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French Polynesia

Travel tips for French Polynesia - what to prepare in advance and what to obey

1. French Polynesia is known for its gorgeous beaches. If you do not wish to swim in any of them, then at least take a walk along the coast. You have to try your hardest to resist the temptation of walking barefoot in the warm water as it is not a good idea. Corals are usually sharp and can easily cut open the skin, thereby causing bleeding. In addition, there is the risk of stepping on a sea urchin or a poisonous wart fish that perfectly masks as stones. The stick of a fish is always very painful. It can cause serious health problems or even put the life of an unlucky tourist at risk. On the other hand even when you are in shoes, you should carefully watch your feet so as not to harm the inhabitants of the waters.
2. Do not expect excellent service at hotels. Despite the fact that French Polynesia is popular among tourists, the level of service on the islands is usually lower than in Europe and the USA. This applies even to the best hotels in the country. The best option is to put up with that and just be happy with what you have, without forgetting about politeness – after all, the beauty of the country will brighten up any unpleasant experience.
3. Most of the Polynesians are friendly, but they can be bonded with at the first meeting. So when going to the islands, it is important not to forget to bring a smile with you. A few polite words can win the favor of most locals.
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4. The official language on the islands is French, so you should learn a few everyday phrases at least. Polynesians are especially friendly to strangers who try to comport themselves like locals.
5. Despite their friendliness and modesty, Polynesians love to argue and can even get into a fight, so you should not discuss religion, topics of ethnic and social groups, politics and other similar topics. If a dispute has broken out, it is better to agree with the opinion of your opponent in order to avoid insults and other possible unpleasant consequences.
6. When faced with a ramp or shark in the water, it is important not to panic but calmly sail away. Shark attacks in the waters of French Polynesia are very rare, as most of these frightening water inhabitants are non-aggressive. Dangerous wart fish only stings when stepped on, but it is better not to completely keep away from the moray eels living in corals.
7. French Polynesia is a great place to relax, especially on the water. For tourists who want to take a dive wearing a mask and tube, it is better to bring these diving gears along with you on your trip, and if you do not have them, buy in your home country. One of the reasons for this is hygiene. This does not mean that Polynesians do not wash masks and tubes that they offer for rent, but it is always better to be on the safe side. The second reason is the price. It is often cheaper to buy a mask and snorkel at a sports store and take them with you on a journey than to rent them on the islands. Copyright
8. The inhabitants of French Polynesia do not like indiscretion, so you should not flaunt expensive things so that the islanders would not think that you are trying to humiliate them. Thefts on the islands are rare, but not many people have heard of more serious crimes like robbery, but leaving an expensive phone or camera unattended is not advisable.
9. It is necessary to carry a passport with you everywhere, and a photocopy is best. Going out without an identity card is not allowed by law. You would not be imprisoned for this of course, but you can get into an unpleasant situation with the local police and spend several hours in the station.
10. Tourists should prepare in advance for the fact that the prices on the islands are very high in comparison to that in other countries. This includes the prices of food. Those who want to economize are best advised hereby not to eat the food offered at the hotel, but to go to a cafe or buy groceries on their own, as this will be cheaper.
11. On the islands of French Polynesia, you can drink tap water. However, it is always safer to buy bottled water that is sold on almost every corner.
Volcanic islands, dense tropic forests, unforgettable underwater world and many secluded places away from noisy urban life that are perfect for …
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12. Many people call French Polynesia an earthly paradise, and not without reason. Nevertheless even this beautiful place, created for relaxation and bliss, has an unpleasant side – insects. For this reason, insect repellents, especially against mosquitoes, are an unpleasant necessity. Allergy sufferers need to take medication with them on their trip so as not to endanger their lives due to a possible bite. For understandably reasons, leaving your windows open in the evening when the lights are on is not advisable.
13. In addition to light clothing, you must take a raincoat with you on your journey, because it rains frequently on the islands.
14. In no case should the name of the island of Tahiti be used when speaking of French Polynesia as a whole. Tahiti is one of the many islands that form the archipelago, which form part of French Polynesia.
15. The wireless internet on the islands works poorly. This must be taken into account when going here on vacation. Tourists should not be indignant about this because they will not be understood. Even in good hotels the internet can work intermittently. You can look at this from another angle: in such an amazingly beautiful place it is better to forget about the Network and have a good rest, without being distracted by emails and social networks. Photos from the vacation can be posted afterwards, when you have returned home.
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Advices for popular cities of French Polynesia

1. Tourists are recommended to explore the city of Papeete on foot as all the significant landmarks and sights as well as entertaining facilities are located in close vicinity to each other. Bicycle is one of the most popular city transports. Tourists can rent bicycles in one of the numerous rental centers. 2. The main type of the city transport is a bus by which tourists can reach almost every district of the city. It should be noted that there are no bus stops in Papeete. A bus or any other … Read more
1. The period from June to October is considered the best time to visit Moorea. There are almost no heavy rains during these months, so nothing will spoil your excursion program. 2. The temperature is rarely above 21°C in July and August, so these months are not the best for beach recreation. 3. The staff at the majority of hotels, restaurants, and shops speaks English, so it will be not hard to communicate with local people. 4. Besides the national currency, local shops and markets … Read more
1. Travelers can make calls to other cities and countries from phone booths available at all major state and entertainment institutions. Such booths accept only "Telecarte" plastic cards that can be bought in almost every store or post office. Calls from the hotel will be way more expensive. 2. The most prevalent urban transport on Moorea is an extensive bus network that can be accessed literally from anywhere on the island. Public transport is available from 5:30 to 17:30, whereas the … Read more
Bora Bora
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Tahiti Island
1. The best time to visit the island is from May to October, the rest of the year is the rainy season, especially frequent storms occur in January. However if you are not afraid of storms and tropical downpours, which are strong but do not last for a long time, then in the rainy season you can have a perfect relaxation on the island as well. The average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius with a light breeze. 2. In order to visit Polynesia, you need a special visa, which is obtained in the … Read more

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