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An ancient cradle of civilization, a country with miraculous nature and multidimensional culture that formed through thousands of years – modern Yemen is one of the most unusual and wondrous countries in the world. There are vibrant, lively cities and ancient deserts that are still home to nomadic tribes. Yemen is famous for its unique archaeological areas, inimitable natural landmarks, unique culture, and diverse historic landmarks.
It is hard to call Yemen an ideal destination for tourism, but this country has a great number of historic landmarks of the international level. Many …
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First signs of ancient people in the territory of modern Yemen date back to the Palaeolithic age. This means that first settlers appeared here a million and a half years ago. Archaeologists discovered dozens of ancient human sites. For thousands of years, there were many great countries in the territory of modern Yemen. The ancient Kingdom of Awsan, which dates back to the first millennia BC, is one of them.
Later, the Ma’in, Himyarite, and Saba kingdoms emerged in this region. During the reign of Himyarite kings, Judaism became the official religion. Nearby Ethiopia had a great impact on the country in the 6th century, so first Christian churches and societies started appearing in the country, but they didn’t last long. Yet at the end of the 6th century, the Iranians conquered Yemen, marking the start of the so-called “Islamic epoch”. During the medieval period, Ottoman conquerors became a new disaster for the country, and later Yemen entered a long war with Turkey. Copyright
Yemen is an ancient land of the Arabian Peninsula with predominant mountain and deserted areas. This is the location of the Rub' al Khali, one of the …
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The country became fully independent from the Ottoman Empire only at the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays, each of those tough historic periods has found its reflection in the culture and traditions of the country. Tribal relations and the cult of family still remain one of the main pillars in the national culture. Yemeni people prefer to live together with their numerous relatives. Families connect generations of people, and every family has a head – the oldest man alive.
The traditional dress of the country may look quite unusual for foreign guests. For example, women in Yemen continue wearing niqab, and Janbiya is an important part of the everyday outfit of local men. Ancient hospitality traditions are still alive in the country, so never refuse an invitation to visit the house of a local person. A refusal will deeply hurt hospitable hosts.
Yemen is not a famous destination for modern travelers, but active recreation enthusiasts will find many interesting entertainments in it. First of …
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Sana’a, the capital of the country, remains the liveliest and most vibrant tourist destination in Yemen. This is one of the oldest cities in the world. The citadel of Sana'a, Al-Qasr, is an important historic symbol of the city. The citadel was erected in the 7th century. There are many beautiful and old mosques in Sana’a. If you plan to visit the capital, pay your attention to not only historic landmarks but also to local markets. Souk Al-Milh is a great place to shop for interesting souvenirs and national delicacies, and Janbiya Market specializes in selling incredibly beautiful ceremonial weapons.
Do you enjoy exploring archaeological sites? If yes, don’t forget to admire the gorgeous ruins of Baraqish. This ancient city was the capital of the Minaean Kingdom thousands of years ago. Archaeologists managed to restore fragments of ancient mosques and temples. It is also possible to see mysterious stones with inscriptions made in a very ancient language. Modern scientists still cannot decrypt these inscriptions and understand their meaning.
1. Tourists from all countries need a visa to enter Yemen. It is not possible to get a visa upon arrival at the airport, so do all formalities …
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Deserted and dry climate is typical for Yemen, so fans of natural landmarks will not feel bored here. Socotra Island is a place where everyone can admire gorgeous tropical flora. Socotra is home to unique species of trees and plants that grew in our planet millions of years ago. The dragon tree is one of these unusual and unique species. Finally, the biggest aloe species in the world also grows on this island. This aloe is widely used for medical purposes.
Do you want to enjoy pleasant and trouble-free beach recreation? In this case, simply head to the city of Aden because there is a wonderful beach there. There are several coastal hotels for foreign guests. Tourists can enjoy a typical beachside vacation at these hotels and do not need to worry about breaking rules and traditions of the country.
Yemen is an ancient country that is related to such prominent people as Queen of Sheba, Bible’s Noah and his son Shem, and unique architecture that …
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The most comfortable way to reach Yemen is to take a flight from Istanbul, Dubai or Doha. The country has a well-developed connection with the neighbor Saudi Arabia – it is possible to reach Yemen by car from this country. There are regular bus routes that connect Jeddah and Sana’a. Tourists can also reach Sana’a from Oman by bus. That being said, airplane flights remain the fastest and most comfortable way for tourists to visit this country.
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Famous and uniques places in Yemen from our review series


From the series “Amazing Cities on the Rocks”
The fortress town of Al Hajjarah is one of the main historical attractions in Yemen. It owes much of its fame and popularity to its relative accessibility. It is extremely difficult to reach many other mountainous areas of the country. Active stone mining was carried out on the site where the old buildings are located today. This was hundreds of years ago. A small settlement was founded near the quarry in the 12th century. It was built into the mountain. Stone extracted from local quarries was used for building houses, granaries, and water vessels.

This town was built on the edge of a precipice. Initially, it provided a good defense against invaders. It is noteworthy that the houses were built quite high here. No special bonding solutions were used in the construction of houses. The … Read all

Socotra Island

From the series “Top 15 Most Fantastic Creations of Nature”
Travelers who want to enjoy the ethereal landscapes have to visit the archipelago of Socotra in Yemen. That’s one of the most remote archipelagos in the world. The main value of the islands is the unique flora that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. During the first visit to the archipelago, a person may have a feeling that he stays on another planet, so incredible some landscapes and plants are.

In total, there are more than 800 plant species on the island and more than 300 of them are endemic. According to scientists, Socotra island has separated from mainland Africa more than 6 million years ago and stayed in the geological isolation for a long time. The hot climate has led to the formation of a very special ecosystem. Visitors can now see the most incredible forms of … Read all

Dragon Tree

From the series “The Most Surrealistic Places of the Earth”
The island of Socorta, located in the Indian Ocean, attracts the numerous followers of the walks through picturesque places. The main characteristic of the island are the plants growing on its territory, many of which can not be seen anywhere else in the world. One of the most striking examples of the local fauna is the dragon tree - a very beautiful tree of the unusual shape that reminds the umbrella.

Although the trees grow rather slowly, their height can reach 12 meters. According to the scientists' calculations, the tree grows to one meter for about 10 years. The giant trees of the unusual shape, which cover the mountain slopes, form the fantastic landscapes on the island, which look like the childrens fairy tales. The dragon tree one the landmark of Socorta Island. The height of … Read all
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Jibla was founded in 1066. Ali al-Sulayhi was the sultan of Yemen at that time. He made an order to build a new settlement. When the ruler died – this event happened only one year after the foundation of Jibla – his son Ahmad succeeded him. However, the new ruler couldn’t perform his tasks well because he was paralyzed and completely motionless. His wife, Arwa al-Sulayhi, became the ruler. The first thing that she did was to move the capital Sana’a to Jibla. First of all, powerful … Read more

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