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Shopping in Yemen - outlets, shopping streets and boutiques

Having arrived in Yemen, don’t forget to register in the embassy of your country. This is where tourists can also find out the list of items that they can easily buy in Yemen but that can cause problems when importing them to the home country. Forget about bank cards in Yemen – cash is the main payment method. Banks are usually open only in the morning and can close at noon or 1 pm. ATMs are available in large cities only. The country’s currency, Yemeni rial, is the available in the following denominations: banknotes of 1000, 500, 200, 100, and 50 rials and coins of 20, 10, 5, and 1 rial. One rial is divided into 100 fils, but one rial doesn’t have much value (in 2018, 1 euro was equal to more than 280 rials). Because of this, fils are not used in the country. When talking to local merchants, it is better to greet him first. It is much better if you learn several typical greetings and other phrases used in Yemen. By greeting a local, you will show your respect and make locals friendlier, and this is exactly what tourists need.
The culture of modern Yemen fully depends on the dominant religion in the country – Islam. It is also worth noting that the historical past of the …
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In Sana’a, the capital of Yemen, don’t forget to visit the central market - Souk Al-Milh. Tourists can spend many hours in this market. The place looks so marvelous that it feels like it is a decoration for a blockbuster movie. Needless to say, it is impossible to find so many bold colors and interesting items in European markets. The market covers a giant territory with more than forty smaller markets that offer different categories of goods. Stalls with spices fill the air with exotic fragrances and look like an artist’s pallet – the variety of colors and shades is hard to put into words. Vegetables and fruits, artworks and household items, jewelry, handmade rugs – visitors can find both important items and items they may never need. Don’t forget about coffee – Yemeni coffee is special. All merchants are men because women have limitations when it comes to public activities. However, limitations slowly become not so strict for women in modern Yemen. The market looks incredibly rich and it is easy to believe that Yemen is a wealthy country in general. However, this is a mistake.
Coffee connoisseurs know that Yemen is home to some of the best coffee in the world. Yemen’s port city of Mocha gave its name to one of the most popular coffee bean varieties in the world. Mocha coffee beans usually have three levels of roasting – dark, medium, and light. It is also possible to buy green coffee beans. Buyers of these beans believe that consumption of unroasted coffee beans helps to lose weight. In the market, visitors can also see all kinds of tableware, traditional Arabian clothing, and silver items that hang in rows from the ceiling to the floor. Everything is shiny and attractive and looks exactly how Europeans imagine oriental bazaars judging by films about Arabian treasures. Leather goods, copper tools, headwear, exotic artworks, and other authentic wares – there are so many items that people do not really need in their everyday life, but these goods look so attractive that it is hard to resist a temptation to buy them. Copyright
If you consider dust an essential attribute of backpacking, then this attribute is virtually everywhere in Yemen. However, its presence doesn’t mean …
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Bargaining is not adopted at markets of many countries in the world, but Yemen is a country where the market is not only about buying and selling but is also about communicating and socializing. Bargaining is widespread in Yemen because sellers love the process of selling their goods. This doesn’t mean that it is possible to get a big discount by bargaining. Communication goes first, and maybe this is the reason why there are so many street bazaars in the country. To socialize and earn meanwhile – this is what people love about markets and so no wonder why gorgeous bazaars have become an essential part of traditional Yemeni culture. When exploring the city, tourists will surely meet teenagers who will try to sell small souvenirs to foreigners. It is better not to buy anything from them because if you buy one item, you will draw the attention of other sellers and it will be not easy to get rid of a large group of teenagers who try to sell their items. Even if some item looks attractive, don’t stop and pass these sellers by. You will find the same items at local markets and the process of making purchases is more pleasant there.
The country’s education level is not high. Only 70% of men can read and write. Unfortunately, local women have a lower number of educated females – only 30% of them can read and write. However, all masters are very skilled in their occupation even if they are not able to read. Agriculture and craftsmanship are the main occupations in Yemen. When tourists want to purchase some really authentic items, they can freely buy virtually everything they see at markets. Local spices are made in Yemen, the same applies to leather goods, items made of copper, and jewelry. The choice of traditional daggers, Janbiya, is also incredibly rich. There is even a separate market that only sells traditional Janbiya weapons. Janbiya is a large curved knife or dagger that is an essential item for every man in Yemen, just like a tie for a European man. Every man must have his own Janbiya – this is an ancient tradition. Tourists should find out in advance whether they can bring these daggers to their home country.
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