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U Pain Bridge

From the series “The Most Dangerous Bridges in the World”
More than 150 years ago, people of Myanmar have built the U Pain Bridge for crossing the lake Tauntome. The structure differs much from many false and rope bridges, which can be seen in other countries. Construction of the bridge began in the second half of the 19th century, during the reign of King Mindon. Main building blocks of teak columns were left after the reconstruction of an ancient palace. Powerful pillars were literally punched into the bottom of the shallow lake; each pillar was numbered.
One of the important distinguishing features of the design is the lack of handrails, making passing through incredibly dangerous. The bridge height is more than twice the height of a man, so falling to the bottom of the lake covered with sharp stones can turn into a tragedy. It seems that local residents don’t bother with that danger; they move across the bridge with a huge load and even by bicycles. The length of this unique bridge, which is used daily by hundreds of local residents, is about 1,200 meters. It is located at 4.5 meters above the water. The unique teak bridge is incredibly popular among tourists. Travelers eager to make spectacular photos of U Pain Bridge are recommended to visit it at sunset. ... Complete sights collection

Taung Kalat

From the series “The Most Remote Monasteries and Temples in the World”
One of the most remote religious sites in the world is the beautiful Taung Kalat monastery in Myanmar. It was built relatively recently, in the late 19th century. The monastery was founded on Taung Kalat mountain being the old extinct volcano. The last eruption of this volcano occurred in the 5th century BC; in fact, the monastery was built in the crater, which makes it even more unique.
Taung Kalat is 737 meters high. Visitors have to overcome a long and steep staircase of 777 steps to get to the top. Given that it was constructed on almost sheer mountainside, climbing requires really good physical training. The initial portion of the stairs is rather wide and made of stone; gradually stairs become narrower and more tangible with each step.
Originally, the staircase was roofed-in, but eventually the old roof has dilapidated and today some areas are completely open. The only thing that can save from falling into the abyss is fragile wooden railing. Another dangerous feature is a huge number of monkeys running around. Thus, you will need a lot of patience and caution to overcome the cherished 777 steps. Since ancient times, locals considered Taung Kalat mountain to be the sacred place and an abode of spirits, which were revered on par with Buddha. Most pilgrims visit the monastery during the festival of the full moon, Nayon. This religious festival is celebrated twice a year. ... Complete sights collection

Kyaut Sae Cave

From the series “Fantastic and Colorful Caves Inside the Earth”
Kyaut SAE Cave, located in Myanmar, is known all over the world. The majestic cave holds a Buddhist temple inside its depths. This fact does not diminish the natural splendour of the cave at all. Through the small openings in the ceiling, daylight penetrates the cave. At certain times of the day the cave is flooded with orange or blue glow.
The cave is situated near the city of Burna and is known only to a narrow circle of people. It is quite small, and, therefore, practically not interesting to researchers. The main visitors to the cave are pilgrims. The temple located there remains one of the most important in the country. Right in the cave grow trees and shrubs, which make the atmosphere in it even more fabulous. The number of pilgrims visiting the cave is really very large, so in recent years it has been substantially transformed.
The floor of the cave was designed with chic marble, comfortable benches were placed around the cave for visitors. In the center of one of the caverns is a golden sculpture of Buddha, beside which you can see a lot of beautiful statues and traditional jewelery for Buddhist culture. Kyaut SAE Cave is an important religious, cultural and historical monument of Myanmar. According to scientists, the first sacred places were established in the 13th century. ... Complete sights collection

Laykyun Setkyar

From the series “The Most Grandiose Statues and Monuments”
Another sculpture that is able to impress with its size, is situated in Khatakan Taung. The monument of Laykyun Sekkya is dedicated to Buddha. The structure is 116 meters high and the pedestal is 13.4 meters. Construction of the monument began in 1996 and lasted for 12 years. It was officially opened in February 2008.
Travelers treat this huge sculpture as a an attractive visual object. However, locals refer to Laykyun Sekkya as a sacred embodiment and a place of worship. While looking at the statue, you can make sure that each element is precisely detailed. The sculpture is painted yellow. This color is considered a symbol of wisdom in Buddhism. The statue shows the image of Buddha Shakyamuni, the spiritual master, who is considered the founder of Buddhism. It is noteworthy that the sculpture was erected solely on the donations of local people. That fact explains a long period of construction.
The greatest Buddhist monument is situated near the city of Mandalay, which, in turn, is considered to be a Buddhist center of the country. Not all travelers are aware of the fact that Laykyun Sekkya has a rather complicated device. The statue of standing Buddha hides 27 floors and a special elevator. The reclining statue houses a temple. The surrounding garden of Bodhi trees, where about 9 000 plants are planted, is another landmark. It is believed that Buddha attained enlightenment during the rest under the Bodhi Tree. ... Complete sights collection

Bagan Ancient City

From the series “The Surviving Artifacts of Buddhist Civilization”
Archaeological Area of Bagan is located in Myanmar. It can also be listed among outstanding Buddhist attractions. Once upon a time there was a flourishing city of Bagan. It was the capital of the eponymous state. The ruins were discovered by archaeologists quite recently. The main jewels of these places are ancient stupas and pagodas, which were restored during the excavation. Some stupas are fairly large. All interested can enter into them.
In recent years, the Bagan area has gained immense tourist popularity. Thousands of travelers come here to see the ancient Buddhist statues and unique relics. Curious tourists are attracted by local caves too, where the fragments of rock art can be found. Bagan Ancient City occupies more than 40 square km. There are thousands of pagodas and stupas, many of which were built in the 11th-13th centuries.
According to the available historical data, the design of the once prosperous city was created by the best artists and craftsmen. The ancient city of Bagan was one of the largest centers of science, religion, and culture  in the world. For hundreds of years, local churches and monasteries were keeping many unique relics, which in the period of the desolation of the city were almost completely destroyed. Modern pilgrims and travelers have an opportunity to admire restored architectural monuments, as well as several Buddhist shrines that survived after seven hundred years. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “Permanently Sinking Cities and Regions”
Bangladesh has been trying to take the upcoming water under control for a long period of time. If the water rises to 1,5 meters, the territory of 22 000 m2 will forever go under the water. Such natural disaster can break lives of more than 18 million people. The water element threats not only to people but also to the unique natural objects. Bangladesh coast has the largest mangrove forest on the Earth. Its name is Sundarbans. If the water level increases, the forest will be fully flooded.
These unique forests are the home to many rare animals and birds. The most known are the Bengal tigers. They can lose their home in case of the flooding. The most destroying flooding in Bangladesh had happened in 1988 and took more than five thousand human lives. The ¾ territory of the state has gone under the water, in every second resident left with nothing.
This flood became the most destroying and widest for last 100 years. It was caused by the uncontrolled forest exploitation in the Himalayas. For thousands of years there had formed the unique ecosystem that naturally saved Bangladesh’s lower reaches of rivers from the destroying actions of monsoon waters. Soil barriers naturally saved the water, although, when the forest became to exploitation, some barriers were destroyed. Nowadays monsoon rains have plagued the locals and threatened the region every year. ... Complete sights collection

Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue

From the series “The most luxury and famous synagogues”
Musmeah Yeshua synagogue is located in the center of Yangon. It was built after the end of the Anglo-Burmese war in 1854. Iraqi Jews are the founders of this synagogue. A new stone building was built for the synagogue at the end of the 19th century. More than 2,000 Jews migrated to the city from the Middle East before the war began. The synagogue continues to operate even though the size of the community has decreased hundreds of times over the past hundred years. Guests of Yangon can visit it any day.
Several interesting religious artifacts are kept in the house of worship. Ancient handwritten parchments and Torah scrolls are among them. The interior of the synagogue is of great interest. The interior is made of wood. Almost all its elements are made by hand. This synagogue is characterized by high arches. Its walls and ceiling are decorated with symbols traditional to Judaism.
A major reconstruction was completed in 1896. The building and interior of the synagogue remain almost unchanged since then. The visitation book is located on the second floor of the synagogue. Everyone can leave entries in it. You can make sure that tourists from all over the world visit this landmark important for Yangon if you scroll through the pages of the book. A very interesting market is located near the synagogue. Clothing and popular souvenirs are sold on it. You can take photos and videos at Musmeah Yeshua synagogue, unlike many other religious sites. Its caretaker is always ready to conduct an interesting tour for foreign visitors. ... Complete sights collection
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