions are simply invaluable. The nature and hiking lovers can climb up the mountain Belvedere and appreciate the panorama of the island from the height, as well as the wonderfully beautiful Golfe Cooks and Opunohu. The beauty and harmony of the snow-white sandy beaches of Moore can hardly be described with the words. The island has a lot of wonderful beaches without any infrastructure. ... Complete sights collection

Statues of Temechea-Tohua

From the series “15 Historical Monuments, with Riddles not yet Solved”
On the tiny Nuku Hiva island, that is a part of French Polynesia, have placed the Reptilian Statues of Temechea-Tohua. There depicted the creatures that bear only a passing resemblance to the human. They look like aliens from the thematic literature and descriptions. They have huge oviform heads, that don’t go with the bodies.
Several statues give the feeling that they are wearing the exposure suits. Nowadays we can see about several decades of the reptilian. They all are made of stone and have different sizes. It is still a mystery who made it and for what. Some researchers suppose that in the ancient times the aliens could lend their spaceships on this island. Also, they say that they got into communication with locals.
For aborigines such meetings played a great role. They could worship the aliens, believing they are gods. The sculptures are not so old – only 1 000 years. Locals tell the researchers a lot of breathtaking legends about the sculptures. More than that, they say how their island was visited by strange creatures from the space. Aliens gave locals a lot of useful knowledge. In return for that, people made their numerous sculptures. ... Complete sights collection

Moruroa Atoll Test Site

From the series “Largest and Famous Nuclear Test Sites”
Since 1960 France did nuclear tests on the territory of Algeria. It is more than likely that tests will be held until now if this small state didn’t win its independence back. After Algeria independence was recognized, France had to replace the test site on the islands in the Pacific Ocean. Moruroa Atoll was rebuilt in a nuclear test site. The first experiments were held there in 1966. On the islands were made a lot of large tunnels, which length was about 800 meters.
Since the foundation, the test site is a reason of hot disputes among ecologists. If the nuclear waste will get into the ocean, it can become a reason for the global catastrophe. In the 1960s during another experiment in the soil has appeared a huge fissure through which the nuclear waste could get into the World Ocean. After the explosion, there were made a lot of ecological researching works, which results are still secreted.
The last nuclear tests on Moruroa Atoll were made in 1995. After this the territory wasn’t cleaned from the nuclear waste. Atoll is a very beautiful place, it could be a nice resort. During the whole period of existence, the test site saw 181 explosions. Today this place is very popular among fans of the extreme recreation. Desert beaches with a snow-white sand, tousles of palms and a general lack of people attract fans of a quiet vacation. ... Complete sights collection

Fangataufa Test Site

From the series “Largest and Famous Nuclear Test Sites”
When numerous French test sites were replaced to Polynesian Islands, the place of the dangerous tests became Fangataufa Atoll. As many other coral islands, this Atoll has a unique nature and diversity of sea world. Should we say that this wonderful place of the planet was polluted by the long-lasting nuclear tests?
This test site was used since 1966 until 1996. There were made 15 explosions, 10 of which were made under the ground, and 5 over the ground. On the island were built large tunnels which depth was from 500 to 700 meters. In 1966 on the test site was a serious accident which lead to the deactivation of a part of Atoll.
Before there test site the Atoll was inhabited. There lived people and made copra. As many years ago, the island has a lot of wonderful coconut palms which were used for coconut oil manufacture. Locals got the oil with the help of the simplest handmade equipment. Today the islands attract people with its scenic landscapes. They are full of luxurious beaches with a snow-white sand but to relax there can turn into death. Nevertheless, these warnings don’t scare some tourists. They go to the inhabited Atoll and adore with a calm relaxation. ... Complete sights collection

Holy Place of Taputapuatea

From the series “The Most Interesting UNESCO Sites in France”
The islands of French Polynesia are rich in unique attractions. The sacred site of Taputapuatea is a world-famous tourist attraction. According to researchers, it was founded in the early 11th century. This sacred place is considered the most significant in the archipelago today. An amazing monument of Polynesian culture was destroyed with the arrival of colonizers on the islands.
Researchers have discovered an interesting archaeological area recently. The sacred monument was restored in 1994. The place is located in the bay of Opoa. The locals have many beautiful legends associated with this place. According to one of them, it was in this bay that the god of war Opo was born. He was considered the dominant deity among the Polynesians. The sacred place was founded in the bay specifically to offer sacrifices to the deity.
Visitors to the archaeological area can see the restored fragments of stone structures. There are also figurines here. They are made of volcanic rock. The sacred place is surrounded by incredibly beautiful natural landscapes. Two vast forest valleys are located next to it. These places attract not only fans of ancient history, but also fans of walking through picturesque natural places. Divers also visit the bay of Opoa. A very beautiful coral reef is located next to it. The bay is considered quite safe for diving. Therefore, even beginners can go diving here.
There are many sacred places like the Marais Taputapuatea on the islands of French Polynesia. But the place found in the bay of Opoa is remarkable because it is one of the oldest in the archipelago. All other sacred complexes were built much later, in the 15th-18th centuries. Researchers believe that the largest temple on the territory of the archipelago could have been located in this place once. But it was destroyed with the arrival of the European colonialists. Reconstruction of several other sacred sites is currently underway on the islands. ... Complete sights collection
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The market offers the vastest assortment of goods among which tourists will find original souvenirs and adornments as well as fresh foods and popular ethnic treats. A popular souvenir hunted by the city guests is still pearls and jewelry with pearls. However these should be bought only in specialized stores. The most popular jewelry shops are located in the Le Quartier du Commerce district. Another popular jewelry store is located close to the Black Pearl Museum. Those tourists looking to get … Read more
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