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National traditions of Tajikistan. Habits, mentality and the way of living

Tajiks are people with ancient history. They cherish their centuries-oil traditions, some of which might not be obvious because people, especially those who live in cities, are prone to globalization. Having arrived in Dushanbe, the capital of the country, you will see a clean and modern city. It is not as oriental as you might expect nevertheless local people still follow their traditions, and tourists need to respect them. For example, handshaking is a typical greeting in Tajikistan. Don’t forget that only the right hand is used for handshaking, and the left hand should be placed to the right side of your chest. After that, say “As-salamu alaykum”. Note that women are greeted with the voice only.
Tajikistan is a mountain country in Central Asia. The Pamir Mountains occupy a large part of the country’s territory. Somoni is the national …
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If a guest is invited to a Tajik house, it is important to follow the basic rules of politeness. When it is time for tea or another drink, the youngest person traditionally serves it. Hold the tea bowl with your right hand only. As a rule, the eldest person is the one who starts the meal. However, if there is a guest in the house, hosts usually ask him or her to be the first one to try the food. That is why when you sit at the served table – dastarkhwan – and are asked to try pilaf first, do not refuse and try it.
Tajik houses traditionally have a special room to receive guests. It is called mehmonhona. Guests are free to relax here but it is better not to leave this room because each house has inner rooms intended for women only. Outsiders are not allowed to enter them. Unless the host decides the opposite, the hostess is not present at the table. This is a local tradition. If a guest asks her to join the meal, this can be considered a sign of disrespect for the host. If you need to say something to the hostess, you need to ask her husband first. Don’t forget the main rule: man is the head of the family. Copyright
Tajikistan is a southern latitude country, nevertheless, winter months often bring cold weather and snow. This makes everyone wait for spring …
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Tourists shouldn’t forget another old rule. Guests shouldn’t visit a local house if the host is absent even if the hostess invites to enter. It is better to refuse politely and come again later when the host is at home. One more interesting rule: a tradition of giving two names to children really existed in Tajikistan in the past. A child was given two names after birth. The second name was a nickname, and the true name wasn’t used until the coming-of-age time. This way local people tried to protect children from evil spirits.
Tajiks are friendly with tourists. They are cheerful and are always ready to help if someone is lost. Simply ask the way – you will certainly get help. If a tourist is seeking a landmark or a place to eat, locals can help to get around and can even guide guests to the right place. There are several Tajik cell phone carriers, and most international cell phone providers offer roaming services in the country. Check whether your cell phone is working right after the arrival. To make sure that your phone is always working, you can buy a local SIM card. There are special SIM cards for tourists. They work one month only and then the service is terminated. As a rule, such cell phone plans offer optimal fees and stable Internet connection.
It is hard to visit the capital only during a holiday in Tajikistan because local nature is so spectacular and the gorgeous mountains are like a …
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The entry registration procedure can be a little troublesome but tourists without it are likely to get into trouble when leaving the country. Customs officers always check the registration and catch the ones without it. That is why get the receipt from your hotel and head to the registration office. Once the registration is complete, pamper yourself with a delicious meal. Pay your attention to local meat dishes – Tajiks are skilled in cooking meat. Locals respect bread, there is even a tradition to tear a flatbread (the traditional Tajik bread) that is a sign of respect. By the way, do not cut flatbread with the knife as this is a sign of disrespect. Tear it with your both hands instead.
Tourists can get around using buses, minibuses or taxis. If you plan to use taxi services, it is better to choose the official carrier – Asian Express. This taxi paints its cars in white and yellow and adds the traditional checked pattern with a short number to call the taxi – 1616. There are private taxi drivers in public places but they do not have fixed rates. Moreover, private taxis are not registered, so it will be hard to find them if you forget something in the car. Official taxi cars have meters, and the fee is usually cheaper compared to private taxis.
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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It is always a good idea to learn more about the culture of the country that you are visiting. For example, do you know the most famous Tajik poets? Sadriddin Ayni is one of them. He lived and worked in the first half of the 20th century. Ayni wrote poems and novels about the life of the Tajik people. His most famous works are The Sands of Oxus, Reminiscences, and Bukhara. Some of his poems were not published so people discover them decades after the death of the master. By the way, most tourists mention that local streets, parks, and avenues are incredibly clean. This is true not only about Dushanbe but also about many other cities. Tidy lawns and flowerbeds with blooming roses beautifully adorn local streets.
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