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Travel tips for Iran - what to prepare in advance and what to obey

1. The conflict between Iran and Iraq, as well as other tensions, made Iran a less popular tourist destination. However, Iran currently is one of the safest tourist destinations in the Middle East, so tourists have nothing to worry about.
2. If you are an LGBTQ+, it is better not to make this public and obvious in Iran. The country has the death penalty as punishment for homosexuality.
3. Here, in Iran, it is better to forget about the habit of paying with the bank card everywhere. Don’t forget to stock up on local cash money.
Sadly, Iran doesn’t have a well-developed infrastructure when it comes to activities for families with small children. Family holidays are generally …
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4. It is always a good idea to ask whether the price is indicated in rials or tomans in order not to get into an unpleasant situation. The rial is the official currency in the country, but locals often use the monetary unit ‘toman’, which equals 10 rials.
5. Internet is severely regulated in Iran. If you don’t have tools like VPN, there is a risk of losing access to all popular services and websites. It is better to download all necessary soft in advance.
6. Telegram is quite popular in Iran, so download this messenger and there will be no problems with connecting others during your whole vacation in the country.
7. Tourists, who were planning to eat less or start dieting during their vacation in Iran, can easily forget about those plans. Meal consumption is traditionally slow here, the choice of dishes is amazing, and all food comes in giant portions. Copyright
8. Locals enjoy inviting tourists to visit their houses or offering food to them. Travelers do not need to feel embarrassed or refuse. Such behavior is typical for local people.
9. If you plan to buy something, don’t hesitate to bargain.
10. Women are better to cover their head, and men should refrain from wearing shorts and tank tops.
11. When using the subway in Iran, don’t forget that there are separate cars for men and women. Men are not allowed entering women-only passenger cars as those are limited to women only.
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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12. Do not focus your attention on the capital of Iran, Tehran, only. To tell the truth, such cities as Shiraz, Isfahan, and some others have as many as Tehran or maybe even more interesting landmarks to visit.
13. If local cuisine is too unusual, there are many dining establishments that offer European cuisine as well. Fast food chains are also well-developed in Iran. In short, everyone will easily find something suitable to eat.
14. If there are questions regarding your stay in Iran, don’t hesitate to ask your hotel’s staff to help. They can explain how to get to a certain landmark, recommend the best restaurants and cafes to visit, suggest exchange offices with the best rate, and can also give advice about the proper clothing.
15. Having arrived in Iran, try not to hurry and explore this marvelous country thoroughly and attentively.
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Fantastic City Tours and Excursions in Iran

Colorful and unique places in Iran

Khaju Bridge

From the series “Unbelievable and Magnificent Bridges and Viaducts”
For more than 300 years, the beautiful Chadschu Bridge over the Zayandeh River has been one of the landmarks of Isfahan. The wonderful bridge has the status of outstanding architectural landmark and is one of the oldest and most beautiful bridges in the east. The Chadschu Bridge was built in 1650. At that time, the city of Isfahan flourished on the Great Silk Road. The first bridge over the Zayandeh River was built much earlier than the middle 17th century. The new bridge was built by order of Shah Abbas II.

The new four-storey bridge, which contains 23 arches, has been built to the shortest deadlines. The length of the Chadschu bridge forms 105 meters, and the width - 14 meters. Originally the bridge served not only for crossing the river. The galleries of their ground floor were … Read all

Imam Mosque

From the series “The Most Iconic Temples in the World”
In Iran, in the ancient Isfahan city, which boomed in the 16th century and was a majestic capital of the Persian Empire, is the unique religious monument. In the heyday of the city, the Imam Mosque was erected for more than four centuries with the impressive size and the peculiar beauty. The height of the mosque is 52 meters. Since its foundation in 1638, it is the tallest building in the city. The general area of ​​the building is about 20,000 square meters, which makes the mosque very majestic.

The unique feature of the mosque is not only its impressive size, but also its peculiar acoustic characteristics. When two people sit in the opposite corners of the Mosque, they will hear each other whispering effortlessly. Next to the mosque is the beautiful square, which is also used for … Read all


From the series “Top 14 Most Polluted Cities of the Planet”
The city of Ahvaz, which is the capital of the Huzestan province, has been considered one of the most polluted cities on earth. The large industrial city, whose population makes over a million human beings, literally suffocates from the thick smog. In 2013, Ahvaz was at the top of the rating system put together by the World Health Organization. The assessment index of air pollution has reached 372 points. The dangerous limit is 300 points.

The reason for the bad ecological conditions in the city are the large petroleum-winning companies and steel foundries. Ahvaz is the country's top rider after the oil recovery level. 'The industrial wealth' of the city now has to pay the city's inhabitants. Most city dwellers constantly wear respirators. The walk through the city without any … Read all
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