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Tahiti Island

Cuisine of Tahiti Island for gourmets. Places for dinner - best restaurants

Papeete City Hall The cuisine of Tahiti has absorbed both the traditional meals and French classic recipes. The fresh and natural ingredients used in the local restaurants and cafes will impress you. It is safe to buy food from street-food traders as well as at supermarkets; also, you can purchase some mangos or a pineapple just in the street. Do not miss an opportunity to taste some local alcoholic drinks, such as vanilla rum or pineapple wine, which is produced at the local pineapple plantations. The local beer has an original taste and is brewed of the breadfruits. The grape wines of this region are notable for their nice bouquet and other flavors of tropical fruits.
Tahiti is an excellent choice for a family vacation. Your kid will definitely feel like a path-breaker on this island, which can easily be called a paradise, and will have lots of … Open
Needless to say that the islands are famous for their fish. Here you will taste the delicious tuna; you can find all possible dishes with this fish on Tahiti. It is also the right place to try the swordfish and mahi-mahi. However, if you are one of the reckless taste testers, you can experiment with fugu fish (blowfish), but it is pure exotica for gastronomic thrill-seekers. A gourmet might want to taste a local dish – Poisson cru à la tahitienne; it is prepared with raw fish marinated in lemon juice and coconut milk. It might remind of ceviche, but because of coconut and vegetables used in the dish, the taste is really inexpressible. Tahiti’s cuisine combines different tastes of meat and fish with sweet fruits; a perfect example of such a combination is tartare with mango.
Seafood lovers might be disappointed since the sea is warm here and many species are uncommon, but it is possible to find octopuses and some different molluscan shellfish. In addition, it is possible to taste pearl oysters. The restaurants serve dishes with local freshwater prawns and, of course, crabs. Tahiti is a harbor for big coconut crabs; the dish with crabs is very expensive and it is not easy to find a place where the one can taste it. However, gastro-tourists will definitely be delighted with it. Copyright
The indigenous Tahitians are of Polynesian ancestry comprising the gross of the population. French is the official language but Tahitian and French are both in use. If you know French, … Open
You will be amazed by a diverse variety of fruits on Tahiti. Here you will find familiar mangos, papayas, pineapples, bananas. By the way, bananas are widespread here, there are approximately ten different species of them on the island, and a half of them is served as a garniture, just in the way that we use potatoes. It is essential to taste some exotic fruits such as soursops, star apples, you can find even durians and you are not forbidden to bring them to the hotels, but there is no sense in doing this. The vegetables are rather common here; they are tomatoes, cucumbers, beetroots, potato. Many cafes serve dishes cooked with breadfruits, batatas or taros (it is a local root vegetable similar to our potato). Have a taste of plantain bananas, they are usually baked before serving.
rade-de-papeete The desserts of Tahiti fit every taste, here you can find everything – from traditional French pastry to Polynesian ice-cream with unusual color and taste. Just try this purple ice cream made of taros; in the meantime, you will have a reason to make a photo of your food! Additionally, you might want to have a taste of the ice cream with Tiare flavor (Tiare is a local Tahitian flower). Po'e is a traditional Polynesian pudding-like dessert. The mixture of fruit puree and starch is baked in the oven and then is topped with a dollop of coconut cream.
One of the places on Tahiti that one must visit is a peninsula called Point Venus. It is located on the north coast of the island. This is a legendary place where the legendary Captain James … Open
In truth, the French people have cultivated a fondness of the locals not only to croissants in the morning but also to the process of food taking in general. These days there are many restaurants on Tahiti where you have a chance to try the top-quality cuisine, the dishes will look fantastic and you will be advised the right drink suitable for your food. Moreover, for the record, it is common practice not to tip on Tahiti; therefore, generally, you do not need to tip the waiter. Please, be aware that this works only for the basic general service, if someone helps you and this is beyond his or her duties, it is customary to show your appreciation and thank.
The Sherathon Hotel (Tahiti) If you would like to taste the traditional dishes in the way the local people have been cooking them for ages, it is worth to look for some restaurants, which are rather far from the common touristic places. Today there are many visitors on Tahiti. In order to please their tastes and to reduce the price of the dish, some original ingredients can be replaced with their cheaper equivalents or excluded at all. It will be perfect if you are able to have dinner at some local’s house in one of the distant villages. Actually, it is not as difficult as it seems if you are quite interested in the immersion into the culture of the native Polynesians. The people of Tahiti are quite warm-hearted. The key point is to present a gift to the master of the house and get ready to eat your meal while sitting on the matting on the floor.
Before everything else, Tahiti is a paradise for fans of extreme water sports activities. Thousands of professional surfers come here every year to conquer the coastal waves. The Billabong … Open
While choosing your meal be mindful of the fact that the local people frequently eat raw fish and seafood. E’ia Ota (Poisson Cru) can be the notable example for this; it is the national dish made with raw tuna and diced vegetables soaked in coconut milk and marinated briefly with lime juice. Sometimes this dish is served in place of appetizers before the main meal. The local residents also like the traditional European sandwiches. Therefore, a slice of bread can be combined here with tuna, gammon, onions or tomatoes. Snatch an opportunity to taste the chips made of breadfruits, they have an unusual flavor and their price is rather low.
Papeete Be sure to try the dish, which is called “tamaaraa” and can be found at every restaurant. The ingredients used for it and their proportions can differ according to the place where the dish is prepared, but the cooking methods are almost the same. It is cooked in the traditional Tahitian underground oven called “ahima'a”. The ahima'a consists of a hole dug in the ground where hot stones are disposed inside in order to cook the ingredients. The tamaaraa’s ingredients (usually these are pieces of fish, meat or vegetables) are wrapped with banana leaves and put inside the oven for at least 3 hours. When the tamaaraa is ready, you eat it with your fingers after sopping it into the sauce made of coconut milk specially served for this dish. Many families cook the tamaaraa only for the feast time, so the small cafes do; however, at bigger restaurants, you can order it any time.
1. The best time to visit the island is from May to October, the rest of the year is the rainy season, especially frequent storms occur in January. However if you are not afraid of storms … Open
Do not disregard local fish delicacies. For instance, you can try “Fafaru”. It is a fish dish. Generally, the “fafaru” is prepared with slices of tuna or parrotfishes that have been macerated in seawater and has a slightly unusual taste. Mackerel, marinated in coconut milk, is also a good choice, as well as bonito fish or barracuda. Grilled parrotfish is very tasty too. Braised, fried, grilled, marinated, chaud-froid, carpaccio, tartare or sashimi, are different ways to enjoy the sea fruits from the local cooks. It will be just impossible to complain about the lack of variety of the Tahitian cuisine. You might consider tasting some grilled shrimps or octopuses. The shish-kebab prepared of fish or meat is also very delicious. The Indian curry is popular here too; moreover, the local cooks see it as a national dish already.
Papeete The mango chutney, papaya salad, cooked taros roots, and smoked breadfruits are worth to try. For the dessert, you can try a fruit pie with pineapple or guava, as well as baked bananas. The traditional dessert “Poe” is very tasty either. They make it from taros root, mashed banana, pumpkin, vanilla, and coconut milk cream.
The coastal area Tahiti is notable for its amazing contrasts. There are gorgeous beaches with white coral sand, and exotic parts of the coast covered with black volcanic sand. The most … Open
For drinks on Tahiti you can have tea, coffee or various juices. Coconut water is also very popular. You might find attractive to try some wine – both French and Polynesian. For beer lovers, there is the local version of this drink called Hinano. Do not miss an opportunity to try different fruit liqueurs and cocktails with tropical fruit juices.
tahiti In order to list some particular places where to try the traditional cuisine it is necessary to mention the central market called Papeete. Here you will find dishes cooked and eaten for the centuries by the aboriginal inhabitants of the islands – vegetables and meat wrapped with banana leaves and baked in the traditional underground oven. The cheapest way to have dinner is to buy your food from the food trucks called Les Roulottes, which are located in Papeete, in the central square that overlooks the waterfront (Waterfront, Papeete 98714). Every evening at 6 p.m., the many trucks set up shop with food offerings. Here you can find a big variety of dining options, which are more affordable in comparison with the restaurants’ prices. The Roulottes present different cuisines – Chinese, French and local Tahitian. You will have an opportunity to try pancakes, steaks, hamburgers, French fries, and many others.
Tahiti has several luxury resorts that won’t disappoint even the most discerning travelers. The popular hotel Le Meridien is situated at the Punaauia Beach; that’s one of the … Open
In the daytime you can have a snack at the cafes or buy a baguette sandwich just in the street. Tahitians have created this sandwich, made from French-style baguettes, where everything from fish and meat to vegetables are stuffed into. In the evening, visit the local restaurants, usually, they open at 7-8 p.m. “Le Coco’s” Restaurant is very popular among the tourists who come to Tahiti (the address is Pk 13 200 Cote Mer | BP 1603 Punavai, Puna'auia 98703). Here you can try both the French and Pacific cuisines. The restaurant is located onshore where the visitors can admire the incredible view of Moorea.
Tahiti Restaurant “l'O à la Bouche” is reputed to be another famous place among the tourists; it is located on the Passage Cordella in Papeete (Papeete 98713). We can assure that it has very delicious seafood. Keep in mind that the restaurant does not open until 19:00. The place is very popular, so make a reservation beforehand. Vegetarians will duly appreciate “Le Velvet” Restaurant at the Hotel Tahiti Nui (Avenue du Prince Hinoi, Papeete).
If you have shopping plans during your stay in Tahiti, we recommend visiting Papeete since the main places for shopping are located here. It is worth noting that there are no tremendous … Open
“Le Souffle” in Papeete is a fabulous place with the great French cuisine (54 Rue Paul Gauguin, Papeete 98713). Try your steak here. Restaurant “Chez Rémy” will suit those tourists who prefer to save their money (located at Centre Tamanu, Puna'auia 98718). Here you can taste the French cuisine for a cheap price. If you want to eat something from the Asian cuisine, Restaurant “Jimmy” is for you (31 Rue Ecole des Freres | Angle de la rue Colette, Papeete 9871). Worthy of separate attention is the fact that it is improper to tip on Tahiti, although this rule has been changing as a result of constant tourist visits.
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National cuisine of French Polynesia

French Polynesia is composed of more than a hundred islands that are united in five archipelagoes. Residents of each archipelago are proud of their unique culture. However, in general, this French island territory has common features, created as a result of the mixing together of the traditions of the Polynesians, the Chinese and the French. Polynesian cuisine reflects the characteristics of each archipelago. The ration of the inhabitants of French Polynesia is based on fruit, meat, bread and fish. You can see traces of French, Chinese, Italian and local influences in the Polynesian dishes. The islanders living in the countryside usually provide themselves with their own food. They grow gardens and orchards, as well as fish and raise livestock. Some products are also imported into the country, rice for instance. … Open
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