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Culture of Sapporo. Places to visit - old town, temples, theaters, museums and palaces

Temple The city of Sapporo is known for its marvelous parks and gardens, internationally acclaimed scientific and cultural centers, historical landmarks and sites as well as astonishing museums. Foreign guests of the city should necessarily pay a visit to the Hokkaido University being a worldwide renowned educational center established in 1872. Among the alumni of the university there are many distinguished scholars having greatly contributed to the development of modern science. Next to the university tourists will discover a scale botanical garden which territory is about 13ha.
Quite young, but already a well-developed city, Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido. Clear geometrically correct and well-marked structure of the city is built in accordance with the lines of … Open
The Hokkaido University Botanical Gardens present a collection of more than 4 thousands of plants. The garden has preserved a remaining part of an old wood aged more than one and a half centuries. The garden also locates two popular museums: the Museum of the Hokkaido University and the Ainu Museum. The first one acquaints its visitors with the remarkable scientific discoveries of the last years meanwhile the exposition of the Ainu Museum is devoted to the history and culture of local people of the north districts of the country.
A trip to the Nakajima park will be full of impressions. The marvelous scenic parkland locates also several remarkable cultural objects. This is a place of location of the Kitara Concert Hall and the Hokkaido Museum of Literature as well as the Children’s Hall offering a rich and various entertainment program for the youngest visitors of the park. Another remarkable architectural object constantly attracting the attention of tourists is still the Sapporo TV Tower. Copyright
Restaurants and cafes of ethnic cuisine are predominating in the city of Sapporo. True eastern cuisine admirers will have an excellent chance to enjoy the greatest assortment of favorite … Open
Its height is 147m. On the basic floor of the tower tourists will discover the Sapporo Planetarium. All the visitors may get at the top of the tower to the specially equipped observation platform which is located at the 90m height and enjoy a panoramic view over the city. An important historical object and landmark of the city is the Sapporo Clock tower, which was erected at the end of the 19th century. Since 1881 the tower is decorated with a large clock having become one of the main symbols of the city reminding local folks and foreign guests of first pioneering explorers of the Hokkaido island.
Farewell Sapporo Among remarkable nature attractions and sites the Mount Moiwa is well worth visiting. Its height is about one and a half thousand meters. Special excursions though piedmont areas are organized for tourists. The most curious and energetic tourists can get up to the top of the mountain and estimate a vibrant view opening from its peak. The height of the mountain should not be passed on one’s own as there is a fast and a comfortable way of climbing up to the top of the mountain being a ropeway. Numerous remarkable objects of tourist attraction are scattered all over the suburbs of the Sapporo city.
After the Olympic Games of 1972 which took place in the city of Sapporo tourists from other countries have been associating the city with majestic winter holidays. One of the main events of … Open
An excursion to the Former Hokkaido Government Office Building is a perfect idea. A walk through the magnificent garden will be especially memorable in warm seasons, as well as the beautiful architecture of the building which attracts visitors at first sight. The building was erected in the year 1869, and during its construction, it was one of the largest buildings in Japan. Ten years later, in 1879, the building was badly damaged by fire, but it was restored in 1888. Today the building hosts cultural events: exhibitions and conferences. Another interesting government building is the Hokkaido Governor’s Official Residence. It was erected in 1936 and is also famous for its luxurious courtyard. Nowadays the residence also hosts different types of themed events. The cultural attraction located nearby – Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art – would be a fascinating stop in your route. This place will be suitable for fans of modern art and also for lovers of unusual things.
sapporo factory “The Ferris Wheel” (Noria) is not just an excellent option for spending active leisure, but also an excellent viewing platform – wonderful views open up from here. It is worth a visit during the day and also at nighttime when the whole city shines with beautiful lights. The Mt. Okura Observatory is another great observation deck. It is also a ski resort. This place is associated with the 1972 Olympic Games as the venue for the ski jumping competition. The stadium was built in 1931 according to the Kitichiro Okura project and was renovated twice: in 1970 before the Olympics, and in 1991 before the Universiade. The stadium has a capacity of 50 thousand spectators. Another must-see place in the complex is the Sapporo Winter Sports Museum, which has extraordinary interactive exhibitions and a picturesque park.
Sapporo is an ideal destination for those tourists who give preference to sport entertainments and hiking. One of the main advantages of the city is still plenty of parks and marvelous … Open
One more first-class viewing platform is the Sapporo JR Tower Observatory T38. It is located at a height of 160 meters. Travelers who are fond of agro-ecological tourism while in Sapporo, will enjoy their visit to one of the farms where they can have a nice time and learn a lot of interesting information. The most popular sightseeing spot of this type is the Mitani Farm Cattle Barn Silo. This is a place to relax and embrace the beauty of nature. When walking around the city, tourists will meet gorgeous sculptures. Among the most interesting statues, Maibaum, Kita no Mother and Child with Flowers and Fishermen Statue, are worth highlighting. A large part of the eye-catching sculptures is located in the picturesque Ōdri Park. It is one of the most popular places in the city among both tourists and locals. This is exactly the place where “something is constantly happening” – it is the main venue for a huge amount of festivals and holidays.
Sapporo Beer The Hoheikan building, which is located on the territory of Nakajima Park, is remarkable from a historical point of view. It was built in 1880 as a residential building for engineers who participated in the construction of Hokkaido Prefecture. The highlight of the opening ceremony was the gracing of the event by Emperor Meiji, who stayed in the building for four days. The building was used as a hotel for officials and as a venue for events. During the Second World War, barracks were situated here, and right after, it became a living quarter for Americans. Over time, the building was returned to the Sapporo government, and from 1958 wedding ceremonies have been held here. All these historical facts attract many tourists from all over Japan. This nation always pays a lot of attention to its history and legacy. The elegant building of Furukawa Hall is a reminder of the end of the 19th century – this was when it was built. For its erection, the western style, which was fashionable in that era, was chosen.
1. Smokers should keep in mind that smoking is banned everywhere all over the central districts of the city and in the streets as well. Some public establishments and restaurants feature … Open
The Sapporo Dome stadium should be highlighted among the modern buildings of the capital of Hokkaido Prefecture. It was built in the year 2001. Its capacity of 53,796 spectators makes it possible for it to host the most large-scale football and baseball matches in the entire prefecture. The arena has already hosted the FIFA World Cup in 2002 and the opening and closing ceremonies of the FIS World Ski Championships in 2007.It is worth taking a walk along the beautiful Horohira Bridge and Futami Suspension Bridge. These are the points where unbelievable views can be beheld. Tourists will find it interesting to visit Hokkaido University Library. This is an excellent sample of modern architecture and at the same time a well-organized learning space.
Sapporo Orthodox Church There are several wonderful religious sights in Sapporo. The first one to be highlighted is the Hokkaido Jingu Shinto Shrine, which was completed in 1869. Back then there was three kami (deities in Shintoism), which were Akunitama, Akuninushi, and Sukunakhikon. Nowadays this temple enshrines four kami including the soul of Emperor Meiji. It suffered from a fire in 1974 and was completely restored 4 years later. The shrine is located on the territory of the Maruyama Park, which is one of the most visited places during the spring season when Sakura blossoms. In addition, the festival dedicated to the temple is held annually in mid-June. Few more Shinto temples are worthy of mention, for instance, Hokkaido Shrine Ton-gu, Fushimi Inari Shrine as well as Sapporo Gokoku Shrine, which are excellent examples of sacred Shinto architecture.
Quite young, but already a well-developed city, Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido. Clear geometrically correct and well-marked structure of the city is built in accordance with the lines of … Open
Besides the already mentioned parks, the green zone of Moerenuma Park is excellent for a walk. The park is notable for being a real work of art, where fantasies of the landscape designer and futurist sculptor Isam Noguchi merged together. In order to see all the attractions of the park, one day might be not enough. Even more, visitors will find new interesting places each time they will visit it. The park often hosts interesting exhibitions and conferences. Another place for those who want to take a great walk is the Makomanai Takino Cemetery. It is remarkable for its statues, towering above the green zone. Here you can find whatever you want, starting from replicas of stone idols from Easter Island, to a monumental copy of Stonehenge. All the sculptures are works of Tadao Ando. Visitors should let the cemetery lead them to the Hill Of The Buddha.
View from hotel @ Sapporo The Sapporo Snow Festival Museum is noteworthy among other museums of the city. It is a cultural attraction dedicated to the most interesting and famous events held in the city. Here you can find posters with the program of festivals of past years, photographs and miniature sculptures among the exhibits. The other place of interest is the Sapporo Beer Museum, which is located on the territory of a former beer factory. While visiting it, you can find out everything about the production of this intoxicating drink in the prefecture. Photographs, posters, mock-up, labels are some of the exhibits of the cultural sight. Nearby you will find a souvenir shop and a restaurant – two more places popular among tourists. Another art center, Chitosetsuru Sake Museum, is dedicated to the traditional Japanese alcoholic drink (sake). The tour of this museum is traditionally concluded with a sake tasting.
Restaurants and cafes of ethnic cuisine are predominating in the city of Sapporo. True eastern cuisine admirers will have an excellent chance to enjoy the greatest assortment of favorite … Open
Fans of art will be happy to visit the Sapporo Art Museum. Hokkaido Museum Morino Charenga, on the contrary, will be liked by connoisseurs of paleontology and zoology. The exposition of the Sapporo City Museum is devoted to the judicial system of the city. This is due to the fact that the appeal court of the capital of Hokkaido was located here previously. Those who are keen about rail transport would be interested to visit the Hokkaido Railway Museum. Sapporo Science Center is a cultural tourist attraction worth visiting. Here you can learn about Japanese robotics, and be reminded that the Japanese nation has a way with technologies. For history lovers, it is useful to mention the Tsukisappu Local History Museum, which presents the history of the Second World War. In the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, you can learn more about the tragic events that occurred in Japan – the dropping of nuclear bombs.
Kaitaku-no Mura (or Historical Village of Hokkaido) takes visitors to the era of the turn of the 19th-20th centuries. Here you can see four types of settlements that are common in Japan. They include a mountain village, a fishing village, an agricultural village and a city. Each of them has its own architectural features. They are presented to tourists who want to learn more about the Land of the Rising Sun. The cultural sight has a striking atmosphere, thanks to which you can really feel that the end of the 19th century or the beginning of the 20th century is at the courtyard. You can take a closer look at the history of agriculture in Japan at the amazing Dairy Farming Museum and the Milk History Museum& Sapporo Factory.
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Historical Village of Hokkaido
Where: Konopporo 50 – 1, Atsubetsu-chyo, Sapporo; Telephone: + 81 (0)11 898 2692;
Tokei-dai (Clock Tower)
Where: Kita1 Nishi2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo; Telephone: +81 (0)11 231-0838;
Old Hokkaido Government Building
Where: Kita3 Nishi6, Chuo-ku, Sapporo; Telephone: +81 (0)11-231-4111;
Sapporo TV Tower
Where: 1, Odori-nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo; Telephone: +81 (0) 11 241-1131;
Sapporo Maruyama Zoo
Where: 3-1, Miyagaoka, Chuo-ku, Sapporo; Telephone: +81 (0)11 621-1426;
Beer Museum
Where: Kita 7-Jo Higashi 9-chome Higashi-ku, Sapporo; Telephone: +81 (0)11 731 4368;
Hokkaido Ainu Centre
Where: 7F Kaderu 2-7 Bldg., N2 W2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo; Telephone: +81 (0)11 221 0462;
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