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Bosumtwi Crater, Ghana

From series “Largest Meteorite Craters on Earth”
Bosumtwi located in Ghana can be mentioned among the most picturesque meteorite craters of the planet. This structure was formed by a meteorite that collided with the planet about 1.3 million years ago. The diameter of the bowl is 10.5 km. Currently, the crater is filled with water. Bosumtwi lake is considered one of the main natural attractions of Ghana.

Bosumtwi Crater, Ghana The crater specialty lies in tektites, which are fragments of the relatively rare type of comet meteorites. Just to get on, let’s say that by now about 170 impact craters are investigated, and tektites have been found on the territory of only 4 of them, including the Bosumtwi Crater. These rare mineral deposits have enabled scientists to describe the catastrophe that happened more than a million years ago.

According to their version, the meteorite that was not less than 500 meters large. It was approaching the Earth from the east at a speed of about 20 kmps. Despite the fact that the crater was discovered many years ago, the research is seriously hampered. The structure is located in an incredibly difficult terrain surrounded by dense forests. In addition, Ashanti people that are living near the lake have the extremely negative attitude to attempts to study the lake. They consider it sacred and forbidden to sail there by boat. However, scientists were able to determine that huge deposits of nickel are hidden at the bottom of the lake, but for the abovementioned reason, it’s impossible to start mining now. Next - Steinheimer Becken

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Useful staff nearby

ATM bankomat: 'UBA Ghana - KNUST Branch ATM' located in 25 km ( check the route on the map).
Car rental office: 'The Angle Life' is located in 29 km ( on the map).
Fuel station: 'APOG - Boankra' in 18 km
Supermarket: 'The Super Market' in 25 km
Parking: 'Engineering car park' in 25 km
Apotheek: 'Kokab Pharmacy' in 24 km
Police station: 'KNUST Police Station' in 26 km
Cafe/restaurant: 'The Green Ranch' in 3.95 km
Railway station: 'Obuasi Station' in 44 km
 Cities nearby

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Top destination around Bosumtwi Crater - Kumasi

During archaeological excavations in the region, scientists discovered that the first settlers in this area appeared yet during the Neolithic age. At that time, people tried to settle near a source of water, and this is the reason why the first settlement was located close to Lake Bosumtwi. We have almost no information about the early history of Kumasi. The first official mentions of Kumasi as a town date back to the 90s of the 17th century. The city became the capital of the Ashanti Confederacy at that time. The settlement got this honorable status because of the activities of its ruler, Osei Tutu.

Ashanti was developing and growing in size. This region was enjoying the life of an independent country, and Kumasi was its center. In 1874, the Third Anglo-Ashanti War started in the region. Many battles happened within the city territory. Due to military actions, a part of Kumasi including the royal residence was completely destroyed by the British troops. The king was expelled from his land. He managed to return to his homeland only fifty years later. Kumasi regained its status of the capital of Ashanti.
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