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Cultural sightseeing in Finland. What to visit - museums, temples, castles and palaces

Cirrus Finland is a beautiful northern country, considered the embodiment of Nordic exotics. In a relatively small area, surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, there are many ancient castles and fortresses, unique museums, and interesting places that cannot be found anywhere else. The colorful sights of Finland are silent evidence of the history of the amazing land. One of the most distinguishable places is the Senate Square in Helsinki, where all the tourists who come to the country go. The architectural ensemble of the square is represented by buildings in the style of late classicism. The simplicity and laconicism of the buildings give the square a stern and solemn appearance.
When it comes to mention the most popular places of interest in Finland, the first destination that comes to mind is Helsinki. The Senate Square is …
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The landmark of the place is the magnificent St. Nicholas cathedral with a monument to the Russian Emperor Alexander II who initiated the Finnish independence. The square also houses the National Library of Finland and the University building. Another religious establishment popular among guests of the country is the Assumption Cathedral, one of the largest Orthodox churches in Europe. This architectural monument is located on the island of Katajanokka in the city of Helsinki. The monumental building strikes tourists with its unique decorative elements and luxurious interior. The cathedral built from red bricks and surrounded by buildings built in the style of Finnish modernism, forms the modern look of the capital of Finland.
The Sveaborg Sea Fortress in Helsinki is one of the main historical sights of the country. Features of Scandinavian construction have been preserved in the architecture of the 18th century building. Samples of Russian artillery guns are of interest. Today there are several museums within the territory of the fortress. The Olafsborg fortress was the first building created as a defensive fortification in case of shelling. The once powerful and fully equipped fortress today is a historical monument and a venue for conducting opera music festivals. The Temppeliaukio Church was opened only half a century ago, but its rooms cut from the rock with walls of untreated natural stone attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. The church can boast of excellent acoustics, thanks to which regular organ concerts and musical evenings are hosted regularly in it. Copyright
The national cuisine of Finland can be called endemic: majority of its dishes cannot be tried in any other country. Traditional Finnish meal is food …
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In the city of Turku there is the Abo Castle erected in the 13th century. Within the massive walls of gray stone are enclosed magnificent Renaissance rooms, the prison of Eric XIV, a church with a rich collection of medieval wooden sculpture, an exposition of items of decorative and applied art and antique ware. The central part of the castle is occupied by the Historical Museum of Turku which contains evidence of the city’s history, a collection of coins and medals. In the vicinity of the city of Ekenas lies the ruins of the Raseborg palace built in the 14th century. It served as an administrative building and an outpost against the Baltic pirates. The typical medieval structure underwent restoration in the late 19th century. However, it was not possible to restore it. In the ruins of the palace today are held folk festivals, medieval bazaars, concerts and theatrical performances.
In an ancient building on Kaivokatu Street in Helsinki is located the Ateneum Art Museum, which houses the largest collection of masterpieces of Finnish and world art in the country. It was founded in the late 19th century after the Russian Emperor Nicholas II donated the first few canvases to the Association of Finnish Artists. Today the museum unites two departments: “the Athenaeum hall” and the Finnish National Gallery. They contain works of Finnish and foreign painters. The pearl of the exposition is a collection of works by the masters of the “golden age” of Finnish painting. The museum regularly hosts exhibitions of famous contemporary artists. In the city of Rovaniemi on the border of the Arctic Circle, is situated an interesting museum “Arktikum”, which has united several permanent expositions dedicated to the Polar region, and the scientific center for the exploration of the northern latitudes. The Arctic Center provides visitors with a unique opportunity to see the northern lights from the premises of the Polar Theater.
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Fantastic City Tours and Excursions in Finland

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Map of all art museums
Art galleries in Finland
♥   Art museum 'Ateneum Art Museum' Helsinki. On the map   Photos
♥   Art museum 'Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma' Helsinki. On the map   Photos
Map of all palaces
Palaces in Finland
♥   Palace 'Presidential Palace' . On the map   Photos
♥   Palace 'Turku Castle' . On the map   Photos

Extreme Guinness-type places in Finland

Houseboat Saunalautta

From the series “Fancy Houses and Hotels Located on Water or Under Water”
Many experienced travelers note that Finnish sauna is best visited in Finland, despite its wide distribution in various countries around the world. The most unusual Finnish sauna can really be visited in its native country, Saunalautta has been built on water and offers clients a very special conditions for recreation. The sauna has been built of recycled materials. One of the main materials used for its construction was wood.

In addition to the sauna itself, the complex provides a sleeping room with four seats, as well as the presence of several terraces with hammocks. One of the terraces has been equipped with a special barbecue area. Thanks to the developed infrastructure, Saunalautta is considered a full-fledged leisure center, and not just an ordinary sauna. The sauna operates only … Read all

Banja Funicular

From the series “Most Extraordinary Thermaes, Baths and Saunas in the World”
Those who are not afraid of heights, will surely like an original cable car bath. It was opened in the most ordinary cabin of the gondola lift, which, among the others, is distinguished only by a beautiful finish made of light wood. The "extreme sauna" in located the famous La Jolla ski resort. The cabin of the lift, in which it was equipped, rises to a height of 500 meters in 40 minutes and descends back, visitors of the sauna will have an opportunity to enjoy incredibly beautiful landscapes of snow-capped mountains during the rest.

The unusual bath accomodates four people. Those who do not seem to have an extreme air trip will be able to diversify the rest with another enchanting event - to dive into the snow at one of the funicular stations. The so-called "Flying sauna" is a unique … Read all
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Map of cities Cities map of Finland
Map of sights Map of sights in Finland

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Top cultural sites of Finland: monuments, theaters and churches

Aleksanterin teatteri, Helsinki

Location on the map:   Interesting facts: » The oldest religious building in the country is the Imperial Alexander Theatre. It is named after the Russian King who gave money for the construction of the new building in Melpomene.
»  Such eminent people, as the singer Shalyapin, the performer Varlamov, the writer Gorky, and the word-painter Yuriev, performed here.
»  Technical equipment is suitable not only for theatrical, but also for dance performances. Drama and opera performances, musicals, and dance plays are stages here. The acoustics of the hall that lets play contemporary and classic music here. Private events are also held here.
»  The initiator of the religious building construction was the Governor General of Finland.
»  The Italian troupe stages the opera “Faust” on the opening day. The theatrical performance was premiered in spring 1880.
»  The theatre has already reached the 135-year mark of its existence.
»  Today, actors are often on tour. Invited play-actors from all over the world also improvise on stage.
»  The theatre doesn’t have a cast.

Helsinki Cathedral, Helsinki

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» Every year, the sacrament - the queen’s coronation - is held at the city cathedral. One of the 10 beauties had been selected by vote before. After the coronation, the maiden in a white dress with a crown and lighted candles goes to the square with her friends.
»  There was a church at one time. It was dismantled and the territory was extended to construct a new church. The construction lasted 22 years. The updated church was finished in 1852. There is a bell tower and a chapel at the Evangelical Lutheran Church.
»  The exterior is distinguished by multiple statues of 12 apostles placed on the roof. They are made of lead. Such number of zinc statues is the largest in the world.
»  There is a vaulted cave under the cathedral. Art exhibitions and community meetings are held in it.
»  People attend communal prayers three times a week. You can listen to organ music at the weekend.
»  You can see the white magnificent building on souvenirs, postcards, and in guides. This cathedral is a city landmark.
»  Every year, about half a million people come here to admire the temple.

Kallio Cathedral, Helsinki

Location on the map:   Interesting facts: » In Finnish, «temppeliaukio» means «temple square».
»  The unusual building was erected in the late 1960s. Solid rock was the main building material.
»  The way the church was constructed was quite unconventional: the rock at the base was blown up. The pit was covered with a dome.
»  Many people compare the construction with a UFO. The “inverted saucer” looks impressive, especially in the evening, when it’s illuminated.
»  When you get inside, it also feels huge and spacious. It seems that the dome is located high. However, its height is in fact only 12 meters.
»  The church has two hundred window openings providing sufficient natural light.
»  The chime of bells is recorded and is played before the service.
»  The sound vibration is so good that it was praised by the best world-renowned musicians, for example, Mstislav Rostropovich. Thanks to the acoustics, besides classical organ concerts, modern rock bands also perform here.
»  Services are read in two languages: Finnish and English.
»  Up to 500,000 tourists come here every year.
»  It took a few months to build the church.

Museum of Natural History, Helsinki

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» In the Museum of Natural History, you can learn about the nature of the country.
»  In the four-storey building, there are stuffed birds and animals, fragments of skeletons of dinosaurs, ancient pangolins, and the remains of bones of animals dwelling on the planet.
»  The museum is located in the city center. It is distinguished by the sculpture of the moose at the entrance. In summer, you can see the giraffe on the balcony of the building.
»  In the “Suomi Nature” sector, you can see broadleaved trees and pines, as well as waters of Finland.
»  In the “Corner of Nature”, you can acquaint with dwellers of the entire planet. On the exhibits, there are plates with their dates. The “palm” sign means that you can touch exhibits, for example, touch the egg of the ancient pangolin.
»  The “Life History” sector will tell you how one-celled organisms develop and turned to evolved ones.
»  Bone remains will tell you about the diversity of ancient vertebrates. There is even the skeleton of the Steller's sea cow exterminated by humans in the middle of the 18th century.
»  The building occupying by the museum was built in 1870. Originally, it served as a school for Russian teenagers.

National Museum of Finland, Helsinki

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» One of the huge warehouses, where you can see cultural and historical items, is located in the National Museum.
»  It resembles the Finnish medieval palace with its appearance. The building has a stone decorated foundation. There is a high cone tower. The hall is decorated with frescoes of 1900.
»  Here, you can also see artifacts telling about the historical development of the country from ancient times up to now. You can visit static and temporary local history, ethnocultural, and art exhibitions. In the shop, you can buy interesting books.
»  Their collection is divided into themed sectors. Each of them has a hall.
»  The history sector is the biggest. Here, you can see archeological artifacts found during excavations in the country, and other items: ceramic fragments, crockery, accessories, and chronicles about the first humans settling here 10 000 years ago.
»  At the “Treasures” Exhibition, you can see awards of different epochs, coins, paper money, and jewelry.
»  Workshop Vintti (translated as “basement”) at the upper level will let you give insights into the history, for example, weave a patchwork carpet or work on the conveyor.

St. John Church, Helsinki

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» There is a Lutheran church (1891) on top of the hill. Over the centuries, rites of summer solstice had been performed.
»  The Swedish architect built a house corresponding to the place: according to the architectural plan, the building is constructed in the Flamboyant style. Due to its exterior, the building resembles a fire with a flame rising to the sky.
»  The building is built on the stone foundation. The church is faced with red bricks. There are 74-meter towers on both sides. Outer walls are decorated with narrow lancet windows of stained glass. There is a big round rose-window above the central doorway. Its surface separates the intertwined ornament. The entrance to the building is guarded by two fabulous beasts. The sculpture of Apostle John reminds of the saint, after whom the cathedral is named.
»  2 600 worshipers can visit the service at one time.
»  The light room has excellent acoustics, which lets hold organ concerts. All pieces of furniture - the altar, benches, and balconies - are wooden. The altar depicts Paul, the preacher and the follower of Christ. Big columns supporting the dome make the church higher.

Suomenlinna Church, Helsinki

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» The Lutheran Church is located near the fortress.
»  There was a military unit in the territory of the church in 1809. The five-dome Orthodox Church was built for soldiers of the garrison by the Russian architect’s plan.
»  Its bell tower still serves as a beacon. Its light gives the “H” mark, the first letter in the city name (Helsinki).
»  There are three such religious buildings in the world.
»  According to the chronicles, the church was wooden in 1785.
»  The House of God honors the memory of the warlord Nevsky. The church was blessed six years after the warlord Alexander prevented the northwest of Russia from the invasion of the Crusaders.
»  The walls of the church are covered with smooth gray plaster. The fence of chains is molded of the cannon. At the entrance to the temple, you can see the emblem with a lion.
»  The bell on the tower weighs about 7 tons. It was made in Moscow in 1885.
»  At the church, there is the icon that is accepted as miraculous: when the building was fired in 1855, warriors noticed that shells and bullets didn’t hit it. To commemorate this event, the icon of the Mother of God was decorated with a silver frame.

Uspenski Cathedral, Helsinki

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» The cathedral (1862-1868) started to be built in one of the quarter of old Helsinki built up with huts and one-storey houses where ordinary people lived.
»  Substantial citizens started building new houses too. The quarter gained respectable appearance soon. Now, it is a prestigious district in the city. It can be said that the Uspenski Cathedral caused this.
»  The House of God that is 51 m high is the largest Orthodox religious building in Europe.
»  The Uspenski Cathedral is located on the high cliff. Visitors going from the sea gate see the magnificent red-brick building with 13 copper domes.
»  They are crowned by decorative gilded towers. They symbolize the presence of Jesus with 12 apostles.
»  The cathedral is built in the Russian architectural style. It is distinguished by patterns in its stones.
»  Inner rooms are spacious and light despite multiple elegant decorative elements. The dome is painted. There is the collection of precious items behind the church ambo.
»  The rectangular table in the middle of the table is covered with a golden coating and decorated with precious stones. It was delivered from the Valaam Monastery.

Culture and monuments in popular cities of Finland

Uspenski Cathedral is another prominent religious attraction. The age of the cathedral is around 150 years. The building is made of red brick, and the halls of the church are decorated with exquisite icons and elegant gilded iconostasis. Rock Church is, without a doubt, no less attractive. The church is located in Töölö district. Built in 1969, the church is one of the most original monuments of modern architecture. Carved in the rock, the hall of the church is distinguished by special … Read more
A striking example of neo-Byzantine architecture is the Orthodox Church of St. Alexander Nevsky and St. Nicholas. This religious building reminds locals of a time when their country was part of Tsarist Russia. It should be noted that only a couple of monuments of this style have survived in Scandinavia, which makes the church even more unique. The Kaleva Church is the monument of the later period. It was built in 1966 and is a true example of Art Nouveau. The stately building of iron, … Read more
Another great way to get acquainted with the history and culture of the region is to visit a museum located on the island of Turkansaari. This open-air heritage museum occupies a vast area with 29 beautiful buildings. Most of them were built in the 17th-18th centuries and brought here from all over Finland. The museum acquaints visitors with diverse areas of life and traditions of the indigenous population. Here you can see typical peasant huts with masterfully recreated furnishings of bygone … Read more
Not far from the picturesque park is Sibelius Hall, which got its name in honor of the famous composer. The concert hall occupies a renovated building of the former carpentry factory. Today, literally nothing reminds its visitors of the industrial past. This is one of the largest and most beautiful concert halls in Northern Europe. Every year, the hall hosts a major classical music festival, which is attended by musicians from many foreign countries. It is noteworthy that Sibelius Hall is … Read more
Even the smallest town has its unique attractions. The amazing Lappish museum is situated on the shores of Lake Inari. It is a large-scale open air cultural center, where you can see replicas of the old houses of local fishermen and reindeer herders. The museum introduces craft traditions and customs of indigenous people of Lapland; its exhibits include ancient weapons, household utensils and handicrafts. Not far from the lake there is another prominent attraction, Pielpajarvi Wilderness … Read more

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