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National traditions of Taiwan. Habits, mentality and the way of living

Taipei City The mentality of the Taiwanese for centuries was formed in the conditions of rice cultivation under the influence of traditional Confucian education, focused on discipline and obedience. In spite of the complex political status of Taiwan, the modern population of the island comprises of people with a high level of national self-identification, who consider themselves Taiwanese, but not Chinese. However, the residents of Taiwan themselves are rather apolitical people. They may be interested in news from the world of politics, but do not like to talk about it. Please note that it is better to understand the national culture of the Taiwanese society by getting acquainted with its national values, among which are; education, a healthy lifestyle, respect of parents, tolerance, emotional restraint, good nature and generosity, economizing, materialism, superstition, among others.
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The striving of the Taiwanese for knowledge stems from the teachings of Confucius, who bequeathed to never stop on the path of knowledge. Residents of the island continue to study until old age, obtaining extensive knowledge and skills. While in China, there is a huge problem with illiterate population in terms of modern world standards. 99% of the population of Taiwan is literate. Education in Taiwan is a must. It is considered very prestigious to graduate from the University. From childhood, Taiwanese schoolchildren and students are freed from domestic duties by their parents who in turn require only good grades from them. Taiwanese are active supporters of a healthy lifestyle. Even the elderly people get up at dawn in order to partake in group classes where Chinese gymnastics is conducted. The young people of the island feel no excitement over smoking and alcohol and prefer to study, play sports, or visit various sections of the locality, in their spare time.
In the Taiwan society, hierarchy dominates. According to the principles of Confucianism, the ideal attitude of children towards their parents should be respectful, obedient, faithful and attentive. The local system of education prescribes respect for seniors, be it in age or position, as well as teachers. This huge role played by traditions in the life of the Taiwanese has also caused the people to be quite tolerant. The good-natured people of Taiwan are quite loyal to representatives of sexual minorities, mixed, or unequal marriages, and the age difference between spouses. One of the vital principles of Taiwanese is that it is important for a person to be good. The inhabitants of this island do not preoccupy themselves with their appearance and do not like to spend time on make-up and choice of clothes. Even shabby people or unconcealed freaks are not looked upon or treated with contempt here. Copyright
The Taiwanese culture is multifaceted and diverse, and is reflected in traditional holidays and festivals. One of the most significant events is the …
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Taiwanese are distinguished by their display of some amount of shyness; they do not like to behave impulsively or emotionally. Too much outspokenness is not accepted even when communicating with acquaintances. It is impossible to witness a quarrel or a fight on the streets of Taiwan as the people of Taiwan do not possess aggressive characteristics. Insults and angry moods are carefully hidden. Taiwanese are a generous people, who love to give presents, make surprises, and give treats. One of the essential conditions among acquaintances is having joint meals. This serves as a means of establishing relationships. In Taiwan for instance, a student can invite a teacher over for a visit. Business meetings are often held in restaurants, and employers are known to always organize a festive dinner for employees at the end of the year. Despite their generosity, Taiwanese always seek to economize. This is expressed in their love for night markets and bargaining.
Taipei 101 Taiwanese are outwardly gullible, and child-like, and inwardly very deep, and wise people. They prefer a relaxed and tranquil rhythm of life over the hurry and scurry of the modern world. Lucidity and materialism are inherent in them. You will therefore find that among the main masculine aims in Taiwan is the desire for wealth and success. When asked the about what is considered a requirement that could create happiness, a large part of the population mention money, high wages, and tasty food. Taiwan’s residents are also very superstitious. They are known to employ the services of predictors and psychics when; choosing the date of a wedding, purchasing a car, or concluding a deal. The names of children are also selected from special books after taking into consideration the time, day, month and year of birth of the child, with the location of the planets. There are still symbolic sacrifices to the gods on certain days of the lunar calendar in Taiwan.
Taiwan is a small island in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, a large part of which is occupied by a chain of Taiwan Mountains. To the east, the …
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The superstitious nature of the inhabitants of the island can also be seen in their love for traditional feasts and ancient rituals. One of the most important traditions in the culture of Taiwan is the Zhong-yuan holiday. It is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month – in the middle of the month of Dukhov. On this day, the souls of the dead, not having found peace in the afterlife, return from the world of the dead into the world of the living. In order to appease the evil spirits, the Taiwanese cover rich tables for them and kindle huge bonfires. Afterwards, they throw “money” out of the foil paper. It is considered an undesirable time to travel during the month of Dukhov, since it is believed that spirits can follow a traveler. With the onset of darkness, the people of Taiwan light thousands of burning lanterns and launch them through the water to show unrequited souls the way to the afterlife.
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