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Aeropuerto Mariscal Sucre

From the series “The Most Dangerous Runways in the World”
The main airport of Ecuador is called Mariscal Sucre and is located in the city of Quito, the capital of the state, and in the center of Quito. The small territory assigned to the airport is close to the numerous buildings, as well as several volcanoes within easy reach of the airport. Only the highly qualified pilots are allowed to land the aircraft in such complicated conditions.
Although Quito, unlike a few other dangerous airports, has the asphalted runway, its quality is very bad. During the departure and the landing, the aircraft are always heavily rocked. In the middle of the runway, there is a fairly big sloop, which is why the plane literally jumps up and then falls back on the chassis.
In good weather, these obstacles are not a big problem for the experienced pilots. During the long tropical rainy season, even the best professionals in the world consider the successful landing at Quitos airport a great success. Apart from the strong stormy rain, the volcanoes, which expel the large dust and ash vertebrates into the air and reduce visibility, are the great danger to the aircraft. The airport Quitos is one of the highest in the world, it is located at the height of 2,800 meters above sea level. The extension of its runway is 4 100 meters, which allows the reception of very large aircraft. ... Complete sights collection

Rocas Bainbridge

From the series “Majestic and Spectacular Craters and Crater Lakes”
Galapagos Islands are rich in unique natural sights. Not far from Santiago Island is the strange crater Rocas Bainbridge. This is an incredibly beautiful tiny funnel island that is bathed from all sides by the sea. In the center of the island is the fabulous blue lake.
The crater lake is salty. Its fantastic color is due to the high mineral concentration. Although the island seems quite lifeless, you can still find some vegetation on it. In the salt lake grow the rare species of the water plants, the graceful flamingos here approaching.
The tourists can graze on the wonderful crater during a boat trip. On the coast of Santiago Island the exciting excursions are organized and the boats and boats are lent. Travelers who want to take the impressive photos of Rocas Bainbridge Crater can book a helicopter excursion. Remarkable that Rocas Bainbridge crater is only one of the numerous volcanic funnels of the archipelago. It was known world-wide thanks to the incredibly harmonious and effective view. ... Complete sights collection

San Rafael Falls

From the series “Most Fanciful Waterfalls of the Planet”
San Rafael is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ecuador. It is a demonstration of the incredible power of nature and has a height of 150 meters. The waterfall is located in a special natural area, at the foot of the active Reventador volcano. At the moment, the highest waterfall in Ecuador is located on the territory of Sumako Nature Reserve, whose distinctive features include incredible lush tropical vegetation.
As a rule, all excursions to the reserve start from the city of Quito. Their duration is quite high. The San Rafael waterfall is almost 200 km from Quito. To see the wonderful natural attraction, you need to drive through the most complex mountain streamer. On the way, tourists will meet several settlements, where they can stay for a rest, get acquainted with the life and way of life of the indigenous population, and buy original souvenirs.
The last few kilometers of the way tourists need to overcome on foot. While walking through the jungle, they can admire incredibly beautiful tropical landscapes and see rare butterflies. In the immediate vicinity of the waterfall a convenient viewing platform was designed, from which one can make excellent photographs. Although the natural site is open to the public all year round, it is recommended to go on a tour in the period from December to February. ... Complete sights collection

Stairs Pailon del Diablo

From the series “Furious Footways Around the World That Make You Dizzy”
An amazing natural landmark, known far beyond Ecuador, is a waterfall with the frightening name the Devil's Cauldron (Pailon del Diablo Waterfall). To make looking at its beauty more convenient, a spiral staircase has been cut down on a rock for numerous tourists. It literally covers the streams of the waterfall and allows you to view it from all sides. The staircase alternates with small observation platforms and against the background of the fantastic mountain landscapes surrounding it looks simply inimitable.
Some sections of the staircase are constantly hidden in a thick fog of spray, tourists are usually recommended to put on raincoats. Despite the fact that the stone staircase may at first glance seem completely safe and even beautiful, it is rather insidious. Stone steps are uneven and have different height, in addition, from the falling spray, they are always very slippery, so climbing the stairs should be extremely careful.
The staircase has also some interesting secrets. It is connected to narrow passages in the rocks. Through these corridors, one can get as close as possible to the streams of the waterfall. But some of them are so small that it is necessary to move around them literally on all fours. After walking up the steep stairs and replenishing your photo archive with spectacular pictures, you can go to a more comfortable and relaxing part of the rest. At the foot of the waterfall there are several attractive restaurants and recreation areas, where you can relax and just enjoy the surrounding natural splendour. ... Complete sights collection

Statue of Virgin Mary Quito

From the series “The Most Grandiose Statues and Monuments”
The highest statue of Ecuador is the Virgin of Quito, which can be seen in the city of Quito. The monument was open to public in 1976. The height of the statue is 41 meters, including the pedestal. The author of the sculpture is the well-known architect from Spain, Agustin de la Erran Matorra. It is believed that the model for his wonderful creations was the sculpture of the Virgin Mary. Since 1734, the later has being adorning the altar of the main cathedral of Quito, in the Basilica of Saint Francis.
The graceful sculpture depicts the Virgin Mary staying on the Earth. You can notice the snake under her feet. In such a way, the author wanted to express the power of the patron saint of the city, which is able to protect the citizens of Quito from any adversity. This amazing monument is mounted on the hill of Panecillo. Despite its impressive scale, the sculpture is quite lightweight and durable. That's because one of the most accessible and cheapest material of that time was chosen to design the lining. It took about 7 000 aluminum plates to face the monument. Another distinctive feature of the statue are its wings. Madonna with wings is very rare for the general iconography. ... Complete sights collection

Galapagos Islands

From the series “Famous Unesco Sites in South America”
The Galapagos Islands are real storehouses of amazing natural attractions. The archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean has 19 islands, some of which are inhabited by people. Currently, about 25 000 people permanently reside on the islands, while the number of tourists who visit this ocean area is much more than aforesaid figures. Charles Darwin conducted his study on these islands. Today the local flora and fauna are of great interest to researchers.
The main representative of the local fauna is a huge sea turtle or Galapagos turtle. Islands are also inhabited by rare species of iguanas and birds. Each of these pieces of land is unique and has its own attractive features. Many people come to Bartolome Island to watch sea turtles and Galapagos penguins. Near Wenman Island you can watch dolphins. The Galapagos Islands over the years remain in the attention of divers, as the local underwater world is also incredibly beautiful and unique.
In recent years, a number of tourists visiting the island has increased a hundred times. Hotels and restaurants were built on the islands; beaches and sports facilities were set on. However, fans of rest in an atmosphere of complete privacy will still find suitable locations here. It's enough just to rent a boat and go to one of the uninhabited islands. Those who love to explore the historical sights have to visit the island of Santa Cruz. A few old buildings and the research center named after Charles Darwin, can be found there. ... Complete sights collection

Galapagos Islands

From the series “15 Sparsely Populated Places for Solitude with Wildlife”
The most underpopulated area of the planet is Galapagos Islands. This archipelago consists of 19 islands, its whole area is about 8 010 square kilometres. The population of the islands is varying about 25 000 people. Travellers, who want to visit places that are far from the civilization, will like this outstanding and terrifying area. Every island has its own unique nature sightseeing. The main symbol of Baltra island are iguanas that were brought here as a part of the experiment.
Bartolome island is full of wonderful volcano sceneries. In a special time, travellers can see how small tortoises born. One of the most interesting places for walks is Culpepper island, its area is only 1,1 square kilometres. This island is rich in a great popularity of sea lions, Galapagos gulls and sea tortoises, navy seals and dolphins.
The largest island of the archipelago is Isabela island. There you can not only walk in a picturesque area but also visit locals and their houses. Travellers will like this place so much. Rabida island has marvellous Martian sceneries. During one of the volcanic explosions, there has appeared the stone high in the iron soil. That explains the unusual red colour of the earth. The most populated island in the archipelago is Santa Cruz island. There travelers can walk in a picturesque mangrove and see wonderful lava tunnels. ... Complete sights collection

Montanita Beach

From the series “Top Beaches for Surfing on Huge Waves”
Montanita Beach is considered the best holiday destination for surfers in Ecuador. It is located in the resort of Santa Elena. Strong winds blow on this stretch of coast all year round. It contributes to the formation of waves. The resort has received significant development in recent years. Surf campsites, water sports schools, equipment rentals, and shops have opened on the coast. The popular resort is quite small. Only about 1,000 people live on its territory even today.
It began to gain popularity in the 60s of the last century. Hippies were the first to appreciate the sparsely populated and beautiful beach. Most of the tourists come to Montanita beach at the weekend. It attracts not only foreign tourists but also local surfers. The length of the beach is about 5,000 meters. Therefore, you can choose a relatively sparsely populated place to relax on its territory, even on weekends. A surf school is available at the resort. But it is still largely focused on professional surfers.
It will be most comfortable for beginners to stay here in the summer. The height of the waves does not exceed 1 meter on the coast at this time of year. The highest waves are on the coast in the period from January to March. Their height can reach 2 meters at this time of year. Guests of the popular resort of Ecuador should also take into account that there are no high-class hotels on its territory. There are several inexpensive campsites and hostels here. The main part of their guests is young travelers. An interesting festival is held at the resort every February. Annual surfing competitions are held within its framework. ... Complete sights collection

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