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From the series “Top 14 Most Polluted Cities of the Planet”
One of the polluted cities of the world is Agbogbloshi. It is incredibly dangerous to live in this city. It was not always the case, however, that the ecology of one of the largest cities in Ghana had spoiled itself in just a few years, when the garbage heap of electronics was organized in the muddy semi-desert terrain. This is where the largest developed countries produce millions of tonnes of 'digital' waste each year. At present, the landfill at Agbogbloshi is the largest landfill on the planet.
The loading of the waste to the landfill has been prohibited for a short time, but this does not disrupt a number of countries. For several years the containers from Japan, USA and Great Britain have been delivered to the landfill daily. Today the area of ​​the rubbish heap is about 4 acres. The population of the city, which was once an ecological point of view, is today about 40 thousand people. For some locals, the landfill literally serves as a main resource - here, children and young people work underneath the mountains of electronic waste.
Every day they come to the landfill and read the waste in search of non-ferrous metals. The reward for 12 hours of work is very modest and does not make more than 6 USD. In the search for copper and the integrated microchips, the children have to burn the electronic waste. The number of toxins released into the air is simply terrible. The stinging smoke adds irreparable harm to human health. Its influence on the functions of nervous and sex systems is irreparable. A few years ago the ecologists offered the new way of fighting against further air pollution. They think the Karle Lagoon, on the coast of which the landfill is located, is to be flooded. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “Majestic and Spectacular Craters and Crater Lakes”
Not only the volcanic, but also the strange meteorite craters are incredibly popular among tourists. One of the most popular among them is located in Ghana, in the Ashanti district. It is the Bosumtwi crater, in whose tower the incredibly beautiful lake has formed. This natural sight is located not far from the Kumasi town. The wonderful crater lake is characterized by the impressive size. Its diameter is about 8 000 meters, and the maximum depth of the lake reaches 80 meters. The crater diameter is even larger and forms about 10 500 meters.
Many experienced tourists strive to see the crater lake at sunset when it looks especially harmonious because of the lush vegetation growing on the crater slopes. The scientists believe that the meteorite crater Bosumtwi has formed more than a million years ago. In the research of the crater, one has discovered the quite rare rock Australite, which looks like a dark green glass.
To date, this rock has been found in four meteoric craters and is considered incredibly rare. According to one of the versions, Australite is formed only by the very powerful impact of the asteroid and consists of molten soil elements. The lush forest covering the crater slopes prevents detailed research. The impenetrable tropical scrub is not a problem for the numerous curious tourists. Accompanied by the guide, they can wander through the wonderfully beautiful landscape and graze on one of the most mysterious crater lakes in the world. ... Complete sights collection

Asante Traditional Buildings

From the series “The Unesco World Heritage Sites in Africa”
In Ghana, there is a curious object that will appeal to lovers of unusual architectural sights. It is the traditional architecture of Ashanti people in the district of Asanta. The complex of 13 buildings is incredibly beautiful and is nowadays, unfortunately, the only memory of the once powerful and prosperous state of Ashanti. The state flourished in the 18th century, and from the beginning of the 19th century, it was ravaged by destructive wars. Finally, the state was conquered by the British army in 1901, during the war years almost all the buildings were destroyed. The beautiful houses that travellers can see today are witnesses to the most tragic events in the history of the Ashanti state. At present, architectural structures are under special protection and are constantly being restored.
The thing is that local residents built houses and palaces of fairly fragile materials, the main building material for the construction of houses was clay. Roofs were made of straw and wood. It is surprising that such vulnerable buildings managed to survive after many years under the influence of natural factors. Local residents help to support the architectural complex in a decent state and regularly cover the walls of houses and bas-reliefs with special paint. Unfortunately, all the most beautiful and large-scale buildings of Ashanti were burned during the war, no palace or mausoleum was left on the territory of the complex. Most of the surviving buildings are typical village houses, where ordinary people lived hundreds of years ago. ... Complete sights collection

Bosumtwi Crater

From the series “Largest Meteorite Craters on Earth”
Bosumtwi located in Ghana can be mentioned among the most picturesque meteorite craters of the planet. This structure was formed by a meteorite that collided with the planet about 1.3 million years ago. The diameter of the bowl is 10.5 km. Currently, the crater is filled with water. Bosumtwi lake is considered one of the main natural attractions of Ghana.
The crater specialty lies in tektites, which are fragments of the relatively rare type of comet meteorites. Just to get on, let’s say that by now about 170 impact craters are investigated, and tektites have been found on the territory of only 4 of them, including the Bosumtwi Crater. These rare mineral deposits have enabled scientists to describe the catastrophe that happened more than a million years ago.
According to their version, the meteorite that was not less than 500 meters large. It was approaching the Earth from the east at a speed of about 20 kmps. Despite the fact that the crater was discovered many years ago, the research is seriously hampered. The structure is located in an incredibly difficult terrain surrounded by dense forests. In addition, Ashanti people that are living near the lake have the extremely negative attitude to attempts to study the lake. They consider it sacred and forbidden to sail there by boat. However, scientists were able to determine that huge deposits of nickel are hidden at the bottom of the lake, but for the abovementioned reason, it’s impossible to start mining now. ... Complete sights collection

Elmina Castle Prison

From the series “Famous prisons of the world”
A unique monument of the colonial period is located in Ghana. This is the Elmina Castle. It is the oldest colonial structure in the region. The castle was completed in 1492. This castle has been used for the detention of prisoners since its construction for more than 300 years. Many of the prisoners of Elmina Castle were sold as slaves. It is estimated that about 30,000 slaves were sold in the castle annually during the Middle Ages. The conditions of their detention were appalling. The prisoners were locked in cramped cages. Up to 200 people could be kept in one such cage.
The building of the old castle has been converted into a museum today. The exhibition is dedicated to its multifaceted history. Cages and shackles preserved in the castle are the main exhibits of the museum. They were used during the years of the prison's existence. It is noteworthy that part of the castle continued to be used for the accommodation of high-ranking officials during the period when the prison was located in it.
The luxurious wards were located on the upper level directly above the prison cells. Visiting Europeans, as well as the local governor, stayed in them. There are preserved long-range guns on the roof of the castle. Beautiful views of the surrounding area can be enjoyed from here. Externally, the castle looks very impressive and attractive. It is no different from the classic castles of the colonial period. The Europeans built them to protect the developed lands.
The beautiful walls of the castle are made of white stone. The former prison cells are hidden behind them. You can visit the museum located in the castle free of charge. Not only the former prison cells but also the narrow stone wells are preserved in the castle. The slaves were kept in them before being sold. There are also narrow high cells here. They were used for the detention of particularly dangerous criminals. The so-called "Door of No Return" is one of the most symbolic objects for the castle. Sold slaves were released through them. Many interesting historical buildings are located near the old prison. It will also be interesting to see them as part of the tour. ... Complete sights collection

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