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Songkran festival

From the series “Most Enchanting and Vibrant Festivals”
The Chinese New Year celebration became an event of world importance long ago. This holiday is known to public as the Songkran festival and is celebrated in the middle of April. Although it is a family holiday the abundance of interesting street traditions makes it very attractive among the tourists. According to ancient tradition water pouring on Buddha statues that present in every home is considered a ritual for this holiday. Jasmine petals are also added to the water to make it scented as a sign of respect.
Young people have another good tradition. They go out and generously splash water on each other which also represents purification and washing away all of their wicked thoughts from the old year and the beginning of a fertile year. The historical roots of this tradition go back into much further past. Hundreds of years ago, on the first day of the New Year the locals prayed for the end of the dry season and the beginning of the rain, which would guarantee them a rich harvest and a full year. Tourists are attracted to the Songkran Festival mostly by entertaining street activities where not only people but also elephants participate.
It is these majestic animals that are the main ‘’pourers’’ who spray water at tourists and passers-by. Solemn processions on elephants are held on the streets of all major cities. A good year will be guaranteed to those whom an elephant splashes from head to toe. So the crowds are struggling to attract the attention of the animals and their riders. The guests are also offered a tasting of original treats and a visit to numerous beautiful street performances. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “Greatest Man-Made Waterways and Channels”
A Canal tour is a “must do” for those who like to see the traditional Thai ways of living and get a special feeling of the country which can only be obtained by taking a canal tour. The Khlong Canal is one of Thai’s unique symbols which is actually a network of canals on the central plain of the country. Local residents started to build their first canals hundreds of years ago. Those waterways made sailing across the country possible. The canals are connected by the Mae Khlong, the Chao Phraya and the Tha Chin Rivers and a number of their tributaries.
For many hundreds of years tiny meandering canals were the only clear way to get to some other parts of the country. With the shipping and water development the Khlong canals have gradually lost their original economic importance. Eventually, it was decided to fill some canals in. It was namely tourism that saved charming canals from the complete destruction.
Narrow rivers passing through the territory of towns and beautiful natural areas have begun to attract the attention of tourists. So it was agreed to keep a part of canals. Today boat rides through the canals are a popular tourist activity. Pleasure craft and wood boats are found cruising through the Khlong Canals every day. In Thailand it is common to find colourful water markets along the way. Some of the canals are often used for holding sporting events. Experienced travellers say that the most picturesque canals are in the surroundings of Bangkok, so this city has gained the name "Venice of the East" not without a reason. ... Complete sights collection

Baiyoke Sky Hotel

From the series “The World's Tallest Hotels”
The Baiyoke Sky Hotel welcomes guests in the city of Bangkok, Thailand. The Baiyoke Tower has become the seat of the hotel. This scyscraper is the tallest in the country, the spire of the 85 storey tower is directed upward to 309 metres. The hotel, which is located between floors 22 and 74 has 673 guest rooms.
On the 77th floor a covered observation platform with the entire panorama of the city has been placed. It is well-equipped technically, the most remote sights can be observed with telescopes. There are also interactive maps there, that makes it possible to find the necessary object in seconds.
Thrill-seekers will have an opportunity to make a trip with the high-speed panoramic elevator, whose floor and the walls are made of high-grade glass. Those, who prefer the great outdoors, have access to the Bangkok Balcony terrace. Hotel restaurants are also ideal for observing the surroundings. Built in 1997, the scyscraper is known to tourists from around the world. It is extremely popular with bungee jumping fans, in 2002 Norwegian sportsmen chose the Tower for the next jump and set a world record. ... Complete sights collection

Bang Na Expressway

From the series “The Longest Bridges in the World”
In the capital of Thailand is the Bang Na Magistrale. This is a wonderful bridge construction, one of the longest bridges in the world. The construction of the main road started in 1995 and lasted for five years. Officially, the bridge was opened in February 2000. The bridge length is 54 kilometers, and the width is 27.2 meters. There are three lanes in each direction.
The impressive sum, more than a billion US dollars was invested in the construction of this wonderful bridge. Traffic congestion has been one of Bangkok's main problems for several years. To solve this problem, Bang Na Magistrale was built. Although traffic on the bridge is chargeable, Bang Na remains very demanding for the drivers since opening. The variant on the bridge instead of the strenuous traffic jam, also attracts the numerous tourists. From the main road, the wonderful panoramas open onto the city.
The bridge was built over the busy 34 motorway, which is considered one of the city's traffic-congested and difficult streets. The leading engineers and architects from Thailand and the USA, whose number was also Gin M.Mullers, have participated in the development of the bridge project. The bridge construction has demanded more than 1.8 million cubic meters of concrete, which ensures the high reliability and resilience of the bridge. ... Complete sights collection

Don Muang Airport

From the series “The Most Dangerous Runways in the World”
In Bangkok is the unique Don Muang Airport, which recalls the huge golf course. This similarity is partly true; the history of airport construction is very interesting. The airport was built in 1914 for war purposes. Later, it was decided to open the golf center at the airport entrance, so the soldiers waiting for the flight could have Spaz.
For almost a hundred years, Don Muang remained one of the most polluting airports in Thailand. Only after the opening of the Suvarnabhumi airport Don Muang has become a little 'offended'. It is remarkable that the golf center is now open in the airport, although it is forbidden to be on its territory during the landing of the aircraft. Not all experienced pilots with several years of experience are able to get the plane to the real golf course. At present, the airport is very well equipped and is no longer considered extremely dangerous. Don Muang has the runways of 3 500 meters. ... Complete sights collection

Temple of Emerald Buddha

From the series “The Most Iconic Temples in the World”
The famous Wat Phra Kaeo or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which is located in Bangkok, is not only a prominent religious site, but also one of the holiest places in the world for Buddhists. The temple was named in honor of its main reliquary - the statues of Emerald Buddha, whose height is 66. Unlike in general, the statue is not cut out of the giant emerald, but from the jadeite, which is an emerald green variety of nephrite.
The beautiful temple is open to the people of any denominations that can see one of the most important Buddhist sanctuaries. The tourists should only observe one important rule - one should only enter into the temple in the reserved and long clothes. At the entrance to the temple the unprepared guests can borrow the long trousers. The history of the appearance of the unique statue is as peculiar as its harmonious shape.
As the legend tells, the lightning strikes the small ceramic mortar in 1434. The mortar was split and the unique artifact was discovered. For a long time, the statue belonged to King Rama I, and was moved to his own temple at his command. Since then the statue has been very respected Every three months, the monks put them in the new clothes. And the place of delivery is never empty in the temple. Besides the unique statue, you can see the beautiful frescoes that represent Buddha's life in the temple. On the adjacent territory and in the temple itself is presented a lot of other sculptures, including the statue of the royal family of the Chakri dynasty, as well as the strange mythical being. For several centuries, two majestic bronze lions have protected the entrance into the temple. ... Complete sights collection

Koh Tao

From the series “The Most Beautiful Islands on the Planet”
Thailand has the wonderfully beautiful, attractive islands that are also worth seeing for curious tourists. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Tao Island is named after the giant tortoises living next to the island. One of the main secrets of the Thai island are the tiny gulfs and the hard-to-access beaches, which can only be reached by the off-road vehicle. As soon as you can find a better place for quiet recreation and enjoyment of nature nearby.
For several years the island has been among the divers and snorkelers. Here there are a lot of excellent places for diving with the dive machine. The ideal places for swimming with the snorkel are located next to all the wonderful beaches. Apart from the colorful fish you can see the small rays and even the reef sharks on the coast, which, unlike the predatory sharks, are absolutely safe. The beach Ao Leuk will please those who like to relax on the picturesque sandy beaches.
At the disposal of the tourists who prefer the comfortable rest, the first class hotels and the private villas with the peculiar atmosphere of the national Kolorits, the restaurants of the international and the classical Thai cuisine, a lot of bars and discos. Getting to know the local flora and fauna is also an unforgettable adventure. One of the landmarks of Koh Taos is the fragrant Frangipaniblumen. During a hike through the picturesque tropical forests you can observe the strange geckos and the exotic birds. ... Complete sights collection

Six Senses Yao Noi

From the series “Stunning Beauty Places of the Earth, Unknown to Tourists”
Guests who wish to relax on the beach resort can visit the picturesque Thai island of Yao Noi. The island is located between two popular tourist islands - Phuket and Krabi. From these islands you can get to the quiet spa resort less than an hour by motorboat. The territory of the small island is almost entirely dedicated to the chic hotel Six Senses, whose honor the health resort was named.
The unique health resort is environmentally friendly - it was built in harmony with the surrounding nature and does not harm the ecosystem. In the formation of the hotel complex the beautiful national traditions were considered. Guests of the charming spa resort can spend a few days in the cozy room or in a cottage. The untouched beauty of nature and the wonderful landscapes are the main attractions of this eco-resort.
The area of ​​the luxurious hotel, surrounded by the lush tropical forests, is 24 acres. Guests who choose a cottage for their stay can relax on the individual panoramic terrace. Each cottage has its own swimming pool. In the picturesque health resort is a lot of interesting entertainments available to the tourists. You can visit the sumptuous spa salon and enjoy the exclusive treatments, watch the favorite films in the cinema in the open air and taste the specialties in three restaurants. At the health resort the interesting entertainment programs in the national style are performed regularly. ... Complete sights collection

Dining Pod Restaurant

From the series “The Most Exotic Restaurants in the World”
Located on the Thai island of Kood, the Dining Dining Pod is popular with nature lovers and those who enjoy spending time outdoors. This exquisite restaurant of Thai cuisine was built in the wonderful tropical forest, not far from the coast. The restaurant consists of four wooden structures, which are fixed in the tree tops, at the height of more than 6 meters.
The shape of the structure is reminiscent of the wicker baskets, the upper part of which is open and supplemented with the small canopy, so the guests can enjoy the picturesque panorama of the surroundings during the meal. The original restaurant belongs to the infrastructure of the chic Hotel Soneva Kiri and is very popular among gourmets. In the restaurant, the best cooks work, and the Chefkoch was awarded two Michelin stars, so the guests of the quality of the food is certainly not disappointed.
The service level in the restaurant is just as excellent. For the convenience of the waiters, the 'baskets' were connected to each other by the convenient cableway system. When serving the customers, the waiters literally 'fly' between the tree tops. The skill of these specialists can only be admired. Travelers who want to taste the popular Thai cuisine at the Dining Pod restaurant should take into account that Dining Pod can only accommodate 8 visitors. As a rule, the cozy baskets hidden in the crowns are reserved for several weeks. ... Complete sights collection

Black Ivory Coffee Farm

From the series “Top 10 Extraordinary Farms”
The exclusive coffee sort 'Black Ivory' is known to many lovers of flavored drink. But not everyone knows where and how it is produced. The farm which produces coffee is located in Thailand. Apart from coffee trees on its territory you can see a lot of interesting. The main feature of the farm are elephants living on its territory. They actually play a key role in the production of expensive coffee, a price for 450 grams of which is close to 500 dollars.
The main secret of exclusive coffee is a method of its production. After the coffee beans are collected, they are not traditionally cleaned, but fed to the elephants. The immediate cleaning they pass directly in stomachs and intestines of the giant animals, and then safely leave bodies. Then the most interesting stage of production begins. Special stuff clean elephant dung and pick up the peeled coffee beans - valuable raw material for the production of 'Black Ivory'.
Currently, a unique coffee is the most expensive in the world and has a very peculiar flavor and aroma. Coffee is absolutely devoid of bitterness because of the interaction of coffee beans with the stomach acid of the elephants. Coffee production is a fairly time-consuming process. To obtain one kilogram of the selected coffee 'Black Ivory', an elephant must eat about 33 kg of coffee beans. Many connoisseurs of elite coffee claim that Black Ivory has a peculiar fruit and herbal fragrance. Its aroma is also linked to the method of processing – apart from coffee beans on the farm animals eat various fruits and herbs. ... Complete sights collection
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Patong Beach
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Chiang Mai
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Hua Hin
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Ko Lanta
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Chiang Rai
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