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This amazing country is home to unique landmarks and culture masterpieces. The capital of the country, Algeria, is particularly rich in various places of interest. The main landmarks here include the Jamaa-el-Jedid Mosque and Place of the Emir Abdelkader, the building of which took place in the 17th century. These grandiose buildings are well-known far beyond the borders of the country. In the mountains, on one of high hills, visitors will find another famous landmark - Notre Dame d'Afrique, which shining cupolas are seen from the coast. Algeria has both new and historical districts. The old city is a wonderful place full of ancient buildings and beautiful squares adorned with marble and flower beds. This district is called Casbah, which can be translated as “fortress” from Arabian. Besides that, there are several interesting museums, the oldest university in the city, several old libraries and a spectacular botanic garden in the capital.
1. Algeria is not the safest country in the world, and this concerns foreign tourists as well. There were cases of kidnapping foreign travelers, so it …
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If you want to enjoy both sightseeing and looking at breathtaking landscapes, do not forget to visit the city of Djemila. Located high in the mountains, the city offers spectacular views of surrounding towns and the coastline. Many centuries ago the city was the property of the Romans. Today amazing landmarks of Djemila are reminiscent of that period. These are traditional Roman buildings, churches and triumphal arcs. There are other famous buildings in the city such as churches that were constructed during the medieval period.
Tipaza is one of oldest cities of Algeria. It was an important trading hub in the past, so one can still see the remains of buildings that belong to the Roman and Byzantine Empire periods. The most famous landmarks of Tipaza are the Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania and Er Rumia church. However, the biggest landmark of the Roman Empire period in Algeria is located not in Djemila, but in another city – Timgad. This is a truly grandiose building, a huge forum that includes ruins of numerous public facilities, a theatre and several ancient statues that have managed to survive till our days. Centuries ago, the forum could provide space for four thousand people. Many notable events such as gladiator fights, theatre performances and other important events took place in the forum. Nowadays, Timgad is the location of a large Archeological Museum, which exposition will amaze even most discerning visitors. Copyright
A family vacation in Algeria is not only possible but can become a mesmerizing experience for years to come. Marvelous landscapes, attractive urban …
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The M’zab Valley is a place that tourists should not forget to visit during their stay in Albania. This is a true architecture masterpiece built in the 10th century. The valley keeps developing and new buildings appear there, making this interesting architectural project a truly magnificent and an unforgettable one.

History and Entertainment

The first large settlements on the territory of Algeria appeared in the 11th century BC. There were Phoenician colonies at that time. Consequently, they were unified into the Kingdom of Numidia that was conquered by the Roman Empire in the 1st century BC. After its collapse, the country was the Byzantium period. In the 7th century, it broke free from the Byzantium Empire and became a part of the Arab caliphate.
Algeria is not a popular shopping destination if we compare this country with, for example, Morocco. However, it is still possible to find items that …
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The first Europeans visited the territory of the country at the beginning of the 16th century. In 1518, Spanish navigators reached the country. They managed to conquer several coastal towns but the Ottoman Empire prevented them from colonizing new lands. Algeria had been under it until the 18th century. It gained complete independence only in 1711.
Algerian museum of Modern Art to be It had been an autonomous country for over a hundred years. In 1830, it saw the period of the active French colonization. In 1848, Algeria officially became a French colony. It gained independence from it only in a few years after the Second World War had come to an end. The independence of Algeria was officially pronounced in 1962.
Holidays in Algeria can be separated into two big groups – holidays that have a fixed date and holidays that have a new date every year. New Year is …
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Despite the fact that the total length of the coastal line is almost 1 000 km, it isn’t distinguished by a variety of comfortable beaches. There are only a few well-equipped coastal zones suitable for comfortable swimming. One of the most attractive resort areas is the Turquoise Coast. Sidi Fredj is very popular with fans of beach entertainments.
Algeria seems more attractive to shopping enthusiasts. As many hundred years ago, there are a lot of craft stall and workshops in the country. Here, hereditary craftsmen create wonderful bronze and copper items, sew clothes and accessories of genuine leather, and make unique interior decorations of straw. Wooden items are the favorite gifts of thrifty tourists. Another popular souvenir is coffee of the local production. You can buy sweet gifts for your loved ones on markets where you can find different sorts of baklava and an original specialty called kalb-el-loz. When walking along the market, you can also taste a lot of popular street dishes.
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Famous and uniques places in Algeria from our review series

Ahaggar Mountains

From the series “Top 11 Dangerous Spots for Adrenaline-Seekers”
In Algeria, one of the main natural attractions is the Ahaggar massif. It is located near the town of Tamanrasset, that is the highest point in the state. Mount Tahat heads upward for 2 918 meters. Researchers found out that the mountains are of volcanic origin. For thousands of years, they have been acquiring a unique form given by the wind and water. Considering that the mountain is among the barren landscapes of the Sahara, it looks fantastic, especially at sunset.

However, modern travelers can’t enjoy this amazing landmark without a risk to their life. The reason is a number terrorist groups that forage in the area. The way to Ahaggar, as well as a ride close to the world-famous landmark isn’t safe. Many travelers do not lose the hope that soon the situation in the area of … Read all

Tassili Ajjer

From the series “The Unesco World Heritage Sites in Africa”
In the south-east of Algeria, among the lifeless landscapes of the Sahara is the unique plateau of Tassili n'Ajjer. The main value of this area are rock drawings, some of them date to the 7th millennium BC. Currently, a plateau, the length of which is about 500 meters, is part of a large national reserve Tassili n'Ajjer, whose total area is more than 70000 square meters. Apart from the incredible archaeological objects, the mountains are also remarkable for the original geological formations.

For thousands of years, under the influence of wind, incredibly beautiful and harmonious stone arches were formed from sandstone. Geologists have found out that stormy rivers once flowed through this area. Visitors can see more than 300 unique geological formations, look into mysterious caves and … Read all

Trans-Saharan Highway

From the series “Most Dangerous and Lethal Roads”
Not only snow-covered routes and mountain roads, but also highways that pass through the deserted areas endanger motorists. The Trans-Sahara Highway links Nigeria and Algeria. It is the Algerian section of the road that is considered to be the most dangerous and troubled. The total length of the track is about 4500 km, much of it passes through the barren desert environments.

More than half of the track is in extremely poor condition, which often causes serious accidents in the desert areas. Regular sandstorms await drivers. Even experienced drivers advise to “ride out a sudden storm” and try to pull the vehicle off the side of the road, so as not to be in the way of other drivers.

Some motorists prefer to travel only in the evening or at night. And all the matter is that it can … Read all
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Sightseeing in popular cities of Algeria

During the Roman Empire period, there was already a small settlement on the site of modern Oran. However, when the Arabian troops conquered the Maghreb, the settlement was destroyed. A new town appeared on the same site only at the beginning of the 10th century. Oran was the name of this settlement established by the Andalusian Mauritians. The Jews from Andalusia and Mallorca migrated to Oran in 1391. A hundred years later, the Spanish established their authority in the town. They are widely … Read more
Equally striking monument of colonial times is the Ketchaoua Mosque, its look combining an incredible mix of Moorish and Byzantine style. The mosque was built in the 17th century, and during its construction and decoration rare breeds of black and white marble were used. Some elements of the original decoration are preserved to this day. The mosque walls kept a lot of interesting historical relics, which can be observed by anyone.  One of the oldest buildings in the city is considered to … Read more

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