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From the series “The Oldest Inhabited Cities on the Planet”
Plovdiv is the oldest city in Bulgaria and one of oldest cities in the world that never ceases to attract with its cultural and historical charm. According to scientists, it was founded in 4000 BC, so the city is over 6,000 years old. Currently, the city is home to about 400,000 people; it’s the second largest settlement of the country after the capital.
Cultural and historical objects represented in Plovdiv have a value of global significance. The city has more than 200 objects of world cultural heritage. Rich historical heritage didn’t prevent Plovdiv from developing as a great economic, trade and cultural center. For many years, it has remained a venue for major international events; there are always interesting exhibitions here in spring and autumn.
The main historical symbol of Plovdiv is the ancient theatre. It has been completely renovated and is now used for the most important cultural events. Magnificent old streets, houses of timber decorated with intricate carvings, amazing ancient buildings and a huge number of art galleries – that’s how Plovdiv looks in eyes of modern tourists. Another important feature of Plovdiv is the fact that virtually all of its central area is closed to vehicles, so you can admire the beauty of the ancient city slowly walking along its picturesque streets. ... Complete sights collection

Skull Rhodope

From the series “Most Curious Artifacts of Extraterrestrial Origin”
In 2001 the skull of the unknown being was discovered in Ostrhodopenes. The story of the discovery of this artifact is interwoven with the mystical legends. The skull was found by Roman Gentschev, the inhabitant of Plovdiv. The realistic dreams forced the 38 year old man to go to the search for the artifact. In dreams, Roman has seen five men in the unusual silver dresses that have shown the spot of the find exactly.
In search of the skull, the local inhabitant went along with his wife and the comrade. Surprisingly, they have exactly the place where the small skull is discovered. Its weight does not exceed 250 grams. The brain bowl of the specimen is greatly enlarged and there is no oral cavity. Not far from the skull was still found an object of unknown origin-the fragment of the metal of the ellipsoidal form weighing more than 800 grams.
The researches of the found artefact had already ended 2002 for unknown reasons. The scientists have not found any evidence of the earth's origin of the skull. The Rhdopen skull is one of the few known artifacts, whose extraterrestrial origin is not a source of doubt among scientists from different countries. Roman Gentschev is the owner of the unique artifact and does not want to sell it at any price and for no price. The proposals to sell the skull, he has since the first days after publication of its history in the mass media. ... Complete sights collection

Devetashka Cave

From the series “Fantastic and Colorful Caves Inside the Earth”
In Bulgaria, an outstanding natural attraction is Devetashka Cave, located on the Osam River. It was discovered by a group of researchers in 1921 and is the largest cave in the country. The length of underground passages is 1500 meters. The main feature of the cave are large openings in the ceiling, thanks to which some of its areas are perfectly illuminated in the daytime. In some parts of the cave rapid streams flow, and natural arches are covered with dense vegetation. While exploring the cave, more than ten beautiful lakes and many unusual formations have been discovered.
It must be mentioned that the colorful cave is considered an important archaeological area. Still in the Palaeolithic period it served as a refuge for people, as evidenced by tools found in the cave, made of silicon, as well as products made of stone and bones. Devetashka Cave is open for visiting as part of excursions, however, it will not be possible to pass through all its sections. As a rule, sightseeing tours are limited only to visiting the main gallery, which is illuminated through seven large holes.
Other parts of the cave are impassable due to the rapid flow of rivers. For their research, special equipment is needed. There is another important feature of the cave, it is home to a large colony of bats. In order not to disturb the animals, environmentalists have decided to close the cave for visiting between the beginning of June and the end of July. Tourists are advised to take warm clothes with them even in summer, the cave is always quite cold. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “Monochromatic Cities - Stunning Views”
Sozopol is an ancient seaside town in Bulgaria. This place is rather popular among celebrities. They like to come here for vacations. This city became popular among celebrities and ordinary people thanks to its wonderful beaches and nice hotels. The historical area of the city is placed on the peninsula. Today it is an architectural monument of the world meaning. All Sozopol’s buildings are made from huge stone blocks of one color. The variety of buildings in the historical area contain a single ensemble.
In the historical district you will see mostly two-stored buildings in classical Bulgarian style. Within several decades there were developed a great tourism and entertainment infrastructure. Nowadays in the city there are about 600 restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other entertaining places at any taste. Also, there were saved several old mills in the central part of the city. Today these mills are the places for entertainment.
The main sightseeing places are placed in the Old City. There you can see several wonderful churches and admire with the antique circle that today is a place for city cultural events. Nowadays many old houses are used as museums or art galleries. Also, there has placed several great national restaurants and souvenir shops. Fans of nature can visit the Ropotamo, on its territory live about 250 species of rare birds. ... Complete sights collection

Temple-Monument of Alexander Nevsky

From the series “The Most Astonishing Orthodox Churches”
Temple-Monument of Alexander Nevsky is one of the main sightseeing places in Sofia. The cathedral has appeared there only in 1912. The creator of this tremendous temple is a Russian architect Alexander Pomerantsev. This Orthodox Church is one of the largest in the whole world. Its area is 3 170 meters and it can hold about 5 000 people inside. The most interesting part of the cathedral is the bell tower. It has 12 bells and their weight is about 23 tones.
For several hundreds of years this wonderful cathedral with azure and golden cupolas stays one of the main symbols of Sofia. At the beginning of the 20th century, the church was the highest building in the city. It has placed 552 meters above the sea level. Today its main-golden cupola is possible to see from every city street. The cathedral was built in honour of the remarkable historical event – the Russia liberation from the Ottoman yoke which building has begun in 1879.
It is a great building made in Neo-Byzantine style. The inner decoration adores with its thoroughly made conception. The main entrance is made of rare Serbian oak, inside the cathedral is decorated with rare types of marble and onyx. The chandeliers were made especially for the church in Munich. The weight of the central chandelier is about 2, 5 tones. The floor also attracts people, it is made with rare Italian marble mosaic. Walls and the ceiling are decorated with an art painting. The best European masters hold their hands to this incredible beauty. ... Complete sights collection

Veliko Tarnovo

From the series “Amazing Cities on the Rocks”
The beautiful town of Veliko Tarnovo is located on a mountainside in Bulgaria. It was founded in the 5th century. The town, located in the valley of the Yantra River, was the capital of the state in ancient times. It attracts travelers with its outstanding architectural monuments today. The town is located in an incredibly difficult mountainous area. It was built on the slopes of a winding gorge. The ancient fortress remains its main symbol. The historic district is perfectly preserved in the town.
Its buildings are located in a cascade on terraces. Many historic buildings are the location of museums and art galleries today. Guests of Veliko Tarnovo will have the opportunity to visit the historical museum. A rich collection of archaeological artifacts is stored there. You can also visit the art museum. There are national restaurants in the town. They are no less valuable than historical monuments. You can taste not only traditional Bulgarian cuisine but also excellent wines from the local historical wineries there.
Not all small old towns can offer an interesting evening program to their guests. Veliko Tarnovo is also an exception in this sense. There are several excellent night clubs and bars in the town. You can relax and have fun there until dawn. Several interesting archaeological areas are located in the vicinity of the town. You can see the ruins of the ancient town of Nicopolis ad Istrum there. Travelers are also offered interesting excursions to the picturesque waterfalls. Hristovski waterfall and Emen waterfall are the most beautiful. Emen waterfall is located next to the canyon of the same name. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “Remains of the First Ancient Cities”
The charming Bulgarian city of Plovdiv is officially recognized as the oldest city in modern Europe today. The earliest organized settlements were formed on the territory of the city in the 6th Millennium BC. The ancient city reached its heyday during the rule of the Thracians. It was called Eumolpiada at the time. The reign of Philip II of Macedon was the next bright turn in the history of the city. His army captured the city in 342 BC. It was renamed Philippopolis after that.
The Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans influenced the city's culture later. This leads to a rich historical and cultural heritage More than 200 objects located on the territory of the historical city are under UNESCO protection today. There are many buildings of ancient times among them. Guests of Plovdiv will have the opportunity to see the ruins of the ancient stadium and the city forum, as well as the theater and ancient baths.
Ruins of residential and public buildings are also preserved in the historic district as well. It was possible to almost completely restore the ancient theater in recent years. About 3,000 spectators can be accommodated in it today. The theater is regularly used for various festivals and cultural events. Fragments of the old fortress wall are also preserved in Plovdiv. It was built by the Thracians. Guests of the city will be able to see historic buildings of various eras. Many medieval buildings have survived. Mosques are also preserved here. They were built in the early 15th century. The historic district has autonomous status today. It is a huge open-air museum. ... Complete sights collection
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