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Muruntau Mine

From the series “Famous Spots of Gold Mines Reminding the Gold-Rush Times”
One of the most famous goldmines in the world is the Muruntau mine, which is located in Uzbekistan. The owner of this most valuable deposit is the Navoy Mining and Metallurgical Combine. About 1800000 ounces of gold is extracted annually. There is an invaluable deposit Muruntau on the territory of the same mountainous region, in the northern part of the Kyzylkum desert.
In terms of gold production, this deposit is second only to the legendary Indonesian Grasburn mine. For the full development of the field, the world's largest quarry has been created. Its length is about 3500 meters, and its width is about 2700 meters. The depth of the largest quarry on the planet is 430 meters. The discovery of the deposit took place in 1958, and commercial gold mining has been conducted since 1961.
After the opening of the industrial area of ​​Muruntau, a town of the same name was formed next to it, a significant part of whose inhabitants are engaged in work at the mine. The gold reserves of the Muruntau deposit are striking, after tens of years of active gold mining, the mine reserves make up over 1750 tons of precious metal. The discovery of the deposit was recognized as one of the greatest geological discoveries of the 20th century. Today, Uzbekistan is among the top ten countries in terms of gold production. ... Complete sights collection

Bibi-Xonim Masjidi

From the series “Top Surviving Artifacts of Muslim Civilization”
In Samarkand, there is a famous Bibi-Khanym Mosque, also known as the Tamerlane Mosque. It was built in 1404 and is distinguished by a chic design, the shrine is decorated with carved marble, artful paintings, and tiles. After the conquest of India, Tamerlane ordered to build in the city a smart mosque, which will not have the equal one in beauty universally. The founder has chosen the location of the mosque independently, for construction he attracted the best masters from Iran, India, the Golden Horde and Khwarezm.
After the construction was completed, Bibi-Khanym`s mosque was one of the largest in the world, 10,000 people could be accommodated in its yard at a time. The grand mosque Tamerlane named in honor of his beloved wife, however, according to one of the legends, the construction of the mosque began precisely by the order of the beautiful Bibi-Khanym who decided to give a gift to her husband who returned from next military campaign. The history of the construction of the mosque is very interesting, a huge architectural complex was built in just five years.
To accelerate the construction process, 99 elephants were brought from India, they were used to transport stones and other heavy loads. Another interesting symbol of the ancient mosque is the bazaar located near its walls, which was opened more than 600 years ago. As in the Middle Ages, today it continues to work, in this picturesque bazaar, you can always buy fresh fruits, sweets, and interesting souvenirs. The most beautiful mosque is accessible for visiting absolutely for everybody. The locals believe that this shrine can grant women, who visit it, health and happiness of motherhood. ... Complete sights collection

Ismoil Somoniy Maqbarasi

From the series “Top Surviving Artifacts of Muslim Civilization”
Among the Muslim sights of the early Middle Ages, the mausoleum of the Samanids occupies a special place. This unique monument is located in the historical district of Bukhara, surrounded by a large well-kept park. Hundreds of years ago there was a cemetery in this place, but today nothing resembles its existence. According to the available historical data, the mausoleum was built in the second half of the 9th century, but several centuries later it was partially destroyed and came to desolation.
The researchers discovered its ruins very recently, in the 20th century, the historical object was decided to be restored in its original form. There are three burials in the mausoleum, including the grave of Ismail, the founder of the Samanid dynasty. The mausoleum impresses with its spectacular appearance but at the same time, a little money has been spent on its finishing and decorations. This is a unique monument of architecture, the exact author of the architectural project of the mausoleum is unknown.
During the construction of the mausoleum, any expensive finishing materials were not used, its main decoration was originally a delicate ligature of decorative brickwork. The builders made the mausoleum not only incredibly beautiful but also very durable, after the elaboration of the cultural layer, modern architects managed to restore its exquisite appearance completely. The old building has its own interesting secret. The building looks different at different times of the day because of the special brickwork, it depends on how the sunlight falls on it. ... Complete sights collection

Sherdor Mаdrаsasi

From the series “Top Surviving Artifacts of Muslim Civilization”
One more crucial for Muslim people holy place - the Sherdor Madrasasi, which is located in Samarqand. This unique historical building is situated on the Registon square. It was built in the 17th century. The Madrasasi is usually understood as the unified architectural ensemble along with the Ulug`bek Madrasasi and other closely spaced buildings. In 2001 the Sherdor Madrasasi along with a number of other historical buildings of Samarqand was included in a list of UNESCO world heritage.
Madrasasi was built under the authority of Hakim Yalangto'sh Bahodir at the place of an old demolished dervish lodge. Fragments that were saved, were used during the building of the new mosque. The building is decorated with strikingly beautiful mosaic patterns. The Madrasasi is attractive not only for pilgrims but also for admirers of antique architecture. On the walls we can see a great number of unusual symbolic patterns. Each is a reminder of important historical occasions and cultural traditions. There can study no more than 40 students at once, notwithstanding that fact that Madrasasi has a quite large area.
Over the years the construction has been destroyed several times. The main reason for the destruction was the numerous earthquakes. The last disaster was at the end of the 19th century but after this earthquake, the studies had been held there for several years. In 1924 the classes were decided to stop; the historical building was nationalized and a huge rebuilding has begun. Nowadays the reconstructed Sherdor Madrasasi looks as eye-catching as it looked the day after the ending of its building. ... Complete sights collection

Ichan Qala

From the series “The Last City-Fortresses Survived to This Day”
Uzbekistan's historical town Ichan-Kala is surrounded by the powerful strong walls. Nowadays you can see wonderful buildings of the 14th century on its territory. Among them, there are adorable Medreces, Mosques, minarets, mausoleum, baths, caravanserais, marvellous palaces and saved parts of the fortress buildings. Its official status the town received some time ago, in 1968. Today its whole territory is under the state protection.
A lot of marvellous legends are connected with this historical town. According to one, for conducting the building was used the clay from the same deposits where the prophet Mohammed took clay for Medina building. At those places, where the clay was taken for several hundred years, has appeared the lake. Today it is the sacrum place. Old supportive walls even today impress by their power. The height variates from 8 to 10 and width from 5 to 6 meters long. The whole length of the wall is about 6 250 meters long.
The city’s Gate adores people with its proficient architecture. The great palaces and buildings of the 19th century are also valuable for the history. Majolica is another outstanding peculiarity of the old town. It is a special technique of making decorative panels. A lot of old houses are decorated in this technique. The area of the town is not large, only 1 square kilometres. That’s why the best way to see it is to walk on foot. ... Complete sights collection
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