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Architecture of Canada. Must see and must visit landmarks

Grey Nuns Building, Montreal

Location on the map:   Interesting facts: » Almost 150 years ago, a cult building started to be built in Montreal. It was a residence of nurses.
»  Finally, an H-shaped monastery with three wings was constructed at its site. The monastery was surrounded by a wonderful garden.
»  Not so long ago, the residence of nurses passed to Concordia University. The university renovated and reconstructed this architectural monument completely to preserve the cultural heritage.
»  When the university was equipped with innovative technologies in 2007, the building of the former nuns’ residence was used as a student dormitory.
»  The former chapel of the building was turned into a reading room accommodating up to 240 students.

Air Canada Centre, Toronto

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» Air Canada Centre is an indoor sports ground. Here, players of the Canadian hockey team and basketball players of Toronto train.
»  The centre is financed by Air Canada. That is why its second name is ACC or Hangar. Its total area is 62 000 m2. Air Canada Centre is the 11th in the global attendance ranking and accommodates up to 20 000 sports fans.
»  The multifunctional centre was opened in February 1999. The construction cost about $300 million. World and pre-game sessions are held in the centre.
»  It had been named Air Canada Centre for 19 years. On 1 June 2018, it was renamed Scotiabank Arena. The company bought the right to the name for C$800 million.
»  If there are no seats left at the stadium, you can watch a game on the big screen outside. There is also an interactive area with the first entrance to Air Canada Centre.
»  Here, you can buy pictures with famous players’ autographs and other souvenirs. It is the most popular stadium not only in Canada but also in the whole world where a lot of events are held. According to performers and spectators’ assessments, the center is also in the top 5 best stadiums due to its convenient location, comfortable inner rooms, and good acoustics.

Allan Gardens, Toronto

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» Allan Gardens is a botanical garden with a total area of 1 500 m2. It was opened in 1860 by King Edward VII.
»  In 1879, the first glass pavilion was built. It served as a culture center where music concerts and famous people’s performances took place. In 1882, Oscar Wilde lectured here.
»  The garden was named “Allan Gardens” in 1901 when the Mayor and former Senator of Toronto George Allan died.
»  The botanical garden includes 5 winter pavilions where plants from different countries and continents grow. In the park, you can see different species of squirrels and a lot of pigeons.
»  There are even special elevated flowerbeds for disabled people to look after flowers and reap their own harvest. The workers lecture on gardening for blind, deaf, and mute people.
»  Every month, festivals where visitors can go on the rides, ride a horse, and taste treats are held.

Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» In the gallery, there is the collection that contains over 5 000 exhibits. These are artistic canvasses of famous masters, sculptures, sketches, pictures, and etchings.
»  Experts estimate the property at $30 million.
»  In the exhibition hall, you can see paintings of artists of different epochs and schools. There are classical and avant-garde paintings.
»  The separate section is dedicated to contemporary art.
»  In 2005, the international competition among companies restoring old buildings was announced. Five years after, the gallery was opened.
»  The total area of the building is 8000 m2.
»  The construction is quite unusual. As the architect admitted, such a bold solution to the facade decoration was inspired by the nature of Edmonton.
»  The facade is adorned with a 200-meter steel ribbon. Then, the ribbon goes inside and separates wall panels. This is how three exhibition levels appeared.
»  This round element is similar to the mountain river that snakes through the area.
»  The first municipal cultural institution was founded on donations in 1924.

Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» The Art Gallery of Ontario is a big museum that houses 80 000 art exhibits. In the gallery, you can see sculptures, paintings, pictures, installations, and books.
»  Museum exhibits cover the period from the 1st century AD to the present day. They started to be collected in 1900.
»  The main fund is divided into three sectors: European paintings, works of Canadian artists, and Henry Moore’s sculptures. Here, you can see paintings of such European artists, as: Rembrandt, van Gogh, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Chagall, and Picasso.
»  The exhibition of sculptures was organized by Henry Moore in 1974. He is considered as an enigmatic and inscrutable sculptor of the 20th century.
»  In 2008, the gallery was reconstructed. During the renovation, the halls were designed in the modern style by architect F. Gary. He was famous for such projects, as the Dancing House in Prague, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, and the Music Museum in Seattle. After this, the number of halls has increased twice.
»  In the gallery, there is the biggest library in Canada.

BC Place, Vancouver

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» BC Place is the main stadium in the city. It attracts with its equipment and architectural style.
» Internationals and Paralympic Games are held in the territory of the complex. The stadium was opened in 1983.
» The multi-purpose covered sports ground resembles a grotesque building. It is designed in the techno-tech style. The exterior is characterized by broken lines and transparent walls.
» The big white dome is seen from afar. Its silhouette resembles a balloon and serves not only as a protective roof, but also as an inflatable construction. It “hinges” on the air. If necessary, the disassembly won’t take much time because the roof is mobile.
» The BC Place Stadium accommodates 55 000 spectators. The sports arena was last restored in 2011.
» This place is famous not only for championships, but also for stars’ performances. For example, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and different pop bands gave their concerts here.
» The sports arena is equipped with audio and lighting units that let hold spectacular events. Not only players, but also spectators feel comfortable here.
» BC is the abbreviation of “British Columbia”.

Baitun Nur, Calgary

Location on the map:   Interesting facts: » The center of Islamic culture is the city mosque. The religious institution of this type is the highest in Canada.
»  Baitun Nur can accommodate three thousand worshipers at the same time.
»  The mosque called the House of Light had been built for three years since 2005. In 2008, the opening ceremony was visited by 5 000 people.
»  The construction cost С$8 million. The funds were donated by the members of the Muslim community.
»  The total area of all the halls is 4 500 m2.
»  The tower where worshipers start to pray is almost 30 m high. The roof of the minaret and the mosque is covered with steel sheets.
»  On the entire facade, the name of Allah is written 99 times. This number of names is enshrined in the Koran.
»  From the outside, Baitun Nur is faced with white stone.
»  The prayer room is decorated with lamps. The chandelier weighs 400 kg. It cost $50 thousand.
»  In the great mosque, there are classrooms and an office. Here, visitors can learn about the beginning and basics of Islam. There are also playrooms for children. There is a kitchen. Сonferences are held in the community center.

Bankers Hall, Calgary

Location on the map:   Interesting facts: » There are two 52-meter towers in the center. They make a uniform architectural complex. These buildings are used as offices.
»  Skyscrapers are 197 m high. Bankers Hall East (the first construction) and Bankers Hall West (the second one) are twin towers. They were commissioned in 1989.
»  The first four floors are occupied by a shopping center, gyms, and cinema. There are 47 brand stores.
»  The roof of the building resembles a stetson. The cowboy’s hat is the hallmark of Calgary. You can also see it on the city flag. It was presented as a mark of respect for members of governmental delegations.
»  The dome of one skyscraper is golden. The rood of the other is painted silver.
»  The Bankers Hall is a business center. Towers are linked with each other by a covered gallery. There is a pedestrian underpass. It has special climate control equipment. There are headquarters of many big industrial companies.
»  There is an old building adjacent to the northeastern part of the complex. Its historical facade was completely restored.

Bloedel Floral Conservatory, Vancouver

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» The plant paradise is located in Queen Elizabeth Park.
» The Bloedel Floral Conservatory is a building with a huge fifteen-metre-high dome inhabited by tropical birds flying around freely.
» 200 species of exotic birds are present here. A favourable biosystem with the necessary climate and temperature conditions is created for them, therefore the green oasis works in winter as well.
» Wealthy Englishmen, the renowned Bloedel family members, contributed to the foundation of the Floral Conservatory which was opened in 1969.
» 1,500 triangular transparent plastic panels were used to make the dome. They are illuminated when it’s dark.
» Due to its mysterious atmosphere, the conservatory was a set of several science fiction films.
» About $240,000 was spent to arrange the garden.
» Visitors are allowed to feed birds. There are hundreds of them, and they are literally everywhere – on trees, jumping on paths, flying above visitors. You can take a set of photographs picturing these flying comets to have a better look at them.
» The conservatory is divided into three climate zones: tropical rainforest, subtropical rainforest, and desert. There are benches to relax on.

Bonsecours Market, Montreal

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» The Bonsecours Market is located in a beautiful two-storey building designed in the colonial style.
»  At one time, when the market building was being constructed, there was a city hall. When the construction was completed in 1860, the building was given to a market.
»  This magnificent building was the main shopping center of the city for over a hundred years.
»  Now, the market is one of the costliest shopping centers in Montreal. Here, you can buy everything you need: jewels, clothes, furniture, pieces of art, and various trinkets for interior decor.
»  Besides small shops on the Bonsecours Market, there are also a lot of comfortable cafes and restaurants.

CN Tower, Toronto

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» The CN Tower is a TV tower in Toronto built in 1975. With an antenna, it is 554 m high. It had been the highest tower in the world until 2007.
»  When it was designed, special demands on the safety of the construction were made. The TV tower can withstand an 8.5 magnitude earthquake and a wind speed of 420 km/h.
»  The main attraction of the tower is an observation platform at a height of 350 m. Its floor is glass and withstands a weight of 109 kg/cm2. Adrenaline junkies have an opportunity to walk along the ledge of the platform with protective equipment.
»  On the rotating platform, there is a restaurant that is famous for its rich wine list.
»  The platform makes a full turn within 1 hour 12 minutes. It has a breathtaking view of Toronto and its surroundings. If the weather is good, the visibility is 100 km.

Calgary Tower, Calgary

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» The 190-meter tower was built to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Canada. The construction cost $3 500 000.
»  The total weight of the tower s over 10 tons. In 1971, it was named “Calgary Tower”. The skyscraper is seismically stable and can withstand earthquakes and wind speed of 161 kmh.
»  It had been constructed for a year and 3 months. The building is cylinder due to the continuous filling of concrete mixture.
»  In the Husky Tower (the first name), there are two high-speed lifts. You can reach the observation platform within 60 seconds. At the upper level, there is an observation restaurant that turns around its axis for 45 minutes.
»  In the northern part of the platform, you can see the streets through the glass hole in the floor.
»  In 1990, the building was reconstructed. It cost $2.4 million. The lower level of the building is absolutely glass.
»  There is the Olympic Flame at its top. The Flame burns 24 hours a day. Now, it is burnt on special days.
»  500 000 people visited the building at its 25th anniversary.
»  At night, the tower is illuminated. It has over 16.5 million color and lighting effect.

Canada Place, Vancouver

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» Canada Place is a huge 23-storey entertainment center for tourists. It is characterized by the roof that resembles the sailcloth fluttering over the liner.
» The futuristic building is located on the embankment. Cruise ships moor here. There is also the airport with seaplanes.
» The top floor is occupied by the convention center, business offices, entertainment halls, showrooms, the Pan Pacific Hotel with 504 rooms, and trade fairs.
» There is a through underground hallway. It is occupied by an art gallery. Canada Place was opened in 1986. It has a panoramic view of the mountains and the sea.
» The central part of the construction is covered with 5 canopies. They are made of glass fiber. Glass threads make the fabric more durable and enhance its protective properties. It serves as an extraordinary dome. When it gets dark, the canopy is illuminated with bright lights seen from afar.
» On each of the floors, you can walk along observation platforms. They resemble decks.
» The territory of the complex lets celebrate Canada Day, the national holiday of state independence. The New Year and other holidays are also celebrated here.

Canada Place Building, Edmonton

Location on the map:     Interesting facts:
» Canada Place is a big city complex.
»  The skyscraper with offices of business companies is located near the river embankment, in the center of Edmonton. Canada Place replaced the old federal public building.
»  Specialists of the WZMH Group worked on the special project.
»  The construction is higher than the nearby building of the Shaw Center.
»  Most of the rooms are occupied by state companies and united large enterprises.
»  The extraordinary glass and steel building was constructed in 1988.
»  The construction began in 1985 and lasted three years.
»  The futuristic building was ordered by the Government of Canada.
»  Two houses are linked by a wide glass atrium. The constructions have the shape of stairs.
»  Canada Place is painted in an unusual pink color.
»  The total area of occupied rooms is 85 000 m2. These buildings have 13 and 15 floors respectively.
»  On the ground floor of the shopping center, there is a food court.
»  The multilevel construction is linked with the Shaw Center and the Citadel Theatre by the Edmonton Pedway.
»  There is an underground spacious parking area for workers’ convenience.
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