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Teleferico de Merida

From the series “The Longest Ski-Lifts and Cable Trams in the World”
Currently the longest cableway in the world is located in Mérida. Teleferiko de Mérida is 12.5 kilometers long. The start station is located near Barinitas. The cable car consists of four sections and lifts passengers on top of Espejo Peak, at height of 4,765 meters above sea level. The ride on the longest cable car in the world lasts less than two hours, during which you can appreciate the beauty of mountain scenery and enjoy panoramic views of Merida in full.
During the ride the funicular makes several stops, so everyone can take a stroll through the most picturesque mountain areas, and then continue his journey to the top. Brave travelers who decide to try the longest cableway in the world have to consider some important features. Difference in height between the upper and lower stations Teleferiko de Mérida is very big, so fast rise can cause poor health. Those who aren’t confident in the ability to quickly acclimate are recommended limit their trip to one of the intermediate stations. Those who are confident in their abilities have to consider that it’s better go for a trip in the early morning. Mountains of Venezuela are often shrouded with fog and clouds at afternoon and they can disturb from admiring local scenery. ... Complete sights collection

Angel Falls

From the series “Greatest Waterfalls on Earth”
It’s worth going to Venezuela in search of the highest waterfall in the world. It is here that a beautiful Angel Falls found its place. The waterfall originates at the top of the Auyán-tepui Mountain and is surrounded by impenetrable rainforests. Its height is 1054 meters. Currently the natural landmark of world importance is situated in a nature reserve of Canaima. Angel Falls has a very interesting history of its own discovery.
According to official figures, Ernesto Sanchez La Cruz was the fall’s discoverer, but the exact date of its finding is listed a little bit later. In 1933 an American pilot James Angel researched Auyán-tepui mountain areas in search of ore deposits. It was he who first flew over the mighty waterfall and informed local residents about its existence. The aircraft that has made a remarkable discovery has the status of an important monument today and is installed in one of the nearby towns.
The height and speed of falling water of the world’s largest waterfall is so great that a raging stream does not reach the ground. Water breaks down into tiny particles and turns into a huge misty cloud, which extends for many kilometres in calm weather. Angel Falls is not only the highest but one of the most difficult waterfalls in the world. It is impossible to reach it on foot so many travellers prefer to admire its beauty during their helicopter trips. The most courageous ones are offered to overcome the final stretch of road down the raging river Kerep. In this case, you can admire the waterfall at the shortest distance. ... Complete sights collection

Roraima Mountain

From the series “Top 15 Most Fantastic Creations of Nature”
An iconic sight of Venezuela, which is known far beyond the borders of the country, is Roraima mountain. It shoots up for 2 723 meters. The main feature of the mountain is its absolutely flat top occupying an area of ​​about 34 square km. Since ancient times, the locals considered the mountain to be the sacred place. Numerous amazing superstitions and legends are associated with it.
The scenic mountain and its incredibly beautiful foothill areas attract both ordinary tourists and researchers from around the world. First show interest mostly in the incredible scenery that can be captured by photo and video camera. Researchers are attracted by rare endemic plants, which can not be found anywhere else in the world. It’s also worth noting that all travelers have an opportunity to climb to the top of the mountain and walk along the vast plateau. It’s unlikely to enjoy views of the surrounding area from a height, as the top of the mesa is almost always hidden in thick clouds.
Foothill areas of Roraima are also very nice to visit. There you can see several swift mountain rivers, stroll through the wonderful forests, as well as get acquainted with the typical representatives of the local fauna. In ancient times, locals believed the mountain was home to Queen goddess, the mother of all people. The mountain was an important place of worship for them. Travelers who prefer some unusual entertainment are offered to fly over the mountain peak by helicopter. Impressions after this event will definitely be unforgettable. ... Complete sights collection

Santa Ana de Coro Town

From the series “Famous Unesco Sites in South America”
One of the most interesting among the cities of Venezuela is Santa Ana de Coro. Today the population of the old town is about 174 000 people. The settlement is located on the edge of the peninsula Paraguana, on the Caribbean coast. The small port town was founded here in 1527. In a few years, its scale increased tenfold. Every year new constructions were appearing.
Since the founding, one of the main port town issues were pirates who often plundered the place and burned it to the ground. Despite this, the town has been rebuilt each time. Today, it is possible to see a lot of beautiful historic buildings of 18th-19th centuries, which miraculously managed to survive. The port area, where old buildings were preserved, is of particular interest. The main attraction of the town is Zamora Street. That's the most beautiful colonial street of Venezuela, where luxurious mansions have been preserved.
The oldest building in the city - Casa del Sol - is situated there. It neighbours with the beautiful chapel, Iglesia San Nicolas de Bari. The Cathedral stands out among other architectural masterpieces. One of the most romantic parts of the town is the Plaza Manaure. There are numerous museums, including the famous Museum of Lucas Guillermo Castillo. It houses the richest and most amazing art collection dating back to the colonial times. ... Complete sights collection

Centro Financiero Confinanzas

From the series “Famous unfinished buildings ”
There is a notable unfinished building in the city of Caracas in Venezuela. This is Centro Financiero Confinanzas. It is also known to many travelers under the unofficial name of the Tower of David. Construction of the high-rise building began in 1990. The famous architect Enrique Gomez was the author of its project. David Brillembourg was one of the main investors in the project since construction began. Construction had to stop after his death in 1994.
The high-rise building is one of the three tallest buildings in Venezuela. It was in disrepair until 2007. Poor residents of the city began to settle in it later. So Centro Financiero Confinanzas is often called "vertical slums" today. According to some sources, more than 700 families live in it permanently. Small shops and various workshops are open in the unfinished skyscraper.
It is important to note that the building was not connected to city communications at the time of settlement of residents. The elevators don't work in it even today. Some families even live on the 28th floor of a skyscraper. They have to walk up to their flats. The city government began moving families out of the skyscraper in 2014. New housing is provided to all low-income residents in return. Residents of the tower have equipped individual power supply and sewerage systems in it for several years. The gym was equipped on the site intended for parking. The children used some spacious rooftop areas for cycling. ... Complete sights collection
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