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From the series “The Oldest Surviving Monuments on Earth”
Among the desert landscapes of Jordan is the ancient Petra town, which was still founded in the prehistoric era by the native inhabitants of these places - the Nabataeans. Petra is often called «the city of the pink rocks», because their numerous buildings were carved in the rocks. Today you can see the unique temples, the necropolis and the altars during the walk through the strange city, whose age is more than 3 000 years.
The most famous and impressive building is Khazne al-Firaun Temple, whose majestic façade simply looks magical. The age of this building is not so great and makes about 2,000 years. Fortunately, the temple has preserved the carved sculptures and columns that adorn its façade. The height of the facade is about 40 meters, and the width - about 25 meters. According to the official version, the miraculous temple was built as a mine for Tsar Aretas IV.
Many interesting legends and legends are connected with the ancient construction. It is true that the great Egyptian Pharaohs hid their treasures at different periods. Later the robbers sought out this area. After the release of the adventure film 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade', whose episodes were shot in the temple, Khazne al-Firaun became the world-famous landmark. Today more than 500,000 tourists visit the old Petra every year. ... Complete sights collection

Amphitheater Amman

From the series “Ancient Amphitheaters and Arenas, That Are Still Operational”
In the early 2nd century AD, one of the new provinces of the Ancient Rome, Arabia Petraea, was located on the territory of modern Amman. The modern city of Amman was then called Philadelphia and was the capital of this province. So it is no wonder that one of the most majestic amphitheaters has been built in this city. Its bowl has been carved right in the rock. The unique antique building has been well preserved up to our days and is now actively used for music and theater performances.
The construction of the theater was finished in 161 AD. It was designed to hold 6000 spectators. According to the historical data, formerly a large cemetery was located in place of the amphitheater. This places were used for sacred rituals for thousands of years ago. After a series of researches, scientists managed to find out that the amphitheater had a complex underground system of passages. One of the ancient passages is connected to the citadel. Recently, the ancient theater began to be used not only for cultural events, but also as a sports arena.
Amman's Amphitheater is also associated with the tragic events of 1948, when several thousand Palestinian refugees were hiding in its walls. The ancient amphitheater is incredibly beautiful. It will be interesting to visit it not only within the framework of cultural events, but also as part of an ordinary excursion. Visitors of the arena will have an opportunity to walk along the restored stone staircases, consider the remaining fragments of sculptures and architectural ornaments, and also literally touch history. ... Complete sights collection

Wadi Rum Desert

From the series “Top 11 Most Unusual Deserts on the Planet”
Jordan can boast with the amazing desert of Wadi Rum that has gained international fame thanks to its unique Martian landscape. The area of ​​this stony desert is more than 740 square km. Famous contemporary films like Red Planet, Martian, Transformers, The Last Days on Mars, and others were shot there. While traveling through the desert, you can see a lot of incredible landscapes, including beautiful canyons and mountains. The highest among them is Jabal Umm Ad Dami.
The Wadi Rum Desert has long attracted an attention of climbers, who seek to conquer its most dangerous and steep cliffs. Ordinary tourists can participate in exciting safari jeep tours, during which they can see the most interesting areas of the desert. Some of them are of great interest from the archaeological point of view. Researchers have found ancient rock painting there. Petroglyphs are one of the main secrets of the desert of Wadi Rum. According to historians’ assumptions, at various times it was inhabited by representatives of different cultures. A significant portion of the cave paintings haven't been studied. By now, it’s impossible to date them and attribute them to a particular culture.
Fans of unusual entertainment go exploring the desert on camels. Tourists always have an opportunity to meet a sunset and stay in the desert among the desert landscapes for the night. The most famous sights of the desert are the Burdah Rock bridge, which makes all travelers want to walk on, and Khazad Canyon. The last is the incredibly picturesque mountain gorge that is 5 km long. This is where a large part of the cave paintings were found. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “Nooks and Villages That Are More Colorful Than Top Touristic Destinations”
The ancient city of Petra, which many travelers know by the unofficial name Pink City, is situated in Jordan. That’s the once flourishing and majestic capital of the Nabataean kingdom. The city was founded more than 2 000 years ago. After thousands of years, its buildings and structures, which were carved in the rocks, have managed to survive. The ancient city has a rather complicated arrangement, so not all travelers can get there.
At one side, it is framed by cliffs; at the other side, a path goes through gorges and valleys. The history of the city is very interesting. Since its inception, it was located at the crossroads of important trade routes. Trade was the main occupation for the residents of the city; it provided a huge income to the treasury. The most magnificent temples and palaces were built in the city. They are still able to impress with their impeccable appearance. Unique historic buildings remind about the glorious past of the ancient trading city. In 1985, one of the oldest cities in the world was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.
One of the main symbols of the city is Al Khazneh building carved in the rock. Many incredible stories and legends are associated with it. The building is crowned with a large stone urn, which, according to legend, once stored gold and precious stones. The nearby cave, which also has been cut into the rock over 2 000 years ago, is amazing too. Those who like unusual entertainment can ride a camel along the neighbourhoods. ... Complete sights collection

Tomb of Aaron

From the series “The Surviving Artifacts of Jewish Civilization”
Another sacred object that is amazing from the historical point of view is the tomb of Aaron that travelers can visit in Jordan. This monument is located near the city of Petra, in a remote mountainous area. A special physical training is not required to get to the top of the mountain. The Islamic sanctuary, which is located there, is known since the 14th century. According to historical records, it was built on the ruins of an ancient church of the time of Justinian the Great.
One of the first European archaeologists who studied these places was the Finnish researcher Jaakko Fres. He visited sacred places in 1999. During the excavation, the ancient monastery as well as the Basilica of the Byzantine period were discovered. The main finding was a chapel, where the remains of a pedestal with carved on it the name Aaron, were found. This allowed researchers to argue that the tomb of the high priest Aaron, whose location was unknown for hundreds of years, was situated there.
Travellers who decide to visit these sacred places will definitely enjoy a lot of unforgettable experiences. The sacred monument is situated in the incredibly picturesque mountain area. Numerous amazing legends of the Bible are associated with the place. The length of the pedestrian route is about 5 km. It passes through the marvelous highlands. Many experienced travelers who often take this way, note that all the fatigue of a long journey goes away, as soon as the top of the mountain is reached. ... Complete sights collection

Cave Bar

From the series “The Most Extraordinary Bars and Café on the Planet”
If you are fond of cave bars you have to visit the bar in Petra, Jordan. It is located on the territory of the unique hotel "Crowne Plaza Resor". The hotel and bar have become known all over the world due to their location – an antique cave. It was made by Nabateans, who inhabited these lands thousands of years ago.
The tables in the bar are set on the small niches. The researchers suppose that earlier niches were used for individual burials. Some travellers feel scared just from the idea of the rest in such place, others overcome thousands of kilometres for visiting it.
The restaurant-bar is nicely decorated and has high-qualified service. Visitors can try not only special cocktails and a selection of boutique wines, but also enjoy the national dishes, cooked upon ancient recipes. People who don’t want to have dinner in the tomb can choose the table on the open-air terrace. Also, a wide entertainment program is available during the whole day. For example, in the evening you can listen to the local musicians, no one will come from this bar-cave in a bad mood. ... Complete sights collection

Little Petra Caves

From the series “Famous Stables of Ancient People”
Little Petra Caves have placed near the Petra city, Jordan. Right here were found the unique marks on the wall painting. The paintings were made in the Hellenistic style more than two thousand years ago. It took three years to restore the paintings.
It is hard to find the painting of such quality and rareness in the whole ancient world. On these paintings, you can see the shapes of the birds, plants and animals. The uniqueness of them is also occulted in the considerable dimensions. Now it is possible to visit the Little Petra Caves for free. It is quite popular sightseeing in the region.
Near the cave complex you can find several souvenir tents where you can buy national decorations. In the caves neighbourhood, you can also find several great places for walks. The only thing is that you can go there only with the guide. Most tourists visit these places in order to adore the 2 000-year wall paintings. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “Remains of the First Ancient Cities”
The ancient city of Pella is located in a picturesque foothill area in Jordan. It has long been empty. The ancient city has the status of an important archaeological area today. The first official mention of this city dates back to the 4th century BC. But research data has shown that the first city was founded in this place much earlier. Researchers found traces of early Kebaran and Natufian settlements directly on this site. They were founded more than 10,000 years ago.
However, the ancient city reached its peak during the Byzantine period. It was at this time that its most magnificent structures were built here. Visitors to the archaeological area can see the ruins of a grand temple complex, as well as chic palaces, today. Archaeologists were able to estimate approximately the time of construction of the Canaanite temple from its discovered fragments. It was built in the 18th century BC. Fragments of buildings from an earlier period are also preserved in the city. A great example is the city walls. They were built during the Bronze Age, around 3200 BC.
The city of Pella was an important religious center in ancient times. Several miniature mosques have been preserved on its territory. They were built more than a thousand years ago. Very informative excursions are conducted around the archaeological area. One of the favorite activities for tourists is climbing to the top of mount located nearby. It offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Jordan River valley, as well as the ancient ruins. Pella remains one of the most unexplored ancient cities in the world. Major archaeological research began here less than 20 years ago. ... Complete sights collection
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